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Today I'm doing an ultimate review of Vasia sneakers so I'll be reviewing the Vasa Campo the ESL the v10s and the Rio Bronco I hope I'm pronouncing everything Correctly I'm sorry if I didn't this Video has been on my list to do since I Purchased my first pair which was like a Couple years ago my first ever sneaker I've ever invested into and I fell head Over heels for them I love the design The quality so Chic and stylish know They are in investment so that's why I Wanted to do a review for you guys four Different popular pairs of which I've Had for almost 2 years other two I Wanted to uh purchase as a new pair to Review and compare not sure if I'm going To keep them but I did want to have a Couple different styles to compare and They have even more options to choose From but I feel like these are probably Their most popular if you are new don't Forget to subscribe for more weekly Videos I love doing reviews like this Especially on Splurge items go ahead and Start with the real Bronco which here They are I really want to keep these I I Truly really want to keep these I love Them so much the color combination is so Pretty and these don't need breaking in Because they're very soft and stretchy Great if you have wide feet good if you Have narrow feet as well because you can Just adjust the ties I noticed it has

Cleats at the bottom and once I put them On and started walking around in them I'm like okay why don't all of my shoes Have these on them they provide such a Good traction and the tongue of the shoe Is suede very soft very very soft I Would say these are probably the softest Ones out of all of them they're thin Soft they have good support on the Insole as well very good traction at the Bottom so for a sporty sneaker I am very Very pleasantly surprised and I'm very Tempted to keep them very like I said And I would say these run true to size Although a lot of reviews say if you're In between sizes go up a size I've read Countless of reviews saying all the same Thing I just purchased my regular size And they fit great but I'm one to be Very true to size true to my size six am Happy staying true to size and I would Recommend you know if you're splurging On something like this and you want to Try multiple sizes try to get it from a Site that offers free returns so that Way you can consider maybe ordering two Sizes your true size and your size up so That way you can just compare and get a Better fit that way because these are an Investment and it just suck to settle For something this is genuine suede Leather here and I want to point out Vesa does real leather and faux leather So always look at the description when

You are purchasing sneakers from them Because the pricing is exactly the same Keep that in mind uh because I have one Pair of sneakers here that is faux Leather from vasia I will tell you which Ones those are but these ones that I Purchased the Rio Bronco these are Genuine leather I love these TBD if I Will keep these or not I'm so tempted But they are very wonderful I do love Them next ones are the v10s my beloved V10s these out of the two that I've Owned for 2 years are my most worn I Just love the sporty athletic Vibe you Can see on the stle here they have uh Like stitching and lines running through It just to give it more of a sporty look Toe of the shoe they have all these air Holes in them as well you can tell these Are pretty worn in I probably should Clean these but I wear them so often It's crazy this one I would say the Tongue is thin are a lot of reviews Complaining that it's pretty stiff However I have been wearing these so Much that the tongue of the shoe Actually softened over time so it Doesn't bother me at all uh so I know With these sneakers they're definitely Stiff when you first get them in but They do wear over time and these are the Ones that are faux leather so this one Comes in a real leather and faux leather Option so just keep that in mind

Whatever your preference is from what I've noticed having faux leather and Real leather they do wear and stretch Out the same but they still maintain Their shape really well I would say if You're really comparing the real leather The full leather uh you'll notice that The real leather obviously is softer but They look so similar and we're pretty The same it's just the real leather's Obviously much softer a lot of people Say these run big which in my experience They did run big for me so I went with a Size five so I went down to size and They fit me perfectly so if you are in Between sizes consider going down a size In the v10s and I also want to point out If you have average to wide feet Asia Makes v10s like what I'm sharing here That are great for average or wider feet But if you have more narrow feet I've Read the reviews online that the v12s Are better if you have narrow feet they Look very similar to the v10s but based On reviews I've never tried them but Based on reviews the v12s Apparently Better for more narrow feet so I just Want to point that out I have average to Wide feet so these were great for me Next up I'll be actually reviewing the Vesa Campo and the vesa espar side by Side they're very similar quartz Sneakers by the brand they are different So both are genuine leather and the

Cample ones are in the off-white to tan Color combo so putting it on the screen Here the ESL are the white and black Colorway so the Campo style I've had the Longest just about 2 years also and First I love the color way the off white With the tan just so stunning I love the Sole of the shoe and then it's very Comfy on the inside and then with the Tongue of the shoe it has a little bit Of a padding to it so it's so Comfortable and soft and these were Stiff when I got them in but even with Them being stiff they didn't really need Any breaking into but they did wear and Stretch over time and they just hold Their shape still really well very easy To clean and really just such a great Sneaker especially for something that's So so many different wardrobe pieces and Comes in so many different colorways Beasa espar they obviously are new so I Can't give like my full detailed review Because I just got them in but just Comparing the differences between the Two tongue of the esar here they are Stiff uh so this one will probably Soften over time since this one that I Picked up are genuine leather and that Always softens and wears over time I Mean just comparing the two sneakers Here they're both genuine leather one I Had for almost 2 years the other one I Just got you can see the differences it

Does stretch out and wear over time and Get softer which personally I love Because then the sneaker is even more Comfortable but on the inside of the Sneaker I would say maybe the Campos are A little bit more comfortable they have A little bit more padding into them that Also could be they just got softer over Time then the biggest difference I Noticed between the two sneakers is the Platform so putting them side by side Here my beloved Campo have a higher Platform and the Es are more flat so it Obviously depends on person preference But me being petite I love a good Platform shoe tample style is the reason Why I landed on this one because I loved The platform I loved the thicker sole it Just looked really cool and up to-date And kind of modern and also gave me a Little bit of extra height and both of These are true to size I got them in my True size six everything is in my true Size six except for the v10s those I did Go down a size and I almost never go Down a size in shoes I'm very very true To size six so that was very surprising I had to go down to size in those that's Why I always emphasize that these I say True to size they're absolutely perfect And I love them I mean they are super Similar I mean if you look at them side By side they are very very similar um But the biggest thing for me is the

Platform I know everybody looks for Different things as far as Sneakers but That's the biggest thing for me the Campo style has the higher platform Which for me is great as a petite and I Think it just looks a little bit more Elevated so for anyone that is Interested in investing into vasia Sneakers I really hope this was a Helpful detailed review for you guys I Know they are such an investment for a Sneaker I truly love it I think they Just really completed my wardrobe and Just really elevated my style so for me They're worth it have everything linked Down below so you guys can check it out For yourself I'll try to link it from Several different retailers also because Again they do go in and out of stock Some colors go in and out of stock all The time and then I'll try to make sure I'm looking for places that have free Returns because that's a big deal when You're investing into a very expensive Shoe video a big thumbs up if you did Enjoy it subscribe if you're new share This video with others that are Considering into investing into vasia Sneakers and again thank you so much for Watching I really hope this was helpful And I'll see you in my next video bye