25 “MOST-WISHED FOR” Items by Amazon Customers! Everything is linked below & in the comments!!
1. Crochet Top (XS):
2. Oversized Colorful Tees (S):
3. Jumpsuit/Overalls (XS):
4. Floral Dress (0-2):
5. Sleeveless Blazer Set (S):

6. Lulu-Inspired Shorts (S):
7. “Linen” Pants (S):
8. Versace-Inspired Earrings:
9. Eternity Ring:
10. Stackable Ring Set:

11. Cross Necklace:
12. Gold Ankle Bracelet:
13. Silver Ankle Bracelet:
14. Travel Jewelry Bags:
15. Extra-Wide Hair Band:

16. Eye Masks:
17. Elf Soft Glam Foundation (medium natural):
18. Japanese Foundation (23N Sand):
19. Disposable Face Towels:
20. Microfiber Towel Set:

21. Tap Secret Dry Shampoo:
22. Nail Ridge Filler:
23. Bogg Bag:
24. Bogg Bag Insert:
25. Woven Bag & Pouch:

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So here are 25 of the most wished for Items from Amazon as in when people are Shopping on Amazon they will add items To their wish list to hopefully Buy in The future so I went through tons of Categories I ordered a bunch of things I Tested them out tried them out Everything in this video I think is Really good I think it's really worth it If you're drawn to it so as always I Will have everything linked Down Below In the description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section I'm Going to start with clothes and fashion We're just going to jump to what I'm Wearing because I love it so so much I Love it a lot more than I was expecting It's this crocheted sweater I don't know What I was expecting but once you put it On it just looks so nice because you can Kind of see through it it's great for Summer and like hot temperatures because It is so Cooling and Airy but you just Pick whatever tank top you want to wear I'm just wearing a basic white tank top I threw this on over top and it looks so Nice it looks great with jeans it looks Good with denim shorts it could even be Good for vacation if you want to put it Over top a swimsuit and then as always It comes in like a bajillion colors I Just went with beige but I will also Have my sizing details listed down below So I feel like I've become the queen of

Oversized basic t-shirts it's just like All I want to wear and so when I saw These were all over people's wish lists I ordered them in multiple colors it was For research purposes guys I mean we'll Just use that as an excuse but really I Did actually want to see what the Different color combos looked like Probably didn't need three but they're Really fun there's so many different Color combos to choose from and they Definitely are free people inspired so There's like a very very similar one buy Free people like quadruple the price This is much better the price is so good On these and they are meant to be Oversized so keep that in mind what You're seeing here these are all size Small but I love them you just throw Them on and and again they're they're Like stylish but they're cool they're a Little bit different with the combo like The color combos definitely definitely Recommend now this next piece is no Surprise that it's on like everyone's Wish list it's everyone's summer uniform It is this long I don't even know what You call it kind of like overalls but That's not right jumpsuit romper pants Set I mean again you just throw on a Tank top or a t-shirt slip this on over Top and you have an instant summer Outfit it is unbelievably comfortable I Really really really recommend that

Everyone gives this a try um this is Actually kind of like a better version Than the one I got last year the Material is a little bit thicker on this One it is a squared neckline which I Feel like elevates it a little bit there Are Pockets the the pants are a little Bit flowier it just this just seems a Little bit nicer than the one I got last Year I still love both and I got this in Black but there's actually Some solid Colors like other solid colors and Patterns for this one a lot of the Patterns I don't like but there are a Few floral patterns I do like so just Keep that in mind um and if you haven't Tried something like this I'm telling You you really need to now this is an Actual floral dress and I'm going to Make a big statement here this is one of The best dresses I've found on Amazon in The last few years and I'm serious Because this is such a customizable Dress and there's a lot of details to it That really make it fit you perfectly First of all there there's a full-blown Corset in the back a lot of Amazon Dresses skip that part because it is a Lot more expensive to make but this Allows you to really cinch your waist And there's an actual bodice kind of Like built into this so that when you Cinch it like it really makes your waist Look perfect it's amazing these straps

Are adjustable so that everything will Fit you well there's like a built-in Like bralet thing here so you don't have To wear a bra with it I love the slit up The leg it's it's kind of like a sexy Feminine Vibe but nothing crazy it's not Like all the way up your leg or anything So it's totally wearable I love the Pattern of it I mean there's other Colors but it's an actual like really Nice Floral Pattern it's just it's a Great dress so I understand why Everyone's wishing for it so I've been Seeing this sleeveless Blazer and short Set kind of around basically I'm just Seeing really stylish women wear this And so if you want to be that you should Get this because it's a lot easier to Pull off than you think you just put it Together um and it looks so Chic it Looks kind of like business business Elevated but kind of also casual it just Stylish I don't know I really really Like it I wasn't sure if this was right Or not but I only buttoned the top I Left the UN I think you're supposed to Do that with blazers there are act Actual like pockets on the side it's Just like a really nice uh like summer Elevated outfit now on the complete Opposite end of the spectrum apparently These are the number one most wished for Athletic shorts uh on Amazon so I Ordered them and they're really nice

They're very very nice they are Lululemon inspired I mean they're Identical basically so uh yeah you can See kind of like that Accent on the butt That is like the Lululemon kind um so They're flattering but they also have This zipper in the back that you can Stick your phone or your keys or Whatever if you're on a run or you're on A hike or you just want to be handsfree So that's nice there's also a little Pocket in the front as well but they are Very comfortable they're breathable They're cooling they're like a much Better price than the Lululemon version This is the last clothing piece and they Are my beloved linen pants yes Linen in Quotation because they're not really Linen but that's okay because they don't Wrinkle nearly as much and I just think They're great pants so I understand why Everyone wants them this is the color That I've put in previous videos this Really nice blue color but I got it in Green now uh because I'm just always Wearing these pants and if you want to Get them in the classic beige color I Feel like everyone wants them in this That's fine too I just feel like I have Already have pants in this color but They're they're great there's tons of Colors they're so stretchy and forgiving At the waistline like they just stretch To fit you they're forgiving as far as

Whatever size you pick like it's they're Great they're flowy you can wear them With Flats you can wear them with heels You can dress them up you can wear them Casually I could go on and on if you Don't have these Pants you should have these pants now We're going to move on to some jewelry And dare I say I feel like I have the Best jewelry I have ever shared from Amazon in this video which is again Crazy like these are really good items Like I need to shop the most wished for List more often these Huggy Hoops Phenomenal they are so nice they they're Very Versace inspir like they look very Designer but the price is great I've Been wearing them every day for the last Week they're very detailed they like Again they look expensive they look Designer but they're not overpowering Either and then we have a couple rings We'll start with the one I've just been Wearing non-stop since I got it last Week it is this stackable ring set I got It in like this blue navy color it does Come in a few other Shades but it it's Actually two rings you stack together it Looks amazing on my pointer finger Beside my other rings and my other Bracelets like it just cohesively really Goes it's a very very nice accent and I Do just want to say before I move on I Have a freaking mosquito bite on my dang

Finger okay I never share rings I never Share rings and then the one day I Decide to film some rings I have like a Gigantic lump on my finger so I just Wanted to point that out but let's move On to the next ring which is the number One bestselling ring on all of Amazon Actually and it's this diamond eternity Band it's obviously not real diamonds But they are oval shaped diamonds and I Think that's what sets it apart makes it Look a little bit different but I also Got it for my ring finger and it again Looks really nice you can get it in Yellow gold silver or I think rose gold You could wear it on your pointer your Middle finger even a ring finger you Could experiment with it as like a Wedding band if you maybe wanted to Upgrade to something different in the Future but it's really nice and then we Have this stunning gold cross necklace It's so beautiful again I feel like it's Just not picking up how pretty and Sparkly it is in person but this is by The brand pooy which I think they're the Best brand of jewelry on Amazon a lot of Their pieces are goldplated they're very Affordable like 12 1314 and as long as You don't get them wet or wear them in The shower they're going to last a long Time but they're starting to release Pieces that are verile which is what This is you can still get this

Goldplated it's still going to be like Really really affordable but this was $30 I kind of splurged I went I paid a Little extra to get it in verile which Is very heavily coated 14 karat gold Meaning it's going to last years without You having to worry about it tarnishing So to me it's worth it this is so so Pretty it's dainty but it's it's just Like a necklace you can wear every Single day and it's going to look great Okay moving along to some ankle Bracelets now this is the perfect time To buy an ankle bracelet if you don't Have one already because obviously it is Summer you're wearing shorts sandals and They're just such a beautiful accent to Your ankle and you can wear them with Anything um and so I have two here that Are so well-loved everyone wants them Really good reviews but I am going to Link them under separate numbers just Because they are very different so up First is the one I love the most and This is the one I keep wearing um but it Is this yellow gold very dainty gemstone Ankle bracelet this is very subtle it's Not like in your face or anything not Like the other one is but it's just a Very subtle beautiful flattering detail To your ankle it's going to look great With anything you wear very very Comfortable as well now this one is more For the silver people out there um but

It is like a double bracelet so it is Connected Al together so you only clasp It once but it is kind of like a dual Ankle bracelet and it is silver but it Is so sparkly that's the thing guys like Again with this clip it's just not Picking up how sparkly it is and that's What all the reviews say like everyone Loves it because it just catches the Light so well so if you are more of a Silver person you should consider this One now this is a fun find I did not Know these existed um but I ordered them And they are for jewelry they are little Individual travel pouches for your Jewelry so there's a lot you can do with This obviously if you're going on Vacation each um necklace bracelet Earring set whatever can have its own Little pouch so nothing gets Tangled or If you want to take something and throw It in your purse you could do that um This comes I think with like 12 maybe 10 I don't know uh but there's different Colors um everything is really soft and Like velvety material the zippers are Really smooth and nice but it's just Like a nice little um way to travel with Jewelry compared comped to all of those Other like huge jewelry organizers now We're moving into the beauty section um I'm going to start with this huge extra Wide headband that I've already shared But it is such a big wish list item and

Maybe I contributed to that because I Feel like I shared this a while back and Like people went crazy for it it is so Nice like and I can't like there's so Many reasons why it's so nice you just Slip it on your head and it's like a Great headband for washing your face It's a great headband for doing your Makeup it keeps like all of your hair Out of your face you can even use it as A a shower cap if you just want to like Stick the rest of your hair in at the Top everyone loves it and wants it and I Just thought I would share if you missed My last video now I have shared some eye Masks in the past I have a LoveHate Relationship with ey masks I've ordered So many different brands over the last Few years and a lot of them just suck Like they're just stupid they don't do Anything they slide off your face They're a waste of money and then There's other ones I have ordered and I Think they actually make a difference And so I decided to order these because This is all the rage right now this is By the brand Grace and Stella and I Think they're known for their sea moss Being in these masks and sea moss is Really good at like brightening up your Skin um making your under eyes not as Dull so these are blue which it doesn't Really matter if they're blue but it has Ni acetamide sea moss hyaluronic acid

And when I put them on my face I like to Do them in the morning leave them on for Like 10 15 20 minutes you peel them off And I really think my under eyes look Smoother and brighter next we're going To talk about foundations very very Different this is like the number one Foundation in the US right now and this Is the number one foundation in Japan so We're going to start with the e.l.f soft Glam Foundation this is $8 $8 and it Blew me away it's the best affordable Foundation I have ever tried in my Entire life it completely shocked me I'm Usually so picky I will buy the Expensive stuff because I can tell that It's better but this had low hopes it's The best if you want to try a new Foundation it's eight bucks it it can't Hurt there's so many colors I'm wearing In medium neutral it's definitely a Medium buildable coverage it is a liquid Foundation I think it's really good for Oily skin I think it's also totally fine For dry skin it's very kind of Comparable to my it cosmetic CC cream I Think that's why I like it so much maybe Not quite as full coverage but kind of Close now if you want full coverage okay This is the it's tur no T tur yeah it's Like the number one best-selling Foundation in Japan there's there's a Lot of Brands out there that are trying To like replicate this and reproduce

This it's like a cushion foundation so This footage you're seeing is the first Time I ever opened it I really didn't Even know what to expect you like peel It open then there's like a puff it Comes with and you press it down like Onto the cushion and then the foundation Goes onto the cushion and this is me Like swiping it on my hand and at first I was like oh my gosh this is way too Light for me on my hand it was but then When I tried it for the first time on my Face it actually ended up being a a Pretty good shade but it is very full Coverage so what I would recommend is Use the puff that it comes with put it All over your face and then I took like An actual foundation brush and I swirled It around and blended it together and it Is a really good longlasting Solid like full coverage Foundation like You put it on your skin and you're going To look Fab for like the next 24 hours Like it's one of those kind of Foundations but it it looks natural if I'm wearing it today I think it looks Really good and it's 25 bucks so it's Not like it's a crazy astronomical price Definitely love both so this next wish List item is something I've actually had For quite some time and I know I know a Lot of people love it and continually Repurchase them as soon as they're out Like they love them and they are these

Clean towels for your face so they are 100% biodegradable and compostable and Basically you kind of treat yourself by Getting a fresh face towel every single Day um so you would wash your face at The end of the day or in the morning and Then you get a fresh clean towel that is Completely bacteria-free and you can dry Your face with it and it's just better Especially for people that struggle with Acne when you reuse the towels there the Bacteria grows and whatnot and you're Kind of transferring it to your face I Don't really struggle with acne anymore But it's still like a really nice thing To do where I can grab this and you know I usually dry my face and then I move Over and I actually kind of like clean Up the sink and then I throw it away and Then the next day I can get another Clean fresh one now as far as actual Towels these microfiber waffle knit Towels are the number one most wished For towels um and so people love these When they get out of the shower I think Because of the texture and just the fact That they are microfiber they're very Absorbable um but then also they just Feel really nice on your skin they come In a really nice set so there's like a Full bath towel set there's a size that Is perfect for wrapping up your hair and I've been loving that because it really Does just suck up the moisture and then

There is like a washcloth size if you Want to take that into the bath or the Shower but I really think they are very Pretty looking I again I love the Texture of them and of course they come In several color options so because of People's wish list I discover discovered That this tap secret dry shampoo now Comes in a dark brown color which is Great because I really do like this dry Shampoo because it is a healthy dry Shampoo that is not in a big aerosol Spray can that you're just like filling Up the room with toxins and breathing it In like sometimes I do that but I really Did like this formula and this method But again it only came in white Originally and I felt like I could kind Of see a hue on my hair and now I don't At all just like the concept of this is Really really cool if you haven't seen It before so it has like this puff Attached to it and then if you unscrew That um you see the actual powder there And then all you do is take this and Just tap it on your your head and then Brush your hair and it's just it's like A really nice way to apply dry shampoo Now if you are a brunette like me and You feel like your hairline is kind of Looking a little bit thin you can Actually take this and apply it to your Hairline if if you wanted to try that um It does it it that definitely works but

The purpose of this is just a good Healthy dry shampoo now this is a ridge Filling nail strengthener so if you want Just really smooth glossy nails and you Feel like on your nail bed it's kind of Rippled or ridged you should try getting This you just paint it on and it just Fills in all of those ridges and lumps And just Smooths out your nails um has Amazing reviews so again I wanted to Throw it out there for those of you that You know might be interested okay now This is my bog bag so if you have a bog Bag they now make inserts that you you Can literally attach to the inside of Your bog bag but back to the if you Don't have one of these I think you can Now get them on Amazon they are so great They're great for vacations Beach trips Boating like anything at all it's so Sturdy um you can spill anything in There it's like a huge opening they're It's like heavy duty but lightweight at The same time I will link a bog bag Below if you're interested but if you Already have one and you want to get an Ins search these are great again didn't Even know these existed but they're on a Lot of people wish list they're clear You can get them in different colors but They have these like white Snappy screw Things that you can literally screw this Attachment into the bag so it doesn't Shift or move around which is really

Nice there's like zipper compartments And it's just I don't know like Sometimes you want to use a bog bag and Just have it being like a big open pit And then other times you do want to be More organized and so this gives you That option but as far as actual Everyday wearable bags or purses this is It and I already have it it's this woven Bag it comes in so many colors different Beiges and and Browns I have it in Black Obviously but it is such a good purse Guys like I feel like everyone should Get this if you like it because the drop Handle is the perfect length so it just Fits over your shoulder it also comes With a matching extra pouch which you Could use as a catch all or you could Use this as a makeup toiletry bag it's Just so nice and I just feel like you Know it looks expensive it it feels kind Of designer but it's totally not I I I'm Telling you whoever orders this when you Feel it you will know what I'm talking About I definitely understand this being You know on everyone's wish list but That's the video guys everything will be Linked Down Below in the description box It'll also be pinned in the comment Section please subscribe if you're new And I'll see you in my next video bye