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– Okay, some of these health
habits might be kind of weird. I mean not everything, But throughout this
video there'll be parts Where you're like, "Shea,
what the heck are you doing?" And that is fine, these
are just my opinions. I feel like no one talks about this stuff. So hopefully you find
it kind of interesting, And maybe you wanna try a few things. So the first thing that I do
that is definitely kinda weird Because I feel like no one else does it, Is investing in a whole
house water filter. And no, no, no, it's
not what you're thinking Because you're probably thinking, "Oh, I have a whole house
water filter already." No, the thing is none
of them, most of them, Do not remove specifically chloramine. Okay, so there's chlorine,
and then there's chloramine, Which is completely different, way worse. A lot of counties do not use
it because it is not good. But our county, lovely, it
does add it to the water. So that's something you should look into, Like does your city water, public water, Do they add chloramine to your water? Because you might be drinking that water, Or you are bathing in it, soaking in it, Taking showers in it, it's
sucking up into your skin. It's not good, it's just
something to look into. So we invested, totally worth it, And it's lasted us for years. If it ever goes bad,
I'm buying another one. Number two has to do with this area, Actually number two and three, But I actually don't shave my armpits Nearly as much as I used to.

And it's not because, "I'm a woman, And let the hair grow free,"
nothing to do with that. I just think that if we're
shaving our armpits every day, And then slathering on deodorant,
even healthy deodorant, It's still, like, when you shave, You're literally opening up the skin, Slathering on deodorant, And it leads directly into this area. And we all know a lot of women have issues That develop in this area. And if I can kind of
eliminate any possibility, That's what I'm gonna do. So in the summer, this
is definitely harder, I'm shaving more. But in the fall and winter, When like I'm just wearing
sweaters like this, Like, I don't need to shave that often. And while we're talking
about my little friends, Which mine are little, yours may be not, I actually wear a bra
as little as possible. I keep saying the word little. I'm not saying don't wear a bra. I'm just saying if I can take it off, I am taking it the heck off. I think it's important for
us to have natural movement, Like have it breathe, let
them breathe a little bit. I really believe this in my gut, That if you are constantly
wearing a bra, super constricted, It's pushing you in, it's pushing you up, You're restricted, like,
there's less blood flow In this area, less circulation. The lymph nodes in this area
can't drain as naturally. So again, I know there's limitations here, I'm just saying that if I can take it off,

I am taking it the heck off. The next health habit isn't
going to come as a surprise To people that watch my videos regularly. But I do like to take supplements. I've done specific videos
on different supplements That will help different
areas of your life. So I have been taking Ritual for years. I love their multivitamin,
I love their probiotics, But they recently launched a new product That helps support stress management. So I've obviously only been taking it For the last few months,
because it just came out. But I really like it, Because it's one of those supplements That you notice a difference
within like an hour. You know what I mean? A lot of supplements out there, You have to like build it up. This has L-theanine, it has
ashwagandha, it has saffron, And you really feel more calm, and more, Just relax, like in a better mood even Within the first hour. And so I take this in the morning, Because it helps to, I guess, kinda balance
your cortisol levels That can spike in the morning. And so it has a slow release
technology type of capsule, So that it slowly
releases over eight hours Throughout your day. So if you feel like you
are just stressed out, Too much going on in your life, But you don't wanna feel drowsy, You don't wanna feel tired,
you don't wanna feel bad, You should try this.

So I will have this linked down below, And I have teamed up
with them for this video, So you can use my promo code sheawhitney25 For 25% off your first order. And like I said, I have been
taking Ritual for years, And so I just really like them. All of their ingredients are very clean. Everything's traceable,
everything's third party tested. I just really trust them. And another thing, I just wanna say this, I love that there's a little
pod in every single bottle. This one smells citrusy, And so it makes all of
the capsules smell better, Taste better, it's just way easier To take these capsules compared to others. And you just need, again,
one in the morning, And it will work for eight hours, Just slowly releasing those
stress management ingredients. Moving along to the
feminine hygiene category. I never use conventional
feminine products anymore, Like tampons, pads, like
even the healthy version. I only use period
underwear or reusable pads, Which I know it's weird, guys, But don't knock it 'til you try it. My favorite is absolutely
the period underwear. And I'm going to link the Bambody brand, Which I've researched, A really good bamboo underwear,
that is super absorbable. It works so well, and they
now have a lot of styles That are just really pretty. Some are athletic, boy shorts,
just really cool looking. Others have lace on them,
they're just prettier. And it's not even like you're
wearing period underwear, But they actually work.

Now, if you don't like the idea of that, Maybe you should try the
reusable period pads, Which are very similar, But you can take them
on and off, rewash them, And it's just so much
healthier in my opinion. So the next weird habit
that I've recently started Is only buying healthy toilet paper. And I know, you're rolling
your eyes right now, Like, "Where does it end, Shea? Everything has chemicals on it." And I know, like, I'm
not perfect everywhere, But it just annoys me That most of the toilet
paper brands out there, Like 21 of the major toilet
paper brands out there All add forever chemicals
all over their toilet paper. And then we're using it
down there, like why? It's just annoying to me. So I have found two brands,
I'll link them below. They are 100% bamboo. No trees are harmed, I mean, They're great for the environment, But my main thing about
these toilet papers Is they still feel nice,
they're still soft, They're a bit more expensive,
but there's no chemicals. Okay, we've reached the habit That you guys are gonna
actually judge me for. This one is really weird, A lot of you are gonna
think this is weird, But I actually don't
wash my hands that often. Okay, hear me out with this, I will wash my hands if I'm prepping food. I will wash my hands after
I go to the bathroom. I will wash my hands if
they are physically dirty, Like there's something on my
hand, I need to wash my hands.

But I'm not one of those people Where it's like every few hours, I'm like, "Oh, I have to go wash my hands. Oh, I just came in from outside,
I have to go wash my hands. I'm about to eat some food,
I have to wash my hands." I'm not, okay, if that
is you, I'm so sorry. This has never been me. I feel like germs are all around us, And I'm fine with them
infiltrating, like bring it on. I don't know, like, I
just don't wash my hands. I'm not a germophobe, that
leads me to the next thing. I clean, not perfectly, like on purpose, Like I clean so that there's not dirt. We clean, I even have a cleaning lady. I'm just saying that I'm
not using crazy chemicals. I'm not like, "Oh, we have
to get all these germs off." I'm using Clorox and bleach
and all this stuff, no. Like, I feel in my heart of hearts, That germs are around us. I feel like they build
up your immune system. I even think like the actual dirt outside, There's probiotics in the dirt. We need to be exposed to things. I'm just weird in the cleaning department. Let's talk about headphones, Because I only use wired headphones now. And, yes, it is always this tangled. I don't understand how I do this. It's kind of ridiculous, honestly. But I did get rid of my Apple AirPods, I got rid of the Bluetooth
wireless earbuds that I had, Because once you see
how many freaking EMFs Are coming off of those
devices, I just can't do it. I'm not gonna do it, like
your phones are really bad.

Laptops are bad, microwaves are horrible, Which I still use my microwave, But then I run out of the room. I know, I'm literally
sounding like a lunatic. But wired headphones do not do that, And the thing is, like these
earbuds that are wireless, You're sticking them in your ear, Literally between your brain
for hours and hours and hours. You will not convince me that long-term, That is not a good thing. All right, let's actually
talk about laptops, Because that is another
weird habit of mine. I won't actually use my laptop on my lap, Which is just kind of a
funny and ironic thing. I mean because again,
those EMFs are so horrible Coming off of them, and Apple products, Like Apple laptops, are the worst. I've measured different brands, And like they're all not good,
but Apple was off the charts. And so if I'm using my laptop, I will literally put a pillow on me, And then the laptop,
just to kinda like block Some of that radiation coming off, Or I'll just use it on a desk. So one way to actually counteract
all of the EMF radiation That's constantly being thrown our way Is to go outside and ground, or earth, Which is walking outside
in your bare feet. I try to do that as much as possible. Like, I rarely wear shoes outside, It's just, it's a weird thing that I do. And I know it probably
depends on where you live, Like where, if you can actually,
if you live in a big city, You're obviously not gonna walk outside

On the sidewalk with no shoes. But if you do have access to grass, Or even better yet, a beach, All of you people that live near a beach, It is the best grounding ever, Because there is moisture, and the sand. And if you walk along the beach, It's like even better connectivity. Though I didn't even tell
you what grounding really is. Earth has like its own,
kinda like electrical energy, Which sounds kind of like wacky, But there's more and more
and more studies coming out That if you can consistently
ground in the morning, A lot of your body's inflammation Is significantly reduced, just
from earthing or grounding. Okay, I'm gonna totally switch gears here, And talk about black coffee, My weird habit every morning
of drinking black coffee. And you think you know what
I'm gonna say, but you don't. I've never talked about this,
most people don't know this. You probably do know that black coffee Is full of antioxidants. It can actually help
to prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, like it
actually can be really good. And it's completely ruined Whenever you add creamer or sugar to it. So I never, ever, ever
do that with my coffee. I only drink it black. But it actually does one more thing That people don't talk about, I will link the study down below. Multiple studies have come out proving That black coffee can
actually prevent cavities, Like dental cavities.

And that's completely against
what everyone always says, Like, "Coffee's so
acidic, it's gonna cause." It actually has an extract
in black roasted coffee That kills, it's like an
antibacterial property That kills the streptococcus mutants That cause cavities in people's mouths. And what's so interesting Is when my dental nightmare snowballed, The first pregnancy that I had, Like I was fine when I got pregnant, And by the end of the pregnancy, I had 15 deep, deep, deep, deep cavities. I think there was a lot at play with that. But what's so interesting Is that was the only time in my life That I gave up coffee
for that nine months, Because I thought like, "Ooh, caffeine is bad for pregnancy. I won't drink any coffee." And then sure enough, months later, I end up with 15 cavities in my mouth. I'm not saying drinking coffee Would've necessarily
prevented all of that, But I really think it
would've at least helped. So another habit that I'm
pretty consistent with Is actually incorporating
olive oil into my diet, Almost on a daily basis. And I'm talking like high quality, Pretty expensive olive oil. It's just so important to me, Because cholesterol is a big deal, And everyone is so concerned
about having high cholesterol, Which I'm not saying that's not a thing, But we really should be incorporating

Good cholesterol into our bodies, 'cause our brains are basically
made up of cholesterol. Like the bulk of it is in our brains, Compared to the rest of our body. And so when we try to lower
cholesterol, or even statins, Which I know some people
have to take them, But some people I feel
like might not need them. It's literally like depleting The cholesterol from our brains, Which really leads to bad brain diseases, Like Alzheimer's, dementia, Like it really contributes to it all. And so I literally put olive
oil on a plate, some salt, Pepper, garlic, whatever, I dip, Like I physically eat olive oil. Yes, I cook with it, Yes, I add a little bit into some recipes, But like I actually kinda eat
a lot of it, like every day. And I think it's a really
healthy thing to do. So those are weird habits, guys. I hope you found this semi entertaining, Maybe interesting and useful. But don't forget about Ritual. If you wanna try their new
stress relief supplement, My code is sheawhitney25 for
25% off your first order. You could try their multivitamin,
even their probiotics. This is great though. Thank you so much for watching. Maybe subscribe if you're new, And I'll see you in my next one, bye.