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20 Mo shop items from my YouTube Subscribers so you guys viewers Subscribers that have purchased products Throughout my YouTube channel from January to June I've never done a video Like this so I did Deep dive into my Analytics wrote down the top 20 items I've shared for the first 6 months of This year that were the most purchased So you'll see a variety of different Things um you'll see some winter fall Things that I've shared in the past Spring items some summer items cuz it's Just a collection from January to June I Want to say a big big big thank you to All of my viewers and subscribers that Have supported me on this channel Whether you are new or you're a longtime Viewer I appreciate every single one of You guys more than you know it's truly a Gift and a blessing to be on this Platform and just share some beautiful Petite friendly pieces with you guys so You can look and feel your best we're Going to go from number 20 all the way To number one on being the number one Most purchased item for half a year Already we're going to start at number 20 which are these tanks from abomi they Come in a two pack hopefully they still Have them in stock but abomi just does a Really good job on just like basic tanks Like this for spring and summer I shared This a few months ago back in Spring I

Think February or March and they have Been such a hit since it's so Comfortable super stretchy very petite Friendly because it doesn't come too low The straps aren't too long and the Sweater material is just absolutely Comfortable and so wonderful and it's Just a great great basic with a really Flattering neckline and flattering Straps that go great for honestly any Season of the year cuz it's just a Really good base at number 19 is the Saon leontine jumper uh this one I've Had for almost two years now it's just Such a lovely piece and I always Recommend it in my spring haul in my Fall haul Essentials um this has like a More slouchy relaxed fit the quality is Absolutely incredible it fits a petite Pretty well I would say I'm foot one it Has like a nice slouchy look to it Without being too frumpy I mean if you Are petite I would suggest going down Aze the buttton detailing is gorgeous Comes in multiple color ways and it's Just one of those pieces that you'll Invest in and have in your wardrobe Forever it is just such a special piece Number 18 the Steve Madden slide sandals Are you guys sick of seeing this I'm Sure you are cuz at this point I think They're in almost every single video Which is I hope it's not annoying but This has been in the top 20 bestsell

Items from my YouTube subscribers I see Why very minimal very classic very Reasonable price point I think you can Get these from Amazon from Macy's so Many different retailers carry it from Steve Madden themselves um they wear Really well I've had one pair for three Or four years still holding up well the White pair is the one that I had the Longest and then I picked a brown and Black last summer and they've just been Nothing but amazing for me and I just Love how they just slide on and go very Minimal effort to look looks so Effortlessly Chic number 17 the Offshoulder maxi dress from abber Ki I Actually love it so much I have it in Two versions this floral pattern that I'm wearing and in solid black I Freaking love this dress so much you Guys have no idea how much I'm wearing This throughout the summer especially Since it's bump friendly I'm 33 weeks Pregnant right now I mean look at that It has so much room I just kind of hike It up a little bit and it has a gorgeous Side slit you can wear it on your Shoulder or off your shoulder so clearly I'm wearing it on my shoulder here but You can wear it both ways which is Wonderful it's smocked in the back so It's Fuller bust friendly and I'm Wearing both of these I wear in a size Small petite so they come in petite

Regular and tall I mean this is pretty Low in stock now uh they came out with It I think in the springtime Haven Really seen them restock it much if You're able to get your hands on it in Your size I highly recommend it has this Like thicker cotton kind of like cotton Poppin fabric to it so it's very durable Looks very high-end number 16 Alberts Sneakers these are a really great casual Sneaker that you can wear on hikes on Long walks running errands just very Casual but still look really really nice You know how some sneakers they're Casual and practical but they don't look The best these actually check off all my Boxes comfortable casual practical Really easy to clean they actually look Really nice considering it's an all Black sneaker I feel like black sneakers Tend to look almost like work shoes These don't and they are so comfortable Right off the bat don't need to break Them in very durable and so supportive So love these in at number 15 is the Quin 100% Mongolian cashmere sweater I Shared this stripe sweater back in Spring around March February March and It is just such a wonderful piece and I Love their cashmere sweaters because at Least the ones that I've tried out so Far they're not too thick which I Personally appreciate because if it's Really thick it's nice for warmth but

Where I live I don't necessarily need Thicker cashmere sweaters and also these Are just so much easier to layer when You're putting jackets or coats over it Or wearing on its own as well it's just Not too bulky on your skin and I Personally love that this is like on the Thinner side but not seethrough but Still keeps you so freaking warm because It's cashmere and I'm wearing this in a Size extra small it comes in different Color combinations as far as Stripes go And then it also comes in solid colors As well number 14 the goelia cropped Trench coat man I'm so excited to wear This for fall it's just such a beautiful Trench coat that's wellmade and I love The cropped length it's just perfect I'm Wearing it with high-waisted jeans Everything looks so balanced polished And Sleek I love the color the button Detailing I wore this so much before I Had a big baby bump and it's just so Flattering and so pretty and I'm just so Excited to whip this out for Fall Again Number 13 the saon Clow blouse I have This in a solid white and a floral Pattern one of my or if not my favorite Blouse that I have in my collection just So unique and so pretty and girly cuz it Has the ruffle detailing the button Detailing is gorgeous I love the floral Pattern this color combination makes it So easy to style for spring and for fall

And obviously you can wear this in the Summer if you're going to be indoors Like for work and such you just roll up The sleeves a little bit and it's very Lightweight so you can get away with This in the summer just very lightweight Very airy and so petite friendly one of The most petite friendly blouses I've Ever come across from saon is this one Coming at number 12 I don't have with me Because I have packed it away because It's more of a fall winter item are These knee high riding boots oh my Goodness this was probably one of my Best I think I probably was my best I Put in my best purchases of last year uh I am so happy I purchased it it just Looks so pretty with like mini skirts Mini dresses and sheer tights and even With like high-rise skinny jeans it's Just like such a good staple and I love The gold buckle on the side they're very Sleek and minimal they definitely are a More up-to-date version of writing boot Versus what you've seen probably in like The 2010 so these are done so much more Sleek minimal and Polished the price Point is so reasonable and I've worn These to death and they hold up so well Number 11 the AG Goldie Riley jeans oh My gosh you guys excited I am to wear These jeans again they are just my go-to Pair I feel so pretty and confident in These I did have to crop it a little bit

Like hem the hemline with my little Safety pin hemming ha cuz even for the Crop link it still came a little too Long for my liking but they are just so Flatting they fit really well around the Hips the thighs the back pockets are Nice and large and they look flattering And it's just a really pretty blue color Like the blue color it's not vintage Nothing super trendy it's just a classic Blue color with no distressing finished Hemline uh very minimal or no whiskering Around the hips so just very simple and Very pretty if you're going to invest Into a jean or try out a designer Jean Try out the Riley jeans first before you Try any other ones I can't recommend These enough okay so now we're getting Into the top 10 bestselling items from January to June coming in at number 10 Is the goelia half neck turtleneck Sweater this one is also so wonderful Thinner very stretchy lightweight uh Definitely quite petite friendly and I Love just like the half turtleneck just Looks very Sleek minimal polish the Color is also gorgeous I feel like Sometimes it's really hard to find like A really pretty oatmeal color cuz some s They have like a weird undertone to it Neckline is ribbed and also the sleeves Are a little bit ribbed as well and the Hemline too so anyways love this one Wore it a ton in the fall and winter and

Kept me so warm without getting too hot And sweaty coming in at number nine are The vesa V10 sneakers I freaking love These you guys you guys know that they Are so comfortable very sporty minimal Had these already for about a year and a Half almost 2 years easy to clean have a Platform very comfortable and I just Love the very minimalistic design I mean Something about the way these sneakers Are made and designed just give a more High-end look and they are I mean a Higher price tag so that kind of makes Sense I guess but not all expensive Things have a high-end look but this Does in a very very good brand I have Two pairs of their sneakers the Campos And the v10s I love them both um I do Wear the v10s the most number eight is The goelia stripe tank love this sucker So much I have in the black and white Comb ation very basic and simple but It's like a thicker rib and it's more of A higher neckline it's a little bit open But a higher neckline very stretchy Super petite friendly and Fuller bust Friendly as well I've put it in the Washer and I've put it in the dryer as Well this is how it looks like I mean I Think it looks absolutely great I mean It holds up really well and just looks Very sleek and Polished and I feel like You know if you love that classic and Minimal style this is a really good

Piece of this one and it is a really Affordable price point coming in at Number seven is more fall winter item is This uh brown wool coat from goelia I Wore this so much especially with like The little matching mini shorts with Sheer tights and knee high boost that Was like my favorite outfit combination To wear for fall and winter it was so Pretty so comfortable and what I love About this coat is that it has a lot of Drape and movement to it so it's not Super thick and chunky a thinner more Thinner fabric like this you just have More drape and more movement to it and It just looks so elegant and effort And I love the length especially when I'm pairing it with like any mini Styles And then with the writing boots it Looked so pretty and even with like full Length pans looked so gorgeous as well Another guia coat that made it into the Top 10 so coming in at number six is This black wool coat um it's more of a Midlength has big pockets in the front It's also thinner drapes and has such Beautiful movement and lays so Beautifully I love outwar pieces from Guia because they are just one of the Most petite friendly outwar pieces I've Ever ever come across that actually Don't come in petite sizing actually Just naturally come so petite friendly Cuz a lot of outerwear pieces like abami

They have special sizing petite regular Tall um which is fabulous but goelia I Noticed a lot of their outward pieces I Just purchased it right off their Website and it fits me perfectly so That's like so cool um this one also Comes with like a little leather belt so You can belt it if you want to but this Is just very minimal and simple and Sleek I love how it's not super bulky so If you have more mild Winters you really Like this at number five it's the Quin Linen jumpsuit I have this in two colors Black and navy I adore this so much it Is incredibly petite friendly I think The inseam is 25 or 26 in inseam the Straps are adjustable so you can bring It up if you need to comes with a belt So it looks so flattering when you sent Your waist the straight wide leg fit is Also just so fun and just very up Tod Date and it has big Side Pockets it has One pocket in the back it comes in so Many beautiful colors made up of 100% Linen very airy and comfortable great For spring and summertime and Transitioning this into fall as well Will be absolutely wonderful in at Number four it's the quin's boyfriend Cardigan I love this so much you guys Will see me share this in my fall Essentials video that I'll have coming Out a little bit later this year um it's Like chunky thick and warm I love the

Button detailing it looks and feels so Much more expensive than is I actually Own it in two different colors I have The white and then this like soft Oatmeal color blazs beautifully so the Oatmeal color I'm wearing it in a size Small and I actually preferred going up A size CU it gives it a little bit more Of a looser and relaxed look which I Really like especially for a buttoned Open cardigan like this it just looks so Effortless so Chic and so comfortable And this would also you know obviously Way too early to think about this but You know when Christmas time comes up For gifting this would make a wonderful Christmas gift Ming in at number three Is the goelia trench coat now trench Coats are always in my top selling list For years U but specifically for this Year has been the goelia version so this Has more drape more movement to it uh Other trench coats I've shared in the Past are like a stiffer cotton they're Water resistant as well this one isn't It's 100% wool trench coat so it's a Little bit softer and it has more Movement and drape to it fully lined on The inside the button detailing is Gorgeous so petite friendly I'm wearing This in a size double extra small so you Can stay true to size or you can go down A size if you want the look to be a Little bit more fitted but I think true

To size will work just fine the sleeve Length is great the length of it is Wonderful and I love how this one just Has a lot of again movement and drape to It which gives it a very elegant and Effortless look all right you guys Coming in at number two is the Quint 100% linen um midi Maxi tear dress Smoked in the bus line very stretchy Smoked sleeves they're not adjustable But they're so stretchy so they fit a Petite really well and I would say this Is Fuller bust friendly bump friendly if You're pregnant and comes in many colors Very airy and lightweight and so easy For spring and summer and it's just so Elegant so effortless so easy and the Price is really fair especially for Something that's 100% linen okay coming In at number one most shopped Bestselling item from my YouTube Subscribers for half of you already from January to June Quinn's trouser now this Is like one of the best gold mins I Found for petites like just fit so Perfectly right out of the bag I have These in three colors I also purchased a Size bigger so I could wear it during Pregnancy for a little bit longer I mean I don't fit into it now because I'm well Into my third trimester but I was in my Obviously my first and second trimester I was able to wear these the entire time The elastic in the back it has elastic

In the back so it's nice and stretchy The length is perfect I think it's like A 20 25 in inseam so and I'm 5'1 with Shorter legs so my inseam perfect inseam Is like 25 26 that's what I really like Um this comes in so many beautiful Colors has pockets on the sides as well Very minimal and sleek and the fabric is Just so wonderful so this goes great for All seasons of the Year honestly I mean You can wear this in the summer if you Need like a nice work pant that's not Too heavy and thick great for fall you Can easily wear it for winter you just Put layers over it you know coats and Such come up more of like a midrise for Me I have longer torso bit of pleat in The front nothing dramatic but just a Little bit of seams here uh so I think That gives it a really flattering look So anyways love these I totally see why They're number one top selling I mean so Many people are loving them they come in A few other beautiful colors and I'm so Excited to wear these again after baby And you know if you don't know I'm Actually due in August so excited to be Wearing these for The Fall season Especially since they're very Comfortable cuz they have a very Stretchy elastic waistband so that is it For this video that was top 20 most Shopped items from my YouTube Subscribers again big thank you for your

Love and support none of this would Truly not be possible if it wasn't for You guys just showing your love and Showing your support I love you guys More than you know and it's truly just Such a blessing you know being able to Get on here and share wonderful pieces With you guys and if you did enjoy this Video please give it a big thumbs up Because I can do a part two version Everything is numbered and linked down Below and my sizing is listed right Beside it then I will see you over on This video where I share your top 10 Summer wardrobe Essentials for 2024 bye