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1. Buffalo “Chicken” Steamed Cauliflower
-Cauliflower (steam for 20 minutes or until soft & tender)
-Steamer Basket:
-Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce
-Melted Butter (optional)

2. Crock Pot Pulled Chicken
-Chicken Breasts or Thighs
-Primal Kitchen Hawaiian BBQ Sauce
-Slow cook for 4-6 hours & shred

3. Cookie Dough Bites
-Baking Flour/Oat Flour/Almond Flour (your choice)
-Tbsp of Peanut Butter
-Splash of Vanilla Extract
-1/4 cup Maple Syrup (more or less depending on preference)
-Milk…start slow & add until cookie dough consistency
-Chocolate chips (optional)

4. Acai Bowl
-Frozen Unsweetened Acai
-1 Frozen Banana
-Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries and/or Blackberries
-Protein Powder
-Raw Cacao Powder
-Green Moringa Powder
-Pumpkin Seeds
-Brazil Nuts
-Vanilla Extract
-Celtic Sea Salt
-Milk (go slow)
-Cup of Ice
**Blend until ice cream consistency. Add toppings like fruit, granola, honey, etc.

5. Baked Potato “French Fries”
-Poke potatoes with fork
-Drizzle olive oil & salt on potatoes
-Bake at 425 degrees in oven for 1 hour
-Drizzle with Primal Kitchen Special Sauce & Enjoy!

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So today I'm going to share about five Different healthy recipes snacks you Could say meals that are so simple so Easy I am not a good cook I hate being In the kitchen but it is important to me To get good nutrition into my body these Are so simple anyone can do them and They're so delicious they're they're Really really good I have teamed up with Primal kitchen and Thrive market for This video which I'll get to them in a Second but let's just jump into one of My favorite things that I make all the Time and it's just it's so easy and Delicious and it is my buffalo chicken Steamed cauliflower it sounds way more Complicated than it is there's actually No chicken in it but it tastes like There is not that chicken's bad it's Just this is like a good way to get some Vegetables in you all you do is get a Good head of cauliflower I try to go Organic and then get a pot with one of Those steamer basket thingies you know You get it steaming you add the uh the Cauliflower into the basket and steam it For about 20 minutes it's really quick Because cauliflower is really easy Once Uh the cauliflower is soft to touch like With a fork then you just put it in a Bowl and I do like to add some butter Sometimes you don't have to do this I Just notice when I eat some really good Savory chicken wings they do tastes a

Little buttery so sometimes I'll add Butter but the star of the show is this Primal kitchen original buffalo sauce oh My goodness you just drizzle this on Over top the cauliflower and you just Eat it and it tastes like you are eating Real buffalo chicken wings but you're Actually getting some really good Nutrition it just from the cauliflower So that leads me to Primal kitchen and Thrive market so as I mentioned I did Team up with them for this video I've Been using them for years and I will get To what Thrive Market actually is but I Get Primal Kitchen products from them All the time I mean they're they're my Favorite food brand and I'm not just Saying that because they don't use seed Oils that's what kind of caught my Attention about them they're very low Sugar um like this is unsweetened Ketchup which you I don't eat sugar uh But they use avocado oil instead of Sunflower oil or canola oil so they just Have really honest ingredients just Amazing flavor I feel so good about Using their sauces um their their condim They've got like ketchup Mayo even if You just switch out some of those like Things you use all the time um even Spaghetti sauces there's this amazing Tomato basil spaghetti sauce we always Get they just launched new dipping Sauces which I have been loving the last

Few months so I'm talking like the yum Yum sauce there's special sauce like for Your Burgers there's Taco I mean these Are these are my new favorite things Okay so if you're going to try anything I mean you could try the condiments but Maybe try the dipping sauces so if you Want to try Thrive Market I know a lot Of people already use them um maybe you Do but if you've never tried them They're actually an online-based Membership grocery store with tons of Just really high quality food baby Products even cleaning supplies you know You place your order everything's Delivered directly to your door and then With every order you actually save a lot Of money like there's savings with each Order and I'm not just saying that and There's actually products and brands That I can't get at my regular grocery Store and when I'm shopping on Thrive Market just keep in mind you really can Kind of like sort based on what's Important to you so like I don't eat Sugar so I can sort by low sugar or no Sugar you know items I can do high Protein snacks you could do organic Vegan so if you do want to try Primal Kitchen and Thrive Market I will have a Link Down Below in the description box And I'll also pin it in the comment Section but you can get 30% off your First order and a free gift when you

Join it's just thrivemarket.com Whitney and as we go along in the video I am going to be using more items from My box that I'm always ordering moving Right along to my Crock-Pot chicken Which is essentially barbecue pulled Chicken which I know is not Revolutionary but hear me out everyone Else that does this you're basically Eating a sugar bomb uh really because Every barbecue sauce out there is so Full of sugar I like to do it Differently um I'll get a crock pot I Will put chicken in the crock poot You're seeing here though I was just Making this for me and Josh so normally There's a lot more chicken going into This but my kids were at my parents House this night then I get the Primal Kitchen Hawaiian style barbecue sauce This is super low in sugar there's no Artificial sweeteners again no seed oils But it is so delicious the flavor is Amazing and I will just drizzle this on Top of the chicken and then I'll set the Crock pot to cook for about 4 to 6 hours And then you know hours later when the Chicken is nice and tender here's here's Like a really game-changing hack if you Don't know this already I'm sure a lot Of you already know this but to shred Chicken what you need to do is actually Just put the chicken in a glass or metal Bowl and then get a hand mixer and then

That will instantly Shred the chicken in Like 5 seconds flat like it is so much Faster and easier than using a fork and Then you can use that pulled chicken for Sandwiches you could use it for a Burrito bowl tacos or you could just eat It plain but it is just so much better Than I feel like the regular barbecue You pull chicken Okay so we've talked a Lot about Savory and salty foods let's Move on to some sweet treats that are Still really healthy low sugar but Really delicious we're going to talk About my famous Cookie Dough Bites oh my Goodness this might be the star of the Video um I will have recipes listed Down Below in the description box however This one in particular I really just Measure with my heart you'll see what I Mean as we go along but this clip you're Seeing is just kind of the overview of The ingredients that I like to use you Can kind of tweak it to your liking Though but I do like to use some type of Healthier flour whether it be almond Flour um it could be oat flour I also Like to use a baking flour it's kind of Like a combo mix I do get that from Thrive Market but for this time around I Did combine the baking flour and the Almond flour kind of in equal parts into A mixing bowl and then I took a scoop of Peanut butter you could do a little bit Of peanut butter or a lot more if you're

Really into that flavor um or you could Just skip it entirely uh I like to add Some vanilla extract a little bit of Maple syrup now I didn't put that much In because again I like to keep this low Sugar but you could definitely add a lot More if you want it to be super sweet It's really important to add some salt I Like to use Celtic Sea salt it really Brings up the flavor now here's the key You're going to start with adding a Little bit of milk I like to use raw Milk you could use whatever milk you Like it could be almond milk whatever But start start slow and then you'll Take like a spatula and start to mix it Around and you'll probably need to add a Little bit more milk but you want to get It in like a sticky cookie dough Consistency and you can taste it along The way to see if you want to add more Maple syrup if you want it sweeter or Whatever but once you get it into the The cookie dough consistency you can add Some healthy chocolate chips I love this Brand again super low sugar in fact like No sugar but it's still really really Healthy and great I love it and then you Just roll them into balls and you can Eat them there's no eggs so you can eat Them and it tastes like real cookie Dough but again so healthy it's such a a Fun thing to eat I'll eat it at the end Of the the night sometimes I have a

Little like craving for it but yeah you Should totally try it out oh and I Wasn't going to even put this in the Video but why not I I got this in my box This month and I already had one but This is by the brand mosh and it is a Cookie dough Crunch bar and it meets all Of my uh standards like there's again no Seed oils there's no added sugar 12 g of Protein there's as waganda Omega-3s Lions man vitamins B12 like there's Really really good ingredients in this So if you just want to cut corners and Have some cookie dough you could you Could try this now another sweet treat I Like to enjoy almost daily is my oai Bowl which I've put this in previous Videos but I have since tweaked how I Make it and what I even put in it so I Wanted to share kind of like my updated Recipe that is truly a nutrition bomb I Throw so much stuff into this it's just Incredibly incredibly healthy for you And it's like you're eating chocolate Ice cream like I'm not just saying that Like truly I'm going to go through this Quick again everything will be down Below in the description box and you you Don't have to add all of this I'm just Saying you really can hide so many good Things in it and it doesn't taste like You're eating healthy stuff it tastes Like you're eating chocolate ice cream The most important ingredient is

Obviously the Frozen oai make sure you Get the unsweetened kind okay uh so you Put this in a blender you do need a good Blender I have the Vitamix blender you Need frozen bananas that's another Crucial crucial thing don't just put a Regular banana in there it needs to be Frozen I like to also add some frozen Strawberries you could add frozen Blueberries whatever but then I like to Add flax seed I will add some protein Powder not that much um some cacao Powder raw cacao powder that is such a Superfood but it gives that chocolate Flavor I'll add some Moringa powder Which is kind of like a green vegetable Powder that is so good for you I add a Lot of nuts because I have terrible Teeth and I can't really chew nuts very Well but it's packed full of really good Nutrition so I hide in almonds I'll Throw in pumpkin seeds Brazil nuts hazel Nuts I like to throw in a big thing of Spinach so I'm getting some really good Leafy greens in there I will um put some Vanilla extract I like to put in again Some Celtic Sea Salt to bring out the Flavor I'll add some milk now again the Milk you want to go slow at first don't Add too much milk because then it will Be a soupy mess so start slow uh add in Like a cup of and then you're just going To start blending it together and if you Feel like you need more milk you can add

More milk but you want to get it into a Nice you know strong ice cream Consistency you want to see that blender Really turn over and then you're left With this and that's how you know like That little design there that you did a Good job and you'll just put it into a Bowl and I like to eat mine plain but I Was making this for Josh and so I added Some fresh fruit on top you can do Bananas you could do we added some Blueberries we added some almond Shavings he likes those you could add Honey on top granola but this is such Such a healthy but delicious treat okay So I decided to throw these potato chips In the video last minute because it is Another healthy snack that I like to eat And it's potato chips believe it or not This is like the only brand of potato Chips that I found that are made with Avocado oil instead of the seed oils Okay so this is by the brand Boulder Canyon I just pulled it out of my box I Prefer the thin and crispy kind oh my Goodness they're the most delicious Potato chips ever and I just feel so Much better about eating these compared To any other Potato Chip brand out there Speaking of potatoes that was actually a Seller segue I like french fries they're Not they're not good for you but I like To kind of make this is like a new Development that I've done I like to

Bake a potato I will just take organic Potatoes get like a a sheet pan first I Like to stab it with a fork um to let Some of the seam out and then cover it Or drizzle olive oil on top put some sea Salt on top and then you put it in the Oven at like 425 for an hour now I know What you guys are thinking you should Wrap it in aluminum foil yeah I'm a Whacko I don't use aluminum foil Especially on my food so you can Actually bake a potato without aluminum Foil it's just going to make the skin a Little crispier but leave the potatoes In the oven for 1 hour and then you're Left with a really delicious baked Potato that's soft inside and so I like To go in and add you know back to those Primal kitchen dipping sauces that Special sauce that they just launched Like a few months ago oh my gosh it's Delicious on a burger but I have Discovered that if I drizzle that in my Baked potato it's like I'm eating a French fry it sounds weird you don't Have to try it I'm just saying I think It's really it's really good so anyway That has like been my newest weird snack That I'm making for myself all the time So consider that but I hope you found This video kind of interesting maybe Kind of weird but I hope you try some of The recipes and then don't forget to try Primal kitchen and Thrive Market again

I'll have a link Down Below in the Description description box I'll pin it In the comment section but you can get 30% off your first order and a free gift When you join Please Subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next video Bye