20 Life-Changing AMAZON Items UNDER $10…everything linked here & in the comments!!
1. Password Book:
2. Gold Butterfly Necklace:
Another Option:
3. Miracle Grow Plant Food Spikes:
4. Elf Power Grip Primer:
5. Covergirl Lipgloss:
6. On the Go Blush:
7. Crystal Hair Remover:
8. Silicone Bikini Line Exfoliator:
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9. Venus Travel Mini Razor:
10. Food Huggers:
11. Food Grater:
12. Metal Straws w/ Covers:
13. Silicone Utensil Holder:
14. Damp Dusters:
15. Erasable Pens:
16. Magnetic Sunglasses Holder:
17. Silicone Earring Backings:
18. Diamond Dazzle Stick:
19. Under Armour Shorts:
20. Cord Organizers:
21. Box Cutter:

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All of these Amazon items are under 10 They are so good they're so useful you Will love them so I'll have everything Linked Down Below in the description box And pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen up first we Have this password book which I think is So useful everyone should have this I Actually only got this a few weeks ago And I started using it I'll tell you About that in a second but I just love The way this is organized everything is Alphabetical there's a spot for the Website your username the password or The hint you don't have to actually have To write down the password you just give Yourself a hint um and then any notes And so you can easily find what you're Looking for update things I know you Shouldn't write down your passwords but A lot of us do and so anyway I did order This a few weeks ago like I said and Then I loved it so much I was like I Have to put this in a video and then I Realized Is it wise for me to be Announcing to the world where my Passwords are so now I'm not sure I Really am going to use this but I still Love it next we have this gold butterfly Necklace that I'm always wearing you Guys are always asking me about Unfortunately this one is not from Amazon but I have since found almost Identical versions on Amazon so I will

Link them under this number two Um some are just under ten dollars Others are just over ten dollars but I Think it's beautiful you and you can get It in both gold and silver if you have Plants or flowers indoor or outdoor you Totally need to try these Miracle Grow Plant food spikes I mean they're total Game changers they will make your plants Or your flowers grow and Thrive and just Look beautiful they're so simple to use It comes with this Spike you just Spike Or like stick it in the soil to create a Hole and then you put these blue spikes In and they last for 30 to 60 days and As you water like normal it kind of Releases the Miracle Grow stuff that's Good and it just feeds your plants so Well and makes them look glorious next We have a few beauty products that I Want to share that are all under ten Dollars and I'm not really I guess a Huge fan of Drugstore Beauty Products if That's what you want to call it but These are so good like I'm beyond Impressed with these items starting with The elf power grip primer I I've said This so many times there are very few Primers that are worth my time that I Really think even make any difference Whatsoever this stuff though oh my gosh So it's very like sticky and gluey Feeling which you might think is weird But it just like grabs onto that

Foundation and makes it look good all Day long so hopefully you can even see Me applying it here I mean it's so Sticky that you can literally stick this Bottle to your face I just did that to Show you like it really is a grippy Primer but it works to make your your Makeup look amazing all day I've also Been so impressed with this Covergirl It's called like top coat Um it's it's basically like a lip gloss And you can get this in whatever shade Color you want but the one I actually Recommend is just the clear one because It makes your lips so shiny for like Such a good price Um I feel like even when I did it did The b-roll here it didn't really show it Off well I I just I maybe there's wasn't Great lighting or something in the Bathroom but I'm telling you this makes Your lips super super shiny and then we Have this on the go blush okay now this Is totally a dupe or what's the word Just like it's trying to be the Best-selling popular pixie blush it Literally looks like a deodorant it's Like a really interesting applicator the Pixie one is pretty expensive I mean not Terrible but it this is way cheaper and I decided to try it just to see if it Was similar totally worth it get this One it comes in a few different shades I Got the corally looking one but you can

Just swipe it on your face it Blends out Like a dream it is just such a good Affordable blush this next item is kind Of weird uh I just want to explain kind Of the backstory of why I even ended up Ordering it so as you guys know I love The Kenzie I PL hair remover device it's Like a you know the at-home hair removal Thing I have recommended that for so Long it works really well I truly think It does I've been so lazy with it in the Last three to four months pretty much All summer long I didn't use it on my Legs that's mainly where I use it Um and I started noticing like Three to four weeks ago like some hairs Are starting to come back and that's Fine because that's what happens you Kind of have to maintain it well I saw That there's this like Crystal hair Remover and this was like so viral People were like just swearing by this And I was like you know what I'm Starting to get some stubble on my legs Again let me just see what this is like Guys this you just like rub it over your Like it's kind of like an exfoliating Thing but it literally it just like Dissolves or just Buffs away the hair And your legs are so soft So Soft it's Under 10 bucks I feel like it's a great Thing to just have and you don't have to Like shape all your legs you don't get Ingrown hairs you can just run this over

Your legs and they're like instantly Super smooth now for the bikini area or The bikini line this item Total Miracle Worker okay it's it's also Kind of weird it's like this nubby thing Like silicone Nubs but they're kind of Sharp and they don't hurt or anything But there's a lot of them and what you Do is go in circular motions around your Bikini line before you shave it Literally grips onto all of the the Hairs like the microscopic ones you Can't even see and it kind of lifts them Up so that when you do shave that area You get zero in grown hairs and Everything is very smooth to me this has Been so game changing for that area this Is the last item involving shaving and Hairs and things like that but this is The Venus I'm usually not a fan of Venus Okay but I found this like travel mini Razer five blades super sharp and it's So little and it comes with this little Case and so I just think it's great for Travel it's just great for your your Toiletry bag packing it it's just so Small and compact but it's like a legit Five blade sharp razor okay moving right Along to a few kitchen items these Citrus or food Huggers as they call them Have been so great for us because they Cover up the open end of like a half Used lemon or lime or tomato or onion I Mean we use these all the time it just

Like it's great you just cover it up and And you can stick it right back in the Refrigerator it makes them last and you Can just continue to use it and it's Just love these and then we have this Food grater which I didn't have this for The longest time I just had like the Really big one Um but this is for a much finer grating And so you can zest the lemons but I Mainly use this for garlic anytime I'm Cooking which I don't love to cook but My little secret weapon is really no Secret it's just I add garlic to Everything and I'll just just grate the Garlic it just just grates it so fine And it just adds so much flavor if you Love shopping on Amazon maybe you enjoy These types of videos please consider Subscribing down below these metal Straws total game changers I keep saying That about everything I don't care it's True I have you know various stanleys This is the simple modern one that I Love and everything comes with a plastic Straw not terrible I mean you can reuse It and clean it but I just started Realizing that it's not I just don't Love the plastic straws because Sometimes I do put hot liquids in here Combining hot with plastic not great Also the one cracked I just don't I just Don't plastic I don't so I ended up Getting these metal straws that fit

Perfectly into the 40 ounce stanleys or Containers whatever you know the just Amazing part of it is they all come with These silicone I guess like lip covers So because like metal straws you can Bang your teeth into it I just don't Love the way metal necessarily feels so These silicone covers not only can you Easily identify like who's is whose you Know what I mean just with the colors But it just feels so nice on my lips Okay this next thing I totally forgot to Bring up here but it's because we use it In our kitchen it is this so silicone Utensil holder we have loved this thing Ever since we got it as we're cooking or Just doing anything in the kitchen you Know you always have to like sit down Like a dirty spoon or a fork or like Anything and it just gets all over the Counter so this has just been an extra Great utensil holder because it catches Anything dripping um it also has slots For four different utensils and it's so Easy to clean because it's silicone you Can even just throw it directly into Your dishwasher oh my gosh we have to Talk about the damp dusters next this Might go on my list of best purchases of 2023 this thing is fantastic so this is A brand new one I mean it literally Comes when you get it these are so cheap By the way and you can get a whole like Pack of them but when it comes it

Already is damp or moist I'm sorry I Know a lot of you hate that word what You do is you just dust with it and all Of these ridges catch all of the Dust Nothing flies everywhere I mean it's Just like you just go round and just Clean your house with this thing and Then you just rinse it you can keep Reusing it it even even the texture of It like I've used it to get off marks And like stains like it's more than just For dusting this thing is so good and if You come back to it like days later and It's hard all you do is run it under Water to get it damp again and you can Just keep using it over and over and Over again erasable pens guys I put this In a recent video I don't care this is Everything under ten dollars that is Life-changing and these these erasable Pens life changing love these the actual Ink it Glides so smoothly like erasable Pens used to be so bad and they didn't Actually even erase these actually erase So I'm using this for everything I will Mark in my planner I'll write things on The calendar if things change I can Erase it like I I mean I'm using it Right now like I use these pens non-stop If you have not tried them they're like Four dollars or four five dollars for a Whole pack of them I'm telling you you Will love them if you're somebody that Wears sunglasses in your car which is

Many of us I think this magnetic Sunglasses holder is great under 10 Bucks it comes in many colors so that it Matches your vehicle you just slide it Onto the visor and again this magnetic Holder or clip just easily holds your Sunglasses so that you can easily grab Them and easily put them back this next Purchase is kind of weird but it's Honestly come in way handier than I've Expected it's just silicone earring Backings so I I wear and have a lot of Very affordable jewelry a lot of them Come either with these silicone backings Or actually with the the metal ones Which I actually don't love as much I Feel like they break they get stuck Um so I just bought this little case of Silicone earring backs and I just keep Them right with my jewelry anytime I Lose one I drop one I can't find Something I just come to this and I Don't know I think it's just great to Have I will not spend too much time on This diamond Dazzle stick I've belabored It but it just needed to be in this Video because it's under 10 bucks and I Use it every other day at least it's Just like a pen you twist it up Diamond Cleaning solution comes up you can Easily clean your diamond kind of like On the go just run the diamond Underwater your diamond will Sparkle so Much I mean it just dazzles it right up

I just love this so much and I will Continue to buy this over and over again This next item I was so excited to put In the video because it was under ten Dollars and Amazon kind of did me wrong Because now it's slightly more than ten Dollars but I don't care they're under Armor running shorts that kind of have You know like not the underwear but it's Like it yeah underwear kind of built in And they're they come in so many Different colors I love black they're Just really flattering but you can Literally see they are regularly 25 but Amazon has them insanely better priced Okay so I did get these for ten dollars Uh if you click around different colors Are around that price maybe a couple Dollars more I still wanted to put them In the video because I've been so Impressed with them and the prices is Just fabulous the next item under ten Dollars that has just been great are These cord organizers so they come in Many different colors and there's like a Sticky back to them and you can stick Them on the back of any Appliance you Keep in your kitchen where you don't Want the core just hanging out and Looking stupid you just stick it on the Appliance wrap the cord around and it Just it just hides the cords and makes Your kitchen look much more Aesthetically nice this is also one of

My all time best purchases from Amazon For all of my Amazon purchases uh it's a Slice cutter it's literally just like a Plastic piece that just cuts so well Into boxes Um but kids can even use this it's never Going to cut anyone but it still slices Open all the packages seamlessly so Quick so much better than a knife so if You don't have this and you order a lot From Amazon maybe consider getting it You won't be disappointed everything That I shared in this video will be Linked down below and pinned in the Comment section by the number you saw on Screen I hope you enjoyed it please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye