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These are fashion mistakes you're Probably making in 2024 now this video Is not about you know wearing white Pants after Memorial Day or removing the Stitch from the cat I mean you've heard All of those before these are very Different so let's jump into the first One which is not choosing the right Neckline for your outfit that actually Makes a big difference so as always I Like to show you kind of the bad version And then I want to show you how to make It better so this as you can see I'm Wearing a higher neckline black shirt And then if you add a cardigan pair of Shorts I mean it is summer time you're Like a a big rectangle a square it's not So good so if you switch it out to a Lower neckline like a scoop neckline Maybe pull up the sleeves a little bit It it's not so boxy and this simple Little change is a big Improvement now As you can see here I am wearing a Higher neckline but I'm not wearing a Cardigan you can see my arms there's Some contrast with the colors and I Don't look nearly as boxy this next one Is really interesting put it in the back Of your brain and save it for later but The mistake is always wearing black Pants With a more colorful top it's actually Not so good to do that it kind of ruins The color and this is what I mean here's

An example so I'm wearing black dress Pants with a Periwinkle uh bluish Purpley top and it's not terrible but The color could be so much better if you Simply switch it out to a pair of beige Or gray or more neutral pants so here is The the the difference I mean the color Just pops so much better all in all like This outfit to me is is 10 times better But if you do want to wear black dress Pants I'm not saying never wear black Dress pants but I do think if you go That route you should then pair them With a more neutral top like this and This is such a better outfit so just Keep that in mind next time you're Dressing for a more dressy function Fashion mistake number three is not Shopping on thread up and I'm being Totally serious you are doing yourself a Disservice if you are not shopping on Thread up I mean you could literally Completely transform your wardrobe you Could maybe get some vacation outfits if If you're going to the beach I mean There's so much you can find on thread Up they are the world's largest online Thrift store and I've teamed up with Them and I'm just going to throw out my Code right now because it's the best Code they have ever given me I'll have Them linked down below but you can use Code Shay to save 45% on your first order and get free

Shipping so I want to share some new Thread up outfits that I got and then The prices I paid and you can find your Favorite Brands up to 90% off estimated Retail and so this time around I Specifically checked I wanted everything To be brand new with tags and when You're searching you can narrow down the Criteria to be your favorite Brands um Your specific sizing what condition you Want whether it be excellent condition Or fair condition I again went brand new With tags this first outfit um the top Is by Abra croman Fitch the estimated Retail was 76 it's not even estimated Because again the tag was still attached But I paid thread UPS price of $29 and then the the purple pants are by Zara the estimated retail was $46 and I Paid thread UPS price of 25 and then we Have this neutral skirt outfit I love This so much more than I was even Expecting but the top is by Wilfred free And it is very nice I mean as soon as I Pulled it out of the box I knew it was Originally very expensive and it was it Was originally $127 and I paid third Up's price of 31 And then the skirt is Again by Zara um Estimated retail was $43 and I paid $20 It's so form fitting I feel like it fits Me like a glove and then we have this Much more casual outfit this jumper You're seeing I actually got from thread

Up a while ago it's by Wei War what Which is one of my favorite Instagram Influencers brand I ended up adding this Denim jacket by Dear John the estimated Retail was 95 and I paid thread UPS Price of 28 and I do just want to say This time around I ordered medium to Higher-end Brands there's times I order From thread up and I'll pay like $8 $112 For something so if you haven't tried Thread up I'm telling you you really Should again I'll have them linked down Below use code Shay for 45% off your First order and free shipping fashion Mistake number four is never color Balancing which could also be referred To as the sandwich method but the Sandwich method is much more broad so it Could be referring to color shape sizing Whereas color balancing is specific to Color and we're back to the purple pants Outfit so many people when they're Getting dressed they think they can just Throw on a pair of black shoes because Black Goes With Everything no it does Not that is a fashion mistake as you can See here it literally brings the whole Thing down I mean it actually weighs it Down it looks very heavy but if you Simply color balance I am wearing a White shirt on top so I put on a pair of White shoes on bottom it looks so much More balanced and cohesive so if we go Back to the black pants outfit I am

Wearing a neutral top so I could choose To wear a pair of neutral heels now in This instance this would be a time where I could actually wear black heels it Would actually elongate my legs and make Them look longer but I'm just giving you Different things to think about but While we're talking about this outfit Let's move on to the next fashion Mistake which is actually kind of Similar and it's wearing the wrong bag Color or tone and so many people think That neutrals just go with neutrals like You can just grab anything in the same Family and it'll work and that is so far From the truth I mean look at this beige Top with this beige Chanel bag horrible It is so horrible because one is very Warm where the other is very cool and so It just completely clashes that Chanel Bag is beautiful but it looks yellow and And and just terrible and then another Example sometimes people say just add a Pop of color I mean you can do that but Something still looks off to me about This bright pink Chanel bag it it just Looks out of place but kind of bringing In that warmish tone of the burgundy Chanel bag I know I'm like throwing all These Chanel bags it's just interesting That they're they're so expensive but They can actually make your outfit look Bad if you pair them wrong and last time I'm bringing out these purple pants but

This outfit if I throw on a black bag Similar to the black shoes it just looks Heavy it looks out of place but if I Pair it with a more white or cream Colored bag it just goes so much better The next fashion mistake is wearing Wideleg pants with chunky shoes and see The problem is wideleg pants are very in Style right now and so are chunky shoes But just not together and so here is you Know again the bad example I love these Wideleg pants but if I pair them with my Chunky loafers which are very in style For 2024 it just looks like elephant Feet it looks really bad if you decide To wear wideleg pants it can be Difficult to style them but I really Think you should just stick to fitted uh Pointy shoes even so I'm just wearing These pointy heels and it just looks so Much better it's kind of back to that Balancing thing very wideleg pants form Fitted shoes maybe something tight on Top this next one isn't necessarily a Fashion mistake but it's more just try This instead what I always see is when Somebody is wearing a very plain basic Top they J it up a lot with a chunky Necklace or what's more in right now is Just a lot of layers of necklaces which Again isn't necessarily a mistake but Sometimes I think it less is more and so I would say put on a basic top and then Put on a pair of bold earrings instead

And I feel like that can actually look a Lot more stylish this next fashion Mistake is spending a lot of money on Onetime wear pieces and so many people Do this like they'll have an event Coming up and they want to look really Good so they'll splurge on just like a Really fancy dress and they'll wear it One time and then they'll sit in their Closet for the rest of the time so I Just think that if you're going to spend A lot of money on something and these Examples you're seeing here on the Screen these are extreme I mean $800 for A very loud Blazer you could wear to Work and you're going to look good that One day but it's so obvious that you Probably won't wear it again for a Really long time and so it would be much Better to spend your money on things That aren't so incredibly loud so that You can wear them way more often so many Of you are going to hate me for this Next one but it's wearing leggings all The time guys leggings have been a thing For a couple decades now it's just Really starting to date you and me like This outfit you're seeing right here I Literally wore this last weekend to my Kids golf tournament and I looked in the Mirror when I got home and I'm like this Looks like like 2010 like I could do Better I'm always recommending so many You know instant outfits uh loungewear

Or errand running outfits even from Amazon that like head to toe the top and Bottom comes together no brain works Still super comfy but you look more in Style if you want to still wear leggings I'm just going back to the yoga pants or The flared leggings I feel like that Still makes you feel like you're wearing Leggings but it brings it to the current Year of 2024 I if you don't have a pair Of flared leggings yet I feel like you Should give it a try but those are all Of my interesting different fashion Mistakes I hope you enjoyed it again I'll have thread up link down below use My code Shay for 45% off your first Order order and free shipping Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye