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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'll be sharing 10 Chic summer Staples that are on a budget now Everything is under 100 actually well Below 100 a lot of things are well below Fifty dollars and then there's just I Believe one or two things that kind of Made it a little bit more closer to a Hundred dollars but everything I feel Like is at amazing price points and the Quality of everything is absolutely Phenomenal and I have partnered with Uniqlo for this video so I'll be sharing Some beautiful minimal pieces that are Budget friendly high quality and so Stylish at the same time so with that Let's go ahead and hop right in the First item is this beautiful tiered Cotton white dress this is lined on the Inside and the straps are actually Adjustable but it's adjustable on the Inside of the dress so it actually looks So polished on the straps so I love that It's smogged in the back it has Beautiful eyelet detail so this dress Also comes in black but I went ahead and Picked it up in white because I actually Don't have a long white dress and I Thought this would be so classic and fun To add into my wardrobe to my collection The price is amazing on this and again It's line absolutely not see-through as Well and it is Fuller bust friendly at The same time next Chic summer wardrobe

Staple is this Cami dress now me being Five foot one this dress is a maxi dress On me has a slit in the center of the Dress as well it has buttons going all The way down the straps are adjustable And it's very light very Breezy and Flowy and this belt I actually added on To the Dress it's separate from the Dress I actually purchased the belt from Amazon but this dress is from Uniqlo and The quality of this again absolutely Incredible it truly feels like a really Expensive dress but it's at such a good Price point and the fit is also amazing I love how it's a little bit looser Flowy relaxed it looks so elegant so Chic I feel like with strappy sandals a Straw bag I think it just looks so Beautiful full all together next up is Actually a repeat purchase from me uh This is the linen blend shorts from Uniqlo I have these in the navy color I Picked it up in this really beautiful Khaki color you guys know how much I Rave about these shorts recommend them I Feel like they are the best linen short On a budget they are so comfortable so Flattering they're not too short Um not too long as well I feel like the Length is great mom approved for me I Can bend down and take care of toddlers Wearing these the waistband is really Stretchy and so comfortable around your Waistline these are not itchy by the way

And I think these are the best classy Shorts that are on budget that look so Great casually you can wear them over a Swimsuit or you can dress them up with a Blazer and there's just so many ways to Style these they are such a good Essential and not such a good price Point okay then the next Chic summer Staple are these ribbed tanks I got the Gray color I got this beautiful brown Color and then I got it in black and the Quality I know I keep saying that about All these but truly it's so impressive And I don't even know how they do it Honestly like I think these are so worth It they hold up really well Um that's why I got it in more colors And in a open neckline version because Of how often I wear them and just how Well they hold up what I also love about These with the open neckline that it's Not too low of an open neckline I have That issue with a lot of tops to be Honest they can be quite low and I don't Really like to reveal a lot of cleavage For myself I mean I love an open Neckline but I don't want to expose my Cleavage too much so I think these are a Great mix of having your an open Neckline but still having it a little Bit more modest the chest area which I Really appreciate okay so the next Chic Summer staple is this satin blouse so I Would say this blouse I would recommend

Going down a size because it runs quite Big I think I got this in a extra small But I could have easily done a double Extra small just because of how relaxed Box it is I mean I have it tucked in Quite a bit Um so if you're interested in a classic Satin blouse like this Um highly recommend go down a size from Your usual however it still works it's Just a little bit more relaxed and I Love it it's not see-through the color Is perfect Um I just have the sleeves rolled up I Also love the satin material for the Summer time because it's very cooling Especially if you go for like a looser Fit like this really Breezy really Cooling I also have it just rolled up as Well so it helps with those really hot Days and it also just looks so Chic with Just a pair of denim shorts like this Last thing from Uniqlo that I feel like Is a great summer essential is a linen Blazer so this one has a more boyfriend Style fit which a lot of you guys know I Am so drawn to the boyfriend style fit Blazers I love that kind of cool relaxed Look but still being structured and Fitted like around the shoulders and the Sleeve length so these sleeves I would Say are petite friendly I do have them Rolled up I think it's just best for me To wear it like that during like warmer

Days but it is very lightweight very Breezy and I love this color it's not See-through I think it looks so stunning With shorts I can even wear this with What I have on right now and I think This is just such a beautiful classy Outfit especially wearing it with like Denim shorts I think this I'm gonna step Back looks so cute and Polished and Chic I just love it just love outfits like This where I can dress more casually and Comfortable but still look so Chic at The same time I mean this is just so my Type of outfit and then the next Chic Summer staple that's budget friendly are These denim shorts from Abercrombie I Think these are my most favorite shorts I purchased for this season like at Least the denim short option that I Purchased Um they have no ribs in them I feel like They look very classy they're fitted Around the waistline looser around the Thigh and I love their curve Love Options because they're fitted around The waistline looser around the thighs Which is my preferred fit when it comes To shorts I don't want them to be tight I don't want to feel like a sausage in Them so I love this style I think this Is the 90s high-rise style and in the Curve love again Um love this style love this fit and um These retail for 60 dollars but they do

Go on sale quite often so you can even Get them for less than that which to me I think it's so worth it because these Feel like my premium designer shorts That are like a hundred fifty dollars These are so comparable to them so next Up is a straw bag I feel like this is so Classic and so beautiful for the summer Time I got it from Amazon very Inexpensive I feel like the size is Decent as well if you just compare it to Me and this bag is more of just like a Handbag or you wear it just right on Your elbow like this I feel like this is Great for Beach days even if you just Want to carry a bag like this during the Day I think it just looks so stunning With summer outfits like the outfits I Shared earlier with that tiered white Cotton dress or that cami dress it looks So stunning with it or with denim shorts Like this I feel like this is just the Perfect color the perfect style for Summer time and it's very inexpensive And the quality is fantastic as well Next up are these wide slides so this is The one item that is the most expensive In this entire video however these have Been lasting me for three full years now So I really do think they're worth it I Think they're Priced Right at eighty Dollars So within the 100 price range I Had for this video Um but just on the higher end but I

Still think they are so worth it and Again I've had these for many many years They hold up so well they are so Chic And so stylish they're just really easy To put on take off Style with dresses With shorts with skirts like so many Things they just look fantastic with Literally everything you can style these The 10th and final Chic wardrobe staple That is budget friendly are these Strappy sandals I've been sharing these For months now they are the best strappy Minimal sandal that's under fifty Dollars they come in multiple colors They are incredibly comfortable like Shockingly comfortable and they're a Little bit padded and I just love the Thinner more minimal straps they look Really beautiful with that longer black Like Cami dress that I styled it with I Styled it so many other times as well For you guys and they are just so Fantastic believe these slides have been One of the most top selling items on This channel that I've been recommending And I hear nothing but good things and Reviews from you guys Um who purchased these I think they are So worth it so comfortable so stylish All right you guys so that is it for This video that was 10 Chic minimal Summer wardrobe Staples that are budget Friendly everything is well below a Hundred dollars just like one or two

Things we're on the little bit higher Price point but everything well below a Hundred dollars everything is very high Quality very chic and Timeless and I Also want to give Uniqlo a big thank you For sponsoring this video I really love And appreciate them I'm so happy that They want to continue working with me on This channel channel so if you happen to Be interested in anything I shared today Everything is always linked Down Below In the description box I put sizing Details for you guys as well and my Personal size measurements are listed Down there so you have tons of Information just to use for your Reference if you're considering Purchasing something and again thank you So much for watching this video don't Forget to subscribe if you're new and I'll see you next time bye