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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing some petite friendly Outfit ideas that are specifically great For when the temperature is really hot Now living in Washington state our Summers don't get too too hot we do get Some weeks where we get like heat waves But for the most part I feel like the Temperature is really nice here in Washington so these outfit ideas I feel Like are great whether you have really Hot summers or if it's a little bit more Mild I feel like these outfits will just Work really well for summer time and Especially when it gets really hot so Today I'm going to share about seven Different outfits with you guys and just Walk you through each one and the pieces That I have styled and if you happen to Be interested in anything I share I Always link everything in the Description box along with sizing Details so let's go ahead and get Started with this first outfit I Actually got a lot of requests to share Outfit ideas for the summer time that Have to do with sleeves so I wanted to Share some hot weather friendly layering Pieces so first one is this little beach Cover-up I should say this this is from Revolve so it's a really expensive Cover-up but the quality is exceptional And it is very light and Breezy and very Very high quality you can wear it as a

Layering piece like this which I feel Like looks so beautiful with the tank And shorts or you can actually button it Up all the way cinching it around the Waist and you can easily wear it as like A cute little dress cover up over a Swimsuit so it's petite friendly I feel Like it's super flattering and then I Layered it over just a basic White Tank These Abercrombie shorts I feel like Look so cute with it and then with some White slides and a basic um shoulder bag So anyways I feel like this is a really Simple outfit but I feel like it's very Wearable for the summer time especially If you're going to the park to the beach So the next outfit idea is this one here I highly recommend including linen Pieces in your summer wardrobe because Not only are they so Chic and stylish But um linen pieces are typically on the Looser side so it makes it a lot more Wearable for those really hot Temperatures and in my opinion that's The key in dressing in really warm Temperatures really hot temperatures That is is going for more Breezy and Light pieces nothing that's clingy on The skin or super duper tight things That are just more relaxed and fitted or On the looser side is great to wear in The summer months so these linen shorts Are from revolve I love these worth the Splurge in my opinion and then I paired

It with this really easy satin Cami I Feel like this is so perfect for summer Time because it's not so tight and Clingy it doesn't feel hot as well it's Just perfect to wear on its own for the Summer time I think it just looks so Stunning on its own and then pairing Linen with the satin tank I feel like The two different materials look so Beautiful together with slides and a Regular bag and I feel like it just Looks so stunning the other way I wanted To style these linen shorts is with a Silk long sleeve shirt so this is Another way to wear something with Longer sleeves if you're a little bit Self conscious about your arms or if you Just in general just want to wear Something with longer sleeves silk tops Are definitely a go-to for honestly any Time of the year because it's Temperature regulating silk is Definitely such a go-to for those really Warm temperatures because again it's Temperature regulating it's not super Tight it's a little bit looser more Relaxed so it feels Cooling and Breezy So it's perfect for those really hot Temperatures I never get too hot wearing Silk in the summer months so I feel like It's definitely worth the investment Such a go-to so I feel like this color Combination also looks so stunning and Very classy at the same time okay and

Then dresses are absolutely perfect for Those really hot temperatures so I got This new dress in from Walmart which is So surprising I've never bought clothing From them so this is a really fun piece That I found that is budget friendly It's this linen dress it has this Beautiful cutouts on the waistline and One of the reasons why I really love This dress is because it has cut out at The waistline so it really draws your Eye at the smallest point and it looks So incredibly flattering you can also Wear a regular bra with it which is Amazing this is petite friendly I'm Wearing it with strappy sandals but you Can also dress it up with a pair of Heels I think that would also look Really stunning so this dress I'm not Sure if it's 100 linen or mixed in with Other materials but it does look and Feel like linen so it has that really Natural organic look to it and it's just So stunning and again I love the cutouts It's just so flattering really Highlights the waistline the smallest Point and just looks so feminine and so Beautiful and then two other dresses I Wanted to share that I feel like are Great for those really warm temperatures I shared these outfits actually I think A month ago month and a half some around There but this is another long like midi Maxi dress that's very Breezy and very

Light it's from Amazon it's in that Halter style I've shared this to death On this channel already and I feel like You guys sold out so many sizes already Specifically in the black color it also Comes in other colors as well but I have It in Black it is seriously the perfect Summer dress so it's another beautiful Longer black colored dress that's very Breezy very light great for spring and Summer and especially for those really Hot temperatures it's really easy to Wear with sandals going to the beach or Wear it with heels and you can go to a Special occasion wearing it it's just Absolutely versatile and so flattering And then this next dress is actually a Mini dress this one is more of a Splurge It's from revolve it's a beautiful Stunning dress highly recommend it if It's in your budget but it's this off The shoulder white dress I am so in love With it it's just absolutely stunning so Girly so feminine you can wear off the Shoulder you can wear on your shoulder I Feel like a great way to wear it for the Summer time is with slides and just a Basic bag and I feel like it looks so Pretty like this it's just really easy To wear it's not too hot it's also very Breezy very light and so petite friendly And so comfortable so stunning all the Things so another really beautiful dress Option but in a shorter length that is

Petite friendly great for those really Warm temperatures so these three dresses Are my top recommendations for a dress That's very Breezy and very light for The really warm temperatures I do have a Lot more dresses that I reviewed and Shared before which I'll link a couple Videos up here if you guys want to see Some more dress options if you're Looking for any but I love these three Because they're very wearable very Classic and they're so easy to wear Casually with slides or sandals or dress Them up with a pair of heels they're Very versatile in that way and wearing It casually or dressed up okay then the Last outfit idea I wanted to share Styling these blue paperback waist Shorts oh my gosh I share these in my Shorts video where I review different Shorts and I love these so much they are So flattering I love how they like Really cinch in around the waistline They have more room in the thighs I love The color always wearing neutrals Purchasing neutrals and I feel like it's Just so fun having something like this In my wardrobe that's just a little pop Of color I wear it with my other neutral Colors and I think it looks so stunning So I love the little bow that it has Around the waistline so I wanted to pair It with my bow tie tank where the bows Are at the shoulders and with my white

Slides I feel like this is very classic Twist on an outfit that has some Feminine touches to it but yet it's Still classic and Polished at the same Time and these shorts are also great for When it's really hot because they're not Super thick they're a little bit thinner Very light they're looser around the Thigh so I feel like when it comes to Wearing these on those really hot days I Feel like they are a great option Alright you guys so that is it for this Video that was seven different outfits That I would recommend styling putting Together for those really hot days so Highly recommend styling linen highly Recommend including silk or satin also Recommend picking pieces that are looser More relaxed relax nothing too tight or Clingy when you are dressing for those Really hot temperatures anyways if you Guys happen to be interested in anything I share today it's all Linked In the Description box I also put lots of Sizing details in there as well and if You happen to be new I would love to Have you back hit that subscribe button And I will see you next time bye