Hey everyone! Today’s video is a summer asos petite try on haul 2024!
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Buttermilk yellow bandeau top (size 8):
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Stripe bandeau dress (size 8):
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Miss Selfridge denim dress (size 8):
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Blue long sleeve top (size 8):
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Peach stripe shorts (size 8):
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Stripe T-shirt (size XS):
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Linen style trousers (size 6):
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Mustard trousers (size 8):
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Nobody’s Child Gingham Skirt (size 8):
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Stradivarius straight jeans (size 8):
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I have picked out some of my favorite Pieces from asos's petite collection for Summer all of these items I purchased Myself with my own money nothing's been Gifted or sponsored or anything like That so I hope you enjoy it and let's Just get straight into it I have a Couple of pieces to show you some Dresses some jeans some trousers kind of A mix of everything the majority is from The petite section although I think There might be one maybe two pieces Which aren't but I'll talk you through That anyway so the first item I'm going To speak about is this top that I'm Wearing right now I'll insert a clip of What it looks like on it's just a kind Of very light yellow I think they call It buttermilk um Bando top from asos's Own Asos design brand this was actually From the regular section not the petite Section but I don't feel like you Specifically need to buy the petite Version of this cuz it works perfectly Well um on me for like my height and Stuff so I definitely recommend it if You are a similar height I'm 4' 11 for Reference Bandos are a massive trend for Summer this year and they are so perfect To sell with so many different things Depending on the weather so you can s Them with jeans linen trousers even Skirts and shorts if it is super hot or You're on holiday or anything like that

So I'll leave links to all of the items That I'm talking about and showing as Well Down Below in the description box The next piece I have to show you is This striped dress now this was actually From fourth reckless from their petite Um collection but obviously I bought it On Asa So this I bought in my normal size again I feel like it fits pretty much true to Size maybe if you had a little bit of a Bigger bust you probably might need to Size up a bit cuz it is a little bit Small around here but otherwise the Length of it is perfect I feel like this Would make such a nice dress for summer You could even throw like a Blazer over Your shoulders like a white one or a Black one I think would work really well With this too you could dress it up or Down so i' dress it down with training Or you could dress up with a pair of Heels for a more evening look this next Dress I have to show you I actually Can't show you me wearing it because it Doesn't fit so my first piece of advice With this dress would be to go a size up Definitely because it is not true to Size you definitely need to go a size up There's no stretch or anything in this At all but I do really love the color And the style and the fact that it has Belt loops too so you can wear a belt With it and kind of dress it up a little

Bit more so this was actually from Miss Selfridge but they sell all of their Kind of stuff on Asos now and it's from Their peque section as well insert a Photo of what it looks like on just so You get an idea obviously the style is So nice but I can't show you on right Now so now moving on to another top to Show you I've got this Asos petite blue It's kind of off the shoulder but you Could wear it on your shoulders as well It's kind of one of those tops where It's neither here or there kind of made Out of a soft ribed material so it Should be really comfortable on I just Thought this would be really easy to Style with a pair of jeans again or Maybe a white denim skirt just for very Simple looks but to add a little bit of Color to my wardrobe so the next item I Have to show you are these shorts and They're in a kind of boxer short style From asu's design collection again these Are petite and I've got them in my Normal size and they fit really well I Just love the color of the stripes on These I just thought this nice light Peach shade would just work so well for Summer they're very light and Airy the Only disappointing thing is I don't Think they have Pockets which is a big Shame cuzz I love pockets in shorts so That's quite disappointing actually if That's a big thing for you maybe that's

Something to consider but overall the Style of these are just so cute and I Thought I could easily style these with So many different things in my wardrobe Like a white T-shirt um a bando maybe a Shirt like a linen shirt if it was a Little bit cooler um again you could Wear these with so many different things I've actually got a t-shirt from this Haul as well which I was planning on Styling with this pair of shorts too so The T-shirt I was planning on styling With the shorts is this one it just says Poano I think I said that right um on The front this was actually from asos's Main collection not their petite um Section but with t-shirts that doesn't Really matter too much to me anyway I Tend to buy like regular t-shirts unless I'm wanting them to finish at a certain Point like a crop t-shirt but yeah Otherwise I'm more than happy to go for The regular section I just love the Textured um lettering on this and the Stripes I just thought it looks so cute I actually got this in an extra small I Would normally go for a small but it was Out of stock um but it doesn't matter Because it's super oversized anyway so It doesn't you know I feel like you can Kind of go in between sizes with this Probably sty this with the striped Shorts that I just showed you or again a Pair of jeans maybe even a pair of Navy

Leggings just a super casual oversized T-shirt look so next on to trousers I Know trousers are such a big thing They're so hard to find like a decent Pair of trousers that are going to fit You lengthwise I got these from Asos Again it's from the Asos design um Collection these I got in the petite Style again I think they do these in Regular too so if you are taller and You're watching this definitely check Them out I really liked about these was The fact that they had a pocket on the Back I just feel like with a lot of These trousers especially when it's like More of the cheaper Brands like Asos They kind of always forget to add Pockets and stuff so I really like the Fact that it had a pocket on the back I Just thought that was a nice design Feature and also pockets on the insides Too now I've worn these so much already Honestly they're one of my favorite pair Of trousers length of these are so Perfect like I said at the beginning of The video I'm 4' 11 and these fit me Really well if you was a little bit Taller than me they'd also fit really Well as well it would probably just be a Little bit um higher up on your trainer But that doesn't really matter so yeah Really pleased with these I know they do Them in different colors I think there Might be a black a car and a white pair

The white pair did look a little bit See-through though so I'm not sure you Might need to order those to see what They look like definely recommend these I feel like if there was one thing that I would really recommend out this whole Haul it would be these so hopefully They're in stock for you if not I'll try And find some similar ones and Link them Down below another pair of trousers I Have to show you I've actually just Washed these that's why I don't have Them on a little coat hanger yet um These were also from asos's petite Section I got these in my normal size Again I feel like they really well um When I bought these they were a tiny bit Long but I was going to keep them anyway And just see how I got on and I thought Worst case scenario I'll just have to Have them tailored a little bit shorter But they kind of finished at a pretty Good point anyway just a tiny bit long Um but what I decided to do was I put These in the wash and then I tumble Dried them probably not supposed to Tumble dry them but I did it in the hope That it would shrink them a little bit And it did surprisingly so they are a Little bit shorter now so definitely Recommend trying to do that if you're Ling you have a pair and it's just a Little bit off maybe see if you can get Away with tumble drying them wouldn't

Recommend it with all Fabrics though um But yeah I was Brave and did it with These and it worked out so I probably Wouldn't tumble dry these again now Because they'll probably just carry on Shrinking but yeah definitely recommend These These are really good for work um I really like to wear these with a shirt I feel like it works really well and a Pair of trainers a great uh pair of Trousers for something like that maybe If you worked in a school or something As well I feel like these would work Really well um so yeah a great kind of Staple pair of trousers the color is Kind of like a mustardy Color again I'm pretty sure they do These in other colors too so I will try And Link them down below for you but Yeah definitely recommend these and then I wanted to try on this skirt cuz I was Really interested to see how it would Fit and if it would suit me so this was From Nobody's Child from their petite Section but I got it off of Asos um I Really like nobody's child cuz a lot of The time their Fabrics are really good And they're just kind of a different Level of quality um this is really nice The only thing is I do think it is a Little bit long on me again maybe that's Because I am quite petite um maybe if You was over 5 foot you'd probably have This finish a little bit higher up and

It would probably look a little bit Better but for me it was definitely more Of kind of like a maxi long style I Still feel I can get away with it though I wouldn't say that it took anything Away from the way it looks or the style Of it but I did find it a little bit Long um I'd have appreciated it a tiny Bit uh shorter but overall it doesn't Really matter I just thought the style Was so cute and again this style of Skirt is a big trend for summer this Year it's great if you're wanting Something a little bit more respectable Maybe for work um you don't want to get Your legs out or anything like that this Would be a great skirt to wear and then I just wanted to mention a pair of jeans Because again jeans are such a hard Thing to find when you are petite a lot Of the time we have to cut them and Things like that so a pair of jeans Which I got from Asos just a little While ago now um but I will still Mention them cuz I'm sure they probably Still do them on there if not I'll link Some similar again but these were from Stradivarious but I actually got them From Asos I got them in my normal size And they just fit so well I love the Length of these if you're looking for a Good pair of jeans that aren't too Wideleg but aren't skinny um I Definitely recommend these and obviously

If you um I wanted them or maybe they're Not I always find stra dearius the Website a little bit hard to navigate For the peti stuff I feel like it's not Very clear you have to click the size And then it comes up so you don't always Know what things are petite and what Aren't um but obviously it's really easy On Asos so I'll link them down below um Yeah just a great light blue staple pair Of jeans for summer and that is it I Really hope you enjoyed my haul let me Know your thoughts in the comments too Let me know if you liked anything the Most or if you're going to get anything Yourself love to hear your thoughts and Comments and stuff as always hope you You have a great day and summer and I Will speak to you all in my next video Bye guys