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These are everyday clothes that you Might consider buying or maybe you Already have and you wear them and I Think they just look very cheap so I'm Going to share what I think you could Wear instead and I just also want to Like I'm just I'm a nobody okay like I Don't know what I'm talking about I'm I'm no fashion expert so if you love Something you should still wear it but First we have this Amazon sweater which It I mean it looks cool it looks nice I Love it I ordered it if you watch any of My videos I mean you know I recommend a Lot of Amazon fashion because I can find A lot of really nice pieces for amazing Prices but with that comes so many Failures so many Duds and this one Takes The Cake so this is what this actually Looks like when I got it there's so many Things wrong here I mean where do we Even begin I'm going to point out some Clear characteristics uh first off it's A size small you wouldn't know that it's Hanging off of me it's ridiculous one Side is actually longer than the other And that's not on purpose the sleeves Are so long I have no idea how one would Even wear this the seams at the the Neckline you can kind of like see them Sticking out when really they should be Covered up by the turtleneck there's Just so many things wrong with this Sweater so I just wanted you to know um

That that's kind of how this video was Born and I have so many other things to Share the second cheap characteristic That I often see on clothes or I'll see People wearing out about are big buttons On Cardigans or sweaters and this is Interesting because this isn't really Like a a cheap thing that brands do to Cut Corners because some of these things Are because of that this probably costs The same as just regular buttons um or No buttons you know what I mean it's Actually probably more expensive to add Buttons but it has this weird clown like Appearance to me I just think it Cheapens the the sweater or the cardigan Or really anything when the buttons are More the focal point than the actual Clothing piece so this is a simple Simple fix I would say just maybe make Sure the buttons kind of more blend in Maybe they're a similar color maybe They're a bit smaller and you're good to Go now this next one is something that Brands do to cut Corners to save money To make it just actually cheaper and I Think there's a lot of people that kind Of like it out of convenience but oh man It's just not good it's it's pull on Jeans or pull on pants it's almost like A pull on diaper like there's no zippers There's no pockets there's no buttons I Just really don't like it and it's I Don't see it all the time but I still

See it and and there's so many really Good brands that sell These don't buy them okay we're sticking With jeans just for a little bit because I have a few cheap characteristics to Look for when you're buying jeans so Next we have white stitching or white Seams on jeans I think this looks very Cheap now this all started back in like 2007 or 2008 with the Miss Me jeans from Buckle do you guys remember those jeans Comment down below if you remember those Jeans I splurged on a pair of $90 Miss Me jeans from Buckle they were beautiful The butt was embellished with with Jew Is a bedazzled butt like you can still Get the jeans to this day I think They're extremely outdated however I Have now noticed that sometimes Brands Kind of piggyback off of this trend and They will use white stitching and I feel Like it's just it just cheapens the Entire pair of jeans because they're not Taking the time to kind of match the Stitching or the seams to to the jeans Or to to that color so it Blends better It's just it's just the cheaper route to Take this next one I feel like I've Never heard anyone even mention or ever Talk about am I the only one that has Ever noticed this but it is lightwash Jeans with a yellow cast like it's it's So subtle though it's so subtle it's Going to be really hard for me to even

Kind of point this out to you on video It's something that next time you're at A department store store or and I'm even Talking like more more affordable stores Like maybe Walmart TJ Maxx Ross Dress For Less like I see it when they're just They're just cheap jeans and they're Trying to be lightwash and they have This yellow cast to them that is it just Screams cheap to me because it is Because really good denim it's just more Of a true color and so there's these Pairs of jeans uh this is a designer Pair of jeans darker wash you clearly See that yellow cast that's not exactly What I'm trying to talk about that's not Really what I'm referring to um I don't Love that it looks very dirty to me but It's more light wash that I'm referring To so here are some that to me have a Much trer real blue jean Hue but yeah be On the lookout for the yellow cast and Comment down below if you have any Recollection of what I'm talking about This is the last Jean thing and then We're moving on but this next Characteristic is more on you and me not Necessarily the brand maybe maybe I take That back maybe it is but it's when you Wear skinny jeans but they're bunched up At the the ankle like this looks so bad And I'm not even knocking skinny jeans You know there's the big debate are they In style are they out of style who the

Heck knows but what I do know is this Looks very cheap to me and I I guess I Know why it happens in a way maybe it is The Brand's fault because they just make Skinny jeans and really all jeans to fit The masses so people that are average to Short they're just too long and so the Way to combat this is to go to a tailor Which who who wants to do that I rarely Do that it's very annoying the other Little trick that I've actually learned Is I'm 5'5 so I'm very average in height And so for a lot of denim I'm actually Starting to order shorts not shorts but Like the length is short and those are Actually starting to fit me perfect so You could try that if you're very Average if you're tall you could Actually order regulars instead of tall If you're short you're out of luck it's Just it's annoying it's very annoying um But yeah definitely a cheap Characteristic super quick if you're Enjoying this video please consider Subscribing down below it's totally free Okay so I have more specific clothes to Get to but I want to jump to purses Handbags really anything with faux Leather but I'm not knocking faux Leather faux leather has come a long way I have so much faux leather that looks So real it looks great the coloring is Perfect I love the the texture of it but There are a few specific kinds that are

So bad and the first time I really Opened my eyes this was when I ordered This darn Amazon toiletry bag okay so I'm going to put the footage here Because I've already donated it I Actually ended up ordering this toiletry Bag in pink because I could not stand This orange color I know some people Love orange but I was going for Camel Okay like a nice rich camel brown color This is just orange and so I have now Noticed that some brands that you know Are kind of cheap they will try to make A camel purse or camel handbag and it Just looks orange so uh just keep that In mind maybe you order something and Then you get it and you're like oh I Guess this is okay but if if again if it Looks orange I think you should return It another characteristic you should Look for in faux leather is if it's just Super shiny I think super shiny faux Leather looks very very fake there's This bag that is faux leather but if you Notice there's kind of a pebbled texture To it this is a very affordable tote bag But it looks very realistic all righty We're back to clothes so this next cheap Characteristic is Expos Zippers so hear me out a lot of clothing Pieces need zippers and sometimes there The zippers are kind of like an edgy Characteristic and I guess that can kind Of be a style I still think it looks

Cheap but to each their own but I guess I'm more referring to say a dress or a Skirt for example it's very cheap to me When you can just see the zipper in the Back or you see the zipper along the Side really good dresses or you know Good Styles will hide the zipper Hopefully you guys know what I'm trying To say it just elevates the whole piece It makes it look so much better and more Expensive but speaking of dresses or Skirts that leads me to the next one That I am so guilty of I've worn this so Much I've recommended this probably like I've recommended similar pieces to this But it's it's long dresses like this Like a long dress or skirt but there's a Built-in slip underneath that you can See halfway down this is every Everywhere I see it everywhere that's How I even noticed it I saw someone else Wearing it and I was like well that's Kind of weird like why don't they make The slip the just like to fit the whole Dress like why does it stop halfway down It it it's cheap looking it's very cheap Looking I think the way to combat this Would be to wear a longer slip yourself Underneath so that the dress looks more Cohesive and not like half half opaque Half translucent like you know so like There's ways you can do to get around it But it's still a a cheap looking dress Oh and I'm not even referring to this

Like I just want to clarify there are Certain dresses like this where it's the Actual Style on purpose where the skirt Is there or the dress is there but There's a sheer overlay on top again That is on purpose this that's not on Purpose this next one I'm kind of torn About so you can sound off in the Comments down below let me know your Opinion it is a stretchy section on Clothes or a tie waist now I don't think Either of these really looks that bad in Fact I I'm probably still going to Continue to buy pieces like this however It is something to keep in mind it Definitely is a cheap characteristic That brands do so they really don't have To you know pay that much attention to Specific sizing like a 2 4 6 8 10 12 you Know what I mean they can just add on This stretchy material section so that It just stretches to conform or you know Fit the person better it's just a Shortcut I don't think it's that bad There's a lot of dresses that I have There's tops that I have that it does This and I think it actually is really Flattering but it also is a is it's a Little cheap and I will just say I I Actually prefer the stretchy section Compared to a tie waist because the tie Waist there's usually those annoying Strings and it that to me looks that's Just not my favorite but I know everyone

Has their own preference so let me know Let me know what you think down below Now you should check out this video next Where I share some amazing Amazon fall Fashion pieces this is in the video I Love this everything is very affordable But it doesn't look cheap so I'll see You over there