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Summer Staples that I think every woman Needs in their wardrobe now obviously Not every woman needs this it's kind of A old statement but these pieces are Very minimal Timeless classic so simple Something you can have in your summer Wardrobe forever Timeless pieces it's so Pretty and feminine at the same time I Love this list with you guys I think I Have nine or 10 different items I want To share with you from accessories some Wardrobe pieces as always I'll have Everything linked down below if you Wanted to check anything out for Yourself get started with the Accessories first and then we'll go into Some of the fashion items a Chic pair of Sunglasses is definitely a must and I'm Trying to keep my hands off of all of The other selections Quint has on their Website I'm trying to tell myself just Stick to one pair for now and I love These These are so pretty and they fit a Petite face surprisingly well cuz often Times when I try to go for oversized Sunglasses they look way too massive for My face but these fit perfectly even When I put my head down like this As you could tell hopefully this is a Good example for you guys see they don't Really fall off unless I'm like really Shaking my head quality of them just by Far beats Amazon sunglasses any day and They are still inexpensive very stylish

I think these are really reasonable and Super stylish next up are straw hats I Love this one that I got from Amazon and I actually ordered several different Ones and the one that I love the most is This one and it's the most inexpensive One that I found I think when I Purchased it I paid $10 for it so I was Like that is so worth it has a cute bow In the back so if I turn around you can See it back there um I love that it has This black bash on the hat I think gives A little bit more style the quality of It is great also petite friendly fits my Head really well and it doesn't go past The width of my shoulders uh still a lot Of room there so it looks very balanced And very pretty a cute pair of heels is Definitely a must for summer I have been Loving these espad drils that I got from Mango it's my first time ever purchasing Like a wedge esad dril heel most of them I didn't love and any of the ones that I Did love they were very expensive that I Didn't really want to spend that much Money on a pair and I found these from Mango uh below $100 quality of them is Fantastic they come in two different Color options so in the black with a Straw or a cream off-white with straw And I love it I'm really tempted to get The off-white color but I'm trying to Stick to just wear these to see how Often I wear them and then if I end up

Wearing them a lot that's when I'll Start considering adding another color But for now I love these with uh mini or Maxi dresses so like pictured here I Love it styled with this dress I think It looks really pretty very airy kind of Organic Lux espadrillas like this also Are very French so I love it for that You guys know I love including that into My style strappy sandals are definitely A must to have in your summer wardrobe I Have been getting getting so much use Out of these since springtime when the Weather has been warming up and I would Say the black ones are my favorite the Way this the straps are done this is by Steve Madden um I think the sizes are Low in this it does come in multiple Colors but I know the black I think is Low in stock I'll still link them and I'll try to find them from other sites So that way maybe you can score your Size but I've had these since last year They're my favorite and then I recently Found these from Charles and Keith these Are different because they don't have The strap around the ankle so for Petites this is probably more ideal Option and they're very comfortable There's a padding actually even on both Of them padding on them very wearable Can wear them for an extended period of Time the straps don't dig into my feet So I stay really comfortable wearing

Them throughout the day and super Stylish so if I were to recommend some Strappy sandals these two are my Favorite these slight sandals now I know I have been sharing them way too much Probably way too much they make an Appearance in so many videos but I do Love them again regular Spiel I have Them in three colors brown white black Uh I just wear them on rotation I think Especially for petites since they don't Have a strap around the ankle they are Very versatile because I can wear them With mini dresses midi Maxi pants shorts Etc so these are a fabulous option that Well below $100 super stylish one of my Favorites this year straw bags I really Think every woman needs to add one of These into their wardrobe this large one Here so both of them are actually from Mango this large one is quite massive I Mean you can compare it to me I feel Like it's quite big but you do fit a lot Of things in there like this if you're Going somewhere all day you're going to Be staying put like a pool a beach a Lake and you want to just shove a bunch Of stuff in one bag this is the bag and It's super pretty at the same time I Mean so organic natural I love this one If you need something oversized so this One is more expensive because it's a Much larger size but it is absolutely Perfect smaller size is great for more

Of like everyday wear so if I don't need To carry a lot things with me it has a Cross body strap again this one's also From mango and they have so many more Options on their site truly it's really Hard narrowing down and picking favorite Because they have it in several Different styles designs shapes uh so This is the one I landed on grabbing for Myself I love it it also comes with a Little pouch on the inside you want to Wear it cross body it has the extra Strap here I would say it's definitely Petite friendly so if I put it on here Try not to touch my mic I would say this Is actually very very petite friendly It's on my hips here I don't need to Adjust it which is so cool I don't need To do any funky tricks to like get it to Fit my body type better okay let's get Into some of the fashion items mini Flowy dresses are definitely a must for Summer I think especially for me this Year because I am over 7 months pregnant I'm going to be delivering baby here Pretty soon I'm due in August by the way So I'm getting pretty close which is so Exciting so anyways flowy dresses at Least for me are a must I did grab my Own belt for let's say the one that I'm Wearing here uh cuz it comes without the Belt but I did want to have it cinched In just to give it me a little bit more Shape otherwise I just look like a bag

This one that I'm wearing I would say is A Splurge it is expensive however I love It I do think it's worth it so if you Like this style I do think it's worth it It's very airy very pretty and I love That it has sleeves as well so if you're Somebody that loves to wear sleeves or a Little bit self-conscious about your Arms or shoulders this is a really Beautiful style um and it's Fuller bus Friendly you can also cinch it in around The neckline and actually make the neck Neckline slash the dress shorter that's Really cool it's adjustable pregnant or Not nursing or not this is just a really Good dress something kind of similar Kind of similar but definitely way less Expensive is this one I got from mango I Am keeping this one I still have the tag On it but I'm totally keeping it uh cuz It's just gorgeous so I also added a Belt to this to give me a little bit More shape because I feel like if I wear Dresses like this especially mini Dresses it looks like a bag on me cuz I Have really big boobs and I have a big Bump right now so for me at least I love Adding in that belt uh but it looks Really pretty without it too so anyways This one has ties that are adjustable uh Modest in the neckline so you still have Open neckline but it's not like we're so Revealing so petite friendly because you Can adjust the straps the length of the

Dress is also petite friendly so it's Not too long and it's just a really good Just basic throw on and go dress I could See this being so cute as like a beach Coverup again going to the lake pool or Beach just throwing it on over a Swimsuit or you can style it make it Look so Chic so something other than Black is this white mini dress also I Wanted to share so I wanted to share Several different options this one the Quality is just one of the best I've Ever found uh the stitching is done Really well I think this is like a linen Blend although I would say if you're Petite it does run kind of big in the Shoulders the sleeves here so for me it Does run kind of big I will be um sewing This to adjust it for my shape better But otherwise it's wonderful I'm wearing This in a size small I probably could Have done an extra small so I would say If you're not pregnant either stay with Your regular size or consider going down A size cuz it does run kind of big it Has pockets it's fully lined on the Inside and both of the layers are nice And thick and heavy so this dress has Weight to it and it flows so beautifully Next up is this super adorable Romper so I feel like it looks a little funny on Me because I'm like 7 and 1 half months Pregnant so it's definitely looks Completely different on me than how it's

Intended to I feel like but it is very Pretty I wanted to share it with you Guys love the colors it's just like this Soft Denim and it's very airy very light Uh the Shorts part isn't too long it's Not too tight either which is so nice Love the button detailing it's stretchy At the waistline as well buttons are Good so anyways this is a really good Piece that I found from mango now this Crochet midi dress is just beyond Stunning it's a mango piece but honestly This piece I feel like this is something Something I would find at saon like Quality-wise and style-wise truly such a Score it is a beautiful beautiful Well-made piece that looks very Parisian And Timeless so it has uh a big slit on One side makes it a lot easier to move And rock around in um it has a bit of Stretch to it well actually I guess a Lot of stretch because if you see it on Me in my big old bump it surprisingly Fits me and it's not constricting at all So it works great if you have a bump so Anyways love the stripes love the Crochet knit it just looks so unique and Different great for again summertime Next up are basic tanks now I cannot Wear these right now but uh here's some Footages of me wearing them last year Cuz I've had them since last year I Recommended them a bunch wanted to share Them again for summertime because tanks

With a pair of shorts are obviously Great for summer this was like a go-to Outfit combination for me last summer it Was just a basic tank denim shorts and Some slides and it was just really easy Throw on and go got them in two colors Last year white and black and I think They come in many more colors I'm Wearing my true size extra small uh it's Double lined they're absolutely not Seethrough the quality of them is great They do get a little bit of peeling so If you have a fabric shaver uh that will Help like touch it up real nicely They're very smoothing makes it look so Polished and for a basic tank it Actually looks quite high-end for a Basic tank so uh you feel a little bit More dressed up even though it's a Casual piece but it looks a little bit More high-end which is cool and we made It to the end of this video as always I'll have everything linked down below If you wanted to check anything out for Yourself I love all these pieces I think They're all just so minimal Timeless and Classic and just perfect for summer if You are new please don't forget to Subscribe for more weekly videos it Helps out the channel a ton and then I Made a video recently on petite outfits I'm wearing this summer so I'll see you Over on this video bye