Getting to Know the E-Cigs

Giving smokers a robust taste that is similar to a traditional menthol cigarette is what makes this e-cig device among the most popular flavor. It allows smokers to enjoy a refreshing blast of icy-cool mint in every puff. This does not only apply to e-cigs, but also to real cigarettes. The imitation of the flavor between the device and the real cigarette has proven to fulfill smokers’ satisfaction and also their desire to smoke in a healthy way. The aftertaste for this flavor is almost unnoticeable which brings out the pleasant and subtle menthol flavor. This e-cig also produces more vapor than other flavors and is often considered as one of its plus points as smokers prefer e-cigs that has this basic characteristic as it gives out the same feeling as smoking the real one.

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This menthol flavor is also easy to find and almost every brand of e-cigs have this flavor included. They also claim that by only supplying themselves with this e-cig allows them to achieve the next level of menthol enjoyment whenever “possible. However, not all menthol flavored e-cigs have the true-to-life flavor that is sought by smokers’. Finding the right brand for these menthol flavored e-cig devices is a catch.
Most menthol e-cigs might have an annoying tin or metal taste that most smokers find annoying.
As smokers usually smoke when they are under stress or after they have had a meal, the bad aftertaste that some e-cigs leave just brings them down. Most smokers say that they would prefer to smoke a real cigarette than having to go through the aftertaste of these e-cigs. Even though e-cigs have been proven to be safer than real cigarettes either to the smoker or the people around them, it is not considered as an alternative for quitting smoking.