20 Minute HIIT Style / FAT BURNING Spin Class Workout – Get your heart pumping and burn some fat with this high intensity 20 minute workout!


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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk

Welcome back to my channel everyone I am Very excited for today’s workout we are Gonna enjoy such a great ride so make Sure you have plenty of water because You’re gonna need it and if you’re like Me and you get your sweat on make sure You have a towel handy as well all right Let’s get started all right let’s get Those legs warmed up here We’re on a flat road so that never means That you want nothing you want to have a Little bit of tension I’m gonna call it Like a level five if 10 11 was your heavy you should be Around a five right now so you have a Little bit of pull on that flywheel like As if you were on a flat Road sitting Back in the wide part of that saddle Weights on the heel of your foot Cora is nice and engaged relax those Shoulders elbows are slightly bent and We should be 85.95 RPM that’s might Gonna be my base for today’s workout 85.95 it kind of keeps us from going Into that beach cruiser mode nothing Wrong with beach cruiser but we’re here To work out all right team Let’s get warmed up here 85.95 on your RPM Nice smooth relax those shoulders elbows Are slightly bent so back in that wide Part of that saddle and place on the Heel of your foot One small turn to the right

85. [Music] Please relax [Music] Nice and smooth All right our kids came back down around 65 we’re gonna run push it up over 70 75 5 3 2 let’s go push it up can you get it 75 Run it up that’s it A little faster Let’s go Foreign Stay With Me Slow it down Nice work team saddle Back off to your Flat Road Flat Road all right Here’s the fun we’re gonna do some Drills All right We’re gonna do 20 seconds on 40 seconds break So it’s a 20 40 20 seconds on 40 seconds To rest Gonna be flat road so a level five level Six you have a little bit of tension Just like we did that warm-up Your rest Is gonna be up All right nice easy run around 70 75 RPM Saddle over a hundred we’re sprinting All right relax those shoulders

Give me one small turn to the right Small turn to the right still getting Your medium easy 10 cents Stand it up please All right 40 seconds 40 seconds nice and easy we’re Recovering here Before we take off 20 seconds in the saddle all out spring Okay 70 80 here nice think of it like a nice Easy run a nice easy Sandy run if your Active recovery On those heels Here it comes we’re gonna drop in that Saddle in five Three [Music] Two Let’s go 100. [Music] We have five of these we apply relaxable Silvers can you go 105. can you go 110 Yes you can five Three two and slow it down stand up back Into that easy run easy run 70 80 RPM Right here Nice and easy all right easy active Recovery number two number two we have Five total so Number two of five of these all right Relax that grip reset that form [Music] Doing really good here he comes

All right a little faster speed [Music] Is the goals You Advanced writers gopher105 110 115 Double times those legs And slow it back down Easy run 20 seconds on 40 seconds to Recover Easy run 70 80 here [Music] You’re doing good this beautiful day Wherever you are in the world Taking time for you so good for you All right 10 seconds number three Five get ready faster pick up your speed Three two let’s go drop into it Push yourself [Applause] [Music] Four is engaged faster three Two drop into it let’s go [Music] Too much Okay [Music] Pay attention To your form okay [Music] Faster three Two And slow it down Nice job team good work okay next set we Have four

We’re gonna do 30s there Cover this one instead of doing it at Flat Road Or a medium we’re gonna do medium heavy Tension So flat Medium heavy Right in the middle all right medium Heavy [Music] So what does that look like for you Add that tension Medium Medium heavy stand it up We’re gonna take off [Music] So We are Going to drop in our saddle pick up our Speed Hi [Music] Let’s go Medium heavy relax back grip here’s Number one Number one [Music] All right 64 65 [Music] We made it harder so we’re going to drop In that saddle Pick up our speed I need to get it over Like 70 75 Three two let’s go let’s go relax those

Shoulders medium heavy tension medium Happy tension [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Let’s go You’re about to pick up here 75-85 [Music] Three Two Slow it down Number four Hit hit hit hit hit Two more 10 seconds Can you go a little faster this time Five Three Two Let’s go Can you go faster relax those shoulders Can you go a couple of RPMs faster than You did before Come on halfway halfway where’s your Legs work those legs Five Three two [Music] [Music] You want 10 seconds Nice job

Don’t touch your mouth by the way we’re Only adding so We did five Relax we did four medium heavy we’ll do Three of these three 40 on only 20 seconds to recover Heavy tension We’re doing heavy tension okay Same thing recovery will be standing try To hold the beat Drop in the saddle for the pickup 20 Seconds is your recovery 40 seconds of Work So let’s go heavy go have you grab water Whenever you need water whenever you Need water you grab some water We’re getting ready here we got about 30 Seconds before we go Three totals Do it [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] 65 to 75 RPM is a good range on this If you can get over 70 you’re working 10 seconds We only have three Two Stand it up On beat 20 seconds You can do it number two

[Music] Let’s go 65 75 Heavy tension so you can hold it over 70. We’re doing great [Music] You saw big muscles Push Pull Push Pull push it down Pull It Up come on One more top one Okay [Music] Last one last one [Music] Time [Music] Let’s go [Music] You’re moving You’re moving 20 seconds Ah 20 seconds taking it back up to a Flat faster Come on 10 seconds you got this I’m with you Five Three two Back off Flashlight [Music] Nice job all right get yourself back It’s at

85.95 relax your shoulders 85.95.95 [Music] This is it I love little push two minutes of work We’re gonna go back to that Medium heavy Tension 30 seconds on these 30 seconds run Ready Yes you are okay For you Stand it up find the beach That’s it weights on the heel of your Foot core is tight moves back relax your Grip hit hit We’re gonna run push it up over seven Here in five Stay on this level three two let’s go Over 70. we’re working we’re running on That Medium heavy tension Almost done team almost there 15 seconds Go down to a flat back to 100 RPM in the Saddle Five Three two Flat rows One hundred let’s go 100 RPM [Music] Thank you [Music] And slow it down team [Music] Nice job keep pedaling keep cuddling Rock it out

[Music] [Applause] Great effort today Look at us oh my gosh Great job everybody You did it you should be so proud of Yourself I’m very proud of you that was A tough workout so make sure you drink Plenty of water Hydrate and I cannot wait to see you Again in the next video Bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]