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10 summer fashion trends of 2024 that Should go or stay so today I'll be Running through this list of 10 Different items that are hot and heavy For summer of 2024 some things are just Flat out stupid and ridiculous and some Trends I end up loving and it remains in My style for several years if not it Becomes like a permanent thing for Example I was all about the puff sleeves Years ago I still love them to this day So some Trends I think can be great Great for your style and for your Wardrobe some are flat out stupid so Let's go ahead and go through all of These today first one boxer shorts you Guys tell me yay nay I mentioned this in Another video really quickly I Personally think they're absolutely Ridiculous put on a proper pair of Shorts it can be super casual like Sporty athletic kind uh or something a Little bit more elevated but that are Still comfortable like linen shorts Maybe some like drapey shorts or Venom Shorts is always a good go-to classic But boxer shorts that legit look like Your spouse's underwear wearing that out Is just flat out just ridiculous while I'm all four exploring and trying Different things as far as style this is Not the way to do it so I would just Push this away and just go for some good Classic options that are still

Comfortable and practical I will link my Favorites down below for you guys Seethrough ballet flats these mesh Flats Okay can I just say very honest opinion This is just flat out stupid I hate my Feet in general like I'm not a big fan Of feet I don't even like looking at my Feet just looks so weird but instead you Know what Flats I love are these like Knit Flats I got a pair from Amazon Before and from DSW I love them for Comfort they're not see-through they Stretch great for wider feet great if You're on your feet a lot but the See-through ones ridiculous honestly I Just they I don't I don't even have Anything else to say if you're a person That maybe has a foot fetish there are People who comment here on my channel Telling me I have nice feet I disagree Crochet has been so trendy starting like Late spring to Summer now and I have to Say I love the crochet maybe tops and Dresses I would say abro cromy has my Favorite styles that I've seen I'll put Pictures here they're so minimal and so Pretty and I love how different it is so Different from just like a basic knit Dress this just kind of elevates it Although I would say I prefer the Crochet styles that are not see-through Because they're a little bit more Wearable and I could see this so perfect For vacation beach day so different and

So beautiful bold pattern clothing like This now you tell me I feel like the Ones that I've seen uh for example from Abber cromie I feel like I'm referencing Them a lot but this one is where you Just see interesting patterns designs Printed on dresses going photos here Personally I'm not a fan of this unless It's a floral pattern I'm I'm all for The fruit pattern I actually like that I Think I've seen strawberries which I Think are so cute lemons is obviously my Favorite one not so much a fan of like You know just r random things printed on To the clothing item just not for me Twopiece sets have been so popular for Spring and summertime uh specifically Now since it's summer the short sets are Very popular so the two-piece sets that Look like pajamas so I'll put photos Here I've seen a lot of content creators Share and recommend these specifically Ones from Amazon now do they look bad I Don't think so would I wear them out Probably not cuz they look like pajamas So that's that's the thing I noticed With two-piece sets you guys is that They often times come across as pajamas If I were to choose a two-piece set Right now I would more so pick like a Linen set I think that looks less like Pajamas and then you would have to be Careful with the top a lot of tops have A collar and their short sleeve buttoned

And a lot of those tops come in pajama Versions and that's where it gets me Where it looks like pajamas so I would Avoid probably tops like that and maybe Go for like the tank Styles try a linen Material um I think I've seen Amazon Also abomi come out with really pretty Ones um I'll link the ones that I was Eyeing for this summer not purchasing Any because again I'm pregnant can't fit In really much right now but that's what I would be more interested in versus the Ones that look straight up like pajamas Asymmetric clothing so this I was Actually really surprised it is so hot And heavy I would probably say that this Is the number one most trending item for This summer I mean I am seing countless Of options of asymmetrical tops and Dresses um and personally I like it I Just don't like asymmetrical hemlines I Think they're a little awkward I haven't Really seen much of those I mostly see In the bus line on the top portion and I Think it's really pretty so if you love It go for it and you'll notice that Every certain amount of years there's a Certain neckline that's so trendy Remember Square necklines were so trendy Several years ago I was obsessed with it I still love it to this day but I'm not Like the pickiest when it comes to Necklines I love a square neckline I Love a scoop neckline I think they all

Look really pretty it just depends on Personal preference dropped waist Clothing for me this is a hard pass hard No and the biggest reason is that I am 5'1 and for a 5 foot1 person I have a Long torso and short leg which is just Lovely for me being 5' one if I wear Something dropped Waste My legs will Literally look like this not work for my Build I'm sure it works for other women I think just having the seam be at the Natural waistline for women is the Prettiest spot this next one I really Think it just is trendy every single Summer because it's specifically a Summer item spring to Summer straw Material straw bags straw hats straw Shoes like esad drills and such uh That's I noticed more than more so than Other years like this year I feel like It's really been hot and heavy I am Seeing tons of options I have to say I Freaking love it I you know it could be Also because it's super trendy I'm Seeing it everywhere but I did did love It last year and the years prior this Year I think I'm just even more obsessed With it because the designs that are Coming out are just so freaking pretty I Think one of my favorite places to look At is mango uh they have really good Quality and they don't break the bank on Most of the pieces which is cool so I Was able to get a lot of my straw pieces

For well below $100 and I'm obsessed With them so if you're looking for some Good recommendations I'll link them down Below like some of the pieces that I Have and really like cheer whes is Definitely a hard pass for me anyone That knows me my viewers close friends And family you know I will not ever wear Something sheer and especially like Having my panties showing underneath and My bra like absolutely not I understand If you're wearing like a tank underneath A Shear top if you love that that's fine I just your bra suppose it's just like White I don't know and I could see this Working as maybe like a beach cover up If you want something looking a little Bit more sexy but for day-to-day wear Hard pass for me but not least tennis Dresses so this has been popular I think Since last year definitely still Trending for summer um I think the most Popular options I've seen is from ever Cromie I keep referencing them I were to Purchase it I would probably purchase it For tennis specifically or maybe like Going on long walks and I want to wear a Dress but be more comfortable I Understand it for like like sporty Things cuz I think that's essentially What it's made for maybe I'll end up Purchasing one in the future after I Have baby but I could see it being a Really practical and wearable thing it's

It's very simple I think that you should Come with built-in shorts I mean it's Meant for sports so can't knock on it For that I think it's absolutely fine I Think it's really pretty and feminine And really cute to wear while you're Active I'm here for it so I like it I Don't have a need for it but I know Others do so we made it to the end of This video 10 fashion trends for summer Of 2024 you guys let me know uh which Ones you like which ones you don't like In the comment section down below don't Forget to subscribe if you are new I Make tons of videos like this I also Came out with a video recently on 10 Fashion items that will never leave my Style this is a really good video so I Will see you over on this one bye