Hey everyone! Today’s video is on how to look effortlessly chic! In this video we delve into what it is that makes an outfit look sophisticated and chic and how to dress well with capsule wardrobe basics! Hope you enjoy x

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Why is it that some people can just look So effortlessly Chic the model off duty look seems just So effortless and Casual yet it always Comes across as if they know what they Are doing when it comes to Fashion I Wanted to find out how this is possible And how I can achieve that look Myself when we open our wardrobe Sometimes it can feel like we are Overloaded with colors and patterns and Trendy pieces that we have bought maybe Worn once and then it hasn't seen Daylight since it can be hard to Visualize how we can put all of it Together to create a cohesive outfit I Want to be able to open my wardrobe pick Out whatever I have and put it together And it worked to give off that Effortlessly Chic look without much Effort so I decided to start at the Beginning what is Chic according to Mariam Webster Dictionary she describes smart elegance And Sophistication smart elegance and Sophistication immediately makes me Think of Brands like Ralph Loren known For their staple yet luxurious pieces Like their Blazers fitted shirts and Sweaters in 1972 after success in his Men's Wear collections Ralph debutes his First full women's collection taking Cues from his Men's Wear line women were

Always asking him to make pieces for Them Which does bring me to the fact that the Majority of these effortlessly Chic Outfits are made a part of what I would Class as basic staple items Ralph Loren Has also been closely tied with the old Money style Trend at the moment which Stylight describes as a focus on quality Logo free designer pieces tailoring and Classic American prep old money style Quickly brings up searches of Sophia Richie and Jasmine tkes which both Scream effortlessly Chic with the old Money style being closely entwined with Smart Elegance does this mean we have to Spend a lot of money on our clothes for Them to be Chic I don't think this is True although quality and craftsmanship Is important I don't believe that Clothes need to be expensive in order For them to look Chic in fact I think The effortless Chic look is more of a Vibe the outfit gives off rather than The items specifically looking out for Good quality Basics like 100% cotton Instead of polyester is a good place to Start not only for Comfort but for the Environment too and like H&M and Unico Offer 100% cotton pieces in Staples just Make sure to look at the composition Labels before purchasing what do all of These effortlessly Chic looks have in Common they all feature a collection of

Neutral tones with pieces like Blazers And shirts jeans still have their place But they styled in a way which screams Sophistication whites Grays beige tan And black have a def inite prominence Throughout all of the looks as well as Key materials like denim cotton and Silky Fabrics neutral color palettes of These looks show how by keeping similar Tones in these outfits it can give off Such an effortlessly Chic look outfits Also feature staple items things like White shirts plain t-shirts jeans Blazers and knitwear pieces that come to Mind when discussing captal wardrobes There's nothing that would be classed as A trend driven item but their outfit Still look current keeping on Trend with Things like loose fitted jeans instead Of skinny jeans and yet there's still a Staple item being a jean another key Feature to note are the use of Accessories items like belts bags and Jewelry are all ways to elevate these Basics to give them a Chic look but Still showcase your personality in the Outfit I think this is the perfect way To show who you are and what your style Is another thing I've also notice is the Styling just doesn't stop with the Clothes it also seems that all of these Effortlessly Chic looks are always Finished off with perfect hair or makeup That complement the look so how can we

Create this with our own Wardrobe step one Basics first is to Find your Basics items that are neutral And can be mixed and matched with Anything else in your wardrobe even your Trend Pieces these are things like your jeans A plain T-shirt a shirt a blazer Knitwear a trench coat and smart Trousers shoes such as strappy heels Flats and sneakers you can sty these Together simply without having to think Too much if they will go as the neutrals Complement each other and keep the look Cohesive step two accessories next we Need to find our accessories the things That can add personality to our look and Make it look that little bit more Chic Things like belts sunglasses jewelry Statement shoes hats Bags step three putting it together now This is the hard bit how do we know what To put with what the key is to keep it Simple because we have our good Basics We can use these as a base and then use Our accessories to make it unique it's Also about how you style the outfit Together when looking at the Effortlessly Chic outfits the shirts Tend to be tucked into the jeans rather Than hanging out it's also little Details like keeping a few of the shirt Buttons undone rather than doing them up All the way to the top stacking your

Jewelry or adding statement earrings too I've put together a plain white T-shirt Blue jeans and then a Blazer over the Top for a simple look that I could Easily style for the day then by Changing the T-shirt to a shirt and Switching the trainers to heels it Creates a perfect evening look looking Back at some of the Ralph's or Ren looks They sometimes drape a jumper over their Shoulders this is another way you can Style your Basics too by layering lingg Layering your Blazer or your jumper over Your shoulders gives off a very Sophisticated look not forgetting hair And makeup by putting my hair up with The day look this helps to tie the whole Look together but then by adding a bold Lip to maybe an evening look it can Instantly bring the whole look together And make it look Chic but I think the Key to all of these effortlessly Chic Looks is confidence it's having the Confidence to put these items together Without thinking too much into it and Then building on them adding your own Personal style to them with your Accessories as your confidence Grows I think it's really important to Incorporate your own personal style into These looks as this is what makes them Unique and stands out from the crowd Which is what I think effortlessly Chic Looks are all about if you want to see

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