Getting FRONT TEETH Ceramic Implants…I still have a ways to go on this journey, but hopefully sharing everything will make others feel less alone. I also hope this is informative & educational for those that may need teeth extractions and/or dental implants in the future.

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Hello everyone so I am back with yet Another teeth Journey update I have some Good news I have some bad news and I Honestly don't know the direction this Whole video is even going to go because I am at the beginning stage of the next Phase of the whole process so I'm going To film it all put it in this video I Don't know if it's going to go okay Fingers crossed but I did want to give You a quick update as to what's even Been happening the last few months if You're totally clueless about all of This you can go back and watch my Previous videos and Vlogs I've Documented the whole thing but long Story short back in November December I Started feeling really really sick like Through my whole body but it was Stemming from a cracked front tooth that Uh was really infected for years but I Didn't know it I was just feeling so bad Um so I had that surgery the front four Bottom teeth came out I'm still wearing A retainer look yep yay so I've been Rocking that for the last 6 months and I Am now Monday morning like this coming Monday it's Friday right now I am going In for my implant surgery but back in April I went back to my oral surgeon Dr Sam he's amazing and we did a 3D or he Did a 3D scan on me to check the healing The bone density to prep me for the Implants it's like a whole process and

He also talked to me about you know Ceramic versus titanium implants and I Already knew that like that's way better But I still filmed it I'm going to Insert this next clip just so you can Kind of learn about the process a little Bit more and then I'm going to to come Back and tell you what's really been Happening the last few weeks which is Kind of like a new development all right Sh so we're looking at the healing of The bone so we can decide what size what Length of implant we can place we have a Full Lab in the office so what are we Going to do is we're going to take an Intraoral scan CT scan pictures and then We're going to design the computer where The teeth going to be based on the teeth We're going to go back to design where The implant's going to be to get you the Ideal position of the teeth and then We're going to do a computer generated Guide so whatever you see on the CT scan Going to happen in your mouth with the Best accuracy possible you don't want to Do the work where you open the patient's Mouth and look and decide where the Implant is going to go there should be Some science behind this why you decide To go 1 mm that way or that way we do All the leg work now and with the help Of our lab that we're going to take you Upstairs to do the work and you will see It then this way you can cover basis to

Avoid any issues that you or other Patients can to have in the future and This is the things that the patients Need to think about when they decide on Providers ceramic implants is definitely The most friendly products to the human Body we see the response of the human Body to ceramic implants and compared to Titanium it is completely different it's A much better product especially for People that has a lot of allergies I Always ask my patients um especially our Female patients if you have any allergy Putting some jewelry like silver jewelry Fake jewelry if they develop some Allergic reaction rash around these Areas these people are more prone to Have an issues with titanium than people That don't have any allergy so these are The things that you definitely need to Consider we're looking forward to taking Uh holding Shay's hands take her through Her journey um she is more than halfway Done our next step will be to do the Implants and then 3 months later she Will have teeth and then she will be Done so like I said that was back in April it is now June um and also I just Want to say Dr Sam and I are not Collaborating I am paying full price for All of my services I just really like Him and if you're in the Pittsburgh area I just wanted you guys to know that he Exists even if you're in the surrounding

Areas I would say it's worth it to drive To his office he's just so Advance as Far as technology but I just love that He uses ceramic implants and not Titanium I mean a lot of providers Across the US and probably the world are Now switching to ceramic but a lot of Dentists and surgeons are stuck in the Past as only using titanium and it's Just you know like he said it's just not As biocompatible and accepting to the Human body which leads me to what has Recently been happening to me in the Last few weeks so this is kind of like The bad news and it makes me nervous I Would say about 3 or 4 weeks ago I Started feeling not good again and it Was bad enough that I mean it wasn't Even close to what it was back in December but it was bad enough that I Went back to Dr Sam and I was like I Don't know what's going on I'm not Feeling well again is there like another Infection he took an x-ray he examined My mouth he even did an incision in my Mouth and really like looked inside to Make sure nothing was there and Everything looked perfect but what he Thinks is happening is my body is Starting to reject the temporary metal Screws That are in my mouth from the bone graft And so when you have kind of an Extensive bone graft they do have to use

Some screws to keep the bone in place Again temporarily and then at the time Of the implant they come out but because It is a temporary material your body can Start to reject it and so that's like a Perfect example of your body really Doesn't want metal in it and I I'm I Don't know like I'm not it's not Horrible right now but I am definitely Kind of nervous but also excited to have This procedure done on Monday so that The screws come out and the ceramic Implants can go in and then hopefully Everything kind of you know levels out Again kind of the biocompatibility kind Of goes back to normal I already have You know other ceramic implants in my Mouth and they've been amazing and I Don't even think I necessarily have a Metal allergy like I wear jewelry I like I don't think I do have a metal allergy But it's interesting that this is kind Of happening to me so again it's just Something to keep in mind if if you are Somebody that does need a dental implant I do think implants are a better route Than a root canal actually but I would Say if you can get ceramic you should go That route so anyway I will see you Bright and early Monday morning 7:00 A.m. for the next phase good morning it Is 5:45 in the morning and I'm talking Without my retainer in but my Appointment is at 7:00 a.m. I think I

Already said that I slept pretty well Last night other than I went to bed with A headache and I still have one this Morning I don't know if it's just cuz I'm like stressed out or worried I have No idea but I'm kind of starting off not On the greatest foot today hopefully it Goes away or maybe it's just going to Get [Music] Worse okay so I'm fully numb I'm super Numb and I'm like shaking because of the It rine phrine but they're going to come Back in and I probably won't film it but I'll see you afterwards okay I am back Home I actually just woke up from a nap So I came home my appointment was so Early I got home at like like 8:30 so I Fell asleep I woke back up just now and I look I feel like there's blood dried On my face I'm swollen I look horrible I Can't even believe I'm doing this but Whatever the numbing has completely worn Off so I've taken one Advil and I feel Like I'm pretty good with pain so that's Been fine so far but let me just cut Back to I guess how everything went Dr Sam you know came in did the procedure Uh he looked really deep down into my Bone and I really looked at the area he Said everything healed really really Well and was solid and was good so that Made me feel better and then that he Placed the implants two implants I'll

Cut to a picture or a video I quickly Took after the whole thing was done they Did an x-ray and you can see like that's What the ceramic implants look like in My mouth and just to clarify because I Know it is a confusing process but these Implants need to heal to my Jawbone for At least 3 to 4 months before teeth can Be placed on top of them so it's still Going to be a while before my smile is Back to normal he said the procedure Went really really well he seemed really Happy about it the only thing that like I guess is bothering me now is the teeth On this side just feel so weird like not Good like they're not like in pain per Se but kind of and then they also almost Feel numb as well which doesn't make any Sense because it's been many many many Hours it's like late afternoon now like The numb is completely worn off but I Just it I'm hoping it's just from the Trauma and the swelling that these teeth Just feel weird because you didn't Really go near those teeth so there's no Reason that there would be issues there But this side feels fine but this side Feels so weird especially when I touch Them or bite down I'm just hoping that In the next few days the swelling and Everything goes down in this area goes Back to normal but that's the only thing So far that's concerning me I just don't Want more issues so I'm just going to

Rest all day long not really do anything And I will check back with in with you At some point all righty so I am back um 3 days later for another update as you Can see I am wearing my retainer now and Hopefully you can tell that I'm not Really that swollen I didn't bruise at All this time around the extractions I Bruised a lot I was super swollen for a Long time this has been much much much Milder there was one kind of situation That got weird there for like a day or So I even went back to Dr Sam I should Have you know documented the whole thing But it was just kind of a whirlwind I Called and then they they said I'll come And see it was just like a real quick Thing I told you in my last update that The teeth on this side felt really weird And they just continued to feel really Weird and they still do feel weird by The way they felt numb they felt painful Like when I would bite down I almost Felt the teeth kind of like shifting I It was weird I've never felt like Anything like that so I started thinking It had to do with the stitches being Really really tight in my mouth so I Went back to see Dr Sam he probably Thought I was crazy but he did put Disposable disposable that's not the Right word dissolvable dissolvable Stitches in this side made it a little Less tight and honestly as soon as he

Did that I did feel a difference I mean It wasn't like crazy different but it Didn't feel as tight I felt like there Was less pressure the teeth did still Feel weird the more I kind of like the day went on however It's gotten a lot better and I don't Really think it necessarily was the Stitches but I appreciate Dr Sam for at Least looking at me and kind of like Making that change just to see if that Would help so that was really really Sweet of him the more I think about it When he actually did the procedure even Though the implants had nothing to do With these teeth he had to cut the gums Around and this graphic I know he had to Cut the gums around this area pull the Gums back and then remove those metal Tacks or those metal screws do the Implants and then he could put the gums Back and like Stitch them up so I just Think the gums had a lot of trauma Obviously this side I mean this side Feels totally fine um so maybe there was Just like a little more trauma on this Side but each day they are feeling Better that was like the weird thing That kind of started to get me worried But again I think it's okay other than That I feel like this whole procedure Has gone really well I mean Dr Sam said It it did go really well for those of You out there that do need to get

Implants and you're just putting it off Or maybe you're deciding between Implants and root canal I genuinely Think implants if you go the ceramic Route is way healthier way better it is A long process but I'm telling you I Think it is way healthier for your body So don't be scared I wasn't asleep they Numb you I didn't feel anything it felt Like just vibrations it really wasn't That bad I thought the extraction was Worse I didn't even think that was that Bad so you guys can definitely do it so I hope you found this particular update You know educational maybe a little Helpful a little encouraging if you kind Of need to have some work done but I'm Sure I'll have more updates in the Future I'm going to show you everything Moving forward but thank you so much for Following along with me on this and I'm Sure I'll well I will see you soon in my Next video okay bye