19 Amazon NEW RELEASES Worth Trying! Everything linked below & in the comments!!
1. Free People Inspired Sweatshirt(S):
2. CRZ Yoga Skort(S):
3. Sleeveless Dress(S):
4. Striped Tank Top(S):
5. Sweater Two-Piece Set(S):

6. Swirly Skirt(S):
7. Van Cleef Inspired Jewelry Set:
8. Nippies Lift:
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9. Elf Foundation (Medium Neutral):
10. Elf Bronzing Drops:

11. Burry Pudding Pot (D-Day):
12. Clinique Quickliner & Smudge (Dark Chocolate):
13. Clinique Lipstick (Black Honey):
14. Korean Lip Butter:
15. Beef Tallow Sun Balm:

16. Alo Vera Gel:
17. Raw Batana Oil Mask:
18. Color Wow Leave-In Money Mist:
19. Sea Salt Spray:

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Today I'm sharing some new releases from Amazon that are getting rave reviews so I ordered a bunch of stuff and these are The items in this video that I think are Actually really good and worth it so as Always everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and pinned In the comment section there's quite a Few fashion and Beauty items in this Video which are my favorite categories But up first we have this Free People Inspired sweatshirt so this is very very Popular now on Amazon like I said it's It's a newly released item but Everyone's buying it because it looks so Identical to the Free People version Which is double the price there's really Fun color combinations I think that's Why it is so popular even by free people So this one's yellow with uh green I Don't know I was just like drawn to this Color combo I thought it was kind of fun For summer there's a lot of striped Options but again fun interesting unique Color combo so I went with blue and White with like a neon neckline I really Really like it uh click around see the Other color combo choices but they Definitely run a bit oversized so I did Get a size small these and as you can See they're a little bit big on me on Purpose but I love the way they fit They're comfortable and then all of my Sizing details as we go along will be

Listed down below beside each item Moving along to this CRZ yoga Scorch so CRZ yoga is a very popular brand on Amazon I've recommended their leggings Biker shorts tank tops their athleisure Wear is so popular because it is very Similar to Lululemon I mean the material Feels identical it's very high quality The prices are really good but they just Launched their skirt and I have a lot of Skirs which are basically you know the Shorts with a skirt over top a lot of The ones I already own are too long or Too Short or they're just really Uncomfortable and this is like the I'm Not just like I'm not just saying that Like the best one I own now um it's very Flattering I feel like it looks really Feminine it's not too long where I feel Like it looks kind of out of style uh But it's not too short uh it's just very Nice so I only have it in Black for now We love to golf we love to go out side You know it's great for running errands It's great just to have as a summer Option where again you look kind of like Pretty and feminine but it's super Comfortable and wearable and practical Next we have this dress which really Surprised me uh my assistant Katie Actually put this on the list for me to Try because it was newly released it was Getting really good reviews people were Saying how soft it was but I was kind of

Just bored by it I was like yeah it's Just like this simple dress like I don't Know I just wasn't impressed but I still Ordered it and now I understand the hype It is really soft I mean you will Immediately notice that this material is Thick it it it's so soft it's silky soft Um even the way it's stitched and made Like it just feels really high quality So the price point is very impressive to Me uh there's so many colors like Everything but for this I was really Unsure what to order I almost got black But I went with obviously this color but Just keep in mind this is a dress that You'll be able to put on and really Dress up or dress down a lot of people Say that about clothes dress up or dress Down I say it all the time but like this Is like a perfect example like you could Wear heels with this like a small little Clutch bag and you could wear this for Like to a wedding you could wear it till Like a night out a dinner date or Something like that and be dressy or you Could put on sneakers a cross body bag Run some errands and wear to Walmart I Mean like it really is the epitome of a Versatile simple but amazing dress I Also ordered this stripe top with the Cap sleeves and I love it I love the way It looks when you tuck it into pants Because it is a bit oversized it is a Size small that I'm wearing but the

Sleeveless uh sides that kind of like go Over your shoulders it kind of like Broadens your shoulders and then if you Tuck it into a pair of dress pants a Pair of jeans maybe even wear a belt With it it looks so Chic it looks so Stylish it it really is I don't know It's like an impressive shirt it it kind Of comes off more elegant and more Sophisticated and expensive than it Really is next we have this two-piece Shirt and short set that is a new Release uh and I put it in a video Already about a week a half ago because I I instantly loved it and a lot of you Complimented me on it some of you Ordered it like I've gotten a lot of Good feedback about this outfit so I Thought I'd throw it in this video but It's great because it it's perfect for Summer it's an instant outfit the Material is a little bit different in That it's like gushy and buttery and Super soft but it is a sleeveless shirt That's longer and then up the sides it's There's a slit so you're wearing shorts Underneath so you can kind of see the The shorts as you're walking but at First glance it almost looks looks like You're wearing a dress but you're not You're wearing shorts so again very easy Wearable practical those are my favorite Outfits for summer now this swirly skirt As I like to call it is also newly

Launched and people are loving it um Obviously it's not something you would Wear every single day but I think it is More wearable than you probably think Especially if you get it in more of like A black and beige color which is what I Wanted but I wasn't going to be able to Get it in time for this video so I got The green and beige um so there's some Other color combinations but it's really Nice it's different than anything I have I really I just really like the pattern Now I think a lot of you are going to Love this next jewelry set it was just Launched I really hope it's not out of Stock because I have shared some Van Cleave inspired pieces in the past on my Channel and they're always a big hit It's definitely a bestseller and that's That's basically what this is but it's a Three-piece set it comes with a necklace Which is what I'm wearing right now and I think the necklace is my favorite out Of everything it's just so beautiful It's dainty um but it also comes with a Pair of earrings which I am ALS o Wearing today and I love them they just Look really you know designer um but you Can wear them with anything and then it Also comes with a bracelet which you're Seeing here it's really pretty I love The mother of pearl white color with the Yellow gold definitely consider this if If you do like the van Clea kind of look

Or maybe you you just want to try it to See if you want to splurge in the future Okay I think this is the last fashion Item I guess you could say but these are The brand new nippies lift so I've Shared the nippies silicone tone nipple Covers I call them the sticky boobies on My channel so many times they're amazing For like not wearing a bra and they're They're the best out there but they just Launched the the lift version where it's Essentially the same thing but there's a Tab at the end so you you kind of stick Them you lift up and then you attach and Then it lifts you up and and it's it's Like gives you all that same effect but It's for people that are probably a Little bit bigger and they want some They want some support and whatnot People are loving this um I pretty sure I can get a promo code for you guys I Don't know for sure if I do I'll put it Here on the screen um and that code will Work for the regular nipple covers like The regular nippies and the lift version So you can enter that at check out on Amazon and I do just want to clarify This whole video is absolutely not Sponsored I'm purely just sharing things I think are actually really cool and Worth it if you want to try them this Next one I might even go as far to say Might be the best thing in the video I Really like some of the clothes or some

Other Beauty things that are good but Guys this blew me away it's $8 it's by Elf it is their soft Glam satin Foundation they just launched this and The only reason I like I actually went And searched for this on Amazon because I saw a Jeffree Star Tik Tok and Jeffree Star is very known to like he will like He'll be super brutal to Brands and he's Just very honest with his reviews of Makeup so if he says he loves something Or hates something I mean it's the truth At least I think so he got on and he did A review of this $8 foundation and he Was just so wowed by it I was like I Wonder if it's on Amazon yet so I went And they it is now on Amazon um there's Not like tons of reviews or anything Because it just came out but guys best Best affordable foundation I have ever Tried in my life I'm not just I am so Annoyingly picky when it comes to Foundation and I feel like I I I really Just like expensive stuff I feel like You can really tell a difference when You splurge on expensive Foundation Versus cheap foundation so I had low Hopes of this best affordable drugstore Foundation I've ever tried and it's only It's like actually like on the low end Of foundation so again it is a medium Buildable coverage long lasting um satin Foundation so I feel like it's good for Oily or even combination or dry skin

Just try and there's so many shades to Choose from I went with medium neutral Just because I do have some color to me Because it's summer and then we have the E.l.f bronzing drops which I don't think This is brand new I think this has been Around for a while but it's new to me And I ended up ordering it because Everyone's talking about it right now I Think because now we're in summer and People are using it more and more but I'm also very impressed with this now These are bronzing drops so there's a Few ways to use them the way you're Seeing me use it I actually applied the Drops directly onto a brush and I just Like bronzed my my cheek it it gave me Some color it's kind of luminous it's Really pretty but I feel like most People actually put it in their Moisturizer or their Foundation like They'll mix it in and then it just gives A nice bronzy luminous glow all over now This is called a a blurring pudding pot Which is really popular in Korea which By the way I have another item from Korea that is coming up that is so viral And it just launched on Amazon and Everyone's going crazy that they can Actually get their hands on it but this Is a cheek and lip tint so I got the Shade D-Day which as you can see is very Red the footage you're seeing here is The first time I ever opened it it was

Brand new but I wanted to get the shade Because I kind of like that subtle Sunburnt look which sounds bad but it Almost looks like you've spent a day in The Sun so that's kind of what I was Going for but there's so many other Shades uh but you just take your finger Dab a few you know dots on your face you Just blend it it's really really Blendable um but it's pigmented and it Stays like it actually lasts all day and Then you take the excess on your finger And you know rub whatever's left onto Your lips and it gives a nice pretty Cohesive look next I want to share two Products by Clinique actually now I'm Not sure if these are brand new products By Clinique or if they're just brand new On Amazon I'm not really sure but one of Them is very viral And I'm going to save that one for last But the the first one um is the quick Liner for eyes it it's essentially an Eyeliner but it is so quick and easy and The the formula is just really really Blendable um it just Glides right on and You don't have to use a pencil sharpener You just twist and the product comes up So it's really convenient but then my Favorite part is the smudger at the Other end uh this is really nice Especially for the type of makeup people Are wearing these days you can you know Use the eyeliner on the top lid maybe

Even a little bit on your lower lid but Then smudge it out and make it look a Lot more natural and less harsh and then We have this viral uh lip product by Clinique that is just popping off it's Called black honey so it's kind of like A hybrid formula it's kind of like a Lipstick lip balm but it looks really Scary in a way it looks very dark and Gothic and ah but really when you put it On your lips it just gives a nice kind Of like subtle color that brings out Your other features that's what Everyone's saying on Tik Tok Instagram YouTube like everyone's getting this Color saying that it just looks good on Every skin tone and then this is that Korean product I was just talking about It is for your lips and it's so viral And popular in Korea they just launched It on Amazon and basically overnight it Became like the number one best-selling Lip product it has two main ingredients That I think are most attractive to People it has B propolis extract which Is really good for hydration and healing Of your lips and it also has New Zealand Manuka Honey also great for hydration And the shininess of your lips I think That's the main reason I love it so much It's one of those products that you put It on and it just actually makes your Lips look visibly better but it is a 12-hour overnight mask so you actually

Just twist up the uh the the bottle and Then it comes up the center you can Swipe it put it on your lips it's kind Of like the Lan lip sleeping mask where It works you know overnight uh hydrates Your lips plumps them up and then you Wake up in the morning and they just Look so much better so because it is Summer I am thrilled that I discovered This this product now and I can share it With you guys because I really think it Is the healthiest sunscreen I have ever Come across ever okay and it is by a Small business on Amazon I mean like They hand make this I mean maybe it's Going to sell out because they're small Business I don't know but it is only two Ingredients two ingredients and that is It so it is um grass-fed beef Tallow Which just in general that stuff is Amazing for hydrating your skin I feel Like it is a much better healthier Alternative to lotion so it's just Grass-fed beef Tallow and non Nano zinc Oxide okay so it is not a chemical bomb Um it is white uh you just rub it into Your skin and it's not going to leave a Crazy white cast I tested that out you Do have to rub it in but you know There's some mineral-based sunscreens Out there with a lot more ingredients That are supposed to be healthy and I'm Sure they're better than chemical Sunscreens but they still give you a

Crazy white cast this does not assuming You rub it in I'm not saying that the Scent is going to be super Cellar There's no fragrance to it um it does Have that kind of beef Tallow it's not Like a bad smell I'm just saying it's Not this isn't for everybody I often get Asked like what is the healthiest Sunscreen out there and I think this is The best one I found oh and I am also Throwing in this aloe vera gel into the Video um this is not a new release I've Recommended this for the last few years But I did see another aloe vera gel Recently launched on Amazon I think it Did well I think it sold out actually But I saw that it had some not so good Ingredients and so it just reminded me Of this one one that is pure aloe vera Gel it is made in Texas it's a really Good brand and I just feel like everyone Should have it on hand year round but Especially in the summer if you do Accidentally get burnt it just quenches Your skin it's so good for your skin I Think it's a it's also a good Alternative as a as a lotion um because It doesn't leave you feeling sticky or Gross like some people just don't love That lotion feel this just sucks right Into your skin and it yeah it's just Great to have next we have some hair Products I need to share with you this Is 100% raw batana oil is it batana

Batana oil apparently it's an oil Extracted from a palm tree in Honduras So that's the origin of this and people In Honduras have like long beautiful Luscious hair because they use that oil On their hair they let it sit and absorb And then they they rinse it out so it's It's such a good smell it's almost like A coffee sweet smell and it totally Reminds me of this product that you used To be able to get probably like 20 years Ago on QVC and it was maybe it was from Honduras I don't know it was definitely Like from the Caribbean and you could Only get it from that area and it was a Product on QVC my mom had it I loved it It was so good for my hair no idea what That brand was but this just reminds me Of that but again it's a hair mask you Put it on your hair um Let It absorb Soak in and then you wash your hair and It just it's just a really good hair Mask now this is completely different This is definitely not 100% raw or Natural or anything but it is by the Brand and color while it's their money Mist and it's a brand new product going Viral people are loving it so I ordered It and it is a light Luxe leave-in Conditioner for glossy expensive looking Hair that's the description so obviously You get out of the shower you don't Condition your hair in the shower but You do this after you get out you spray

It in your hair and it just glosses up Your hair it's a good conditioning Leave-in formula that's not going to Make your hair greasy or anything and I Really like it it's it's defin a product That doesn't weigh my hair down like It's still holding a curl it looks Glossy yeah and I just really like it I Understand why people are loving it now This is a sea salt and texture spray Which it's been around for a few months Now I when I first ordered it it was Brand new it just took me a while to Actually try it um I feel like it Definitely is more of a summer product Because it's a a sea salt texturizing Spray it's great for the beach it's got You like spray in your hair and you get That like beachy Vibe I actually love Spraying it in my kids hair uh rather Than like slathering on gel and making It super hard you just spray it in kind Of rub your hands through it it gives Them some texture and oomph so the boys Love it it smells really coconuty and Beachy it's called ocean waves and I Think it'd be great to like throw in Your bag for a vacation everything in This video will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye