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So these videos you either love them or You hate them but today I'll be sharing 10 fashion items I totally avoid to have A very classic Chic and minimal style But instead of knocking on all of these Items I want to share an alternative Option in case you liked the style but Want to see an option that's done in a Little bit more of a classic way but of Course I have to share the typical YouTuber disclaimer this is all based on Personal opinion personal preference at The end of the day the only thing that Matters is what you love wearing and What you feel your best in but I do love Making these videos for entertainment For fun and this almost feels kind of Like girl talk to me I mean I sit here I Sip my coffee I share my thoughts and Opinions and we just dive into some Fashion items that we really like or That we don't really like and it's just Really fun and entertaining so with that Being said let's go ahead and hop right In with the first one this item is Specifically really trendy right now Actually a classic believe it or not Like a classic very chic wardrobe staple But the the way it's done I'm not a fan Of it so it's these really long trousers That drape on the floor I'll have Pictures here of like what I mean and They really scrunch at the bottom and Drag on the floor personally I'm not

Into that one they get dirty really Quickly at the hemline especially if you Go for a lighter color like this one Second it almost feels a little sloppy To me and I'm just being honest here I Personally prefer the alternative to This is going for something at a good Length so not too cropped but not too Long I always stick around my ankle bone Because I can pretty much wear any type Of shoe with this style I can wear Sneakers I can wear flats I can wear Heels next up is bags with tassels Hanging on the sides now I actually see A lot of even just designer bags that Are worth thousands and thousands of Dollars have tassels attached to them I Think it kind of looks a little juvenile Something that's more for somebody That's in their early teens I think it's More for that age group I think Obviously the best way to go around this Is avoiding bags that have these extra Tassels on them and a lot of these Purses if you see a bag you like but you See a tassel on them most of them you Can actually just cut it off and just Remove it which is great so it's such an Easy fix and then I would also avoid Bags that have exposed zippers on the Purse I think that tends to cheapen the Bag a little bit and it makes it also Look very casual versus very crisp sleek And Polished next up is mixed patterned

Tops I you know from time to time wear Pattern mostly it's Stripes very classic Or our dainty floral print sometimes I Wear a larger floral print just Depending on how it's done but usually It's like really dainty floral Prints But I stay away from items that have Have mixed patterns has to be done so Well for it to work so I just stay away From it all together I think the best Way to go is just for one single pattern Top next up is color block tops I see This a lot in sweatshirts and t-shirts Again especially on Amazon I see it a Lot there again doesn't give me that Classic minimal Vibe and it's something That you may love right now but then Literally the next season you can be Like what the heck was I thinking and There's no really alternative to this Then to just not buy it I would just Avoid it all together next up may be Surprising for some people I'll try to Explain it in further detail but it's Kimonos I don't think this really gives A minimal Chic Vibe I think it has to be Done in a very specific way to give that Vibe and by kimonos I'm talking about Styles like this that are very light Kind of sheer have these interesting Floral patterns to them these are Honestly very hard to style I think I've Owned one years ago and I never wore it Because it was one of the most hardest

Pieces for me to style I think if you're Gonna go for kimono I'm not even sure at This point if it's gonna be called a Kimono but something that has a fit like This but if maybe if it's in a knit Material something that's more for fall And winter I can see it looking so much Better I was just looking up some Examples of kimonos that I really like The one here by free people that looks Really pretty this looks a lot more Classic versus this option okay so this Next one is actually a specific color I Avoid and it's all over Amazon so many Amazon sellers sell this specific color In almost every item they make it's the Color apricot so I don't know you guys Maybe have seen if you're shopping on Amazon and you know that's like one of Their beige options in my opinion I've Never found really a solid good apricot Color as they call it I think it looks Too yellow it looks a little dingy just A really odd color it is like a dirty Yellow I would describe it it doesn't Look beige to me it's this shade I've Gotten many pieces from them and while They like look okay in person I just Think there are so many better Shades to Choose from next up this item was Trending I believe in 2020 2020 Wonderful year I remember I made a video On Trends to avoid and this item was Listed in there and it's tie-dye who

Remembers this trend who still wears it I don't know I don't see it anywhere Anymore in 2020 I saw everybody wearing It all of a sudden it vanished nobody Sells this stuff anymore I don't see Anybody wear it and I think I was one of The only people to say to avoid this Trend it doesn't look classic doesn't Look polished okay so this next one is a Specific texture that I see on Amazon a Lot I've even ordered one many many Years ago and it just looks so cheap It's a waffle knit material a waffle Knit I really think it has to be done so Well for it to look high-end and Expensive I have yet to find one that I Think looks great I love a waffle knit Material I think it looks nice but it Can look so cheap if it's not done well Not only that the quality typically Really sucks in these tops at least the Ones I purchased from Amazon I mean they Get worn out so quickly they pill and The fabric starts fraying it's just so Bad I would just stay away from it all Together I love a waffle knit but it has To be done right for it to work next Thing I would say to avoid to have that Chic minimal and classic style is cold Shoulder top I have to point out some Cold shoulder tops are done well and I Want to share some good examples and Some bad examples because I think Exposed shoulders look so sexy but it

Just has to be done right so this option Here I would stay away from this it Looks too choppy you have the open Neckline here then you have a thick Strap and then you have open shoulders Here and then you have a bit of a sleeve And then the rest of your arm is exposed I just don't think this visually looks That great it also looks outdated so That's probably another reason why and It's almost like a little too choppy Here in like the upper half it's just a Little too much going on even though It's a simple top so instead of this I'd Either just straight up go for an off The shoulder top that looks so feminine So sexy I own a couple off the shoulder Tops they are phenomenal I would suggest Maybe a one shoulder top that looks Absolutely stunning and so beautiful Last and final one I don't see a lot of People wearing these but I want to bring It up because I have some good Alternatives to this and it is colored Jeans and I'm talking about red I'm Talking about purple I'm talking about a Bright blue stuff like this again Doesn't look minimal classic or polished Instead of these options I would opt for Maybe an olive green a navy blue be like A bone or off-white something you know If you want like a lighter color uh These options to me give more of a Classic and minimal 5 versus these

Bright vivid color but I really really Want an olive green pant so I have this On my wish list I definitely want to Explore instead of just having like Black and beige I think for fall Especially it's going to be so beautiful Putting pictures up here just to show You guys I think some eyeing what I'm Liking okay so that is it for this video Hopefully you guys still love me by the End of this video again I'm just sharing My personal thoughts and opinions and Hopefully this was entertaining and fun To watch and anything I shared in this Video of like the good things that I Recommend I really like I'll have a link Down below if you're interested in them Thank you guys so much for your love and Support I will see you in my next video Bye