21 Amazon Items That Make Your Home LOOK EXPENSIVE! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Big Round Wood Tray:
2. Made for Living Book:
Live Beautiful Book:
Mountain House Book:
Cabin Style Book:
3. Amber Candle:
4. Marble Chess Set:
5. Ceramic Lamp:

6. Ceramic Sculptures:
7. Abstract Sculpture:
8. Pottery Barn-Inspired Vase:
9. Dried Bunny Tail Springs:
10. Hermes Inspired Pillow Case:
Hermes Inspired Blankets:

11. Bubble Texture Blanket:
12. Marble Light:
13. Bedside Carafe:
14. Wood Serving Tray:
15. Gold Spoons:
Vintage Glass Coffee Mugs:

16. Textured Glass Vase:
17. Trinket Dish:
18. Marble Stone Jewelry Tray:
19. Cedar Wood Sculpture:
20. Deep Wood Bowl:
21. White Towels:

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Today I'm sharing Amazon home decor that Is definitely designer inspired and Really just items that will make your Home look more expensive more elevated More stylish I really think these items Are very versatile and I will teach you Ways that you'll easily be able to Incorporate them into your own home so Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section but First we have this big round wooden tray Now throughout the video we are going to Focus on natural finishes like wood Different Stones marble anytime you Bring natural touches in I do feel like It looks more expensive but another Trick is to Simply contain Decor that's All you got to do it's like the simplest Little trick you you get a tray it could Be round Square rectangle whatever shape And then lay things inside the tray and Suddenly you've got this like very Stylish space it's like such an easy Trick so I love this we just put it on Our ottoman but you could put it on a Coffee table that's really good if you Have a table somewhere I feel like an Ottoman or a coffee table is definitely The easiest though you can even put it On your bed these Decor books are next And I just love the aesthetic of them I Love the tones and the coloring of them This one is made for living this one

Says live beautiful and they just look Beautiful in a tray on a shelf like They're just really really nice I'm also Going to link these books that I got for My cabin if you have more of a rustic Type of home consider these mountain and Cabin uh coffee table books all of these Books are really really well priced and Inside of them I mean everything's color Photos and they give you a lot of Inspiration so if people do pick them up Off a coffee table and actually flip Through them it's really really nice Inside but if I'm being totally honest I Purely use them for decor and then Sometimes it's good to actually add one Decor piece on top of your coffee table Book sometimes it works with with Nothing and then other times it's good To just add one thing on top and it ties The whole thing together so this is Actually a Moroccan Amber candle and it Is a natural soy wax candle this is from Amazon it's a really good price I mean It does smell good but I really don't Ever burn candles so I purely got it for Decor purposes just because this is such A pretty accent um the color is nice the Texture is really nice it just really Elevates the space next I wanted to Share this marble chest set now I would Hold it up for you but it is solid Marble and it's pretty heavy and I just Wanted to I guess recommend some decor

Items that not everybody's talking about I want to kind of think outside of the Box do I know how to play chess no I do Not but will it make my home look more Expensive and smart yes it will so That's what you guys can do so again This is a great Decor piece to again add To a coffee table to an ottoman or a Table somewhere even if you just have Kind of like an accent table somewhere Adding a chest set is really going to Bring up the space and this is such a Beautiful one it really is high quality But it's just really pretty and it looks Great next I want to talk about ceramic Because that is another material that Just looks more expensive than it really Is and so let's start with this ceramic Lamp that I recently got and I just I Love I love the lamp like it's really Nice but if you take a look around your Own home and you're feeling like your Space is a little bit outdated but you Don't want to do a crazy makeover just Update your lamps that alone will make a Huge difference so back to this one Though I love how the base is IC I love The texture of it there are other colors You can get but it looks like an Expensive lamp and it's it's really not But beside it I actually paired these uh Sculptures which I know this is not Everyone's cup of tea but these are Great to consider if you do have more of

A light and bright type of home it kind Of looks like these are out of a museum And sometimes sculptures are just really Nice to get when you don't know what to Put on a shelf you can just add Something like this and it takes the Guest work out so I will link these I Will also link this which is more of Like an abstract sculpture this would be Something for a home that's maybe more Wooden and more warm toned than these But it's just I don't know it's just Different it's kind of eye-catching it's Not overpowering and you can just sit it On a shelf or somewhere where you feel Like something is missing and then this Is another ceramic vase from Amazon that Just kind of looks like Pottery Barn um I love the coloring of it I love the Texture on it it's so easy to style I Feel like it would look great in so many Different areas of my house but I did Decide to add these dried sprigs which I Can link this next because I did get These from Amazon years ago and I still Have used them in various vases and Vases throughout the years they just Look great and it's again bringing in a Natural element to your home which is in My opinion these look a lot better than Some of the bad fake Greenery out there Don't get me wrong some of that's coming Later on in the video but to me these Always look great they're real they're

Natural you don't have to water them you Don't have to worry about them now this Really is designer inspired this is an Ares inspired pillow case if this was a Real Ares pillow it would be thousands And thousands and thousands of dollars Um but this is from Amazon such a good Price I love the color that I picked It's just like a classic camel color you Do need to add your own pillow inside It's very simple and it can be a great Accent to a couch or an accent chair or Even your bed under the same number I Will link the Ares inspired blankets That are out there on Amazon if if That's uh something you might be Interested in a lot of people love those And they'll like spread them out on Their couch or wherever and again it Just it looks expensive but speaking of Blankets I'm going to link this one next Because this is more quiet luxury it's Not going to scream designer Ares Chanel Like in your face but it is so Inexpensive from Amazon and it's such a Good blanket on its own but then later On in the video you're going to see when You pair this with Decor it really ties Everything together effortlessly super Quick if if you're enjoying this video At all I would love for you to take 2 Seconds and subscribe down below all Right so next we have this marble light Which it comes in like a white marble

And a black marble and this is one of Those items where it does look expensive But it kind of is expensive it's like $129 but I splurged on it because I just Think it is so beautiful it actually Lights up from inside and there's Actually three settings there's one That's very warm one that's more neutral And one that is more I guess kind of a Mix of both both but it just gives such A beautiful Ambiance to your space in The evening and night time like during The day it Stills like a nice little Marble sculpture so it's going to look Good in daylight space as well but at Night it just takes everything to the Next level so you could put this in your Living room you could put it in your Bedroom and just turn it on and it just Lights up the space in such a beautiful Way now this bedside caraffe was such a Good find because it is very different And stylish but it also is functional Like it actually serves of purpose and You'll be able to use this all the time But it will make your bedroom just look A lot better I love just the way this Looks it is glass uh you fill this with Water keep it beside your bed like on Your nightstand and then when you're Thirsty you take off the top which is a Drinking glass you pour the water Directly into that you can drink it and Then you just put the top back on to

Keep the dust out or whatever and it Just looks so nice beside your bed next We have another wood serving tray but I Especially love this one because because I mean the price is really good but it Is again bringing in a more natural wood Element versus like the fake acrylic or Plastic ones that I often see out there Um you're going to see like this is so Easy to style so here is in my bedroom Again I am first laying that bubbled Texture blanket down put the tray on top And then you could add in some type of Vase I'm using that ceramic vase that I Really like I added that Amber candle And then you can actually put your Bedside remotes like if you have a TV in Your room it makes your bedroom look Expensive kind of high-end and designer But that actually leads me to the Kitchen you could also accent your Kitchen with a serving tray maybe a Coffee bar on your counter or even a Table but this time around I am Incorporating some vintage mugs I love These glass mugs so much if you simply Pair them with these gold spoons again So expensive look looking totally not I Love these gold spoons I do feel like The gold does just like take it up a Notch but I think they also come in Silver rose gold regular gold and maybe Even a titanium I think there's four Different coloring options but even

Adding that to your kitchen or even like The coffee bar spot it's just going to Look really nice moving along to this Glass vase which I decided to add to the Video because it is from Amazon and I Feel like it is just an extra nice one Uh because it is glass and it is Textured the whole way around um the Shape and just the design of it is a Little bit different but the coloring Especially is just so beautiful no Matter what color palette your home is This could easily be incorporated into It now you could add some Greenery like I did which I'm not even saying this Greenery looks that great maybe you have Stuff that's better or maybe you want to Actually add real flowers the thing is Though a lot of us have too many vases Or vases already because we get scent Flowers and then we keep the ugly vases That they come in they're all just bad Usually but this one is so nice and I Actually love putting a little trinket Dish right beside it um so this is also From Amazon I will link this next it's Very small it is a real Stone dish you Could throw in your your car keys if you Keep this in an entryway or something Like that but this is also just great For your jewelry you could keep this on Your vanity you can keep it in your Bathroom put your rings your necklaces Or your earrings on this you can even

Keep it beside the sink if you do dishes And want to take off your jewelry if you Want something even bigger and maybe Even better this marble jewelry dish is Stunning this one comes in probably five Different colors I went with this Beautiful chocolate brown marble and This is substantial like this feels Really expensive I love it so much so You can fit obviously more jewelry on This um you could probably use it for Other things maybe even your kitchen as Well but I like it for jewelry okay We're back to sculptures now again Sculptures I feel like are just a little Bit different than your typical vase or Candle I mean those can be great but if You find a good sculpture you should get It so this is a cedar wood sculpture That looks very very different but again Bringing in those natural elements I Actually keep it in one of the bathrooms At our cabin and every time I walk in There my eyes just beine to to that Sculpture um and again you can get it on Amazon it would look good in so many Different rooms in your home it doesn't Have to be a bathroom it could be a Living room an entryway your bedroom I Love it just because it is different now Bowls as in deep bowls can be another Decor piece that is pretty easy to style And Spruce up your your home this one Again is wood and I actually didn't even

Probably do this in the best way I again Put that blanket down then I put that Big wooden tray put this on top I added A faux hydrangea plant right in this and It almost looks like a potted little Plant like it looked so nice like I did Like that or what I really Envision with This I just don't personally have it is Adding those like Uh Decor balls you know what I mean and Then maybe those like wooden beads that Would just like kind of come out of it I'll insert a photo to show you exactly What I'm talking about it would be so Easy to do this and it would look so Nice on a coffee table like in the Center of a coffee table so I love this Um but let's move on to uh white towels I know that sounds stupid but simply Getting white towels that maybe you Won't even use is a really easy way to Make your bathroom look more expensive All you have to do is actually roll them Up up and you could put them on a shelf You could put them in a basket in the Corner if you feel like something's Missing and it's going to elevate your Bathroom and make it look kind of like a Spa like like like a bathroom you Actually want to be in so I will link Some inexpensive but very plush looking Bath towels from Amazon under this Number but that's the entire video guys Again everything will be linked in the

Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen but I really hope you found This kind of inspirational and enjoyable Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye