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Three Fabrics that will completely Transform your style so now this is Great for summer and these Fabrics are Transitional from season to season I Want to give you some really cool quick Fun facts about each fabric I'm going Over today along with sharing some of my Favorite pieces that are in these Fabrics let's go ahead and get started With the first one which is cotton Poppin and what is poppin you may ask so I did some research I have my notes Here Flyn is a plain weave cotton fabric with A very fine horizontal ribs that result In a strong crisp fabric with a silky Lustrous surface the quality of cotton Poppin is similar to that of cotton but More finely woven it's also a very Strong and Rich fabric that's very Durable and lasts a very long time so it Makes the quality incredible it's long Lasting it's also a much heavier fabric You'll notice you can really tell if uh Cotton is woven this way um you'll Notice it being more crisp polished it's Heavier no notice it's way more opaque Feels a little bit stiffer and now in Descriptions online it will not say and I've never seen it come across this uh Poppin cotton once in a while I'll see That but usually you could tell by just Feeling the fabric just the way it's Woven so like this dress that I'm Wearing for example you could tell it's

More finely woven it's more crisp Polished very opaque and in general I Just love this Fabric cotton it's very Breathable I especially love organic Cotton cuz it's it's a lot softer it Holds its shape really well even like a Stiffer cotton like this really elevates Your style and makes it look very crisp And Polished especially for summer you Can also have this in Cotton shirts um This one blouse that I have from saon It's more finely woven so it results in A really crisp sleek and Polished look This dress that I've been raving about From abber cromi it's one of my favorite Dresses I've ever purchased it I Actually love it so much I have it in Two colors and you can tell the fabric Of this is just more finely woven and Just very very crisp sleek and Polished The stitching is done really well and This is just again a very durable fabric That will last you such a long time and Also look very luxurious next fabric That instantly elevates your summer Style is linen now fun fact about linen A lot of people complain about the itch Of linen lower quality linens are Actually scratchy and irritate the skin Because they are crafted from short Blackx fibers but linen is a very Wearable and flexible fabric that can be Sof soften and then you can reduce the Itch if you happen to get a lower

Quality linen I will actually link a Really cool uh blog post down below that I was reading through cuz I wanted to Soften some of my linen pieces cuz I Noticed they're pretty scratchy like the Linen pieces that I got actually pretty Cheap I noticed those are actually Scratchy and those typically result in Just a lower quality linen I'll link the Blog post down below that you can read Through and if that's in your case um There's some really good tips on how to Soften it linen is pretty expensive so Manufacturing linen is a laborous and Actually timec consuming process which I Was reading about linen is more costly Than cotton because the flax plant from Which linen originates demand special Care and attention during Harvest and Lacking elastic properties which is Harder to weave without the risk of Snapping threads now one of my favorite Sites to get high quality linen pieces At a decent price is quin share these a Bunch it's the 100% linen jumpsuit I Have this in two colors it's absolutely Wonderful stitched really well might I Just say uh very breathable very light But still very crisp sleek and Polished And it also just looks so flattering and Feels really nice and comfortable on the Skin and it has absolutely no itch to it Like again I mentioned my skin is very Sensitive to itchy things this has no

Itch into it and it's just absolutely Lovely especially for summer it just Makes it such a practical and wearable Fabric and the pricing for this was so Reasonable and then another one which Actually has been another top selling Item on my channel it's this 100% linen Tiered midi dress so stunning and Beautiful also not itchy at all it's Smocked in the bust so if you have a Fuller bust it works perfectly very Petite friendly the straps are not Adjustable but they're stretchy so if You're taller it'll just fit really well Too and I'm 5'1 for reference and it's Just again looks very high-end organic Luxurious feels so nice on the skin and Natural Fabrics like this are also in General just so much better for your Skin than synthetic Fabrics now I know Most clothing that's produced is made up Of synthetic fabrics it's almost Impossible to avoid I understand that But that's why I love Quint pieces Because they have Fabrics in linen Cotton 100% in organic wool cashmere for Uh fall and winter they're so good for Your skin and that just don't completely Blow your budget which is really nice so Not only are you getting something that Looks really high-end and is very long Lasting it's something that's much Better for your skin and now I know like I said you can't completely avoid

Synthetic fabrics pretty much impossible But if you're just intentional about the New things that you purchase and add Into your closet I think it's just such A good idea to keep in mind that's why I Just love shopping at places like Quin Next fabric that I think instantly Elevates your style is silk but I'm also Going to throw in satin because satin is A lookalike of silk completely different But it looks very similar to Silk Sometimes you could put the two side by Side and you couldn't even tell it's a Much more inexpensive option because I Know silk is probably the priciest Fabric out of all the three that I'm Talking about today want to throw satin In in there but explain the differences So I think we all know silk is a natural Fiber and it can be woven into a raw Textured cloth plain weaves sandw wash Finishes fine chiffons and so much more And satin is a weave which produces a Shine on the face of the fabric and can Be woven using any fiber such as cotton Linen and more and as a natural fiber Silk is typically more breathable than Satin uh which is made up of synthetic Materials because of the way silk is Made it is much more durable than satin This means that more care is needed when Handling satin the fibers are more Delicate than silk and then satin can Also be difficult to sew and work with

Because of its shiny slippery texture Personally I prefer silk over satin it Feels way better on the skin has a more Luxurious look in the end and very Durable when cared for properly but I Absolutely don't mind satin at all Sometimes I don't want to splurge on Like 100% silk pieces for various Reasons and I love that there are Options out there that have a look like Silk but for much less so really choose Just something that's in your budget and What your preference is personally I Have a mixture in my wardrobe and I'm Really happy with both keep in mind There's just some satin pieces that are Just legit garbage so you have to really Keep in mind and sometimes you'll pay a Little bit more uh even for a satin Piece that is done better so for example This aritzia dress Not Silk even though It looks like it I mean it's just Absolutely stunning I feel like if I put This dress next to a 100% silk dress It's kind of hard to tell like are they Both silk is one satin like it's just Really hard to tell the difference uh When it's done really really well but I Would say for an aritzia dress that's in Sa I mean this is expensive for a satin Piece but it's actually done so freaking Well and it's one of my favorite slip Dresses I've purchased it has this Beautiful low back and then Quin has

100% silk dresses cams blouses for such Reasonable prices they're always my First place to look to when I want to Invest into 100% silk cuz their pricing Is really really reasonable for what You're getting and as long as you take Care of it properly it will last you a Very very long time and just look so Luxurious and so that actually brings it To the end of this video I really hope You guys enjoyed hearing just these Really cool quick fun facts about all The materials that I love and I just Think are really good investment look Very luxurious and high-end and very Much transform your wardrobe and just Very durable long lasting and just you Get so much good bang for your buck this Way and I recently made a video on 10 Cheap clothing mistakes that everyone Needs to avoid so I'll see you over on This video bye