50 BEST ITEMS from the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2024 linked here…
0:32 Bra’s, Undies & Socks
2:12 Tops & Sweaters
4:32 Jeans & Pants
6:49 Shoes
10:08 Dresses
12:14 Coats & Jackets
13:38 Bags & Jewelry
15:47 Activewear & Loungewear
17:33 Beauty
19:09 Home

1. Racerback Seamless Bra’s:
2. Wireless Bra:
3. Chantelle High Waist Briefs:
4. Hanky Panky Lace Thongs:
5. Zella Crew Socks:

6. Open Edit Sleeveless Vest:
7. Free People Oversized Turtleneck Sweater:
Free People Cable Crewneck Sweater:
8. Billabong T-Shirts:
Billabong Sweatshirt:
9. Farm Rio Floral Cardigan:
10. Bow Blouse:

11. Pacsun Joggers:
B.P. Cargo Sweatpants:
12. Wit & Wisdom Black Straight-Leg Jeans:
13. AG Skinny Jeans:
14. Pacsun Wide-Leg Cargo Jeans:
15. Wide-Leg Jeans:

16. 574 New Balance Sneakers:
550 New Balance Sneakers:
17. On Cloud Sneakers:
18. Adidas Gazelle Sneakers:
Adidas Gazelle Platform Sneakers:
19. Steve Madden Platform Sandals:
20. BCBG Flats (Chanel-Inspired):
BCBG Heels (Chanel Inspired):
21. Knee-High Boots:
22. Western Boots:
23. Schutz Ankle Boots:
24. Steve Madden Kitten Heels:

25. Farm Rio Dress:
Blue Farm Rio Dress:
26. Billabong Casual Floral Dress:
27. Denim Dress:
28. Sleeveless Blazer Dress:
29. Contrast Piping Button-Down Dress:
30. Collared Sweater Dress:

31. Fleece Denim Jacket:
32. Flower Fleece Jacket:
33. Levi’s Reversible Jacket:
34. Floral Trench Coat:

35. Checkered Duffle Bag (LV-Inspired):
Checkered Belt Bag (LV-Inspired):
36. Kate Spade Wallet:
Kate Spade Purse:
37. All Saints Crossbody Bag:
38. Pendant Diamond Necklace:
39. Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

40. Floral Satin PJ’s & Robe Set:
41. Spanx Skort:
42: Free People Athletic Shorts:
43. Zella Leggings:
44. Travis Matthew Tank:
Matching Leggings:
45. Nike Sweatshirt:

46. Trish McEvoy Makeup Set:
47. Anastasia Brow Kit:
48. Dior Makeup Set:
49. Kopari Deodorant:
50. Dr. Dennis Gross Face Peels:
51. Dr. Dennis Gross LED Mask Set:

52. Barefoot Dreams Cable Blanket:
Barefoot Dreams Solid Blanket:
Barefoot Dreams Checkered Blanket:
Barefoot Dreams Leopard Blanket:
53. Ugg 3-in-1 Blanket Set:
54. Duvet & Sham Set:
55. Dyson Cordless Vacuum:

Adidas Sneakers:
Zella Joggers:
Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo:
Dyson Airwrap:
Free People Oversized Sweatshirt:
Pointed Mary Jane Flats:
Madewell Leather Tote:

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*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. I use affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link.

So the time has come yet again where We're back to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I have narrowed Down what I think are the absolute best 50 items of the entire sale but I'm Telling you guys this stuff is really Good there's so much stuff that sucks Okay like I'm serious there's so much Stuff that is boring basic things theyve Featured year after year for like Decades and I'm over that so this stuff Is the good stuff everything as always Will be linked Down Below in the Description box I'll also timestamp Everything so if you want to jump around A different categories here are all the Categories that I will be feed featuring But let's get started so we're going to Start with the bras undies and socks Category and as always I will number Each item as we go along down in the Corner so you can jot down your favorite Numbers and then it's really easy to Find what you're looking for in the Description box and in the comment Section and I'm going to go through Things pretty quickly so let's get Started with this bra that I absolutely Love by TR and Co now I do already have This and the reason it's different than Every other seamless bra I have is Because it is a racer back seamless bra And that just comes in very handy with a Lot of tank tops and shirts that I have

So you don't see anything and of course It comes in a lot of colors it's Normally $52 and it's on sale for 33 now For those of you looking for more Support this wle Wireless bra I actually Got this sometime in the last year Normally this is not the kind of bra I Go for I'm just hooked on seamless but This is wirefree completely and it is Really comfortable it's kind of like a T-shirt bra but still gives you support And lift and this is normally $68 and It's on sale for 44 and the reviews are So good now regarding underwear this is What you got to get you got to get this Stuff I don't care if it's not the most Sexy underwear it's the most comfortable Underwear of your life okay it's $14 $14 Tons of colors these are the underwear You're going to be grabbing day in and Day out it's by the brand Chantel now if You want something a little more sexy The Hanky Panky lacy underwear you can Get these in like regular briefs you can Get them in thongs these are the thongs But they're super thin lace so again Very seamless and comfortable and They're on sale for 17 bucks and then For socks crw socks are all the rage Right now this is the brand Zella such a Good brand these are $15 right now for Three pairs of crew socks in really Wearable colors moving into the tops and Sweaters category I feel like this one I

Usually go kind of crazy ordering Different things I don't know I love Tops so we're going to just go in a Complete random order just jumping all Around um up first we have this open Edit sleeveless vest I just love this Style I feel like you can dress it up You can wear it very very casually just Like a really cool chic style lots of Color options and it's under 40 bucks And then we have a couple Free People Sweaters so this sweater it's like an Oversized uh turtleneck sweater I just Think it's going to go really fast um It's normally $128 and it's on sale for 84 the quality Of Free People is next level but if you Want something not so oversized there is Also this option this is actually a Thicker sweater it's normally $148 and it's under .99 so it's Definitely kind of pricey I just think That it's one of those classic go-to Sweaters people are going to like really Enjoy that lots of color options and Then the babang t-shirts the oversized Billabong T-shirts they did have these Last year and they were very quick to Sell so these are under $30 they're just Really beachy really summery the quality As in like the they're just like a Really good t-shirt material I Definitely got one last year I still Wear it to bed all the time I love it so

There's a lot of styles there if you Wanted a sweatshirt version I love that One as well this is under $440 like $9 Love this I'm I'm probably more of a Sweatshirt girl than I am a t-shirt now As far as Cardigans I feel like the sale Every year it's always like the same Barefoot dreams cardigan the long Cardigan like okay we're I I just wanted Something different so this is by the Brand Farm Rio now Farm Rio it's an Expensive brand but they just have Really interesting unique pieces we have Dresses coming up a little bit later in The video that I just think are stunning This cardigan I just love it it's Normally almost $200 but it's on sale For $129 so it is a little bit of a Splurge I just think it's something that You can throw on when you're kind of Chilly and it just looks better than a Boring cardigan that we all already have This CC blouse with the bow neckline It's black and white it's just like a Really good pop obviously they have it Styled with jeans which is totally fine But this is a really great piece you Could Elevate and wear it to work it Could be very business it could wear it To church you could wear it to a brunch Like there's a lot you can do with it And I just feel like it stands out okay Let's talk jeans and Pants next now this Next one I'm putting two completely

Different items under the same number Okay I just couldn't choose between them And and I think they're both really good They're both like 20 bucks okay this First one is by Pon it's like a more Normal jogger type of sweatpants I just Think they look really comfortable I Love the color options they just look Stylish but if you want something more Loose and free flowing there's these BP Kind of like cargo sweatpants I love That option as well definitely kind of Like a a loungewear maybe should have Put in that category honestly but They're pants let's talk jeans so I Really tried to give you different Options as far as styling here so I in No particular order these wit and wisdom Black like washed black jeans I just Think they're nice wearable like they're In style I feel like everyone of all Ages could wear these they're kind of Straight leg they're just great and Wht And wisdom is so known for their Waistband as like really kind of sucking You in but like in a very comfortable Way i' I've actually worked with Wht and Wisdom before like they're just a good Jean brand that are affordable at the Same time so these are normally $88 on Sale for 58 and then we have AG jeans Which this is more of a pricey Splurge Worthy pair of jeans but they are the Skinny option you know there's still

People that are kind of really into the Skinny jeans and that's totally fine I Mean you can still buy them I still Think they're like in style but these Are the jeans that I feel like they're Skinny but still in style so if you want A pair of jeans like that get these um They're usually $235 on sale for 156 and This is a pair that people wait for this Sale and they snag them as soon as they Can get a good deal now if you want Something really like on Trend these Pack Sun wideleg cargo jeans they're Light wash they're just trendy they're Here to stay for a while it's not like I Think you're going to get these jeans And they're going to be out of style Next year I'm just saying they're a Little bit more on Trend than skinny These are on sale for $42 really good Reviews and as soon as the sales over Like everything this it's going to go Back to normal price but then we also Have this pair of wide leg which to me Looks a little less young because it's Not cargo there's no distressing there's No pockets it's just like a Sleek pair Of wideleg jeans you could wear for so Many occasions now I feel like I say This every year but I do think the shoe Category is my actual favorite there's Just so many good shoes let's start with The sneakers for these some of them I'm Going to put different uh links under

The same number just because they're Like similar shoes like let's start with The New Balance like the 574s I mean Look at these they're going to sell so Fast if you like these jump on them Quick as soon as you can start shopping There's different color options I really Love the I guess kind of neutral with The light blue n and then there's like There's just a lot of options there's Also the 550s which are more of a Basketball shoe uh but they're still Neutral with the white and again I just Think those are going to go pretty fast Now another sneaker that not really like Fashionable but I mean they're in style But they're they're more for actually Working out or running or being athletic The onclouds if you like to run walk Work out at all they have a huge Following they're just really good Quality running shoes normally like $160 On sale for $119 oh my gosh this sneaker I can't even believe they included this Next sneaker in the sale because these Are so popular right now the Adidas Gazel I talked about these these Sneakers in my recent uh video of just Being like like these are the sneakers Everybody wants so the fact that they're Included in the sale where you can save Like 40 50 bucks on them I mean get them If you can so there's the platform Version and then there's also just the

Regular ones that you know just the Regular gazelle's really pretty like Blush color like good color options too Now since we're still in summer I'm just Going to jump to some sandals these Steve Madden I I think they're kind of Like platform suede looking sandals I Went through all the sandals and Honestly a lot of them I like I don't Think many of them are going to sell That well but I do think these ones will Because they're comfortable they're Going to give you some height they're Wearable you could wear them just so Many occasions so I love those another Shoe that I think will be very popular Are the Chanel inspired Shoes by BCB Generation so under this number I'm Going to link the ones that are flats uh And then I'm also going to link the ones That have a slight heel like a a chunky Heel I think both are great they Definitely give off Chanel Vibes at a Much better price point I would say you Could consider those if you like that Style I have a few boot options this Steve Madden like knee high boot I love So much it looks so expensive I'm sure It's probably styled after a designer I Don't even know what it is but I love Them I want to buy these um these are Normally $230 but they're on sale for $ 153 I Know it's still pricey but these are

Like really good boots the western boots Are just really popular right now so These by Dirty Laundry um they're on Sale for 59 which I think is a great Deal and they're just they're western Boots that aren't in your face again Very wearable some are just crazy like No one would actually wear them unless You're going to a concert but these I Think you can actually pull off all the Time and then if you just want a more Classic Chic option these shits boots With like kind of like a metal uh toe Cap heel I just think they're classy Looking stylish last but not least in The shoe category is this Steve Madden Kitten heel that is oh so popular right Now too again I just talked about this In a recent video the the Buckle detail The the low kitten heel Style with a Pointy pointy toe like it's just so in Style this is great great for dresses It's also great for jeans I mean you can Wear this and look kind of elevated but It's super easy to wear because they're They're just comfortable kitten heels Now we're going to talk about dresses Now in this category I have many Different styles but let's start with The farm Rio dresses that I hinted at Towards the beginning of the video more Specifically this white and magenta Looking one this is my favorite one it Looks so intricate it's so detailed it

Reminds me of a Zimmerman dress which is A very high-end designer dress so this Is normally 238 $8 but it's on sale for $1 164 so I know it s a Splurge it's Just it really is a standout dress in my Opinion also comes in this blue color Which is this is actually a different Style but I also really like that one But if you want just more of a casual Normal floral dress like a normal summer Dress at a better price point this Billabong floral dress is really pretty It's $46 right now um and I feel like It's just something you could throw on In the summer and look really good now Another casual dress that I think is Well done is this denim dress sometimes I hate denim dresses but this one looks Great to me it's an instant outfit it's Going to show off your waist really well Oh this is probably my favorite of them All maybe I maybe not I don't know this Blazer dress looks so good styled with These black boots get the black boots That I already talked about pair those Together oh my gosh this is such a nice Outfit and I love how it's not too short You know where it's just feeling skimpy Like it actually is kind of like a Professional looking dress now if you Want an actual like be business Professional dress you could wear to the Office this black button- down dress uh Where there's like piping white piping

Down the front I mean this is something That you could wear to the office um to A business lunch and business dinner uh You could wear you could wear it to a Lot of different things it's going to Show off your waist it looks really Expensive even though it's totally not At $79 on sale I love it last but not Least it's this sweater dress you go to The Hamptons and the you see like a Mansion on the in the Hamptons and the And the owner this walks out in this Like really pretty long like sweater Dress I don't know that's that's the Vibes it's giving it's like you just put It on you look you look like you have a Lot of money it's $84 it's normally $139 It's the weirdest subcription ever I Just feel like it's so flattering now We're going to talk about coats and Jackets now in this category I had to Make a lot of cuts to make room for Other things so this is not that diverse Of a a list here but these blank NYC Fleece and denim jackets I bought one Either it was last year or the year Before but to this day one of my all Time favorite jackets that I I still own And I wear all like I love this and it Comes now in different colors so there's Like the light blue wash this one I have There's the black one there's like an Olive color it's almost like you're Wearing a vest but you're not you just I

Don't know every time I wear it though I Get tons of compliments and then this Thread and supply fleece jacket I just Love the floral pattern I have a very Similar one in a different color and It's again one of those pieces that Looks kind of retro but when I wear it I Get a lot of compliments um it's Normally $59 on sale for $39 so I think It's a really good price this Levis Fleece jacket it's reversible so I feel Like it's just more bang for your buck Because if you turn it inside out then You suddenly have like a faux leather Jacket too it's just like a good buy Because you can wear it depending and Like switch it up depending on what Outfit you're wearing so consider that I Feel like it looks really stylish too Then we have this long trench coat that Is kind of an interesting Floral Design I feel like so many of the coats on sale This year they just look boring it's Like all the coats we already have like Why would you buy anything new but to me This is something where it stands out it Looks different and I bet you also would Get tons of compliments on it so another Really popular category is Handbags and Jewelry and I'm just going to jump to The one guys that is going to sell out So fast Circle his number the hersel Supply checkered duffel bag and belt bag I'm going to link these under the same

Number um I'm also going to put this Hersel backpack under the same number Because it's all the same brand um this Particular backpack really stylish Looking I feel like a lot of women would Like it amazing reviews it's just like a Very well-known loved backpack but let's Go back to the checkered duffel bag and Belt bag guys oh my gosh this looks so Similar to Louis Vuitton that's why I Think people are going to just love it They're going to eat it up um it's very Similar to The demier azour Print if You're drawn to that I'm telling you Guys you should get it while it's still In stuck but let's move on to Kate Spade Which is another designer it's more of a Contemporary designer but I was really Drawn to this bfold wallet are some Other purses and wallets that are in This kind of fern pattern I can link Some of those under this number but what I'm really featuring as my personal Favorite is this bfold wallet there's You know spots for cash your cards it's Really thin I feel like it'll fit into a Lot of bags but it's just like a good Pop of color it's like a really good Pattern but it would really look good in This uh cross cross body bag it's by All Saints another really good brand Normally $229 but it's on sale for $149 this it's Great for everyday it's an everyday bag

It actually holds quite a bit for a Crossbody it was featured in the Magazine and I feel like it was styled Really really well I love this little Dainty pendant diamond necklace it's Only $18 I have one myself that's like The real diamond version and I just feel Like every time I wear it it's just like A simplistic beautiful style and then we Have this diamond tennis bracelet which Obviously not real diamonds but they Look like real diamonds it is so pretty It's so classic and and they do come in Different Diamond sizes so if you want Something chunkier and more noticeable You could get that or something more Dainty so I will link both Options under This same number it's just one of those Bracelets that is classic and it's going To look great either by itself or Stacked with other bracelets you might Already have okay let's talk athletic And loungewear next and I want to start With another really good deal like more Bang for your buck this threepiece set So you get matching floral PJs that are Really cute with with a matching robe That you can put on top like I just love It to pieces and it's $59 it's usually Way more than that it's just great like I imagine sleeping in this it'd be Really comfortable waking up in the Morning putting on a matching robe so I Love that and then we have this Spanx

Scir I love a good scirt and this one Very very good quality because it Spanx It's not too short it's not too long you Know some just look stupid some are too Short like this one's a really good one Has great reviews it's $47 right now one Of their best sellers so I think that's Cool and then this Free People athletic Shorts vibrant colors lots of fun color Options also black but I feel like those Are going to go really fast just because They are free people and they're only $27 right now and then let's get the Zella leggings out of the way people go Crazy for the Zella livein leggings at This time so they're normally $59 year Round $59 right now they're 39 so people Just get those and replace the ones they Already have if they're starting to get Old so just keep that in mind if if Those are your favorite leggings I Wanted to share this really cool set That I think would look really good Paired together so this Travis Matthew Teal athletic top with matching leggings I Love This Together Travis Matthew is a Really good brand it's actually my Husband's favorite clothing brand Imagine that paired with this Nike Sweatshirt so the Nike sweatshirts last Year flew off the shelves I I feel like Within the first day they were Completely sold out so this might Already be sold out if you're watching

This depending on when you're watching It but if you can get your hands on These Nike sweatshirts there's a lot of Fun colors but I think the teal one Especially would look really good with That Travis Matthew outfit okay so we're Out of the clothing and into the beauty Category and I'm going to start with This Trish macavoy makeup set because it Blew me away this is normally get this $700 but it's on sale for $275 it is Like a whole makeup kit so if you just Want a makeup makeover and you just want To replace everything with a really good Brand get this I mean it literally comes With everything you could possibly need Another makeup set that I think is Really good is this Anastasia brow kit It just comes with all of their best Sellers it's all the stuff I use and I Love so consider that again you can pick Your shade I also love this Dior bag so It comes with a mascara it comes with Their best-selling um lip balms like Their glossy lip balms it comes with an Actual Dior toiletry bag which looks Designer and be great for travel I also Love the kapari healthy deodorant so I Wanted to mention that I try out healthy Deodorants all the time these are my Favorite and you get two of them so That's a big savings there the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads I recommend this every Year I feel like you will 100% notice a

Difference in just the texture of your Face in using these two-step peels so This is a really good deal that they Have on just those but if you want to Get an even better deal and you want Their famous red light and blue light LED mask it's the one that I have you Can get this set it comes with a lot of Their other Best Sellers as well now Granted this is $455 but if you were to Get this led face mask on its own you Would pay almost the same exact price I Think you might even pay more anyway This is a really really good deal with The face mask if you've been wanting it And then we have the home category which Of course I'm going to talk about the Beloved Barefoot dreams blankets that Everyone goes wild for while they're on Sale so these are normally $170 on sale right now for 111 or 118 Depending on which pattern you get now Of course there's the leopard print a Lot of people love that I have that if That's not your thing though they now Have a a lot of other patterns like Checker um they also have a cable knit Pattern which I love that I feel like That might be my new favorite one of Course they have solid color so I'll Link all of the options under this Number but if you want to step outside The box away from Barefoot dreams you Should try this next one I almost cut

This but again I couldn't because it's Such a good deal so it's a three for one It's by the brand Ugg which I think Ugg Blankets sometimes are actually better Than Barefoot dreams but you get an Ugg Blanket with a matching tote bag and eye Mask for 50 $7 so I think this would be Great for yourself or a really really Really good gift idea I mean it just Comes all together it's all matching you Can even get it and maybe take one item For yourself if you want it I don't know I think it's definitely like a really Good gift idea for the future though and Then let's jump to bedding I probably Just added this to the list because I Really want it but it is this comforter And matching pillowcase sham set it's Just textured in a beautiful way uh I Love the white but it also comes in like A sage green and I feel like it could Just really spruce up and just make over Your bedroom in an instant and it's a Really good price $129 for the entire Set my goodness the Dyson cordless Vacuum guys $850 normally and it's on Sale for $639 so if you've had your eye On that now is the time to pull the Trigger but that's the video guys it'll All be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by categories and the Numbers you saw on screen and I know People can shop at different times based

On different levels but I hope you get What you want save some money and happy Shopping bye