50 BEST Amazon CYBER MONDAY Deals…everything is linked below & in the comments!
1. Built-in Bra Tank(S):
2. High-Waisted Leggings(XS):
3. V-Flared Yoga Pants(XS):
4. Sherpa-Lined Leggings(S):
5. Adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers(true to size):
6. Amazon Essentials Ballet Flats (true to size):
7. Cami’s 4-Pack:
8. Corduroy Shacket(L):
9. Distressed Corduroy Shacket(S):
10. Scalloped Cardigan(S):
11. Patterned Sweater(S):
12. Scalloped Sweater(XS):
13. Crewneck Thin Sweater(XS):
14. Waffle-Knit Mock Neck Sweater(XS):
15. Striped Sweater(S):
16. Oversized Striped Sweater(S):
17. The Drop Blazer(XXS):
18. White Textured Half-Zip Sweatshirt(S):
19. Cream Sherpa Jacket(S):
20. Black Puffer Jacket(XS):
21. Black Puffer Vest:
22. Orolay Winter Coat(XS):
Sherpa Orolay Coat(XS):
23. Winter Pom Hat:
24. Aviator Sunglasses:
25. Faux Fur Slippers:
26. Sherpa Fleece Slippers:

27. Lumineux Whitening Strips:
28. Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:
29. Waterpik:
30. Loreal EverPure Shampoo Conditioner:
31. DryBar Round Brush: (sold out)
Other option:
32. Living Proof Dry Shampoo:
33. Beaky Blenders (5-Pack):
Beaky Triangle Puffs:
Beaky Makeup Brush Set:
**Use code SHEA20US for extra 20% off ON TOP of the deal!**
34. Loreal Green BB Cream:
35. ItCosmetics CC Foundation:
36. Maybelline Instant Concealer:
37. Balance n Brighten Compact (Light):
38. Rimmel Natural Bronzer(Sun Bronze):
39. Maybelline SkyHigh Mascara:
40. Mario Badescu Spray:
Drying Lotion:
41. Shower Steamers:
**Use code SHEABFCM for extra 20% off ON TOP of the deal!**
42. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream:
43. LED Nail Lamp:
Gel Polish Set:
Gel Polish Remover:

44. Cordless Vacuum:
45. Granite Ceramic Pan Set:
46. Refrigerator Deodorizer:
47. Popcorn Popper:
48. Waffle-Knit Blanket:
49. Black & Decker Hand Vacuum:
50. Dewalt Drill Kit:

**most items are STILL on sale!**

Snail Mucin All-in-One Cream (only $10):
Elemis Resurfacing Pads:
Olaplex Hair:
Breville Espresso Machine:
Breville Smart Oven:
Kindle E-Readers:
Heated Gloves:

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#cybermonday #cybermonday2023 #cybermondaydeals #cybermondaysales #cybermondaydeals2023 These are the best Cyber Monday Amazon 2023 deals! I love covering Cyber Monday every year…especially on Amazon! There are so many great Cyber Monday deals this year!!

*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

Happy Cyber Monday everyone this is very Exciting I'm sharing the 50 best Amazon Cyber monday deals for you everything is On crazy deal until midnight tonight so Everything as always will be linked Down Below in the description box and pinned In the comment section by the number you See on screen as we go along so jot down Your favorite numbers and then you'll be Easily able to find exactly what you're Looking for at the end we're starting First in the fashion category followed By Beauty and home but up first we have Something that every time it's on deal You guys love it maybe get it in a Different color or maybe if you haven't Tried it yet now is your time because This is only $18 this is the gym people Builtin bra tank top and that's why it's So good is because it has a buil-in bra So you don't have to worry about wearing Something else maybe wearing one of Those nipple covers like you can just Throw it on it's great for the gym Because it gives you support but it's Also really good just on its own or Maybe as a layering piece you can throw On a cardigan uh even like a Blazer you Could throw on a shirt jacket something Like that uh it's great to have I love It in Black which is what I have I also Have it in white but it it comes in tons Of colors now that same exact brand is Having a deal of the day for their

Leggings which are high-waisted tummy Control leggings these are1 19.99 today Only again a deal of the day and you can Just feel that there's a lot of support And control in the midsection again They're high-waisted they just make you Look really good they make your butt Look really good and there are pockets On either side now a few more legging Options which are very different from One another these are actually the Crossover flared leggings these are also $19 today and I love the crossover Detail in the front it kind of just Snatches your waist but the the flared Detail at the bottom of the pant Actually allows you to wear sneakers and They I mean you could totally do yoga And you could exercise in them but they Look really good just for running Errands also guys just disclaimer I am Throwing out a lot of pricing and deal Information I have to film this ahead of Time and it's Amazon so don't hate me if Any of the pricing or deals fluctuate or Change or maybe even go away if things Sell out now these might be my favorite Of all of them just because I am always Cold but these are leggings which are Sherpa lined the entire way down the leg Okay I love these I've worn these so Much in the last three weeks just Because it's starting to get really cold Outside it looks like I'm wearing

Leggings but it keeps me so warm because The inside is so soft cozy it's a really Soft Sherpa material I just feel like Every woman needs this next I want to Share a few shoes that are crazy Discounted these are the Adidas Cloud Foam sneakers they're like 50 bucks Right now which for a good pair a Bestselling pair of Adidas sneakers That's just a great price this comes in So many colors you see here I have gray In the b-roll I actually have um the Black and White Version they're Seriously so many options but they are True to size they're really comfortable And lightweight so I feel feel like if You're exercising or working out you Don't feel like your feet are just being Bogged down they just feel light and Easy and kind of like you're walking on Clouds hence the cloud phone name I Don't know I just really like these and That's why I have them in two colors and Then we have these Amazon essential Flats for only $17 today now I did talk About these in my Amazon Black Friday Video which I can link right up here Definitely check that video out after This one because a lot of those deals Are still happening today through Midnight and and I didn't want to repeat Myself through the entire video but There's some really good deals in the Black Friday video as well but I wanted

To mention these again just because you Cannot beat these flats for only $17 I Got them in Black I think they're Classic also I think a lot of people Should note that there's the regular Sizing and there's wide sizes for all of The sizes so some people have wider feet And they can't normally wear shoes like This but like they're flexible comfy and They fit everyone and then because I Love sharing wardrobe bases things to Stock up on while you can save some Money just things everyone needs these Amazon essentials four pack of cams only $7 again for four and you can pick your Color combinations as you can see lots Of color combinations just pick whatever Combo you think you would wear the most You cannot beat the price and Amazon Essentials just so you guys know is Amazon's own brand so the quality is Topnotch next I wanted to share some Corduroy shirt jackets because they're Always hot ticket items everyone loves Them and they make really good gift Ideas so throughout this entire video Consider items for yourself but also Gifts for your friends or your family And shirt jackets especially corduroy There's something about they just look Good on everyone young people old people Um this is my newest one I got it in an Army green color maybe you saw it on the Thumbnail but this is really discounted

Today but it kind of depends on what Color you get so it kind of fluctuates With the discount and then I wanted to Share this corduroy shirt jacket which I've had for months now and every single Time I wear this thing I get compliments It's slightly oversized it's thicker Than the other ones I have and there is A slight distressing kind of around the Bottom nothing crazy there's no holes or Anything it's just as you can maybe see It's slightly distressed at the bottom a Nice little like wash over the color and The material and it's 43% off today so I Wanted to mention it for those that have Been eyeing this get it while it's 43% Off and then here's another clothing Item that I did put in a previous YouTube video and the people that Watched it loved it so much that it sold Out it completely sold out but now it's Back in stock and it's discounted for Cyber Monday so if you like this I Highly recommend it it is very very Different than a typical cardigan I mean It's a cardigan it's just the patterns Different with the scalloped colors There are other color options though I'm Wearing a small and just so you know I Always say this but all of my sizing Details for all of the pieces will be Listed Down Below in the description box Beside each item now continuing on with A pattern theme Here we have this winter

Pattern sweater it's by Amazon Essentials again the quality is amazing This is on sale for only $25 today $25 this is a thick nice Highquality sweater I think it looks Great casual or it's something that Could totally be dressed up with a pair Of dress pants and worn to the office And then we have this sweater which is Only $24 today again it is Amazon Essentials so it's a really good quality Sweater I love the scalloped detail or Texture to it which makes it a little Bit different and it has a mock neck Neckline um I did get this maybe a year Or two ago in like a creamy beige color Which I still have and then this year I Picked it up in this mustard yellow Orange color and again you cannot beat $24 and then if you're wondering what I'm wearing this is shocking to me this Is $17 today $117 it's obviously a it's A thinner sweater it's not like too thin But it's a thinner sweater but I love How that makes it just very smoothing And nice I love the crew neckline I just Can't believe it's $17 today again Amazon end ential so the quality is Really nice it's just a good thing to Have in your closet and then this is Amazon's bestselling sweater I mean I Swear if you're ever on Amazon you've Probably seen the sweater before it's The textured waffle knit mock neck

Sweater now the best part is this is 54% Off today 54% I have it in Black already I have it in beige and the newest color Is this turquoise teal color there's Probably 30 different colors because Everyone loves it so much they just keep Releasing more colors so I think that Brings it down to like 27 bucks now just A couple more sweaters so this black and White stripe sweater again I shared This Months ago also it's sold out because Everyone loved it it is back in stock It's on sale I love the classic black And white or even cream and black There's different color combos it's just Such a Chic and elevated sweater to Consider now if you are a fan of Stripes I also wanted to mention this one which I just got this is obviously like a lot Smaller of Stripes but this is really Oversized so this is a size small but You can even see in the footage here That it's it's longer which I actually Kind of like if you want to wear Leggings or you want to wear something That does hide your butt or you just Want something in general that's going To conceal any problem areas this is Just a classic go-to sweater you can Throw on and it's going to look Fab now I love a good Blazer I have so many Blazers this is by far the best one that I own and it's 30% off bringing it down To like 50 bucks It Is by Amazon's the

Drop which is another amazon-owned brand Super high quality Blazer and it comes In tons of colors I have beige you can Get it in Black you can get it in plaid You can get it in a fun color but you'll Be able to tell immediately that it's Not a cheap Blazer it feels really nice It's structured it's thick it's Beautiful and I definitely wanted to Share that it's on sale now I took a Chance with this one and you'll see why But it's this white it's a white Sweatshirt I know I feel like I'm going To get makeup all over this but you Don't have to get it in white but I did Because I love the camel brown contrast To it and just the textured material it Just looks Chic it looks elevated There's just something about it that I Love I'm probably going to get a big Stain on it but I know this is going to Be on deal for Cyber Monday I feel like The price might fluctuate just a bit Depending on what color combo you get But there's tons to choose from and just In general I just really like this okay So this is kind of similar but yet very Different this is a full-blown Sherpa Double lined jacket by Amazon essentials Such good quality guys it's like 30% off I think it's like $34 right now you Don't have to get it in cream maybe even Black would be nice but the zipper is so Smooth there's even a pocket right here

It's such nice sherp of material on the Outside and then the inside is like Double lined fleece material so it's so Warm I feel like this would be great to Just throw on last minute continuing on With a few jacket options this is a best Selling puffer jacket also by Amazon Essentials this is only $34 today and Hopefully you can notice that it just Really gives you a nice silhouette or Waistline like it's not a marshmallow Type of puffer jacket it actually makes You look really good and it's like I Said it's just flattering so that's this The next number I'm also going to link Something very similar it's almost Identical except it's the vest version That is also 30% off and some people Just really like to kind of layer up and Then at the last minute throw on a nice Vest I'm not a huge vest person but I Know a lot of you are now this oray Winter jacket crazy on sale this thing Is normally $152 and it's on sale for $89 and it Comes in lots of neutral colors or fun Colors as you can see I do have green um I can also link this version which is The beige with like a sherpa detailing To it this like a tiny bit more Expensive but in general this thing is Super warm like if you want a legitimate Warm winter coat consider this I mean I've gone sled riding I've gone tubing

Like I'll layer up there's even zippers Along the side that if you want to Expand the coat so that it fits all of Your layers underneath you can and There's tons of pockets like it's just a Really legit good winter coat and then This cute winter hat with a little pom Pom detail at the top is only $12 I got It in brown because I think the other Ones I have are are like gray and black But um this comes in different colors But you can't beat 12 bucks again this Would be a great item for yourself if You kind of need a new one or this would Be a good gift idea and then we have These bestselling aviator sunglasses Which are on sale for $12 today only $112 and they look great on everyone if You don't have a pair of aviator Sunglasses you should jump on them only A few more fashion items before we move On to the next category but let's talk Slippers because again maybe you need to Replace the ones you have or these Always make great gift ideas so this is A fuzzy like faux fur slip-on slipper $17 today for Cyber Monday they kind of Remind me of the Ugg slippers there's a Nice tread on the bottom and they're Hard so I love these I think they're Just super stylish now some people don't Love the slip-on style so I also wanted To share these which I think are like 20 Bucks to today only um but they're more

Of like a sock they're not socks there's Definitely I mean they're slippers but You slip them on but they're going to Stay on your foot and they're kind of Like a fuzzy Sherpa material I got them In in in camel just because I feel like These are my favorite colors for Slippers but they come in tons of Options and again would make a great Gift idea moving on to the beauty Category up first we have the lumino Whitening strips which are 40% off until Midnight tonight jump on these it's such A good deal and it's a perfect time to Get some whitening strips because we're Going to holiday parties and get Togethers and having whiter teeth makes Such a a difference in your appearance And these work so well and they're so Much healthier for your enamel and your Gums because there's actually no Peroxide in these but they still work Really really well but peroxide does Kind of it gives you sensitivity um some People it's not affected by others it is But overall it's just really not great For our gums and our enamels so this is A much better option they work really Well and they're very healthy continuing On with teeth which really just is not My favorite thing to talk about but the Oral B electric toothbrushes are also 40% off that's that's the big deal too Um and this is Josh's he has it in white

You could get black pink some fun colors I feel like a lot of people want Electric toothbrushes but they can be Kind of expensive so 40% off is a pretty Big discount and they also make really Good gift ideas now this water pick is Also 40% off I swear by this thing this Is so good to do actually in the shower And that's why I recommend this one Because it's it's cordless so you can Take it in the shower see how there's Water reservoir right here and it it is Kind of messy because you're like Putting it through your teeth it gets All the gunk out of your teeth if you Have braces or you know somebody with Braces this is also great or if you have Implants or really if you just have gum Sensitivity and bleeding gums this Shoots up water um into like underneath Your gums and it just gets rid of all The bad bacteria this is just amazing For your oral health in general but Again this one is the cordless one and So you can take it in the shower and Just make it a routine I love trying out New shampoo and conditioners it's my Favorite thing to order and test out now I really really like this L'Oreal Everpure Bond repair shampoo and Conditioner now this is completely Sulfate free so this is a really healthy Shampoo and conditioner which I Appreciate it's great for people with

Color treated hair it's also great for All hair types but the whole point of This is it repairs the the bonding of Your hair it makes your hair a lot Stronger and it even says that after six Uses you will see stronger um repaired Hair so again if you feel like your hair Is really damaged I think this is a Great thing to order and and try Especially for the deal again $16 for Both the shampoo and conditioner now I Did talk about this Dry Bar Round drying Brush I think back in July for Amazon's Prime day now this is normally full Price it rarely goes on sale so this is Normally like $154 or something like That it's very expensive but it's only $100 today so it's like over $50 off Which I think is a great deal because It's the best of the best there are a Lot of other cheaper ones out there Which some are like okay um some are Really bad like I swear they damage and Pull your hair and rip your hair this One dries well it does get hot but again It doesn't damage your hair and there's Something about the bristles there's two Types of bristles on this that it Doesn't tug or pull your hair or rip Your hair it just Glides through your Hair you can get a lot of volume and it Makes you have a great blowout last item In the hair department but the living Proof dry shampoo it's renowned it's a

Huge bestseller it's what they're known For it's normally $30 for a can it's Very expensive but it's on sale for 21 Today until midnight guys so there's People that love this so much that they Will buy like three cans of it or four Cans of it because it rarely goes on Sale and it is expensive so again if you Love this get a couple cans it'll last You a while next I want to talk about Beaky products like the beaky beauty Blenders um the beaky triangle Puffs There's makeup brush sets they have Everything linked under this number you Can use this code I'll put here on the Screen for an extra 20% off on top of The Cyber Monday deal so this is not Sponsored but they did email me this Code and I did the math and I was Shocked so for example the five pack of Of beaky blenders if you get the cyber Monday deal plus the promo code that you Can stack that brings it down to $4 and Some cents that's that's that's crazy to Me so again use that promo code Everything linked under this number Moving into some really good makeup Deals we have the L'Oreal BB cream this Is the magic green BB cream okay this Blew my mind months ago um you can see You can see the video here this is Shocking to me this is literally Green In here and you start rubbing it on your Skin and it changes colors and it

Conceals redness but it literally Changes to just blend into your skin It's it's honestly magic it's like $8 Today and then we have the CC cream my Beloved It Cosmetics CC cream this is BB Cream this is CC cream so it is a Foundation but it also has good skin Care in it and it has an SPF and it's Just my alltime favorite Foundation I've Raved about this for so many years this Is normally $47 and it's on sale for 32 so I need Today to order more I'm wearing the Shade medium but it is starting to get To be like winter months so I might Order light medium but it's very Forgiving it's very color correcting Hence the CC name if you have not tried This yet humor me and just give it a try Now if you want a really good affordable Concealer this is the one everyone Raves About it's the Maybelline instant rewind Eraser I love the fact that it has a Puff on the end you just twist it this Gets kind of saturated and then you can Essentially draw on your face people Love this under their eyes because There's something about the formula it Just doesn't crease so a lot of people Of all ages use this but even people With mature skin love this because it Doesn't crease or look crepy on their Skin um and I love the price it's like $ So I actually want to order this in a

Lighter shade to really make my under Eyes pop I guess nothing too crazy but The one I have right now kind of matches My skin tone uh but you can't beat the Price so you can get it in a few Shades Oh my gosh I'm so excited that I even Discovered that this still existed I Used to use this every single day my mom Used to order me this on QVC like when I Was in high school but it's the Laura Geller balance and brighten compact so It's basically a lot of colors marbled Together and I have the shade Fair there Are a few Shades you can select you just Take a big fluffy brush and put it all Over your face and it just brightens Everything up it kind of balances your Skin tone to look really even there's Just something I don't know I just Really really like this it's normally 36 And it's on sale for 20 now this is a Deal part of me thinks this might even Just be sold out I don't know or maybe They'll just take this price away Because it's insane to me this is the Rimmel London natural bronzer for $3 it Is $3 I'm wearing the shade Sun bronze And it it's legit a really good bronzer You can get different shades if you want To be a little bit darker but I feel Like this one just looks very natural And very wearable so pick this up for Three bucks now this is the last makeup Item this is the Maybelline Sky High

Mascara which is my favorite drugstore Or affordable mascara this is normally $13 it's on sale for $8 and I do love a Good designer mascara I don't know I Feel like I'm pretty picky when it comes To mascaras but this one is a really Good one and this brush is very similar To the Gucci one that I'm always raving About so if you don't want to spend an Absurd amount on mascara get this one Instead and you can't beat eight bucks Now under this number I'm going to link The Mario badescu products that are on Deal so there's the facial spray which Is probably my favorite this is a brand New bottle this was actually sent to me In a box like a PR box which is great Because this is this is my favorite Thing it is a facial spray with aloe Herbs and Rose Water so it smells Amazing you can actually spray this on Your face before you do your makeup and It just really hydrates your skin you Can use this to set your makeup you can Use this to refresh your makeup it's Just great to have on hand now I also Really like the drying lotion which is Kind of their version of a pimple patch You stick in a Q-tip and it goes through A clear liquid section and then in like A pink section and you can dot your acne Spots and do that before bed and it Dries them out overnight now I did talk About these shower Steamers in my Black

Friday video but since they gave me a Promo code that lasts through Cyber Monday I wanted to mention it in this One as well because shower Steamers are Essentially like a bath bomb for the Shower and they just make a great gift Idea you could get it for yourself or Give them away a lot of people have no Idea what a shower steamer even is but The this comes with 18 and you just Unwrap it and you put at the bottom of Your shower it steams up and fills your Whole shower and bathroom with this just Like really luxurious uh essential oil Scent so there's eucalyptus mint Lavender it smells amazing and then my Code which is here on the screen you can Use this code for an extra 20% off the Already happening Cyber Monday deal and Then we have the viral Neutrogena Hydroboost gel cream I I feel like this Could be sold out I hope it's not Because this whole thing for Cyber Monday is like $7 and this is the Closest thing I've ever found to the Necess a fragrance free lotion and serum That I mean I love that stuff it's so Expensive I mean it's great it's like Really good but if you don't want to Spend that much but you still want that Same feeling this is completely Fragrance-free it has hyaluronic acid Just like the nessar version um and it's Just a it's Hydro Boost it like plumps

Up your skin it hydrates your skin and It just feels great last Beauty item Which I believe is actually a lightning Deal today but it's this led nail lamp So I'm going to link this lamp along With some other gel colors that are also On deal and if you notice I always have Have my nails done and I always Exclusively use gel polish it lasts so Much longer it's so much better on your Nails um it doesn't chip and you can do Them at home and you just get the gel Polish paint your nails stick them in The light cure it for one minute and You're good to go people always ask how You get gel polish off so I have no idea If the gel polish remover stuff is on Deal it probably is on deal but I will Also link that under this number you Just paint it on and it just peels the Gel right off all right moving into the Home category I'm starting with Something that I actually don't have but I really want to buy everyone always Recommends the Dyson uh vacuum deals Which are I'm sure they're happening They're great but I saw this one where It's like 70 or 80% off for a cordless Vacuum that also detaches into a Handheld vacuum so it's like normally $700 or $800 and it's on deal for $150 and I think that there's an extra $40 coupon you can even select the Review are really good and I'm super

Intrigued by this and then we have this Granite ceramic cookware set so it's a Healthy non-stick cookware set normally $150 on sale for $79 I already have it I Really love the aesthetic of it like the Coloring is nice the wooden handles are Beautiful I do think stainless steel Just FYI like that's going to last you Forever it's hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds of dollars and it's really Complicated to use stainless steel so I Do like having this set as well and it's A great price today another kitchen item Actually this doesn't even have to be a Kitchen item but it's a deodorizer this Is under 20 bucks today and a lot of People get this to keep in the Refrigerator because you just stick it In there and it sucks up all the nasty Smells and the bad scents from your Fridge and it lasts for 10 years so you Don't ever have to touch it you don't Even ever have to fill it up you just Get it stick it where you want all of The bad odors to be sucked up um you can Even get this for a closet or somewhere That has a bad smell oh my gosh then we Have the popcorn popper every household Needs this thing guys I'm telling you so Stop buying the bags of microwavable Popcorn there's so many bad chemicals There's chemicals that are banned in Other countries all along the sides of The bags of popcorn that you put in the

Microwave so I researched this and I Found this popcorn popper that is glass And you just fill the top with kernels You can use whatever oil you want I Actually like coconut oil with a butter Flavor and we pop our own popcorn it's So much healthier the kids love it you Can sprinkle your own salt or sea salt You can drizzle chocolate caramel it It's it's great to have moving into the Bedroom I wanted to share this bedspread Or a blanket that looks really good at The end of your bed you could use it in The living room you could use it Wherever because it's a nice accent it Has a waffle knit material it's 36% off And I think it kind of depends like the Pricing depends on what size you order But I did get it in white it looks great In my bedroom again I love the texture To it and it's really on sale I guess We're back back to the vacuums but I Wanted to mention my tried andrue black And& Decker handheld vacuum that I have Had for years this thing has lasted me So long we use this every single day a Lot of these things I swear I've had More in the past they just don't last That long but this one has it's 33% off Today um and I feel like it's great to Just have especially if you have kids After dinner you can zoom around and Pick up the crumbs and then this one I'm Just going to insert a photo because I

Do not have it I just think it would be An excellent gift idea for any guy out There because it is a Dewalt drill kit So it comes with a cordless drill the Battery pack the the bag like everything You need this thing is normally $179 it's on sale for $99 so it's $80 Off and it's a number one bestseller so That is everything it'll all be linked Down Below in the description box and Pinned in the comment section by the Numbers you saw on screen so jump on Everything before it sells out or before Midnight when the deals go away but Happy holidays Merry Christmas and I'll See you in my next one bye