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Hi guys in today's video I am sharing 10 Wardrobe pieces that have improved my Style in the past several years I'm so Excited to make this video for you guys I put a lot of planning into this really Wanted to pull pieces that I've been Wearing for years now and what I've Learned throughout my style journey and In figuring out what are these core Pieces that have really improved my Style gave me my own like signature look And pieces that are very versatile and Go great with so many other wardrobe Pieces that I like to include into my Wardrobe so the first thing that has Totally transformed my style this is an Item that I always neglected in Including my wardrobe cuz it's kind of Like an afterthought I skipped out on Jewelry for so long jewelry is one of Those things that really adds that icing That cherry on top pulls the look Together and really improves outfits so I have been getting all of my jewelry Pieces for the past 3 to four years from Anna Louisa everything I'm wearing is From them as well a few reasons why I Have been recommending them for years Now the jewelry paches don't tarnish They're long lasting have a 2year Warranty on all of their pieces and Their pricing is fair starting from $39 All the way to more higher end pieces so It suits all different budgets and price

Points so these first pair of earrings These are called the Coline earrings and This is the newest addition to my Jewelry collection I love how these look They look pretty chunky and heavy but They're not heavy at all they actually Feel very light as you can see they Don't pull on my ear Lo and a couple Things that I loved the design and had To get it in two different pieces so First off is the Capri necklace first of All the name is so freaking pretty uh I Love just like this pebbl design it is Perfect for layering and stacking with Other necklaces so I was obsessed with This Capri necklace and I saw that they Have the matching bracelet which is Called the Colette bracelet and I love The matching pieces I think it ties the Look together it looks very beautiful And I'm wearing two rings I'm wearing The Remy ring and then this braided one Here the Remy one is the newest one that I got and definitely different not what I have in my closet and this is what I Mean by their pieces they are so unique But still minimal and Timeless and Really easy to style and mix and match And jewelry is definitely near and dear To me it's one of the things I wear Every single day to help myself feel put Together especially being a stay-at home Mom a working mom that works from home And takes care of Littles I'm not

Dressed up like this every single day Sometimes I just need to wear something Really comfortable and very simple and Jewelry is just one of those pieces that I can throw on and whether I'm wearing Something casual or dressed up I feel so Much more put together and I really Think it's just one of those pieces that Every mother should have but now is a Great time to treat yourself treat your Moms and Louisa's having 25% off site Why Mama deserves this I mean we do it All cook clean take care of Littles work At the same time well managing so many Other things in our life this is just a Simple amazing thing that you can do for Yourself for your mom so that way they Look and feel their best during the day So again I'll have all the information Linked down below next thing that has Truly transformed my style are minimal Structured purses now this is something I learned that you don't need to splurge On beautiful minimal bags I get most of Mine lately from Charles and Keith Because I can get beautiful bags under $100 but they look and feel so expensive So these are the two new recent ones That I got it's this beautiful shoulder Bag here this has a more of a modern Look to it and it doesn't have a cross Body shop so it is worn like this so Just keep that in mind and then this one Is a cross body bag I love the little

Knotted design here I think it really Elevates it love the Gold Hardware um Can fit all your Essentials in and my Essentials is very simple phone Keys Wallet maybe a lip balm and that's it um I'm very minimal when it comes to Carrying things but minimal bags purses Structured designs very simple really Just elevates polishes my outfits on the Other hand the next thing that I think Really improves your style is investing Into premium denim jeans now one thing I Wish I could do is go back and tell my Younger self stop buying cheap jeans for Like $15 to $30 and having 15 pairs of Okay jeans and just have three pairs of Incredibly flattering jeans I really Wish I did stop spending so much money On cheap denim jeans because I didn't End up wearing them that often such a Waste and in the end I end up spending More money on in expensive jeans versus Just saving up and buying premium Designer jeans slowly over time just Adding it to my collection and I always Rotate between three types promise this Whole video isn't like investing into Certain things while I do agree Investing in certain things some things You can save on but this is another Investment that has really worked out For me uh but I really feel like Investing into sneakers definitely Polishes up your outfit now there's so

Many different brands different styles Out there I'm personally a fan of the Vasia sneakers I love the v10s which is What I have and I love the Camp style Think about the design how it's made the Stitching everything just makes it look So high-end and expensive and I mean They are expensive one thing that I Think you can easily notice is cheap Sneakers now is there anything wrong With getting it and wearing it obviously Not but if I could go back and tell Myself save up money buy one and white Sneakers it is so worth it girls that Have purchased these before also tell me They just really pull the look together Whether you're wearing trousers or jeans And just really elevate it so anyways Highly recommend these these have Definitely improved my style a Well-fitting trouser now I have to Highlight well fitting if I could pick One thing that is the hardest to find It's a really good pair of trousers I Don't know what it is I've tried Literally dozens of different trousers And I hated so many on me and I don't Know why I was like can nobody make a Good freaking pair of trousers like Seriously I came across these last fall Thankfully they're inexpensive they're From Quinn's I love them I have them in Three colors I have been raving about Them since I got them in last fall they

Are just perfect so look very minimal Sleek Polished in the front there's that Stretchy waistband in the back guys I Was able to wear these up until 22 weeks Pregnant as well and they're just very Sleek minimal polish they're petite Friendly so if you're under 5'3 these Fit beautifully this is one thing that Has definitely been worth finding the Perfect pair for myself cuz it has Really improved my style a well-fitting Trench coat now I know I'm highlighting The well fitting and everything because It's true if something fits you really Well it will improve your style that's One thing to keep in mind not Necessarily these specific pieces which These specific pieces did improve my Style but it's because these specific Pieces Fit me so well and a trench coat is one Of them I've had I've been wearing Trench coats gosh for probably five or Six years now since I've started Rediscovering my style putting more Effort into my style and trench coats is One of the items that has stuck around This whole time but one thing that I Think really improved my style with the Trench coat is going for a longer length I love that drama and while I do love The shorter length the crop length the Midlength that longer length just gives A more elegant vibe to my style which is

Part of my signature looks I love the Elegant soft drapey VI to my style and That's what's really giving me my Signature look and improving my style at The same time a blanket coat so I know This is totally out of season right now Especially when I'm posting this this is More fall winter uh but a blanket coat Has drastically improved my style since I included it like two is years ago Again because of the long length and the Draping it has to it while I do love Other versions I would say this style Has definitely improved my style and Gave me more of that elegant signature Look that I strive for in my wardrobe For spring a little bit of summer and Fall I'm wearing the trench coat and Then fall winter and early spring I'm Wearing like a wool blend coat like this So I keep going back and forth between These two Styles because of the drama it Gives but making sure it still fits well And not looks so frumpy and oversized Because I do love the oversized style But being petite I got to keep in mind And making sure it fits well in the Shoulders the sleeve length make sure It's not too big and bulky in the body And it has some movement and drape to it And I wear it open so anyways definitely Improve my style gives me that elegant Signature look that I look for Quality White shirt now this is another item I

Wish I could go back to my younger self And told myself stop buying cheap ones From H&M they are so poor quality they The thread and stitching pulls out the Fabric is too thin kind of see through At the same time it's not not as opaque If you go for the white just didn't a Bit as well as this one and I know saon Is expensive ever if you're going to buy One buy this one I get this amount of Compliments when I'm wearing this and I'm truly shocked because I'm like this Is so basic it's just like a white shirt I think it's because how well it fits me Well fitting and it's very thick and Structured and opaque like you look at It you notice it's a very high quality Well-made cotton shirt I love this so Much that I am and will be saving up to Get it in more colors because of how Much I'm wearing it how it instantly Improves my outfits and my style tone Shoes whether they are flats humps I Have these in so many variations now and It's because this is literally all I Wear I love it it's very French I think The style is gorgeous and it literally Goes with everything like my trench Coats my white shirts my denim jeans my Trousers my blank coat I could wear it With this little mini dress if I wanted To so I specifically love these from Bionic they have really good support the Insole here it's adjustable on the

Straps the width of it is great I think This comes in even a wider width if you Need to and it's real leather and that's The key I notice real leather fits Really beautifully and they stretch a Little bit over time and wear to your Foot so they're a lot more comfortable To wear another thing that I always Skipped out on adding adding to my style And purchasing it's always the Accessories it's always the accessories I try to skip out on but then later I Realized they make a big difference Minimal belts this is something you Don't have to invest into this one is Actually from goelia very inexpensive And so beautiful so I'm obviously not Wearing belts like this right now cuz I Kind of look a little funny with my baby Bump but I love wearing these with Trousers with jeans and this minimal Style is absolutely gorgeous and it Doesn't break the bank as well so if You're looking for some really minimal Timeless belts check out goelia I'll Link up this one down below so that Brings it to the end of this video that Was 10 wardrobe pieces that have Improved my style over the years of Discovering my style what I love to wear What's worth the investment what you can Find for inexpensive can really improve Your style at the same time I hope you Guys really enjoyed this video learned

Something again thank you to Anna Louisa For collaborating with me I have all Their information linked down below 25% % off sitewide for Mother's Day Definitely treat yourself treat the mom This is something that definitely Improves style makes you look and feel So put together so anyways thank you so Much for your love and support I will See you guys in my next video bye