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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I thought it would be really fun To share some mostly summer inspired Outfit ideas for petite body type and Specifically to do with color so I'll be Sharing outfits with more color today I Don't want to give you guys like the Impression that this is gonna be a very Colorful outfit ideas video because That's definitely not my style while I Do really appreciate it on other women Um you guys already know my style is Mostly neutral colors very basic and Simple but I do wear color believe it or Not but it is mostly during the spring And summer months so I thought it'd be Fun to do this outfit ideas video with Color because this is the season that I Wear it the most and I wear mostly muted And pastel Shades so that's what you'll Be seeing in this video today and I just Wanted to make this just fun quick video Just to share with you guys when I do Wear a color this is how I style it if You do find any pieces that you do like In this video I always link all the Fashion items in the description box Below along with sizing details okay so The first outfit I'm just gonna share What I'm wearing here so this blouse has Blue in it and one of my favorite colors To wear is blue and I specifically love It in Floral patterns so since this has Some black in it I paired it with black

Uh shorts and these are very drapey and Loose and kind of like almost a little Bit flowy and just really really nice Shorts I love how they're like a little Bit casual yet you can still dress them Up super duper comfortable the waistband Is just so high quality and like it Feels like it just really like hugs me There and just sucks me in and I don't Know it just feels comfortable and feels And looks flattering at the same time But anyways so with this I'm just Sticking to two colors I have the blue And the black going on so usually what I Do is when I'm styling color is I'll Have one color in the outfit sometimes It's multiple if it's like a pattern but I'll usually pick one of the colors in The top or bottom and then for the rest Of the out I'll try to find like a Neutral that will complement it so in This case I think black complements this Blouse really well because it has Already some black in it so I think it's A really easy way to put together an Outfit with some color okay this next Outfit I like to call this the purple Outfit another color I love wearing for Myself is purple and usually Um it's more of like that pastel shade Something a little bit lighter Um I love this top I actually got this Months ago from revolve and I was so Happy with it I think this top looks so

Beautiful with white denim jeans and I Just went all white with everything else Typically when I'm wearing color I if You can notice I stick to two colors so If I'm wearing a color I'll pick one Other color to complement it and just Keep it consistent throughout the outfit So with my shoes and my purse and it Just feels more like me something I Would wear and something that's more my Style because I'm adding in something Fun a color and I think a color that Does compliment me really well but I'm Sticking to what's true to myself with Neutral colors and very basic and simple Pieces so I think this outfit is a Perfect example of that if I'm wearing Purple I love pairing it with white I Think it just looks so stunning together And then Switching gears another way I Love wearing color is dresses actually Believe it or not most of the dresses That I own are colorful versus neutral Whereas the rest of my wardrobe from Tops bottoms outerwear is all neutral Dresses on the other hand it's all Colorful most of them are which is Something I love I feel like when I'm Wearing colored dresses is the easiest Way for me to incorporate color because A dress is an instant outfit it's so Easy to style and put together I can Wear it with some slides or with heels To dress it up and the dress itself

Typically has beautiful color palette Patterns to it and it just makes it so Much easier for me to wear color when I Have just like one piece which is like An instant outfit so here I'm sharing my Any examples I have this beautiful Ruffle green and white one from Abercrombie I have this mint green midi Dress from rehoboas that I shared Recently then this blue floral one from Rijoas I shared recently as well and Then this one from Uniqlo that has kind Of like an orangey print to it very Minimal and dainty and typically as you Can tell how I love incorporating color Is in Floral patterns I think it just is So girly again so feminine also just Really easy to pull off at least for me And also it's just kind of more of my Style Um something a little bit more girly and Again with dresses like this is the Easiest way for me to add color into my Wardrobe because again it's an instant Outfit and love wearing color mostly in The spring and summer months so dresses Is really easy for me to add into my Wardrobe with color and this next outfit I'm styling this is on blouse so this Blouse has a lot of blue in it and I Also love wearing blue with denim so Blue denim so in this case denim shorts Or I could wear it with long denim jeans And that would be great if the day is a

Little bit cooler so in this case it's a Summery outfit so I'm wearing blue denim Shorts with this beautiful blouse I have The sleeves rolled up and again if You're looking to incorporate some color Into the spring and summer season Another good way of doing that is in This outfit example is pairing uh Something blue with blue denim so I Think this combination is so beautiful It looks very classic too because denim Is very Classic this blouse is in a very Classic fit this print honestly I feel Like is classic the colors are subtle Muted which makes it for me at least a Lot easier styling with pieces that I Already have in my wardrobe so um again Blue and blue love it together I feel Like it's so stunning I especially love It on myself I think this is one of my Favorite ways or if not my favorite way To wear color is blue a top floral top Usually with blue denim okay next outfit I feel like is the simplest outfit with Color is with this um sweetheart blouse From Amazon these white shorts and then These heels Um this is definitely the most subtle Way with color because the only color is From that blouse and just like that Um muted reddish maroon color in the Floral print and I love it I feel like This top also looks very vintage which Is like definitely my vibe so as you can

Tell I stick to like two colors one Thing actually being a color and then White a neutral color so I love this Combination together I feel like Especially for the spring and summer Months just pairing a color with white I Think just looks so beautiful together In almost any color that you pick I feel Like any color that you decide whether It's vibrant muted or pastel if you pair That with white for the spring and Summer months I feel like it just looks So stunning okay last and final outfit Is with a skirt I actually have a Printed skirt so I think this one is so Beautiful because I got this one from Suzanne and I have the matching blouse To this skirt sometimes I wear them Together to make it kind of look like I Have a dress on Um and then I wear it separately of Course so with this outfit I love the Skirt with this beautiful bow tie tank And some strappy Flats I think uh this Is just feminine girly really cute and By the way this skirt has shorts on the Inside it's actually a skirt but with Built-in shorts underneath which let me Tell you being a mom of two kids I mean Can I just like thank Sazon for that not Only they made such a stunning piece but They made it practical which is like Thank you so um I love this Floral Pattern this pattern is actually kind of

Goes against what I was sharing today With a muted or pastel Shades Um these colors are definitely a lot More rich and kind of vibrant not bright But you can tell they're just like Really rich and that's the best way I Can describe it and I love it this Pattern has been the easiest color Palette pattern two style it is Absolutely shocking and I feel like when Cezanne makes their pieces that have Color in it it's a very well thought out Because I feel like they choose the Right colors put them together the right Shades where it makes it so freaking Easy to style with anything it's Honestly mind-blowing and I love that They put so much thought into that like You can just tell all right you guys so That is it for this video I really hope You enjoyed seeing how I personally love To include color and how I love to wear Color Um during the spring and summer season And again this is the time I wear color The most if not at all again I mainly Wear color in dresses because one it's An instant outfit and then I also wear It in tops because I feel like find Ending tops and different colors and Patterns is really easy and then it's so Easy to style with neutral bottoms like Denim jeans or trousers Shorts again and this is the two ways I

Love having color and wearing it is with Dresses and different tops and then I Showed you a skirt option so hopefully That was nice to see too something a Little different and if you are Interested in any pieces I shared in This video I always link everything in The description box for you guys if you Wanted to check out anything I also put What size I'm wearing and my personal Size measurements so you can use that For your reference thank you so much for Watching this video and I'll see you Next time bye