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Today I'm sharing nine fashion items That I personally never buy for myself Again these videos are based on personal Opinion I always have to put this little Disclaimer because these videos Sometimes get a lot of views and for Those of you that don't know me Personally I truly do believe in wear What you love and what you feel great And does not matter what I think do love Making these videos cuz they can be very Entertaining and fun to listen to and Love hearing what you guys think looks Great what doesn't what you think can Look better what I think can look better It's just really fun to chitchat about These things and it's all about fashion And items that I see on the internet as I'm scrolling and browsing through Things so anyways the first item that I Avoid buying for myself 100% it inspired This entire video T-shirt dresses these Look like pajamas this is something I'd Probably throw on and slip into bed I See these styled with like sneakers Denim jackets around the waistline it Just looks so literally looks like a T-shirt a dress just a longer length and I just don't think it looks good it's Just too casual and you can still have Casual and look great but this just Looks like pajamas to me I would wear Instead are dresses like this that I Recently purchased from abber cromie so

This is like a thicker linen blend dress It's more structured and tailored but it Is very very simple just like a t-shirt Dress but it looks more elevated because Of the material and the fit of it very Structured and tailored and it's just as Comfortable but it looks so much better This next one either you will so agree With me or so disagree really I feel Like I'm putting myself out there when I Share this in my reason but I stand by It not changing my mind I want to share That with you guys not to change your Mind but this is just my perspective Crop tops I absolutely avoid wearing Crop tops and not for the reason you may Think oh probably self-conscious about Her tummy area no I have a 2 and 1/2-year-old girl and I don't want her Dressing like that I don't want her Wearing crop tops so therefore I'm not Going to wear crop tops I don't want to Be that example cuz she follows my lead She loves to wear what I wear she loves To do what I do and this is something I Don't want her to wear so therefore I'm Not wearing it but I do find so much Beauty and just wearing things that are More modest and not so exposed whether It's in my chest area whether it's in my Tummy I don't want to Exposed Skin there There's like literally no need to you Can wear beautiful clothing without Showing skin there you know I'll wear

Open necklines and that's fine I'm just I try to keep it modest with making sure My cleavage isn't exposed so this crop Tops thing I just personally avoid it The biggest reason is for my girl I Don't want her dressing like this so Mama is not going to dress like that Either but my perspective really changed On a lot of clothing pieces since I had A girl and my friend and I were actually Having this conversation it's so Interesting you really think about Yourself when you have a daughter you Want her to be so you try to set that Example and be that role model so Completely disagree with it and honestly That's absolutely fine but this is just What I believe in and stand by in Something a little bit more Light-hearted tying jackets at my Waistline I never do this unless like I'm working outside in my yard here I'm Like digging up weeds and stuff I'm too Hot maybe I'll tie it around my Waistline but if I'm styling it really Put together outfit I won't Intentionally add a jacket to my waist For the outfit I just think it looks Very frumpy very sloppy there's just so Much Beauty in keeping things minimal And Polished and wearing things how They're supposed to be worn I was Browsing through Amazon then I come Across this dress can you guys guess

What I don't like about this dress it's The bus line it is complet really ruined By the style of this dress it makes them Look so saggy when they're not because Of that flutter sleeve going on the bus Line now I think it's fine if you like This style cuz it does look very Angelic And soft but not on the bus line just Keep it on the sleeves not on the bus Line so that's is a bad example of it Cuz it makes the breast look really Droopy and a better example of something That looks like this you still get the Same Vibe the same look but much more Flattering in the chest area I was Ordering a lot of dresses for my recent Video that I published spring to summer Dresses anyy because this one that I Actually got in tried on and absolutely Hated it I will zoom into the part that I hate the stitching here I really think You notice poor stitching so much on Satin or silk Fabrics shine you can Really notice it and I know how to sew Like very amateur simple quick SE things And you know you get this with fabric More easily with satin and and you're Just not stitching it properly or you're Doing it too fast the fabric starts to Kind of bunch together this is a good Example of that you guys this dress is $60 freaking doar material felt cheap The stitching was horrible now here's The same dress same listing but you can

See the fabric isn't pulled there it's Stitched properly so you can see those Two examples cuz you may be thinking oh Elana you're probably it's probably just A style of dress it's not the stitching Is poor something you have to really pay Attention to especially if you're Purchasing satin or silk dresses because Those dresses you will really notice all The imperfections when it comes to Stitching too many textures going on in An outfit now I do love mixing textures And materials because my style very Neutral minimal simple so adding in all Those textures is so fun but sometimes It can be too much sometimes when you Just swap out the pieces for something More clean minimal simple balance Everything so especially you know if you Do have that minimal neutral style Adding textures is such a good idea to Really elevate it but you got to keep in Mind making sure it's not too much going On so that way the outfit just doesn't Get lost and looks so busy cuz it can Look busy even with neutrals and simple Pieces Just because of the textures to Point out the Stony Clover bags now not The brand specifically okay there are so Many knockoff brands that do the style I'm just more so talking about the style Specifically but this has been so trendy And you guys know I love calling out Trends that I hate I personally would

Never buy this for myself however my Girl would love this so I would gladly Get something like this for her but I Just think it looks so juvenile for Women having like bags and toilet tree Bags and all this stuff very bold and Aggressive letter patches like this is Something you would see teenagers kids Love and enjoy and they they love that Get it for them I would absolutely get It for my girl if she wanted it but not For myself this with no cinched Waistline I feel like if I wear a Jumpsuit like this I literally look like Minions from Despicable Me need that Little sash that belt just to really Highlight my shape make it look so much More flattering now um a lot of these Styles come from free people with the Saggy crotch like I mentioned before There's even styles that look like they They're pretty good but then there's no Cinched waistline so it doesn't look Flattering I think if you're wearing a One piece to have some shape there Because think about if we're wearing a Bottom and a top the jeans are fitted at Our waistline entally we're creating the Same look as tops and bottoms but it's All one piece so I think we really need To have that cinched waistline there to Make you look really flattering for Women these little peekaboo heels where You have like just like your little big

Toe sticking out I think look kind of Funny especially heels that are Completely covered on your foot and then You just have like this tiny little Peekaboo and I just think avoid these Styles very outdated I don't think they Look good at all if you're wearing Anything open toed have all your toes Exposed or maybe a little bit more than Just like your big toe um I think it Just looks prettier looks more Flattering looks more feminine who knows Even what I'm saying right now what Looks better maybe in 5 years it'll be Outdated at the same time so that just Goes back to wear what you freaking love And you feel great in it that's all that Matters those were nine items I Personally would never buy for myself For these reasons now I hope you guys Enjoyed this video everybody should Dress how they feel their best in and What they love wearing this is just take On what I don't like wearing what I Would rather wear instead hopefully you Guys enjoyed this video don't forget to Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye