10 GENIUS Hair Products EVERY WOMAN NEEDS…everything is linked here & in the comments!
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These are genius hair products every Woman needs or at least needs to dry I I Really have something for every single Hair type in this video I've really Stepped outside the box wait till you See some of these things but everything Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section of first we have Something that looks so stupid it looks So dumb it looks so gimmicky it is not It's genius and I'm just gonna briefly Touch upon it right now because you're Gonna actually see me use it throughout The video in so many different ways like I did not expect there to be so many Different uses for this so it's Basically like a hair drying Bonnet with Like a long tube thing you just stick Your hair dryer in there and there's Little holes through the tube and it Heats up on your head and let me like Just stay tuned there's so many ways you Can use this the next genius hair Product that I really feel like everyone Should try is the vegamore grow hair Serum I I am obsessed with this I use it Literally every single day and so I'm Always thrilled to team up with them for Video because it's just again it's just Like a genius product that you actually See a visible difference like a before And after if you use it consistently so Again this is the grow hair serum it's

My favorite product they have although There are some others that I I also love I'm gonna have them linked down below if You want to peruse their site click Around look at the before and after Photos on their site maybe read the Reviews but my code Shea will give you 20 off site-wide so Um again though this is what I use every Single day and I'm gonna show you my Before photos I like I like to show this Just to kind of see like what I used to Deal with Um I've pulled these photos from my old Facebook page some old YouTube videos I Was very very rare that I would ever put My hair up I'm honestly shocked that I Was able to find these photos because it Was so mortifying to me of how like thin And sparse my hairline was and so this Is what what it looks like now I can Pull my hair back completely normal it's So much thicker my hairline is so much Denser it's so much more filled in it's Just normal it's so much better so again I use this every single day my routine Is to use it at night you could use it In the morning it's just a clear serum It doesn't make your hair greasy or oily So again if you want to use it in the Morning that's totally fine but I just Disperse it along my hairline a little Bit back on my scalp just anywhere you Have problem areas or you kind of just

Put it everywhere and rub it in and Again I keep saying this but consistency Is key do not I'm just gonna be honest Like do not buy this if you're gone not Going to use it every single day so one Bottle will last you one month now you Can just get one bottle and give it a go See how you feel about it that's totally Fine but I do always just to I like to Recommend or at least let you guys know That they do have a three pack that is a Little bit more discounted it just makes Sense sometimes in my opinion to maybe Get the three pack because since you're Gonna see results around month two it Just seems like if you're really gonna Give this a go the three pack would be Good but do whatever you want to do but This is clean cruelty free really Healthy ingredients like turmeric Curcumin you know mung bean red clover I Feel really good about about this Product but again totally genius uh if You use it consistently you you will Love it the next hair product that I Think is really unique I'm sure you've Heard of it before but I don't think a Lot of you have it but it's a 100 Boar bristle hair brush now I do not Think you should be always brushing your Hair with this I think it does make your Hair really shiny um but it's so thick And dense that it doesn't get out the Knots very well it's like hard to like

Really brush your hair with it but the Reason I I have it and I use it is for When my hair is very very greasy so if Your hair is oily and greasy and you're Gonna go to bed and maybe wash hair in The morning take a boar bristle brush And slowly brush through your hair and It really works well to distribute the Natural hair oils from your scalp all Down your hair shaft and it's just it's So good for your hair to do this if you Like to Slick your hair back it's also Great for doing that because it just it Just really does slick your hair back Well but this is super cheap very Inexpensive and it's good it's good just To have next I want to talk to those That have very wavy or curly hair and Believe it or not my hair can get pretty Darn wavy and kind of curly so here is Me um using some of my favorite Curl Products I can link them below if you're Interested but I like to use a mousse Well actually I usually start with like A curl cream and I go like I do I use a Lot of curl cream then I go in with like A mousse and I will scrunch it up and Just like really leaving like the you Want to leave the curls very chunky yeah I guess that's what you want to call it And then I like to top it off with gel And so there's kind of a trick to this That I wanted to bestow upon you I'm Sure a lot of you already know this if

You have curly hair but I think I think There's so many people out there that Don't even realize they could do this With their hair use gel and and I know a Lot of people like oh my gosh it's so Crunchy though it looks so wet and Crunchy and I have a complete hack and Trick how to fix this but I think it's Also wise to get a diffuser if you have One and my trick here is to actually Only turn on the diffuser once it's Already kind of up in your hair like the Hair is already scrunched up in it so You kind of just have to work slowly Turning it on and off and then that way You get so much less frizz and then Another trick and I guess hack that I I Just tested out and it actually worked Really well use this thing oh my gosh it Actually works so put your hair in this Okay and then all you do is you know Kind of tighten it around your head you Can even clip it under your chin then You add your hair dryer to the end of This too tube and there's a little strap That actually keeps it attached turn on Your hair dryer and it works as a Diffuser you can do this if you have Wavy or curly hair or even if you just Want to like work on other things while Your hair is being dried you can set This down on your bathroom counter but The thing is there are holes through This tube so a lot of the air escapes

Through the tube which is what you want So this is more like a kind of like a Diffuser it gets pretty hot in there you Can you know adjust the temperature Settings on your hair dryer if you want To switch your hair dryer to cold and Again blast it with cold air that'll Really set it but if you have wavy curly You know like natural thick coarse hair Even and you want less frizz you should Try this but back to your hair being too Crunchy and kind of wet looking from the Hair gel so the easiest way to instantly Fix this is to actually take some hair Oil you don't need too much just add Some drops to your hand and then Re-scrunch your hair and it instantly Tastes away way the crunchiness there's Something in the oil that actually Counteracts that gel cast that is over Top of your hair shaft and it just Instantly makes your hair look so much More movable and and beautiful and just Like really naturally curly okay so Another trick with this thing say you Don't have curly or wavy hair but you Just want some volume at the top of our Head I feel like that is the dream I Have so much hair that it's actually Really hard for me to do this because it Just weighs it down at the top of my Head but you should get some rollers or Like hair curler roller thingies and you Can just put it on the top of your head

Like you're seeing here and a lot of Times you have to like waste a lot of Time for those to set insert this thing Put this over your head and and have it On for I don't even know like three four Minutes again it heats up inside and it Sets those rollers and then you can take It down and you instantly have like a Blowout like my goodness this works Again so well moving right along let's Talk about aloe so I want to explain What you could try and I've mixed Thoughts about it and then I also want To offer what I think would be maybe Just a better option Um but if you are interested in trying Aloe gel like that the gooey goopy aloe From a plant on your hair it can really Help to hydrate your hair so I'm going To explain how to do this if you happen To have an aloe plant or you could just Go out and buy like a stock uh but okay So here's the plant you're seeing this Thing is so wonky it is so weird it's Actually from my assistant Katie shout Out to her like it was her grandmother She brought it over to me to like try This out so I cut off a few stalks Um basically what you do is you can cut It up into chunks you have to remove the Spiky side so you just like remove those And then you're going to want to soak The the chunks in water for at least 20 Minutes 15-20 minutes maybe even longer

And then once that's done you're going To cut them in half and then you know Scrape out the the gooey stuff and put It into a bowl and then you're left with Just like it looks like Snot it's just Like gooey aloe vera gel Um but it's all natural and then you can Get in the shower wash your hair first And then you can put this over top of Your hair and leave it on there while You're doing the rest of your things in The shower and it's like this natural Way to really increase the hydration of Your hair I mean if if you get burnt by The sun it's really good for our skin For hydration some people eat this it's Good for hydration from within and so it Totally makes sense that it would be Great for our hair and while I do think It works oh my gosh was it it was such a Long process it's really hard to get Enough aloe gel out of the stalks Especially for me because I do have a Lot of hair so it was just like a whole Process so again if you want to try this I do think it works but I guess I would Say if you want to add instant hydration To your hair you need to try the hydrate Hair mask by vegamore I had no Intentions of even putting this in the Video like at all like I was gonna talk About the hair serum and that was it but It just makes sense because after using All of that the whole aloe thing like

This is so much easier to instantly add Hydration to your hair after one use so I literally pulled it up on the website Because I mean it says it delivers up to 15 times hydration and makes your hair Strands three times stronger after one Use so this is the hair mask but they Also have the shampoo and conditioner Which I love I always just keep this in The shower again I think the shampoo and Conditioner gives you eight times Hydration after the first use and that's Just what I noticed when they launched This last year like when they sent it to Me like the first time I used it I could Tell my hair looked better it felt Better it was shinier it just felt more Hydrated so if you feel like you have Really coarse hair or dry hair I Genuinely think this will help you but Another hack that I discovered like I I Thought of this on my own if you take This hair mask it says you can put it on Damp hair from root to ends and then you Can rinse it I actually like to put it On dry hair and then Whip this bad boy out and put it over Top of your hair and again this heats up And it's kind of like a spa experience Where like heat kind of infuses the Moisture and the hydration even better So again you can use my code you know Shea for 20 off these if you want to Give them a try another hair product or

Products that I really enjoy using um When I get out of the shower my hair is Really wet I I've talked about Microfiber hair towels before so there's That that's nothing really new but Piggybacking off of that I also really Like the microfiber hair scrunchies so Sometimes I'll get out my hair will be Wet and I'll actually put it up in a bun With this scrunchie that it kind of Feels like a towel it's really really Big and stretchy so it holds all of my Hair it kind of works to absorb the Wetness while it's up in a bun it's just I don't know it works really well I Probably don't need it this is probably One of the things like of the video that I really don't need but I just really Like it the sun is just coming in and Out today but if you're somebody that Likes to use hair clips maybe you have a Lot of hair or maybe you just keep Buying them because I mean they just Break all the time the reason I ended up Ordering this is because it's literally Known as the unbreakable hair clip it is So strong in the way it's designed I Guess it also holds a lot of hair I mean You can see here I can actually use These clips and it holds all of my hair Another genius product you should try if You haven't already I'm sure some of you May have heard about it but it's using Like a tool for heatless curls

Um and so this is what I feel like you May have seen around I'm going to Demonstrate it here for you but if you Don't want to buy this I totally get it There's other ways you can get the exact Same results so you can actually use a Pair of leggings and you just roll the Top here roll the whole way down and you Can stick it on top of your head you Could also use like a robe sash like That would work but I do think it's Easiest if you have like this tube thing Um so you just actually can you know do This before bed uh the purpose of it is You get beautiful curls without using Any heat so you just put this on top of Your head I like to clip one side just So it doesn't move around and then you Just take sections starting at the top Front of your head and you just simply Wrap it around the tube you just go down Take a new section wrap it around then Take another section wrap it around and Just like the whole way down and then at The end you just tie it off with a hair Tie or a scrunchie then you can do the Other side and it's actually not that Bad to sleep with I like to actually put This silk or satin Bonnet over top of it And then you know I'll get ready for bed I'll like wash my face and whatever and This really kind of keeps everything in Place it also helps to reduce frizziness Even if you don't want to use this whole

Like heatless hair curl thing it's still A not a bad idea to sleep or at least Try sleeping in something like this if You're not a fan can of silk or satin Pillowcases this will keep your hair so Smooth and shiny and less frizzy uh just Because of the texture and this one is Reversible it's really pretty and cute Again very very affordable but if you Don't want to you know sleep in this in Your head again I'm telling you guys This is insane to me but it works so Well you can put your hair up in the Heatless curls like I just showed you But oh I didn't even tell you rewind Make sure you dampen your hair just a Little bit first that'll make a big Difference in how your curls hold up Throughout the day but anyway but the Heatless curl thing in your hair get This thing out again and then turn it on And have it go for maybe like five Minutes under the the Heat and it speeds Up the entire process so you don't Actually have to go to bed and sleep on It and I know that this is some heat but Let's be real this is not like a curling Iron 400 degree Heat like ruining your Hair shafts over time do you know what I Mean this is just some heat to kind of Speed up the process and voila here you Go like these are my amazing curls with This method again it works really quick Like this or you can sleep in it and

Reveal the the curls the next morning I Hope you enjoyed this video I really Think there's some interesting unique Things in it for you to try if you want To try vegamore definitely recommend This I'll have them linked down below Again use my code Shea for 20 off site Wide everything else will be linked down There as well please subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye