20 VIRAL Amazon Products You NEED In Your Life! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Lumineux Whitening Strips (21-pack):
Lumineux Strips + Toothpaste Bundle:
Lumineux Mouthwash:
Lumineux Electric Toothbrush:
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2. V Neck Top(S):
3. CRZ Biker Shorts(S):
CRZ Yoga Tank Top:
CRZ Yoga Leggings:
4. “Linen” Pants(S):
5. Vitamin C Serum:

6. BK Beauty Foundation Brush:
BK Beauty Concealer Brush:
7. Loreal Telescopic Lift Mascara:
8. Hussell Hair Serum:
9. Hair Finishing Stick:
10. Scalp Massager:

11. Body Shimmer with Brush(Glistening Bronze):
12. Ingrown Hair Serum:
13. High Heel Protectors:
14. Portable Turbo Fan:
15. Indoor Bug Trap Light:

16. Electric Fly Swatter:
17. Stand-Up Weed Puller:
18. Stretchy Bowl Covers:
19. LG Portable TV:
20. Phone Stand Holder:

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These Amazon items are viral for a Reason they're really good so as always I order a bunch of things that are very Best selling and popping off and growing A popularity I figure out what I think Is actually worth it so as always I will Have everything linked Down Below in the Description box and I will pin Everything in the comment section but First we have lumino so this is no Surprise I mean I love this brand but They are incredibly viral on Amazon Because they have the number one Best-selling whitening strips on of Amazon and they're just very different Than every other brand out there because They actually do not use peroxide which Peroxide can be good for Whitening but It comes with a lot of pain and Sensitivity let me just insert a photo Study here of what your enamel actually Looks like after you use a whitening Strip with peroxide your enamel is Actually temporarily damaged which is Again what causes that pain and Sensitivity and then the other side is What your enamel looks like after using Lumino it's strong it's smooth it's Healthy these whitening strips actually Use use dead sea salt uh coconut and Lemon peel oil just really healthy Ingredients that actually whiten your Teeth so it's really simple to use these You just take out a pack um it comes

With an upper and lower whitening strip You apply it to your teeth leave it on For 30 minutes and then you can remove It brush your teeth but you'll see Results after seven well you'll start to See results pretty quickly but like full Results after 7 days I mean it'll be a Pretty big difference in only 7 days and Then I really do like the 21 pack just So you can kind of maintain it moving Forward and then if you want to try Anything else I also really stand behind Their whitening toothpaste and their Mouthwash uh and again i' I mean I've Said this in other videos but I've had Insane Dental trauma like i' I've gone Through a lot I never recommend Dental Products because most things I would Never use in my my own mouth I'm very Very very picky but the toothpaste the Mouthwash it doesn't mess up your oral Microbiome it doesn't get rid of the Good bacteria so this has Xylitol aloe Vera essential oils again a lot of those Same ingredients in the whitening strips That will work to whiten your teeth and Maintain that so I have teamed up with Them for this video they gave me a promo Code of 15% off promo code I will put it Here on the screen I will have them Linked down below But be sure to use That promo code on Amazon to save 15% And if there's any other discounts or Promos happening or coupons happening on

The product pages on Amazon you can Actually stack and combine it with my Code moving along to some clothing Pieces that are really viral right now I Mean I did not plan on matching lumino I I literally just ordered this and I love This shirt so I understand the hype it's Just cut in such a beautiful way it's Kind of like a bootier top the neckline Is so pretty if you had a lot of Cleavage going like you maybe you'd be Showing it a bit um which could be good Or bad but for me it's like perfect it Comes in tons of colors this pretty uh Teal color for summer I'm just loving um But there's so many other options I got A small I will have my sizing details For the clothing pieces listed down Below bes inside each item next we have The CRZ yoga biker shorts which I think Are just blowing up probably because of Summer but this brand in General on Amazon guys I cannot recommend enough so Good identical to the Lululemon align Brand okay like these are the same so I Love the biker short options they come In different lengths tons of colors uh But also consider the leggings the tank Tops lots of styles just they're Beautiful but the quality is so so Impressive next we have these linen Pants that are just so popular right now And every time I talk about these linen Pants I put that in quotations because

They're not really linen but I like this Better because the price is better and They don't wrinkle nearly as much but They look like they're linen um they're Just beautiful for summer I'm saying This about every single item but truly So many colors but I did get this pretty Blue color but if you want something More neutral and just more classic of Course they've got the Light Beige shade You could get something fun but they are Really cool as in like cooling they're Great for the hot temperatures um They're kind of dressy but you could Also wear them casual they're just such A good piece to have in your closet Moving along to a few Beauty items that I think are really worth it uh this is The honest brand vitamin C serum which Again I don't even recommend that much Skinc care because I feel like a lot of It is unnecessary a lot of it can be Toxic but I do think vitamin C can be a Really good thing to apply to your skin If you have some pigmentation because Vitamin C really does work to get rid of That pigmentation it just helps to even Out your skin tone and really brighten It like it I mean it really does work And this particular brand does not have All of the other like stupid stuff with Like toxic ingredients added to it it Smells amazing I mean a lot of vitamin C Serums do smell amazing because it is

Vitamin C and citrusy but this just is a Clean healthy brand and I feel like it Is perfect for summer because this is The time where we do start to see some Pigmentation from the Sun but I'm not Against the sun I'm just going to throw That in there now this is freaking viral Over on Tik Tok okay like oh my goodness It is the BK beauty 101 foundation brush And I just want to say I knew about this Brush long before it was viral on Tik Tok I've had this for years I actually Kind of know the owner Lisa she's a Fellow YouTuber she's super super nice We used to chat here and there but this Foundation brush is next level I am not Just saying that like her whole line is Just really high quality but this Particular brush again I understand the Hype it it is just super soft bristles I Love the angle of it I think that's what Makes it different than every other Foundation brush out there it just makes Applying foundation a breeze it Blends Everything seamlessly I also love using It as uh a brush for applying bronzer or Even blush it's just like you just tap Tap tap tap looks amazing I will also Link her concealer brush I I talked About that in a video like a month ago So good as well um it also it's smaller But also is kind of angled so I'll link Both under this number speaking of Makeup I thought I would also recommend

This L'Oreal telescopic lift mascara so It is more of like a drugstore or more Affordable brand which is fine it's just A lot of times I do not like mascara That is drugstore I'm so sorry I don't Know what's wrong with me I really do Like the high-end stuff I feel like I Can tell a big difference so my like Gucci is my favorite I love the Gucci Mascara but this comes pretty darn close To it and I think it's just because of The applicator it is kind of like the Silicone it's just very similar to the Gucci one that I just Rave about all the Time but that is so expensive this is Not so if you want a very similar Lifting effect try this I am so excited About this next product guys I love it And know I have seen this just go viral For the last few months but I've just Skipped over it because it says hair Vitamin and Lord knows I don't need any More vitamins I mean I take a plethora Of supplements I love my supplements but Then I realiz this is not a hair vitamin It's just cute packaging so basically What you do and I've only used this like Twice but I love it already so it's like These capsules here that you you twist And you break open and you squeeze the Serum into your hand or onto your hand And you apply it directly to like Freshly showered damp hair and then you Just style it as usual you can blow dry

Your hair let it air dry whatever oh my Gosh it adds so much shine like can you Tell I feel like my hair just looks so Shiny shiny not greasy uh and it's just Really healthy for your hair it's like a Treatment but also you enjoy like the Benefits of having just super shiny hair So it has Moroccan oil macadamia oil Avocado oil a lot of vitamins like AC B5 It really just good for your hair but it Makes it look so nice these next few Items also involving hair wouldn't say They're for everyone though but I do Think they're really good for certain People so this is called best it's a Hair finishing comb and so you take it Off and you just twist the top left or Right if you want to have it on or off But there is a comb at the top and you Squeeze it and the thing is in this B-roll or this footage I'm like Squeezing too much out but I just wanted To show you that this product comes up Through the comb and then you take the Comb and you can fix any FlyAway so if You hair have your hair up in a ponytail All the time and you don't like how all Your hair kind of like falls down on the Back you just brush this through and it Just fixes again all the flyaways and The the messy pieces you could also use This along the side of your hair the top Of your hair it just lays everything Down it Combs it all out in this v- I

Use way too freaking much but it does it Does really work if you love a good scal Massage this bad boy is freaking cool I Had low hopes for this I thought this Was gimmicky and again I'm not saying Like Everyone needs it but like it's really Nice if you just want a good real scalp Massage maybe you have dandruff maybe You want to apply serums into your scalp And just really get it going um if you Just want to kind of exfoliate and get Uh the blood flow and circulation going This is amazing you just charge it up There's different levels to it go over All your head and it's it's it's very Nice now this is a body luminizer and I Have recommended something similar to This in the past but this is the one That is super viral that everyone's Loving and buying and it also comes with An application brush so that is an added Bonus but this is just stunning on the Skin especially in the summertime Because it creates such a beautiful glow Sheen like a healthy Sheen to your skin It reflects off the sun in such a nice Way you can obviously wear it when You're wearing just a tank top or a top Where you do maybe see your neckline or Your shoulders it's also great when you Put on a swimsuit I did get the shade Bronze which I think is great for summer There's also gold rose gold there's like

A platinum one there's like a pinky one It's not like super glittery on the skin It's just a really pretty glowy Sheen Now I wanted to talk about this next Just because we were talking about Summer and maybe wearing a swimsuit cute Because this actually targets ingrown Hairs and reducing bumps and razor burn And again ingrown hairs it's by the Brand topicals um they are now on Amazon Such a bestseller so viral especially This time of year you rub it on the Affected area it could be your bikini Line it could be your underarms it has Salicylic acid glycolic acid niacinamide Zinc PCA like a lot of things that Really reduce the occurrence of ingrown Hairs and then the razor bumps and and And just the redness and whatnot really The reviews guys like read the reviews If you suffer from that this is just Like a roller ball and you apply it and I really think it could help a lot of People out there so these I've actually Wanted to recommend for quite some time I just felt like it wasn't the right Time of year these are actually for your High heels and I feel like the summer is The only time where these like truly Come into play because you're maybe Going to weddings or things outside Where you want to dress up and wear Heels but then you're like in grass and Weird terrain and you're like sinking

Into the grass ruining your things are Muddy it's happened to me countless Times everyone every woman I think needs This in their closet I got the pack Where it comes with black and clear Options so all you do is stick this to The bottom of your heel and it protects The heel but also gives it a little bit More of a wide stance so it's easier to Walk in unstable ground and grass and Mud and all of that you wouldn't use This every single time it's it's more It's more for the summer months this Portable fan this turbo portable fan Blew me away literally figuratively okay Yes I made that pun because this has Five levels this is so much better than Any other portable fan of ever purchased By level like two or three you're like Oh this is the max that's going to go no You still have level four and five and You're just like it's I feel like the Footage is not doing it justice this is A really really good one you just charge It so again if you are out and about Maybe you're on vacation or whatever Going somewhere kind of hot put this in Your purse you could keep this at home You can even keep this at your vanity if You are putting skinc Care on or primer And you want to dry faster it comes in Different colors but like this is really Powerful compared to everything else out There I have talked about the indoor

Light bug trap last year but people are Talking like it's a new discovery this Year no I talked about this last year You need to get it it's fly season There's flies there's fruit flies bugs Are getting into your house get this you Plug it into anywhere uh you want I like To do it in my kitchen at night there's No other light source except for this Purple light and all the bugs fly to it They get stuck on the back and you will Be shocked at what you find when you Finally get the courage to flip that Thing around I mean it traps and catches All the bugs this has been a Life-changing product for me uh you can Replace the sticky back in the future But I'm telling you one of the best Purchases ever now this is another viral Bug killing necessity and I'm sure There's people watching so oh just scoop Up the bug and put it Outside no no I like my electric bugs Water um so you just turn it on uh so The purple light the purple light means It's on and then you just zap you just Zap and I love how this one you can Actually push it outward and make no This way and then you can do it on the Wall you can do it on the wall this one Also comes with an extender so say There's a spider at the top of the Ceiling cuz that's happened to me you Just take this

Zap zap next we have this standup weed Pulling device which I meant to bring it Up here but it's currently in our garage Uh so so viral all over my Instagram I Mean like so many reals are out there Demonstrating this and Lord knows we Have a lot of weeds in our grass because We don't really use any treatment on our Grass so really it's a lost cause but This thing uh works really well you just Stick it in the center of any weed and Then you kind of like push down on a Little lever thing and then pull at an Angle and it just lifts up the entire Weed roots in all in like 4 seconds and I also love that it is like a long tool So you're not bending over hunched over You can just do it standing up and just Go through your yard and clean it all up So let me explain what these are because This is all I am using moving forward I'm so glad I ordered these they are not In fact shower caps they look like Shower caps no they are cloth fabric Stretchy Bowl Lids so they basically Replace Saran Wrap or plastic wrap which Has tons of forever chemicals every time I bust that stuff out I'm like annoyed At myself because it's not good to put On food this is so much better uh you Just stretch it over any Bowl you could Use it for leftovers to go back in your Fridge you could use it when you're Taking a dish to a party I got just like

A nice little colorful set but they have Ones with really cute patterns I'll fly Some options here on the screen so There's a lot to choose from again Everything comes in like tons of sizes Like a lovely little assortment and you Can just wash and reuse them forgive me This next item is the only thing in the Video that I did not personally order And test out I just think it is so cool I just don't need it but it's so viral I See it everywhere and I've been wanting To put it in a video for the last last Year it is the viral LG portable TV so It has a built-in battery that you Charge meaning you don't have to plug it In and you can move it to whatever room In your house you want you could be Laying in the bath pull this up turn on Netflix watch a movie in the bathtub Then you could move it to the toy room And have your kids watch a movie while You're working then you could take it Outside in the night time maybe the the Outside pad you have a fire going watch Some movies watch some sports it has a Built-in battery that you charge and Then you can just move it around but Speaking of screens and stands and Holders this phone mount is incredibly Versatile it's great for travel but it Would also be great to use this around Your home you can pretty much just put Your phone anywhere so you just open it

Up and then there's this lever here that You can use to attach it to a desk or Table anywhere um you could also hang it From somewhere it'd be great to travel Because it is so small and compact you Could actually attach it to the tray Table in front of you or hang it from The seat back I mean there's a lot of Ways you can use this but that's the Video guys don't forget about lumino and That 15% % off promo code you can use on Amazon I'll put it here on the screen if You're going to try anything at all I Really recommend the whitening strips But I'll have everything else link down Below as well and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye