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Today I am sharing 10 ways outfits look Sloppy yes we are going there again Today I am pleasantly surprised that you Guys love these videos always put out This little disclaimer wear what you Love and what you feel your best in it Really doesn't matter what other people Think videos are just really fun and Interesting to listen to to get other Perspectives on certain fashion items And fashion choices and I do a lot of Shopping for YouTube and I come across Some really interesting looking wardrobe Pieces and that's why I love making These videos and items that I see on the Internet that I don't think look good Without further Ado let's go ahead and Get started I have a really good list to Share with you guys today the one thing That I think makes outfits look really Sloppy so when sweatshirts have pockets That sit right on your breast or like in The middle right on your breast that I Think looks sloppy it kind of looks like It's too small when really it's not you Typically get this with crop sweatshirts There's less material there the pockets Needs to be a certain size size usually If it's too small then obviously it Looks a little funny but then that means You have so much of the pocket covering The sweatshirt where it starts to sit on Your breast now I don't think everybody Gets this issue uh I get this issue a

Lot because I have a fuller bust you Want a crop sweatshirt look and it's Better to opt for sweatshirts that don't Have pockets because again if they're Cro they're going to sit on your breast Therefore they look pretty sloppy next One is saggy beanies now I don't think This is really popular anymore not a lot Of people are purchasing this wearing it But I feel like I mentioned this in a Recent video I wanted to point it out Again this definitely looks sloppy I Mean you have it just flapping down and I not a Vibe for me I don't like it it Doesn't look polished or's minimal or Simple so again like I've always said The alternative is just go for a beanie That's like simple covers your head There's no extra flappiness fabric there Looks so much better more polished and Not sloppy okay this next one okay I Cannot believe I ever shared this and Recommended this to you guys I can't Believe I gave Brands my hard-earned Money for jeans with unfinished hems I Am so glad this is coming out I have no Idea how they convince people to buy Jeans that are not finished and I even Have a tutorial on how I crop my jeans In this way I've shared years ago I Guess back then it wasn't so much of a Big deal to me especially since finding Petite jeans was really hard but Nowadays it's a lot easier finding jeans

With a petite friendly inseam so I don't Need to do this anymore and yes it kind Of gives a different vibe a different Look kind of like more distressed Relaxed and in the hemline it starts to Fray as well you have just like the Distressing and like the Reds sticking Out and it does not look good the more I Think about it the more I'm just like Why did I spend money on that I can't Believe I even recommended it I feel Honestly so bad overly chunky jewelry Chunky jewelry has been such a thing Lately like really chunky earrings Necklace especially that chain I've Mentioned it earlier I think it kind of Looks sloppy it looks really fake at the Same time too I think jewelry looks so Much better when it's thinner dainty More delicate looking it gives a more Expensive and Luxe look when really you Can find it for really inexpensive like The jewelry pieces I'm always wearing They're more delicate Dy some of these Like this one here is chunky but it's Not over the top it definitely has a More of expensive look and vibe to it And like the necklace here as well it's Just done much better so that way it Doesn't look cheap fake sloppy okay this Next one I feel like I'm just going to Ruin this for so many people that love This style and I'm apologizing in Advance braided heels these have been so

Popular uh the past couple years I kind Of still see them being popular for Spring and summer this year I am not a Fan of one specific color I'm going to Show it here this color I don't want to Say what it reminds me of but just take A wild guess what it looks like in this Color braid specifically just I'll tell You guys what it reminds me of this here And after I saw it I literally can't Unsee it and I'm so sorry if you guys Can't unsee it I think the style of a Shoe is fine just avoid this color I Don't know what somebody was thinking Making this color because it is just it Does not look right bottoms with a saggy Crotch I feel like it's so popular Nowadays for jumpsuits bottoms to have That really long crotch and I hate that Not only is it uncomfortable but you Turn around and it looks like you have a Full diaper like that's what it reminds Me of like when my kids were in diapers When they had a full diaper that's just And they're just walking around the House and it's like sagging that that's What it reminds me of like a full diaper Look and I like just avoid this I think Especially from the back side it does Not look good at all next up is trousers That puddle on the floor and I mean like Really puddle like I get there's Trousers that just like Kiss the floor You don't get like that scrunch at the

Bottom or they sit just above your shoe That's fine when I'm talking about Trousers that are way too long on you And this has become such a popular style I get the vibe of this like the Effortless vibe to it go about your day They get dirty it's more maintenance and They get more wear and tear it's just so Much better taking it up just like a few Inches so you don't get that Scratchiness or puddling on the floor Next one is also a style I avoid because It's just so hard to wear on a Day-to-day basis when I'm doing things But tops with a big balloon is sleeves And I'm talking really big like you can Get away with it if it's subtle and a Thinner more delicate fabric but if it's Like a sweater and it's oversized and Huge it makes woman look one really top Heavy makes the arms look huge and not Only that when you're going about your Day you're reaching for things things Are touching like especially if you're Eating like that's like one thing I Mentioned in another video it's like You're reaching for food and food's Getting like on your sleeve and it's Just gross sometimes I want to find some Good like Amazon recommendations for you Guys and like this is the stuff I come Across like really and the crazy thing Is like they have so many good reviews I'm just like I don't I don't know I

Mean obviously everybody's going to have The same style like that's what makes Fashion so fun that everybody dresses Differently and in ways that they love I Mean stuff like this is so outdated and Tops with like mixed patterns is what I'm trying to point out just like you Have multiple different patterns going On you have multiple color blocking Things going on a lot of this stuff is Outdated and a much better way to have Like a pattern look without it looking Outdated or making sure you love this Style for at least years it's just one Pattern I don't know why there's so many Tops out there that are still being sold Specifically on Amazon that have Multiple patterns going on it's just too Busy too much not only that like one of The reasons why I love a very minimal Simple style it's just easy for my brain Like it looks polished clean minimal Luck it's just really pleasing for me at Least to look at and stuff like this Just looks so busy and I think if you Incorporate pattern just all one pattern The same pattern going on throughout the Entire shirt or even bottoms or Outerwear piece gives such a more Luxe Look minimal and Timeless look and it's A style that you will likely wear for Years and years and years versus Something like this you like for a year Two years and it's like totally outdated

In such a waste next up are these boots That are very scrunch definitely looks Really sloppy I think especially and I Mentioned this earlier on a petite Person it kind of just looks like it's Too big on us um I think the best boots To choose are ones with clean Lines no Scrunching is very minimal simple this Minimal style is very Timeless so this Is something that will look good forever And you can style it in so many Beautiful ways it to the end of this Video I really hope you guys enjoyed Hearing these 10 things that I Personally think look sloppy I hope I Didn't ruin anything too much for you Guys again as always personal style is Just that it's personal to you where What you love and what you feel your Best in this is just my take on my Personal style what I avoid what I think Kind of looks a little sloppy and Hopefully you guys enjoyed hearing the Alternative suggestions to something That looks a little bit more up Tod dat And more Timeless at the same time as Big thing Timeless uh so that way you Will love it for a very very long time And save money in the end as well so Anyways thank you guys so much for Watching I love you and I'll see you in My next video bye