10 BEST Jeans Based On YOUR Body-Type…everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Levi 725 High Rise Bootcut:
2. Abercrombie Flare Jean:
Express Front Slit Flare Jeans:
3. Levi’s Premium Wide-Leg Jeans:
4. Express Skinny Jeans:
5. Abercrombie Straight-Leg Crossover Jeans:
6. High-Rise Levi Ribcage Jeans:
7. Madewell Low-Rise Cargo Jeans:
8. Agolde Distressed Jeans:
Amazon Distressed Jeans:
9.Cropped Ankle Jeans(Same As Above):
Levi’s Ribcage Cropped Jeans:
10. Abercrombie Curve Love Jeans
Curve Love High Rise 90s Relaxed Jean:
Curve Love Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jean:
Curve Love Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jean:
Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean:
Curve Love High Rise Skinny Jean:

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I love jeans I love all types of jeans Light wash dark wash distressed straight Leg wide leg skinny but do you have a Favorite pair of jeans the ones that you Always reach for the ones that if They're dirty you're mad the ones that As soon as you slide them on you just Feel great in them well if not we're Going to try to find those favorite pair Of jeans for you in this video so let's Talk body shapes but as you know we're All different shapes and sizes but there Are five main female body shapes that Can help us figure out which jeans might Look best on your body so for example if You have broader shoulders with narrow Hips then you have what's called an Inverted triangle body shape and then The opposite is the pear shape which Have narrower shoulders with wider hips And thighs women with an hourglass Figure have more equal proportions on Top and bottom but they have a smaller Waist and then there's the rectangular Body shape which is more of a straight Up and down silhouette and then finally The apple shape which carries more Weight around the midsection now there Are are some denim styles that look Universally great on all body types and I'll be sharing those of course but keep In mind if you like a certain Jean style But you don't fit the correct body shape Who cares these are all just things to

Consider but all of the jeans in this Video will be linked down below and Pinned in the comment section first up We have the boot cut Jean which are the Most flattering for hourglass and Pear-shaped figures so if you notice They have a very subtle flare at the Bottom which helps balance out wider Hips and thighs so this particular pair Are the Levi 725 high rise and as with Many jeans in this video they do come in Many different colors washes and Distresses we'll also be talking about Why you might look better or worse in High rise versus low rise jeans next we Have flared which are great for triangle Shapes and this is because they are Fitted through the hips and thighs and Then they widen from the knee down this Balances out broader shoulders so I Actually have two very different options For this category great first are these Abercrombie flare jeans that you're Seeing these are very best selling and You can get them in extra short short Regular and long lengths and this is Great because usually flared jeans are Way too long and they're just always Dragging on the floor so I'm actually Wearing a short even though I'm pretty Average in height at about five five but You can really customize this to fit you Perfectly and then we have this pair of Flared Jeans by Express and these are

Interesting because of the front slit I Absolutely love this detail because it Instantly adds height to your legs it Tricks the eye into making your legs Look longer and I truly think these Jeans would look great on most body Shapes next we have wide leg jeans which Can be flattering for pear-shaped Figures because they have a wide and Flowy cut from the hips all the way down To the ankles and this pair is by Levi's But it's their premium line so it is a Bit more expensive than typical Levi's But the denim is thicker heavier it's Better quality and I just absolutely Love of this style even though I'm not a Pear shape but I think it works great With sandals sneakers heels really any Shoes but I do think it's best to pair Them with a tighter top just to give Your body some definition now we're Getting into some really Universal jean Styles and skinny is next people will Debate if these are in style if they're Not in style but the reason so many People get upset that they might be Going out of style is because they Really do look good on all shapes and Sizes they elongate the legs they create A Sleek more slender look I think dark Wash can look more dressy whereas light Medium washes can look more casual but This pair is by Express and it's just The perfect pair because it ends right

At the ankle with zero bunching let's Talk about straight leg necks because This is the most universal style of the Entire video they have a very consistent Width from the hips to the ankles making Them versatile for most body types so I Think they create a lean and very Balanced silhouette Um this Abercrombie pear that you're Seeing is just interesting because it Also features a popular Crossover button Style so this actually allows the jeans To really fit nicely around your hips And butt and it also creates a Flattering v-shape that tricks the eye Into actually making your waist look Smaller next we need to talk about Whether you have a long versus short Torso so if you look at this diagram the First woman has a much longer middle Section with shorter legs so this is a Longer torso and then the third woman Has a much shorter middle section or Torso compared to her legs so if you Have a longer torso you might actually Look better in high-rise jeans because They sit above the natural waistline Balancing everything out they also Provide support and coverage for the Midsection and it can help smooth out The tummy area so this is also great for Apple shapes now these are the famous Levi rib cage jeans which I've Recommended countless times on my

Channel I love these so much and I have Them in probably four to five different Colors and washes now low rise can be Great for people with shorter torsos Because they sit a few inches below the Belly button so again if you have a Shorter torso this can help balance Everything out and then another benefit Is that they actually create the Illusion of Curves at the hips which Some people tend to really like this Pair is by Madewell and it's actually One of my favorites of the video they Just feel really high quality they're Super comfortable and I love the cargo Style they're just a little bit Different than all the rest distressed Jeans are next and these really have Nothing to do with what body shape you Are I just personally love a good pair Of distressed jeans so I wanted to share Two of my personal favorites at very Different price points the first is the Most expensive pair of this entire video Which is kind of ironic considering they Are ripped but they're by the brand of Goldie which is like the top top tier of Denim they're just the best they fit the Best they feel the best you'll know Exactly what I mean as soon as you put Them on but if you notice the Distressing is very well done I cannot Stand genes that have huge gaping holes At the knees or jeans that just have the

Entire leg ripped now if you want a much More affordable option I also love these Which are actually from Amazon and They're only 47 bucks but I think that's An insanely good price for these because Again I think the placement and style of Distressing is Top Notch so this pair of Jeans actually leads me to another style That many of you might want to consider Which are the cropped ankle jeans so if You notice these end right above the Ankle and they can work really well for Petite figures because they don't Overwhelm the frame but I personally Love them because they are jeans that Work well with any style of shoe they Don't Bunch up at the bottom they don't Cover anything up they don't drag on the Floor you can just jump into anything And they work and then I know we already Talked about the Levi rib cage style but These are also a great example of a Cropped ankle Jean and then we have the Kirby style and this is for all the Ladies out there with more pronounced Curves at the waist hips or bust so this Is often the pair or hourglass shapes Now obviously I've modeled all of these Jeans myself and I'm definitely not the Curviest person so I just wanted to Direct those of you that fit this Category to check out the Abercrombie Line called Curve love I will link the Most popular curve love genes under this

Number they're designed very differently Than regular jeans because they hug the Curves you have but still fit your butt And back without that big open Gap that Can happen so again everything that I Shared in this video will be linked down Below please subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next video bye