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Hey guys welcome back to another video Today I am sharing another round of Amazon fashion favorites that I've Recently collected I'm so excited Amazon Is truly the number one hit or miss when It comes to Fashion finds I get a Shockingly amount of Misses but then Sometimes I discover some really great Finds that are great quality and at a Really reasonable price point too I have 10 items to share with you guys I'm so Excited and as always everything will be Linked down below and let's go ahead and Hop right in let's go ahead and start With what I'm wearing so this long uh Sweater for me it's almost like a Sweater dress but it's not a sweater Dress because that splits on the side so This is something I would wear with like My faux leather leggings something I Would wear with uh regular leggings with Some knee high boots and it's just a Really cozy comfortable and warm outfit For fall and winter this sweater is by The Amazon brand the drop and I can't Remember what size I got this in either Extra small or double extra small but I'll write it in the description box so You can use it for your reference I love The length length it's not too long not Too short um and I love that it has Booty coverage so I can wear this out And about with leggings I love the Coverage and then I love how it's split

On the side that breaking fabric where It doesn't look so frumpy and so Oversized on me uh the sleeve length is A little bit long if you're petite but Cuffing them works perfectly fine I love The turtleneck I love the stripes it's Like a black and beige color combination It just looks really really nice and Much more expensive than it actually is Which is cool okay next up I want to Share boot socks because since we're Going into winter we need some warm Socks I hate being cold so I got a three Pack of these they call them I think Like winter boot socks they're really Thick really warm I'm wearing a pair Right now here and they come in a black And then two like Light Beige colors They are so plush and So Soft thick and Warm if you're watching this video Before Christmas this would be a great Gift idea to add on I think they're Pretty inexpensive for three packets Like $14 so this is just a nice uh gift You can give to yourself if you need These for winter or you can add on this As a gift for other people it's Inexpensive really warm and who doesn't Love new socks for Christmas time I love Fresh pairs of new socks every year Honestly okay so next up is this shacket Here so uh it's I got the like light Gray almost like heathered gray color This has a lot of structure it's quite

Stiff uh which some people may like that It's not like your thinner drapey Slouchy kind of shacket this definitely Has more structure and it's actually Thick and really warm so honestly you Can actually pass this for winter if It's not too cold where you live you can Layer a thicker knit underneath it and It'll keep you warm um I also love that It's just really flattering for a petite The sleeve length isn't too long the Length of it isn't too long as well it Has nice Deep Pockets and I love how the Hemline is curved so it's just really Flattering on and then if you cinch it In around the waistline also looks Incredibly flattering so you can wear it Open you can wear it closed both ways Look fabulous and this comes in many Colors I'm wearing it in a a size small Next up are these gold heels I actually Always wanted a pair of gold heels but I Didn't want to spend a lot of money on a Pair cuz you know I wouldn't wear these The most often as like my other heels so I didn't want to spend too much so these Are reasonably priced from Amazon I love The square toe I love the straps this Looks perfect with that like chocolate Slip dress that I have on or you can Even wear with like dark green or black Perfect for this time of year if you're Looking for something dressy but minimal And very stylish and actually

Surprisingly this color is really easy To style with a lot of other colors in My wardrobe so uh these are also I would Say comfortable the Comfort level I Would say is good uh and I love that it Has a low heel it's not too high so it Makes it a little bit more wearable for A longer period of time and I'm going to Share some of the other heels next that I got from Amazon cuz I got three Different pairs so I love these Comfortable color is gorgeous it also Comes in many other colors as well and Then these are also great these are a Nude strappy heel also come in Many Colors the difference with these is it's Not wrapped around your ankle completely It goes behind your heel uh so if you Don't like straps just tightly around Your ankle you would probably like this Option more also has a square toe They're actually kind of similar to the Gold ones the strap design is a bit Different and they're not wrapped around Your ankle completely so there's like a Little bit of a difference but they have Like the thinner minimal straps uh Really easy to wear the heel isn't too High again the square toe and I would Say Comfort level for these are good as Well that's the difference between the Two they both have a square toe but in Minimal strap but the straps are just Laid out differently then I shared these

Already several times I love these so Freaking much they're just probably the Most fun and stylish heel that I have in My wardrobe I love the sparkly bow I Love the black I like how there's Rhinestones around the ankle too just Really dresses up the heel the Comfort Level I would say is great honestly These are much more comfortable than I Expected them to be and they come in Multiple color combinations as well the Price is reasonable I think these are Also just really fun to include into Your G up if you're styling holiday Outfit ideas like with slip dresses mini Dresses skirts uh these are just really Fun to just Elevate outfits but in a Really classy and just stunning way and I recently shared this like chocolate Slip dress earlier this is by the Amazon Brand the drop I'm wearing this in a Size extra small it's very basic and Very simple but you can easily dress This up so I wore it with those gold Heels uh just now and I think it looks Beautiful together I've also styled this Before with um a sweater layered over it You can belt it as well that also will Look really pretty it has splits on the Sides I would say petite friendly and The straps are adjustable so if you want To make the dress a little bit shorter You can or a little bit longer if you Want to expose more neckline up to you

But this dress is just really simple but Very versatile and it comes in multiple Colors as well and it steams really Easily gets wrinkles out really easily And the price on this is also reasonable Next up I wanted to share these really Minimal belts I love how these look they Come in like a single pack a two pack I Think you can maybe even get like a Three or four pack if I'm not mistaken They come in different colors I went With the black and the brown color Combination and I love love love them I Think they're so fun to style over Dresses over trousers and I feel like Belts have been getting a lot more Popular lately to style them with like Skirts and dresses and trousers and I Love this one because it has just like a Really Lux and minimal design uh that Just really elevates outfits here's the Belt styled with uh the trousers here I Think both colors look great I kind of Just have a monochrome look going on so You can just purely see the belt I would Say if you have a really small waist I It it might be a little loose honestly My waist is like a I think a 24 25 in Waist and it's not like super snug and This one you can't adjust if I'm wearing A thick sweater like right now I can Easily put it over like my smallest Point of my waist and it'll sit but if I'm wearing something thinner and adding

This over it it doesn't doesn't really Stay in place at the smallest point of My waist wanted to point that out this Is not adjustable so it comes like this But I would say I could wear it with Most things okay this trend has been Popping up so much lately it's like this Collared sweater I feel like I've been Seeing it so much lately I decided to Give it a try especially since I found An inexpensive version from Amazon I Decided to get this dark brown color and I actually really love it it has like These bubbly sleeves it's fitted at the Cuffs and the length isn't too long can Do a cute little front tuck it's like Thinner and really stretchy also warm I Love The Wider color I think it just Gives it a little bit more of a modern Take on a colored sweater and I love the Open neckline as well I think it's Really flattering the knitted design is Also really flattering as well so here I Just paired it with some trousers and I Think it looks really cute and comfy and This also again like pretty much Everything on Amazon comes in many Colors okay so this next one I've been Getting like countless of ads for this Sweater set or this like Lounge set from Amazon and I was like okay fine I'll Order it I'll try it so I got suckered Into you know seeing these sponsored Posts of this so it's this knit sweater

Shorts super cute and then this knit Cardigan you may have seen it maybe you Have it already doesn't come as a set You purchase these separately so for the Shorts I'm wearing an extra small Sweater is in a double extra small and They come in multiple colors you can Also get like the matching tank with it Honestly I felt like that was a little Unnecessary for me cuz I already have so Many freaking tanks so that wasn't Necessary for me so I just got the Shorts and the cardigan and they're so Freaking cute I think this would be so Fun as like a stylish outfit to lounge Around in at home and again if you're Watching this before Christmas this Would make an awesome Christmas gift Idea for somebody is like a cute little Lounge set all right you guys so that Brings it to the end of this video that Was 10 Chic Amazon fashion finds that I Love and recommend again I will have Everything linked down below if you Wanted to check it out for yourself let Me know if you want me to continue Finding more Amazon fashion finds for You guys these videos are fun cuz I feel Like I can find some really nice things That are at a reasonable price point and That are so Chic and minimal that you Would be actually surprised that it's Actually from Amazon anyways if you love These types of videos please give it a

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