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Today I'm sharing 10 bestselling fashion Items from Amazon now Amazon is Definitely such a hit or miss a lot of Things on Amazon are not a good deal Just because it's sold from Amazon you Get this free Prime shipping if you're Part of that subscription does not mean Everything is a good deal there you Definitely have to compare prices from Other sites I specifically picked out 10 Best-selling items in the fashion Category that I'll be giving you my Unfiltered thoughts opinions while there Are some that are great and I have come Across some are just complete garbage And we'll see if these 10 bestselling Items are actually worth the hype so Let's go ahead and get started with this First one that I'm wearing this is a Romper now when I saw this was in the Bestselling category I jumped on it Right away because I am 32 weeks Pregnant and it's really hard to find Things that fit me big pockets in the Front and the straps are adjustable Which I really like material is pretty Good I mean I don't I wouldn't say this Is like great quality but I wouldn't say It's bad quality I would just say it's Pretty good it's good thing I would Expect to get paying this price and I'm Actually surprised how well it fits Considering this is not a maternity Piece and I'm 32 weeks pregnant with a

Very round bump now and I like how it's Looser around the thighs I like that It's stretchy it has some spandex into It um it's a great summer piece and this Is something that you would want to wear Like a tank or a t-shirt underneath Because it does come quite low on the Side so you could see your bra if you're Not wearing anything like me today but I Would say this is good and if you're Looking for something easy to throw on For the summertime this I would say is Worth checking out next up is this Tennis bracelet that I'm wearing so I've Always wanted a tennis bracelet and when I saw this was in the bestselling C Category for fashion I definitely wanted To give it a try it's under $20 and I Have to say I really love it it's so Pretty and so sparkly in person and I Feel like it really does look so much More expensive than it actually is my Only complaint is is that I have very Tiny wrists very little wrists it is Quite loose around the wrist here it's Not enough to where it bothers me during The day I don't know how well this would Hold up like if it would tarnish or not I'm assuming it would if you do bathe in It whm in it so you know if you're going To be in water I would take this off Just to be safe but I've had it on I Think for a week straight and I was a Little naughty and I did take a couple

Showers wearing this I don't notice any Tarnishing but I won't continue to Shower in it I'll take it off um I just Kind of wanted to see like okay if I did Go in the water with it on would it like Tarnish right away it didn't which is a Good sign for me but I still would just To be safe just take it off if you're Going to be in water next thing I saw in The bestselling fashion category are These two pack tanks from Amazon Essentials now quick little tip or hack I guess not really a hack just fun fact Um amazon-owned Brands I've noticed I've Had the best luck when I'm shopping for Clothing through Amazon so like Amazon Essentials the drop daily ritual um Those Brands carry clothing in women's Fashion and I have always had good luck With them these two pack tanks uh they Came in a two pack again and they were $13 for two which I think is a really Really good deal for two tanks just very Basic and simple they're not cropped They're just like a regular length They're thinner really stretchy and soft Mostly made up of cotton sod doll and Then it has a little bit of spandex in There for that stretch I will be keeping These especially since I really needed a Couple Basic Black tanks that fit my Belly right now and these were very Inexpensive very comfortable easy to Layer just really basic and simple come

In other color combinations next up are Noow socks these look so tiny just Putting them next to me here but they Stretch anyways I'm truly shocked and Surprised I can't even tell you guys how Many freaking no show socks I've tried Over the past 5 years now is there Anyone that still wears no show socks I Feel like Cru shocks are so incredibly Trendy the millennial in me still Prefers noow socks I love exposing my Ankle I don't like my socks sticking out Of my shoes I just I'm not a fan of crew Socks especially since I'm petite with Athletic build legs it just doesn't look Flattering on me so so anyways I'm Sticking with the no show socks for now So anyways these I love because if You're wearing no- show socks with Sneakers there's no need to wear socks Like these because when you're wearing Sneakers you don't necessarily need this Big of an opening to hide your socks Really it's just this much here it Really just has to be around the ankle So now I don't know why so many no-show Socks were made like this because they Come off so easily I've tried so many But these are way better and way more Inexpensive can I just say like for Example I splurged on a lot of like the Peds version which are okay they're good But they were very expensive from Amazon Are less expensive more comfortable very

Stretchy and just hug your foot so well And they still do their job by covering Enough of your foot so it doesn't slide Off next up are athletic pants by the Gym people and can I just take a moment And appreciate the waistband like these Are not a Maternity doger at all but They are so stretchy and soft around the Waistline they fit my 32 week baby bump I was truly surprised I thought I would Have to show this to you guys with it Under my belly but I just hiked it up And they actually fit really well which Makes me really want to keep these Especially for postpartum this is going To be so comfortable love the material It's like so smooth and so stretchy and I think these are under $30 so I see why They're in the bestselling category with Tons of reviews these are actually Really really nice and feel so Cooling And comfortable on your skin next up our A pair of leggings um these are also by The gym people and I have to say I'm not The biggest fan of these first off is The waistband there is a stretchy Elastic waistband and it is sewn in but Only on one side and I could still see It being kind of fussy over time like I Could still see it roll around and move Around you need to adjust it so I don't Like that it's only sewn in on one side I feel like if you add like that elastic Band it has to be sewn on both sides for

It to stay put uh second the material is Okay this is a material that I've had Before in my wardrobe and it does not Hold up well in my opinion um you wash It put in the dryer and it just kind of Loses its color it fades a lot it also Pills and just looks really worn out so This legging personally I'm surprised It's in the bestselling category because I wouldn't say this is like great Legging I've tried other ones from Amazon that are so much better I love Way more so I'm going to link those down Below instead the next thing I stumbled Upon in the bestselling category that I Would be able to fit into right now and Share with you guys is this oversized Kind of like batwing t-shirt now this is $20 at least that's what I paid for it Is better than what I expected I'll give It that it is better than what I Expected it's very soft very stretchy Super comfortable and feels very cooling On your skin but $20 for something like This I feel like I could find at Ross or TJ mac or like $10 honestly uh I mean It's a nice shirt but for $20 I don't Know that's where I say the just because It's from Amazon doesn't mean it's a Good deal I mean this is a good shirt And it doesn't feel bad not sure how it Would hold up but this is just something I expect to find at like Ross or TJ Maxx For like $10 next up is underwear now I

Feel so weird sharing underwear on film I don't think I've ever talked about Underwear the internet but this was in The best selling category and I actually Really needed a new set I found this I Think five or six pack for $13 and I Have to say I actually really like these A lot more than I expected I mean Nothing like revolutionary but I do love The price the price is really good for What you're getting and they have like Mesh where it's actually really Breathable and really cooling which I Didn't realize I need it in my life the Inside of it is so smooth and soft so This is something I would definitely Repurchase when I'll need a new set and Then I was so excited to see these Flipflops in the bestselling category uh From Amazon this is by by the brand Amazon essentials these are quite beat Up like they have gotten so much love in The past year I love these the price on These are really fair I love how minimal And simple they are as well as they are So comfortable the straps don't dinging To my feet the sole of the shoe is also So comfortable these I would repurchase These when I need to they come in tons Of other colors and I was also excited To see these in the bestselling category Rightfully so I've been raving about These for years and they do sell them From Amazon they're the Steve Madden

Hayden sandals um I have them in three Colors I share them in almost every Single video at this point so I won't go Too much into detail but uh they are a Little bit stiff at first so you do have To wear them in break them in a bit they Are so Chic and stylish minimal Literally go with everything true to Size I love these so much can't Recommend them enough they're like my Number one most recommended sandal for Spring and summer you'll get so much use Out of them as always I'll have Everything linked down below if you Wanted to check anything out for Yourself I hope you guys enjoyed seeing This really good unfiltered review of 10 Items that are bestselling from the Amazon fashion category um I kind of Wanted this more so to be kind of like a More First Impressions usually I weed Out the bad stuff and only share the Good stuff but I wanted to share Everything so that way you guys see not Everything from Amazon is worth it while Some things are like the socks the Underwear joggers the bracelet like Majority of the things were actually Really good but that's a thing because I Purchase them through the bestselling Category some things I don't think are Worth it and I want to share that with You guys hopefully that earns your Respect anyways as always again

Everything is linked down below forget To subscribe if you're new and I'll see You in my next video bye