Hey everyone! Today’s video is all about sleek hairstyles.In this video I show you how to hair tutorials on a sleek bun, middle part ponytail, half up half down and a bubble braid! Looking for new trending hairstyles 2023 that are quick and easy to do? This video should help you!

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Sachajuan styling cream:

Hey everyone so today’s video is going to 
be on some very sleek smooth hairstyles   That are also very quick and easy to do so I 
really hope you enjoy it and let’s just get   Straight into it so this first hairstyle is 
going to be on how to create a Sleek middle   Parted hair look first you want to make sure 
that your hair is nice and smooth so really   Give it a good brush before you start any of 
these hairstyles then you just want to take a   Comb and simply measure up from your nose 
to find the kind of Center where you want   To put the center part in so I just measure 
right from here and then just drag it upwards   That should really help you to create the most 
perfect middle parting so then the next step   Would be to create kind of a little bit of a 
passing here which is going to be the pieces   Of hair that we’re going to tuck behind 
our ears so I’m just going to take the   End of this comb and just kind of drag the hair 
forward just about where my ear starts like this And the same on the other side So then once you’ve just kind of sectioned off 
these two pieces you just want to gather the   Rest of the hair out of the way so you can either 
clip it up with one of your hair clips or just tie   It back [Music] so now we have these pieces out 
you really want to smooth it out with your comb   And just kind of tuck them behind your ears 
[Music] now you can actually take a smoothing   Gel or any kind of gel or cream that you might 
have just to really smooth the flyaways down   And to keep it very Sleek so I’m just taking this 
one which is just a styling cream from Shaka Juan   I think that’s how you say it I don’t know I’ll 
leave a link to it below um but to be honest this   Is just one that I’ve had for quite a while now 
so I’m just putting a little bit on my fingers   And then just running it down across 
where we’ve swept behind our ears [Music]   And then I’m actually taking one of these 
little brushes they come with you know a   Lot of brow products and things and just sort 
of help to really smooth those flyaways down And once you’re pretty happy with how this 
looks it doesn’t have to look perfectly   Smooth yet because we can do that at the end 
what you want to do is take a hair elastic   Now this is the first way if your hair is 
long enough to reach behind the back or   What you could do instead is just take a hair 
grip and just grip the hair back behind your   Ears but I’m just going to show you this way 
with the elastic take the two sections that   We’ve just took behind our ears and tie 
it around the back of your head [Music]   Just like that and now I’m going 
to unclip the rest of my hair   I’m going to take a little bit more of that cream 
again just on my finger and on that little brush   And then just make sure everything is super 
smooth and in place it’s quite hard to see with   This viewfinder not a mirror and then that is the 
first look it’s such a perfect Sleek easy quick   Go-to hairstyle especially if you want something 
a little bit more sophisticated for work or maybe  

If you’re wanting something when you’re going 
out but you just want it to be super quick and   Easy with not a lot of stress and stuff involved 
so for my next hairstyle I’m gonna go for a Sleek   Kind of half up half down look so first you just 
want all your hair down and straight as normal   Again and you want to comb some of the hair 
back kind of towards the back behind your ears And you can gather up as much or as little 
as you want depending on how much hair you   Want up so then when you’re happy with 
the kind of height and position of it   You just want to tie that hair up with a 
hair elastic or with a claw clip [Music] So then next I’m going to take my comb and 
I’m actually going to pull out two strands   Just to frame my face now I’m actually going to 
be pulling them up from around about here so we   Still keep this very slick back style at the sides 
but we’ll have two bits down at the front [Music] So then when you’re happy with the two strands 
that you’ve pulled down you just want to take   Your gel again or some hairspray and just flatten 
the rest of it down so it’s really smooth [Music]   And also put some smoothing serum on the 
ears front strands as well you can also   Take some hairspray and a little comb and 
just brush back any flyaways as well foreign Look again it’s super simple and 
quick and easy to do so next is   The Sleek middle part High pony so 
first you want to start by creating   A little section at the front and these 
are going to be the pieces that we’re   Going to sweep back as the middle part so 
I’m just going to take a section like this And you want them to be fairly large um width 
sections just so it kind of makes a bit of a   Presence when we do it up as the middle part but 
for now I’m just gonna tie them up out of the way   Like this with a little hair clip probably looks 
a bit weird but anyway so next we’re gonna slick   The rest of our hair back into a ponytail so 
I’m just going to take my brush and just brush   It all back as smooth as I can again I don’t 
feel like you have to worry too much about   Getting it as perfect as possible because you 
can do a lot at the end with the gels and the   Creams and stuff to make it a bit more sleek and 
you can do the ponytail as high or as low as you   Would like but we’re actually going to put um 
these two little strands we’re going to tie   Them around the back underneath the ponytail so 
it’s best if you do your ponytail that little bit   Higher if you do have shorter pieces that you’re 
going to pull back [Music] so then once you’ve   Tied back your ponytail you then want to take 
down the strands that we kind of put up earlier There we go and then you just want to 
straighten up the middle part just to   Make sure it’s in the right position next 
you’re going to take a hair elastic and   What we’re going to do is gather this hair 
back like so and then tie it up underneath   Our ponytail again try and get it 
as smooth and straight as you can Foreign

[Music]   And then again you know what I’m gonna say by 
now take the smoothing gel or the hairspray   Even that little comb if you have it and 
just flatten those pieces down so it’s nice   And smooth and what you can do if you don’t 
want the kind of little elastic showing if   Maybe your hair is that little bit longer 
you can actually wrap the little elastic   Um the hairs that are left over it just around 
the base of your ponytail just to disguise it   You just want to take it like this and then wrap 
it around and then just secure that with a hair   Grip and that’s it another super quick and easy 
hairstyle that you can definitely use for work   Or even if you’re just wanting to have a bit more 
of a Sleek sophisticated look so now our hair’s in   The ponytail it actually brings me on to the next 
hairstyle which is the bubble braid so you just   Want to start again with the same process that 
we just did with the ponytail and then you want   To brush the ponytail out to get that super 
smooth and you need quite a few little hair   Elastics and what you want to do is just take the 
first one and just tie it kind of about here so   Just a short distance away 
from the base of the ponytail Just like so and you’ve created like a little 
mini bubble in your ponytail so then you want   To take another hair elastic and do the 
same thing a little bit further down again   Try and leave them the same distance but 
it can be hard sometimes to just kind of   Play it by eye and just see where is the 
best place to do the next little hair tie [Music] so then once you’ve done all of the 
mini bubbles you just want to open them up   With your hands like this just to make them a 
little bit thicker and also if you’ve left some   With a little bit of a slightly bigger Gap you 
can just kind of push them up a bit too [Music] I love how it’s still Sleek with it being a 
Sleek middle part at the front but then it’s   Just a little bit more kind of exciting 
with the bubble braid behind and then   Another hairstyle you can do with the Sleek 
ponytail is to First twist it like this [Music]   And then what you want to do is wrap that around 
the base of the ponytail like this foreign [Music] And if you have any kind of flyaways or 
anything that’s just a little bit untidy   At the back again you can use the hairspray 
and the smoothing serum and the little comb   Um just to kind of brush those hairs 
up and the hair grips as well [Music] And then that is the final hairstyle I really 
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you did because I’ll definitely post more   Hair tutorials like this on my channel I’ve 
really missed doing them so I hope that you   Enjoyed this one I’ve got so many other 
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long and I wanted to show you some really  

Easy basic hairstyles too when you just want 
to leave the house you’re in a bit of a rush   But you still want your hair to look nice and 
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