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1. Chanel Inspired flats;
Vionic(better for average/wide feet)-
Steve Madden(better for narrow feet)-

2. Hermes Look a likes sandal-

3. Gold strap heels(come in other colors!)-

4. Sparkly Black Bow Heels-

5. Minimal Belt-

6. Charles & Kieth bags;
Black Shoulder bag-
White crossbody-
Quilted Bag-
Gabine Crossbody-

7. Espadrille Wedges-

8. Straw Hat-

9.Strap Sandals;

10. Oversized Straw Tote-

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2. Quince-
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4. Loft-
5. Revolve-
6. Mango-
7. Uniqlo-
8. Goelia(USE CODE: ELANA10)-
10. Sezane-
11. Aritzia-

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Today I'm sharing nine accessories that Give off a very luxurious expensive look Some of these items are actually Designer look alike or way less some Don't necessarily look like a specific Designer brand but have a luxury look to It and I just want to point out I think It's totally fine if there's women out There that love to splurge on the real Deal I have a variety of different Things in my wardrobe where I splurge on Some things I love saving on some things I'm not all one or the other I like Having a mixture and I truly believe That people should just spend their Money on whatever makes them happy Everyone has their opinions and their Preferences but today's video is Specifically on items that have a luxury Look but don't blow your budget give This video a big big big thumbs up if You want to see more videos like this And if you're new don't forget to Subscribe and let's go ahead and hop Right in up is Chanel inspired ballet Flats two-tone Flats I've been buying Lookalike versions for probably almost 5 Years now and Chanelle is actually one Of the only designer Brands I'd probably Ever consider splurging on not anytime Soon so I love finding similar versions But for way less and the quality of Everything is still amazing that I found These ones are by the brand Vionic

Definitely give off like a Chanel Vibe Parisian Vibe and I've been sharing These a bunch since spring they're very Comfortable and I would say these are Great if your feet are average or wider Um if you have more narrow feet than and I would recommend these from Steve Madden these also have a Chanel look Alike come in different colorways but These are just more suitable for narrow Feet whereas these ones by bonic are More suitable for average to wide feet So uh for me the bonic ones are more Comfortable they're genuine leather so They stretch to your foot and become Even more comfortable the more you wear It they have really good um insole Support and padding in there as well um It has a sling that is adjustable and a Little bit stretchy at the same time now These are definitely quite a knockoff For the AZ slide sandals but I said this Multiple times I purchased my first pair Probably like 3 years ago I had no idea They were even a designer dupe in the Least bit I just loved the minimalistic Style and then come to find out way Later somebody mentioned to me whoo Those are like a complete knockoff of Those airs sandals I'm like what are Those literally had no idea I guess I Have expensive taste so that's lovely But I love these because again they have That very Min minimal istic Design This

Is just something that just looks very Minimal in high-end but you're not Blowing your budget for a pair of Sandals which is so cool one of my All-time favorite Brands when it comes To shoes is Stuart whitesman they have Just some of the prettiest heels and Strappy sandals strappy heels that I've Ever seen and love finding similar Versions online these are in this gold Color I actually purchased these last Fall/winter for the holiday so these Were like my holiday shoe they just went With so so many different things Especially with black it looked so Pretty definitely gives off a designer/ Luxury look because of this very Minimalistic design reminds me so much Of Stuart wisman they're pretty much Known for doing a lot of these really Beautiful minimalistic strappy details Same as Reformation they do a lot of These strappy details as well their Shoes don't really work for me because They run very narrow found something That works great for my average SL wider Foot and the heel isn't too high this Comes in many many colors I actually Think I got these from Amazon and for The price I think they're great now These black strappy uh bow heels these Are a total designer dupe I think the Designer dupe is from the match and Match they're like originally

$11,200 I'm not joking and I only know That because I saw content creators wear These shoes to so many different events And I'm like oh my gosh those are so Pretty for something that is specific Towards a season that I was going to Wear I definitely didn't want to spend That much money found these from Amazon Now obviously the quality isn't like Superb but it's something that I would Wear seasonally through you know November December with all the different Like occasions we have going on so just A really nice dressy sparkly heel that's Just unique and you know I share a lot Of very minimal and simple things which Are great to have in your wardrobe but Sometimes it's just so nice having Something that is a little bit more Unique and stands out and it doesn't Blow my budget which is really cool so Now taking a break from the shoes Minimally istic belts like this always Give off a luxury look because of the Minimal Design This is not specifically A designer dupe of any brand in Particular that I know of at least um But it just has a very minimal design That gives off a very luxurious look Which I love this belt is actually from One of my favorite brand goelia and I Obviously can't wear it right now but Did wear it a bunch when I was able to Accessories like this really pull the

Look together and you don't necessarily Again have to spend on designer versions To tie your whole look together you can Find options like this I think was well Below $50 that still really pull the Look together and just look very classy And Chic and sophisticated now the next Thing are minimal purses now um I've Been loving getting my bags from Charles And Keith because they have really Beautiful minimalistic designs uh I love The hardware they have on them as well And come in Many Colors many shapes Sizes different looks as far as like the Hardware and everything and they don't Again blow your budget which is so cool And so these are not a dupe for any Brand in particular they just have that Luxury more expensive look but for way Less and they actually do have genuine Leather versions of the same purses so You can either get it in full leather or Genuine leather um all the ones that I Have are faux leather I noticed their Full leather holds up really really well So that's why I purchased those you're Able to save a decent amount of money of Course and purses is probably the number One accessory that a lot of women if They decide to splurge on a designer Version and that's what they're going to Grab is most likely a handbag rather Than maybe like a pair of shoes or Something but and you can still get that

Beautiful classy sophisticated look for Way less it all really just comes down To the structure the design of things uh Typically items that are a little bit More minimal and subtle give off that Vibe and you'll notice a lot of their Purses from this site have that look Which is so nice and you can get the Full leather versions for well below $100 and also just depending on what Size you get too oh my goodness I shared These in my summer Essentials video These uh tie up Lace Up espad drils I've Had these on my wish list for so long But I did not want to spend like 1502 200 plus dollars other options I've seen Online so I found these from mango they Are so stunning I think they're $70 they Look just as stunning if not more than Like some of the really expensive Versions I found online the straw with The black and the lace UPS as well very Comfortable especially since they're a Wedge and they're not too narrow as well Which is something I always pay Attention to with my average SL wide Feet so these are just absolutely Wonderful very comfortable really tie The look together I especially love Wearing these with like midi maxi Dresses because I'm petite I have Shorter legs so I like wearing these With my longer length clothing pieces And it just look together looks so

Effortless so Chic so French at the same Time and I just love that another item You definitely don't have have to Splurge on is straw hats uh I found so Many beautiful options off of Amazon I Landed on this one that I've also shared In my summer Essentials video I think I Got it for $10 and it's just like one of Those accessories that just again ties The look together and it's just perfect For late spring and summer with like Very beachy outfits and I've seen so Many versions that are way way way above $100 and I'm just like I feel a little Bit silly spending that much on a hat For me personally because the cost per Wear take forever for me to get my value Out of it if I splurge on an item like That so finding a more inexpensive Version was definitely worth it for me And I love this one from Amazon forgot Too to share these strappy sandals here That I think are again very much Lookalike of like steuart whitesman Sandals especially the black ones here I Think these definitely give off more of Like a designer look uh they remind me So much of that brand the designer brand Specifically they again have that very Minimalistic design very simple um my One of my most worn sandals if I'm Wearing like a flat sandal with a length Skirt or dress strap goes around the Ankle I found this version in stock I

Think actually from Amazon the brand is From Steve Madden has really good Padding on the insole here so good Support there the straps are not Uncomfortable they don't dig into my Foot or anything I've never gotten Blisters wearing these as well so that's A huge bonus bonus other thing you could Definitely save your money on are straw Bags now this one is a more expensive Version because of the size I mean if You can tell it's massive I've shared it So many times already this from mango But this reminds me a lot of like uh the Straw bags from saon other sites as well That are just like $300 plus dollars I Kid you not I think this one is150 so It's still up there but much less Expensive than other ones it has these Leather handles great for like a Lake Beach pool day just throw everything in There and go and it just looks very Minimal and stylish so that brings it to The end of this video as always I'll Have everything linked down below if you Guys wanted to check anything out Yourself and then I recently made a Video all about summer Essentials I Think every woman should try so I'll see You over on this video bye