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Hello so I am back with another video Where I have tried something healthy Natural and holistic for 30 days and I'm Here to report back on everything that Happened to me so this has been really Fun and I'm actually going to turn this Into a series here on my channel where Again I try something for 30 days and I Already have something going on this Month that I will be filming in the next Few weeks and it's so good I can't wait For that one but today we are talking About apple cider vinegar so for the Last 30 days I have been drinking 1 to 2 Taes spoons of this every day and I've Absolutely noticed some big changes in My life and I want to share them with You so throughout this video I'm going To share what the heck apple cider Vinegar or ACV even is and the kind you Should buy and the kind you should stay Away from how to drink it and when to Drink it obviously the changes that I Saw and then things that could actually Improve for you now I do want to lay Some groundw work here I specifically Cut out castor oil for the last 6 weeks Honestly because I wanted none of that To get jumbled in with results of this So that's been kind of unfortunate that I haven't used castor oil in a long time But it's interesting that I definitely Notice things from this and I think even Combined it would be great I also cut

Out a lot of my supplements that I Usually take but I did keep taking my Multivitamin my vitamin D3 with K2 and My magnesium I feel like those are Supplements I just can't stop taking I Feel like everyone should be taking Those every single day and of course we Cannot forget about the lovely Disclaimer I am clearly not a doctor you Can do your own research you don't have To listen to me these are just my Thoughts and opinions and you can do Whatever you want with this information Let's just start with the basics of what Apple cider vinegar even is and what you Should be looking for if you buy it Because most of the ACV out there is not Good so apple cider vinegar is just Fermented apples now the good stuff has Water acetic acid carbohydrates Potassium probiotics polyphenols Micronutrients I mean it's really really Good but you need to be buying one that Is raw Unpasteurized unfiltered it needs to be Organic and it needs to have the mother Still in it okay and so most of you are Probably thinking oh I'll buy brags Brags is kind of like it's got a lot of Hype but they recently actually a few Years ago sold it to a bigger company And now they dilute their ACV with water There's all kinds of things that's just Like not good about it anymore it used

To be good it's not anymore I get mine From a local Farm um I actually just got Another one but a lot of you might not Have access to that so you can get the Fair child's brand uh at various grocery Stores or just online on Amazon actually So it's fairchild's and it meets all of The criteria that is really re really Important to have a a good quality Kind Real quick you're probably also Wondering like what the heck is the Mother in The ACV so that's basically The bacteria and the enzyme being left In the ACV a lot of Brands filter that Out and even if you see like sediment at The bottom that's not necessarily the Mother it needs to say that the mother Was left so that you get the the Bacteria and the enzymes and the Probiotics next let's talk about how to Drink apple cider vinegar every day and What specifically I did so I just got in The routine of every morning I would Wake up I would take a big glass of Water and I would add 1 to 2 tablespoons Of this to my water stir it around and I Actually like to add some Celtic Sea Salt to it just because that's some Added minerals you could also add a Squeeze of lemon that's also really good If you want to add some honey just to You know enhance the flavor make it Taste a little bit better you could I Never did that but totally a good option

Even and I would just drink it in the Morning now you could do this after you Eat you could do this before bed I just Got in the routine of doing it in the Morning just to knock it out and then I Wouldn't have to worry about it until The next day I do want to add though I Always use a straw because this is Acidic now once it gets into your body It actually neutralizes and becomes Alkaline but initially it is very acidic So I always use a straw so that I'm not Harming my teeth or my enamel that's the Last thing that I would ever want to Happen so I kind of have it bypass my Actual mouth and just have it go down The drain okay let's get to the fun part Where I share the things I noticed after Drinking this every day so there's five Things that I specifically noticed Pretty immediately and then I'm also Going to share some other benefits or Things you guys might notice that I Don't personally struggle with but it's Kind of like known for helping so stay Tuned for that the first thing I noticed Within the first few days of drinking This in the morning was an increase in Energy throughout the whole day kind of Like an energy boost I no longer had Afternoon crashes which I've kind of Always struggled with that in my life Like I'm I'm fine in the morning even Like around early afteron afternoon but

Around 2: or 3: p.m. I often just get Super tired it doesn't happen every day But it definitely happens kind of a lot And it's super annoying I know it's a Thing with a lot of people but I looked Into this because I just wasn't having Them anymore like I was just having a Full day of energy and it was it's been Wonderful but it's the acidic acid like That's what it is because when you Consume acidic acid like the real raw Like version of it your body actually Uses it as fuel so keep in mind that is Another reason you shouldn't just buy Any brand out there because brags again Dilutes their ACV with water meaning Their acetic acid or acidity level is 25% lower than that fairchild's brand That I already talked about now that Acidic acid also regulates blood sugar Levels which I don't really have I don't Know I probably I should probably get One of those like things where you stick On your arm and you like monitor your Blood glucose levels all day long that Would be an interesting experiment but I Think that because this regulates your Blood sugar levels all day long that Also contributes to not having those Energy crashes another thing that ACV is Very well known for is helping you feel Full longer meaning if you're trying to Fast or weight loss it just makes you Feel satisfied for way longer and I just

I noticed this now I want to preface Like I'm not trying to lose weight Clearly like I'm not using this for Weight loss but I do like to not really Eat in the morning into the afternoon I Do just like to have some fasting during The day I personally think it's really Good for you to like give your body a Break from digestion that's a whole Other topic but I notice when I drink This I don't feel hungry for kind of a a Long time and so that's why some people Actually like to drink this after they Eat so that they don't feel hungry again For a like a longer period of time Another thing that I noticed was just Clear skin now let's go back to the fact That I gave up castor oil for like 6 Weeks okay and I really think castor oil Helped my skin a lot okay try castor oil On your face however I gave that up and I I mean my skin is not terrible but I Noticed probably in two to three weeks Of drinking this that I just had like Zero zits or pimples or really any Blemishes like at all I really believe I Mean it's it's known to help with Clearing up your skin but again it's Neutralizing all of that acidity in your Body and a acidity or an acid body can Cause a lot of breakouts especially on Your back or your body so if you Struggle with acne on your on your face Or even on your body at all you should

Really try drinking some ACV every day Now this next one is kind of Controversial uh there's going to be so Many opinions on it people are going to Be like eating me alive in the comments Saying it's not true I genuinely believe This is just my opinion that having a a An alkaline body like a a more alkaline PH level is is much better than an Acidic pH level which I guess people Would agree with that but people are Going to say oh it's just your blood pH It's not your body or your saliva or Your urine whatever and I just disagree With that that's fine you can you can Disagree but I through the years have Tested my saliva and my urine and I lean More acidic unfortunately and ACV Absolutely helps with that it helps to Alkaline your body which prevents nope We're not going to say prevent it helps Ward off a lot of inflammation disease Is it's just good to be more alkaline so If you want to test this out yourself You can actually buy pH paper or test Strips and test your saliva or your Urine and kind of you know try this out And see if it helps or improves you Might already be fine but this could Definitely help you go in the right Direction um but just make sure you Follow the directions of when to test Your saliva or your urine because it Really that can make a that can give you

False readings um like for your urine For example it shouldn't actually be the First first pee of the morning that's Going to be super acidic it needs to be The second pee of the morning I also Noticed a pretty definitive Improvement In my gut and my digestion and I know This because I'm just more regular again I gave up that castor oil wasn't using That at all and this is something I Definitely have always struggled with The ACV is really helpful in this Department for a few reasons there's Probiotics which is can really help your Gut um the enzymes uh so like digestive Enzymes helps to digest the food but Also it helps to increase your stomach Acid again because of that acetic acid So when you eat it can actually properly Digest the food and I absolutely noticed A difference in that department so those Are the five things that I specifically Tangibly black and white noticed after Using ACV I'm sure there was a lot of Other benefits kind of going through my Body that I wasn't necessarily aware of But now I want to share some other Things that ACV can do maybe for you These are things that I don't personally Struggle with but it's known to help in This in these in these Realms uh number One is bloating I really have never Struggled with bloating which is kind of Surprising because I do feel like I have

Digestion problems but I don't Specifically notice bloating but if that Is you you should definitely try apple Cider vinegar um also indigestion acid Reflex that's a huge one if you struggle With acid reflux try ACV after you eat I'm telling you this could be a game Cher truly just give it a try I know People specifically that have been able To get off medication and and just kind Of use this instead now I did already Briefly touch on this but it really Improves blood sugar level so if you Struggle with that and you drink water With ACV in it after your meals it's Going to help lower your blood sugar Levels after your meals it's going to You know just regulate them and help With insulin sensitivity if you struggle With high blood pressure this is a hard One sometimes to get under control Without taking medication I'm not saying This is going to like ward off all Medication but if you struggle with that If you start taking ACV every day there Are so many studies proving it can help Naturally lower your blood pressure this Is one that you would have to do over a Period of time it's not just going to Happen overnight but it helps with that Along with your cardiovascular system Now back to weight loss which I can't Really speak on that because I'm not Trying to lose weight I've always just

Been naturally thin without really Trying which I'm sure makes people mad It's just from my dad's side of the Family but I could absolutely see how ACV could help with weight loss over a a Long period of time so it's not going to Be like an overnight thing it's not like OIC or anything like that but it for Sure keeps your hunger away for for Longer like it kind of reduces your Appetite a little bit if you drink this After a meal you're just not hungry for Longer over a period of time that would Help you lose weight also helps to boost Your metabolism ISM which is you know a Good thing this next one is a really Cool one if you struggle with kidney Stones some people are just prone to Kidney stones and some people have them Just living in their body and then other Times they like really flare up and it's Super painful if that's you you should Absolutely try ACV every day because Again that acidic acid will help to Dissolve kidney stones so if you have Just ones floating around in there it Will help them get smaller and it will Just prevent them from even forming in The first place now in a recent video I Did talk about the importance of Cholesterol I feel like everyone thinks Of cholesterol as being bad and Sometimes they're prescribed statins Which will lower all of the cholesterol

And our brains are literally made up of Cholesterol so when you lower that it Can contribute majorly to dementia Alzheimer's just a lot of like bad bad Bad things okay satins are scary to me Sometimes they're necessary the ACV will Actually help lower the bad cholesterol But increase the good cholesterol so I Really encourage you guys to give raw Unpasturized apple cider vinegar a try Obviously you do your own research do Whatever you think is best for you but I Genuinely think this is a very healthy Addition to your life and you could see Some really big changes so I will have Everything I mentioned linked below and I'll also link this video next where I Did my initial 30 days of castor oil and That one was shocking so I'll see you Over there