Hey everyone! Today’s video is on must have spring summer shoes 2022! Featuring fashion trends for 2022 too! OPEN FOR LINKS!

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Must have sneakers video:

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Boohoo nude mules (size 3):
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ASRA mules (size 3):
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JW Anderson mules:
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ASOS strappy sandals (size 3):
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Boohoo strappy sandals (size 3):
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Public Desire silver heels (size 3):
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Mach & Mach heels:
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River Island orange platform heels (size 3):
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Valentino platform heels:
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Birkenstocks (size 36):
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Chloe woody slides (size 36):
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Nasty Gal chunky trainers (size 3):
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ASOS western boots (size 3):
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Hey everyone so today’s video is going to 
be on must-have spring shoes for 2022 so   In this video i’ve got a range of different styles 
to show you so i’ve got some more dressy styles   Some more casual ones heels and flats as well so 
all of the links to all of them will be down below   In the description box and also don’t forget to 
check out my must have sneakers for 2022 video   As well which will also be down there that just 
explains all of the trainer trends for this year   So i hope you liked the video and let’s get 
into it so the first trend for spring are   Mules so here i’ve got on a nude pair from boohoo 
these are great because they are so plain they go   With everything for spring and summer and the 
block heel just makes them easier to walk in Another big trend for spring 
and summer are flat mules too   So here i’ve got on these from a brand 
called asra on asos and i feel these are   Very much dupes to the jw anderson ones which 
seem to be a huge trend at the moment too The next on-trend style are strappy sandals these 
come back every year so no change here and i   Really like the strappy sandals just because 
i think they look great with summer dresses   And night out looks as well 
these are from asos and again   The block heel just makes them so easy to walk in Another option are these 
bright blue sandals from boohoo   I love how bold this color is and 
i think these would look so great   With a white or neutral coloured outfit 
because then they would just really pop This style is another which is just everywhere 
at the moment these are definitely dupes of the   Mach and mach heels and this pair are 
from public desire i think these are a   Great choice for more dressy night out looks 
or any summer events you might have coming up Platform heels are another huge trend this season 
i think the valentino heels really kicked the   Whole trend off so this pair are from river island 
i love this bright orange color on the satin   I just think again they’re a great way 
to add some color to your neutral outfits Birkenstocks are a classic for spring and summer 
they are so practical and comfortable so i   Definitely recommend getting a pair because you’ll 
always end up slipping them on all of the time   I love these with the gold 
snakeskin effect for summer The chloe woody slides are also quite a popular 
choice for summer i think again because they’re   Quite neutral which makes them easy to 
style with lots of spring and summer pieces   I would just stick to your normal size 
in these so i just got a size three Chunky strappy sandals are also a 
big trend for this year and i think   These are very much inspired by the hermes sandals   I think these are a great practical option 
for summer these were from nasty gal And then western boots are also a big trend these 
were from asos and i think especially in a lighter  

Color like this it makes them really easy to style 
with your lighter colored clothing for summer So that is it i really hope you enjoyed 
this video please give it a thumbs up and   Subscribe to my channel if you did like 
it because that would really help me out   Let me know which pair was your favorite down 
below in the comments because i can always never   Decide and yeah i hope you have a great day and 
i’ll speak to you all in the next video bye guys