10 Things I Wish I Bought SOONER! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
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So these are 10 things that I wish I Would have bought sooner they're kind of Unexpected I feel like a lot of you Probably don't even know they're out There but now that I have them I don't Want to not have them so everything will Be linked Down Below in the description Box and I'll also pin everything in the Comment section but first we have the Brand eie which now that I have this I Don't want to go back I love me some High quality seamless bras and underwear It's like my favorite thing but this Particular brand I feel like is very Different than a lot of others because Their bras especially provide so so much Support and that's kind of the problem Sometimes with seamless bras you know I Love them I am more small up top than a Lot of you guys and sometimes you would Comment saying like uh I mean those are Nice but like I can't wear them these I Have three specifically that I want to Recommend are so completely seamless Like all of their stuff like 100% Seamless guaranteed no lines whatsoever But they also provide so much lift and Support at the same time so I have Teamed up with them for this video they Gave me a promo code that I can offer You guys it is Shea Whitney fs15 this Code will work for the entire site 15% Off and free shipping I really encourage You to look at the different colors and

Patterns maybe even get a bundle set Again their underwear is so nice but They are very size inclusive extra small All the way up to 4X so up first we have The relief bra which used to be called The only bra because it was like the Only bra you'll ever need but because it Provides so much support and relief they Decided to rename it but I would say It's probably their number number one Bestseller it has some interesting Unique features about it so they have What's called the soft wire technology So it's it's kind of like a wireless Underwire so it's going to give you lift And support without any pain and then Also they have the 3D support Wings Which is this stretchy support along the Side which is going to not slip it's Going to kind of like mold your figure And move with you so a lot of people Really love that feature and it does Have the class in the back and it has Kind of like a no slip grip along the Sides you'll see that with the underwear As well there's just like kind of like a Velvety lining along the sides which Just kind of grips to your skin and then We have the support bra which I'm Actually wearing the pink one right now But I also have it in this really pretty Green color it has a mesh back though so It's not going to be the the clasp it's Going to be a mesh back which is really

Breathable you kind of just slip it on It actually provides 1 in lift again Lots of support then we have the Wireless bralette which I don't know This one actually might be my favorite Again it provides a lot of Wireless Comfort and support but I just feel like This is extra comfortable because of the Wider straps also the material like all The material is super soft and stretchy But this almost just feels a little bit Cooling and then I love the super low V Cut so you're going to wear it with Anything and it's not going to be Peeking out of any shirt so again those Are just my three personal favorites I Do think they are the best but I will Have them link down below and don't Forget to use that promo code for an Extra 15% off sitewide and free shipping So moving along to something that Actually still has to do with underwear But I wish I would have bought this Sooner I wish I would have tried this Sooner I love it and I actually kept the Box because I wanted to share that if You try this I feel like it should be This brand okay but it's reusable bamboo Sanitary pads yeah I love uh the the Period underwear I do but some of you Guys are like but so like it's you're Using it and then you like go to the Bathroom but then you like keep it on Like I don't care I love period

Underwear but this is also great too and I wish I would have tried these sooner I Didn't actually didn't even know they Existed I got this brand I researched a Long time because a lot of like period Underwear and like reusable pads lots of Chemicals on those and I don't want to Be using things up near mahua with Chemical whatever this is bamboo I feel Like there's no bad chemicals and it Works really really well so I got the Kind of like starter pack because I Wasn't sure what sizes I wanted so this Comes with a whole pack I mean look at This one I do not need this my flow is Not this heavy I think this would be for People that just have like heavier but Then also for sleeping so you you know Clip this to your underwear and then It's like a whole backing that like goes In your underwear but I feel like I use This these sizes the most um but it's Really unique in the way it's designed There's a clip thing here you just clip It around your underwear like you would An actual pad um and it you use it and And then when you're done you can Actually just fold fold it up and clip It together and you can rewash them Reuse them I know some of you are like Oh it's so gross that's fine don't use Them that's fine I love it and I feel Like a lot of you would as well Continuing on with the bad chemicals not

Going up my ho haul I have recently Ordered a plethora of different brands Of healthy toilet paper to try because I'm sorry Charmin it might be plush it Might be soft it might be three ply it Has forever chemicals that we're putting Up our our area around it I mean for Guys it probably is not that big of a Deal but for us it is you obviously can Ignore this too but I ordered a few Bamboo toilet papers there were two that I thought were good okay so here they Are this one's called betterway and this One is called save trees Co it's called Cloud paper and and they're so similar I Think Josh technically prefers this one Like if he had to pick but like they're So similar sometimes I I can't tell a Difference so I will link both of these Options they are more expensive than Regular toilet paper and their selling Point is that it's 100% bamboo zero Trees are killed in making this so That's great for the environment but I The the thing for me guys no chemicals No dyes no inks it's just healthier While we're talking about the toilet I Might as well talk about this next this Is a pmus stone for cleaning your toilet I wish I knew this existed years ago This is a game Cher If you have slightly Hard water that leaves stains in your Toilet like I thought that was just like You clean it the best you could and

You're kind of stuck with it as the Years go on no this thing is amazing It's like this Stone attached with the Handle and you stick it in the water get It kind of wet and then hopefully you Saw the before I mean it's not that bad I mean I've I kind of like I kind of Like let this go so you could see how Wonderful this is so anyway you just Take the stone and just rub it on Whatever stain and this works like if The stain is even really bad but it just Removes the discoloration any stain Whether it be yellow red like whatever It will literally turn your toilet into Looking brand new I know I keep saying This about everything but I wish I would Have bought this sooner I wish I would Have found this sooner I saw it on Tik Tok it is a waterproof wireless lamp and You're probably thinking like okay but The thing is this makes taking a shower So much nicer you don't have to turn on Your big blaring bright bathroom light You just turn off the lights turn on This lamp it's just this little Touch Button and it turns on this glowy warm Like ambiant light and it's just like a Cozy Vibe taking a shower I enjoy it so Much better I just sit it on my bench You could sit it on a ledge or a shelf Or whatever and it's completely Waterproof and you rarely have to Recharge it it's just phenomenal I also

Use it when I take a bath you know some People like candles I'd rather just turn This on and just it just makes the vibe Of the bathroom so much nicer now while We're in the shower I'm going to move on To a couple other things but I will turn On the lights when I'm showing this just So you can see it a bit better but this Is coic acid soap it's really healthy Soap it has koic acid in it vitamin E Collagen turmeric and it's really good For your skin but the reason I wish I Would have bought it sooner is because I Didn't know that kic acid actually helps To reduce uh acne scarring which that's Not really an issue with me anymore it Used to be but it helps to fade dark Spots and hyperpigmentation which I'm Starting to notice as I age I'm starting To get some dark spots on my chest and It's not terrible yet but I'm trying to Like kind of slow it down I know some of You probably struggle with that as well So you should try getting the coic acid Soap just keep it in your sh shower Focus it on the areas where you want to Try to like fade the dark spots and it Really really helps I've also seen this Advertised for the longest time and a While back I finally ordered it and now I'm like dang I should have bought it Sooner it's by the brand kitch and it it Serves like a lot of purposes it's kind Of like a headband but it's kind of like

A massive one it's super comfortable a Lot of headbands just like dig into me And I'll put them on to like do my Makeup or get hair out of my face to do Skin care or wash my face or whatever But this is so big it actually kind of Serves as a shower cap in a way I mean I Have a lot of hair clearly and I'll put This over my head it's super comfortable I'll stick in my hair at the top and it It completely you know prevents the Water from touching my hair at all but I Also use it like I said when I'm doing Before I doing my makeup if I'm adding Skin care it's just like a really nice Like headband and you can easily wash it And just obviously keep using it now This is a retinol eye stick and I did Share this in a semi- recent video I had Had this for maybe two or 3 weeks at the Time and I was really liking it but now I love it like now I I just love this so Much and it's kind of for two reasons Now I'm actually seeing results from it But I just really like the application It's so much easier than all of the Other like eye creams out there I just Never stay on top of that cuz you have To do it in your bathroom you got to Like rub it all in this is like the Coolest applicator it's literally like a Lip balm I just keep it in my nightstand And before bed when I'm putting on my Chapstick I'll pull this out and I'll

Put above or under my eyes kind of Around my crow's feet retinol is so good At reducing fine lines and wrinkles and Kind of Plumping up the skin but now I'm Actually seeing a difference like I Don't think my area is like that bad yet It's obviously going to get worse but I'm for sure noticing less pronounced Lines especially like my crow's feet Around my eyes next we have this dish Block which I'm going to link both of These under the same number they kind of Go hand inand but this is the star of The show these are just really natural Really good uh scrubber brushes that I Get on Amazon this is a brand new pack But i' I always get like the same ones Um but anyway this is the this is the New thing I wish I would have discovered Sooner my assistant Katie actually found This for me to try and I just love it Don't want to go back I no longer use Dawn dish soap or anything which I mean The problem with a lot of dish soaps out There again full of bad chemicals that Actually coat your uh plates and your Bowls and then it doesn't come off and Then you eat food and it goes in your Body whatever and I know I have to pick My battles I'm not perfect in every area Of my life but if I can find things that I really like that are just healthier I Try to make those changes so this is by The brand no talks life it is a dish

Block there are no fragrances no dyes Like no bad chemicals it was really nice And it actually just sits beside your Sink and I actually have it on this Little tray that the water just kind of Like comes out it's great that's also From Amazon I've had that for years too But you sit the block beside your sink Get a little scrubber brush and when You're doing the dishes you just dab the Scrubber brush on the Block it gets Super sudsy and you can just scrub the Scrub the thing I just prefer that that Kind of method and I can kind of like Dip dip dip go back and forth and it is So great and it cleans so well it gets So sudsy but it's a lot healthier moving Along to wall adapters definitely wish I Would have purchase some of these sooner Because everything nowadays comes with Different plugs uh USB ports to charge Like it's just annoying and so having Some of these throughout your house Makes your life a lot easier so I've got Two one which is this one it's a little Bit smaller and then I also have like The bigger one I think there's like six Plugs you're seeing it here I mean There's USB ports different types of Charging ports the actual real plugs and They're just like all around Everything's a surge protector as well Um but you can charge and plug in and do All kinds of things all at the same time

It just gives you a lot more flexibility And a lot more options um so I will link Both Styles down below depending on how Big of one you actually want but don't Forget about EB's seamless bras and Underwear you will absolutely love them And be sure to use that code for 15% off Sitewide and free shipping I'll have Everything else linked down below as Well please subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next one bye