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So in this video I am sharing outfit Ideas with stripes so I'm so excited to Share 10 new Fall outfit ideas that are Very wearable stylish practical Everything that I share in this video as Always will be linked down below I'm Five foot one for reference and every Time I make these outfit ideas videos I Try to do it around a specific theme and For this one it's going to be all about Stripes so I gathered a few different Striped top sweaters that I have and I'll be styling them for you guys for This video so first up I want to style Is this striped cardigan this is Actually the first striped cardigan oh There's a lot of Stripes going on here So I mean that's the theme of this video This is gonna be all about stripe but in This shot right here there's just a lot Going on but this is the first striped Cardigan I've ever purchased uh this is From golea I love it it looks and feels So looks has beautiful button detailing Right here and I actually want to style This three different ways for you guys So the first way is actually with my Pleated mini skirt are you sick of Seeing it yet I hope not because I'm not Sick of it I'm obsessed with it wearing It literally every single week it's Actually so much more versatile than I Expected it to be so here I have it Styled with this striped cardigan and I

Just have a basic tank on underneath and Then I styled it with my slingback pumps Uh just to make the outfit a little bit More dressy gave me some height because I'm only five foot one so any extra Inches I can get to my height I am here For so uh this is so adorable so comfy And gives a really classic Parisian French Vibe which you know Stripes Totally give that Vibe and I'm here for It so this is the first toy with the Cardigan the next way is more casual and It's with a pair of medium wash blue Denim jeans and then I have the same Black tank on underneath uh two-tone Flats and then a quilted bag and what I Love about this outfit is that the Striped cardigan and the two-tone Flats Really give it that classy Parisian French look and you just add in a Classic pair of medium washed denim Jeans with no distressing and then the Tank underneath obviously keep it really Casual so this is is a really practical And wearable outfit idea love this Combination of casual dressy French and Timeless pieces so another classy outfit Idea and then the next one is probably My favorite combination with this Cardigan it's with a pair of trousers I Added a minimal belt to really highlight My waistline and then I paired it with Black sock booties again to give me that Height and just to keep that monochrome

Look underneath going uh from the tank All the way down to my feet and then Adding this cardigan in obviously just Dresses it up makes it look more classy So that's three ways super easy ways Actually to style this striped cardigan There's many many more ways which I hope To share with you guys in future videos Next up I wanted to style this is on Leontine jumper uh this is my first ever Sazon purchase I've ever made I love This the quality the fit is like really Slouchy oversized comfy if you're in Between sizes definitely recommend going Down a size because it does run big and So how I styled it is with a pair of Trousers and white sneakers for that Really cool effortless Chic look and you Know I love wearing stripes and dressy Outfits like I shared and then also Casual outfit pop on a pair of sneakers With some really elevated trousers and There you go you have an amazing Parisian French classic very minimal Outfit idea that's also very cool and Effortless and with this striped sweater I definitely like tucking it in because It does have that big oversized look so I think it actually looks really Flattering when this is tucked in a lot Of times I'll roll up the sleeves as Well so I can expose a little bit more Skin uh here on the neckline and on my Arms that way everything just looks a

Little bit more balanced for my petite Frame as well as wearing a more cropped Pair of trousers showing a little bit More ankle wearing the white sneakers Overall I think looks very balanced and Very petite friendly at the same time Just keeping in mind of showing like a Little bit of skin here and there Because it's a lot of loose pieces going On so showing skin in the neckline in my Arms a little bit of my ankles help Balance out the look really well when You're Styling Big sweaters like this Next way to style the leontine jumper is Again with the pleated skirt I hope you Guys again are not getting sick of it But I'm wearing the beige one I actually Have it in two colors because yes I I Love it that much but this sweater is Definitely oversized so I actually Tucked it into my bra yes I know some People probably think that's totally Weird each their own I do it I love it It works for me so I tucked it into my Bra all around and it kind of gives that Not a cropped sweater look I'm not Showing my skin or anything Um but it just hits perfectly around my Natural waistline where the skirt starts So that way everything looks balanced Like everything points at my waistline Uh the skirt flares out gives that Beautiful A-line silhouette and then the Sweater is more oversized relaxed I have

The sleeves rolled up the neckline opens So it all looks balanced with a more Oversized sweater like this and then I Paired it with two-tone flats and this Is definitely an outfit you would Probably wear like when it's Transitioning or if you live in a state Or area where it's still warm or in the Springtime now let's switch over to Something fitted so this fitted tank uh This is probably my favorite tank that I've purchased in Stripes uh even has Makeup on it I wear it a ton it goes With so many things and I love how it's Like super stretchy if I just share Right here it's really really stretchy And it has like this micro ribbing to it So it is phenomenal first way I actually Paired it is with my light wash denim Jeans my light gray wool coat and then My sling back black flats I had to say That several times Because it's like a tongue twister sling Back black flats there you go and I Think overall it looks very classy Elegant Chic also incredibly cozy Because this blanket coat is phenomenal I shared it recently it's from Abercrombie and it is amazing it reminds Me of the mango wool coat that I have But this one I think is just more petite Friendly so and it's less expensive too And it's a little bit thicker compared To the mango one so overall it's a great

Coba paired with something fitted Underneath again balances out the outfit With a really oversized coat and then I'm wearing the slim straight jeans as Well and then the next way is great for For work I'm wearing this cropped jacket The trousers and then slingback pumps uh Pretty much mostly black going on here Kind of a monochrome look but popping on The striped tank underneath the cropped Jacket I think again gives it a bit more Style I shared this set recently the Trousers and the cropped jacket it's Both from quits I'm obsessed with it it Is so Chic so flattering and so petite Friendly I really think both pieces were Just made for petite I mean I'm five one For reference in the fact that I found Trousers that are literally perfect and Then this cropped jacket which is hard To find let me just say a crop jacket For petite is absolutely perfect so all Together I think I okay I think I'm Gonna say this outfit is my favorite one Out of all the ones I'm sharing today The next step I want to style is this Brown stripe sweater from Uniqlo and not Only wearing stripes in a white and Black or white and navy is so Timeless And Chic but I really think playing Around with different neutral colors or Colors in general with Stripes is so Fabulous it kind of just helps switch up Outfits as well so this one looks so

Perfect with my camel coat it literally Looks like it was just made to be Together and then I paired it with black Trousers and to make it casual I'm Wearing my white sneakers with this to Give it that casual cool and effortless Look and this is just a fun way to style Like a colored striped sweater if you Have an outerwear piece that matches it Try to pair it together it will look so Chic and effortless okay I know I said The one with the crop jacket trousers And then the fitted tank is my favorite Outfit but I gotta say I think this next One with the Navy uh is my favorite Second favorite I don't know I I have a Hard time picking a favor but I tried to Go with the Navy monochrome look so I Have these Navy trousers this Navy and White striped sweater so again going Back to wearing some stripes with uh Like a different color rather than black And white so this one's Navy and white Pairing it with navy trousers and then I Think the combination of dark navy blue With a gray color it looks so pretty Together and then I'm wearing my white Slingback flash just to kind of Complement the White Stripes going on in The sweater overall I think this looks So pretty so if you're looking for a Really classy looking color combination I would say it's this one dark navy blue White and I would say a light gray it

Looks so pretty together gives off a Really classy expensive look okay and Then we cannot have a Stripes outfit Idea without the most classic Stripes Combination which is striped shirt light Wash denim jeans a trench coat and two Tone Flats now this is the most classic Of classic outfit ideas when it comes to Stripes and again looks very Parisian Very French and I love it and you can Always switch up this formula in so many Different ways you can swap out the Jeans for trousers you can swap up the Trousers for a skirt you can swap out The trench for maybe a different Outerwear piece you can swap out the Shoes for heels there's so many Different ways you could play around With a striped shirt and I highly Recommend if you love that Timeless Classic Chic minimal style including Stripes is incredible because it Instantly elevates your outfits makes Them look so expensive makes it look so Chic as well as makes everything look so Put together that's why I have way too Many stripes way more than I need I know Am I mad about it absolutely not I wear All of them and I love it I feel like I'm just the stripes girl and with that That brings it to the end of this video That was 10 Chic outfit ideas with Stripes on a petite body type I really Hope this gave you some outfit

Inspiration and ideas if you happen to Be interested in anything it's all Linked down below don't forget to Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye