9 Shoes OUT OF STYLE in 2024 & What To Wear INSTEAD!!! Everything is linked below & in the comments!

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Simple Strap Heels:

Chunky Heels similar to wedges:
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Chunky Black “Hermes” Sandals:
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Just warning you there's a lot more than Nine shoes out of style in this video I Just didn't want to overwhelm you so Some you're going to totally agree with Me on and then others you're going to Get mad at me you're going to get mad at Me I know I know it as always I like to Give you know more inst style options For 2024 and again some you might like Others you're going to hate but if you Like anything it'll all be linked Down Below in the description box and pinned In the comment section all right I am Concerned we are starting off on the Wrong Foot in all seriousness we are starting Off with the controversial one one that You are going you hate me for let's talk About the rise of the sneakers the Golden Goose I mean that's easy the Dirty shoes everyone really liked these But now no one really does and then the Yeezys I mean Kanye West's brand the Yeezys you couldn't even buy them now no One wants to buy them and then we have Nike yeah more specifically the Nike Dunk like the Nike Dunk the panda ones With black and white couldn't buy them I Paid like double for them like I own Them there's the Air Jordans I mean I I'm not saying that they're out of style But the thing is all of the shoes you're Seeing right now like you can get them On sale which is basically an indication

That people aren't wanting them anymore They're not really in anymore I'm sorry So if I had to say like what's really in Right now I would have to say the Adidas Gazel or the Adidas Somas which I have Talked about this before I'm not saying They're going to like last forever I Mean they're definitely a classic shoe But they're just really on Trend right Now these are the gazel that are like gr And white they're I like the platform Ones I think those are a little bit more In right now love these so much I will Obviously link them below the classic Somas that are black or white I mean the So good I just don't have them but I do Have the colored green ones which I feel Like that's actually a little bit more In I think they look great with jeans But I think they also look good with Ankle socks so I'm going to link my Favorite ankle socks below give them a Try guys I really think they make these Sneakers look a lot better A lot of you Watching this video are just so hooked On noow socks and sometimes I still wear Those but I really think you should give Some ankle socks a try and then we have The rebok club C 85 vintage sneakers That's a mouthful but man they are very Classic but extra in right now which is Great for me because I've had these for Years and out of every sneaker I own These are the ones I wear the very most

They look great with so many outfits and They are incredibly comfortable you're Going to ha a lot of you going to hate This next one but the thing is they're Very really popular so I know a lot of People also love them they're the rebok 960s yeah uh they're chunky they're Comfy if you're going to an amusement Park and you need to walk all day oh man Bust these out there is cushion for days I feel like they were very popular for Like maybe a grandmother like 20 30 Years ago but for 2024 a okay now a lot of people watching This video probably don't care at all About Trends although you did click on This video so maybe you care just a Little bit but in all seriousness wear What you want all of this really doesn't Matter now while we're talking about Sneakers let's talk about Converse Because there's definitely an in versus Out version of them I would definitely Say the low top Converse sneakers not in Right now will they come back probably So if you have them don't throw them Away but if you want to be just more on Trend for 2024 the high tops are where It's at love these I I have had these For a couple years I like them in in the White the best this is more of like more Of a chunky bottom so there's like a lot Of combinations you can get obviously You can get them in different colors and

Whatnot but the high top is more in for 2024 next let's talk about flats and I'm Going to be throwing a lot of them under The bus and I do fear that some of you Wear these so I I apologize uh hey dudes Hey Dudes not good Toms Toms just just Really not in style then we've got the Tory Birch Flats which I love these like 10 years ago I would definitely say Maybe not these and then if you just Have flats with like like just like Basic Flats with maybe like a a bow like A little like rippled bow um not good Let's talk about what's in right now Mesh Flats mesh Flats kind of weird cuz You can see your foot I actually like These a lot more than I was expecting Because they really kind of just go with Everything and they really elongate your Your legs I mean Flats kind of can make You look short and Stumpy these really Don't do that and this is where things Get weird guys this next one like I'm Not even sure I can get on board with This I mean I I'm more on your Side these um so so so in style right Now why I don't know like I mean the Thing is like when I look at them I'm Like wow it's a lot and then I put them On my foot and I'm like wow that's a lot A little teeny part of me likes them but I don't think I could ever wear these Out no but they are so in style right

Now so if you do like them and you think You could pull them off you'll look good I mean I think and then Mary Janes like This this is like the rebel and then This is like the nice more wearable Version of that this is like a a good Little shoe you know so comfortable I Have the brand vagabond um again I will Link these I love them so comfortable And I know Mary Jane's maybe they they Come across just a little too like Conservative but they really really are Just in style right now and if you like Them wear them hold up a brief Intermission a subscription intermission If you will if if you haven't yet Subscribed maybe you're you're kind of Enjoying this video take two seconds Down below next let's talk about kitten Heels because kitten heels are so in Style for this year but what's not in Style are the flip-flop kitten heels yes That's I like to call them because it Looks like you're wearing flip-flops With a heel these are not good even Worse are the the ones with um the Pattern or like the print accent like This animal print one so bad don't wear Those but what is in are the kitten Heels with the pointed toe yes I know What you're thinking they are similar to These These are better guys like you can Actually wear these so if you kind of Want to you know wear that style but

Like not feel like you're looking Ridiculous buy these I love them but They're by Steve P um you can get them In different colors and I do want to say And point out that the patent leather in General really really in style right now So I got the black patent leather There's like really nice buckles right Here a nice easy to wear kitten heel They look great with jeans they look Good with skirts they're comfortable They're not going to hurt your feet Because there's not a crazy heel but They do give you some elevation and Height there's another one guys you're Going to be mad at me you're going to be In the comments saying but Shay you Recommended these to me and I bought Them I did too I bought them too guys They're the woven Heels the woven heels I I still have Them the thing is when trends go so hard So fast they just go out really fast too Now if I saw somebody out and about at a Party or a wedding wearing woven heels I Wouldn't be like oh my gosh the person Is so out of style people aren't buying Them anymore and what people are buying Are just simple heels simple simple Simple two strap heels I mean this is Like there's not a lot going on here I Really like these clear ones because They again elongate your leg they go With everything I like them so much I

Got them in this camel color again you Can dress them up you can wear them more Casual these are so popular they come in Like 30 or 40 colors very much like the Woven heel I would say wedges are also Not as popular as they once were more Specifically though the black contrasted Wedges like that's full-blown just like Out of style not good uh or the cork Ones oh the cork ones I don't not also Not good so if if you get wedges or wear Wedges I mean I I really like them Actually uh get ones that are more all One color or just all natural looking More cohesive I keep saying this about Different shoes but these shoes again Make your legs look so long and and They're they're comfortable uh but What's even more in for this year are These so they they're very very similar To the classic wedge but they're they're Obviously just like a thicker chunkier Heel but they still give off that same Vibe um I'm not saying you need these or Anything but I was so pleasantly Surprised by this purchase they give me A lot of height make my legs look really Long but they're so comfortable this Part right here is so gushy that when I Walk like they're just like really easy To walk in and like I don't know just More comfortable than I was expecting so At the time of me filming this video it Is in fact summer so let's talk about

Sandals we've got the skinny strap uh Gladiator sandals with like the zipper On the back then over here we've got This the the Tory Birch sandals which Essentially are the rich girl flipflops And then down here I don't even know What these are called but they're like Just basic sandals I see them everywhere With the the skinny strap at the top of Your foot all out all out because chunky Sandals are in honestly it's not a bad Thing because let me just tell you Support and and comfort at its finest These are by Steve Madden um they're Actually very much Aires inspired so Believe it or not uh these are very Design looking right now but there's a Lot of tread they give you a lot of Support they're just very comfortable And then these are very much Chanel Inspired fraction of the price like These are very very well priced on Amazon and look at the bend guys look at The bend my favorites of them all and I've shared these before but I don't Make the trends guys the Birkenstock Inspire sandals if you want to get real Birkenstocks go for it but I swear guys Buy these instead they're just from Amazon they are so comfortable out of Everything here this is what you should Buy moving along to boots there's a lot Of bad boots out there uh we've got the Over the knee boots which that's just

Been out of style pretty clearly for the Last couple years then we've got slouchy Boots and this is the worst of them all The ankle boots with the Cutouts let's talk about what's in and This is really no Surprise the western boots but like not Crazy Cowboy inyou face western boots Like this just has a a kind of like Western Bo boot flare and they are Taller um up on your leg these are by an Bing right yeah these are expensive I Splurged I'm not saying you need to buy These I found like identical ones on Amazon look at the plethora of colors That you're seeing here on the screen I Mean wh's in Red's even in if you want To go bold black is great to have you Could go just neutral with with beige I Mean these are really nice I think They're like 50 bucks I can link them Below but I love this style right now I Mean is it going to last forever no but For the next few years I think so they Make your legs look long I keep saying That but it's true they're just a really Good boot that you can actually wear in Both spring summer fall winter all the Seasons everything that I talked about Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comments section I hope you still like Me please subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next one bye