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10 fashion items that I completely Regret purchasing I'm so excited to Share this list with you guys and I am Not by no means perfect at all just Because I have this YouTube channel Absolutely does not mean that I know Everything about fashion and style and Through having this channel I have Definitely discovered my personal style More and more throughout the years I Wanted to share with you guys what I Learned what I regret purchasing that I Don't think is worth it at all I just Want to point out it's completely normal To go through so much trial and error With your style when you love something And then hate it later but one of the Things I think is the most important and Is making note of it and making sure Don't repeat those mistakes and Repurchase those things so that's why It's so important asking yourself why Why do you love to wear something why do You not like this item why aren't you Wearing it even though you purchased it That way we don't waste our money and we Can really streamline our personal style And Discover it throughout the year so Anyways let's go ahead and get started With the first point RI denim jeans and In combination as well raw hemlines now Raw hemlines whether the jeans are Distressed or not just in general raw Hemlines and distressed jeans I

Definitely regret purchasing these now I Have worn it here and there throughout The years every time I wear it not that It looks bad I just don't feel put Together it feels very casual yet that's The look I'm going for but it just Doesn't feel put together so I I always Grabb my non-distress jeans and then the Raw hemline the reason for that is Because Brands somehow made it so trendy Or I don't know who did purchase jeans For the same price as you would get Jeans with a finished hemline and I'm Just like who in the heck made this Normal and I cannot believe I purchased These myself recommended them to you Guys at the sa Diamond I feel horrible Cuz honestly it really looks cheap and As soon as I purchased my first pair my Husband instantly pointed it out and I Should have listened in the beginning Paying Brands money for jeans that cost Them now less to make and produce but They're still selling it for the exact Same price if not more because somehow They happen to be trending poor quality Jeans and I have to say I really wish And I mentioned this in another video I Can go back to my younger self and tell Myself to stop buying freaking cheap Jeans cuz those jeans never ended up Working well for me they either Stretched out in some areas they didn't Fit well around my hips or thighs I

Ended up having like 15 to 20 pairs I Kid you not one of the reasons why I Tried so hard to find really inexpensive Jeans is because on my YouTube channel I Had at the time so many requests to find Affordable jeans and that's what I set Out to do then I ended up with so many Jeans I never wore and I honestly like Such a hypocrite sharing it so I stopped Sharing really inexpensive jeans once I Discovered that splurging on a couple Literally just two maybe three really Nice pair of jeans actually fit and Flatter me perfectly and I actually want To wear them not that I'm saying that You can't find any jeans at a really Good price points you definitely can It's just I haven't found any pure white Skinny jeans is the last fashion reget Regarding jeans I'm telling you guys I've tried so many freaking jeans in the Past four years I can probably make an Entire video about best and worst denim Jeans but pure white skinny jeans are Completely unflattering at least in my Case really tie especially the jegging Material you just see everything like The cellulite everything it just I don't Like it and I definitely regret Purchasing them years ago instead what I Think looks better for going for a white Color usually off-white or Ivory denim Jeans look beautiful but making sure the Denim is a thicker structured cotton and

And more of like a slim straight leg Fit Versus a skinny jean then you'll have a Much more flattering fit and it'll Conceal the cellulite and everything Smooth it out and especially if you go For a thicker cotton denim I think That's probably the biggest thing is Going for like a thicker denim Especially if you're going for really Light colors like white off-white Huffy Sandals I actually purchased them a Couple years ago uh and now they're Actually super trendy before they Weren't and let me just tell you they Make so much noise they're very loud and Squeaky and they're actually not that Comfortable and I see them being out of Style so quickly the style that I think Will really be dated to a certain time Not a timeless style instead of the Puffy sandals I've mentioned before Minimal dainty strapped sandals that are Not puffy uh these you can find so many Beautiful styles that are classic and Timeless and go easily with everything The puffiness it's just especially now It's become so trendy and obnoxious that I just think it makes it look really Cheap I like to call this next one Bandage sandals another fashion regret I Purchased my first pair from Target and Honestly at the time I was obsessed with Them I'm really happy I did not spend a Lot of money on these and I actually did

Get a lot of use out of them and I Actually loved how had a big platform The straps after you wear these style For a little bit they start to really Rub on your foot and create a lot of Blisters and they hurt like heck not Only that I just can't look past the Straps anymore they look like bandages Cheap white sneakers after trying some Really nice sneakers literally can't go Back there's just something about a Genuine leather high-end kind of kind of Designer sneaker I guess I don't know if You would call V like a designer brand I Guess you could but just them there are Other brands that created like really Nice sneakers still under $100 that I've Shared that I love ages are my favorite But something about sneakers I really Think you can tell if they look cheap And sneakers I really think make a big Difference when you're wearing them uh And so there's so many different styles I know the everyone's raving about the Adena SAS looks wise I think they look Great they're just not my style not for Me and plus they're too flat for my feet Vages are my personal favorite more Expensive but I rather wait a little bit Longer save up and have those just keep In mind there's some sneakers that have Come across like from Walmart that are Like under $20 under $30 under $20 and They look really cheap and you can just

Look at the stitching look at all the Details and they look cheap so sometimes Just spending that extra $50 is so worth It it will go such a long way when it Comes to white sneakers and I feel like White you can really notice it if it's Cheap mules I went through a phase where I was obsessed with mules I think this Is when I first started my YouTube Channel my first year I was beyond Obsessed with mules and now that I look Back I'm like I feel like an elf in them I literally feel like an elf made my Feet look so big also not only that the Only time I would really wear them is on A warmer day but then my feet would get Really hot and sweaty in them so I feel Like it didn't really make sense like if I'm wearing flip on shoe like that a Sandal usually has to have straps have Some air flow in it my feet are not Sweating like crazy so it was not very Practical Lululemon align leggings an Absolute re freaking gret I cannot tell You guys much I regret this purchase Because their freaking leggings are 98 Which is absurd to me like if I'm going To spend money on leggings that are only Going to last me half a year I much Rather find a dupe version on Amazon Which I did and they actually have been Lasting longer than my alliance which is The funny thing even though they have The exact same material the reason why

For the Align leggings is they peel Right away they look worn out the Stitching good initially when I got it In but then with everyday wear just did Not work well and I took care of I even Gave it two chances I bought not just One I bought a second pair just to give Them another shot nope exactly the same Thing splurging on every single handbag I went through a phase where I genuinely Thought if you want to have a nice purse You have to spend a lot of money on it And no no I'm not talking about like Designer Brands like Chanel Louis and Then once I came across Brands like uh Charles and Keith mango Quin also has Beautiful bags leather and full leather Options I realized you can have some Gorgeous designer inspired or luxury Look for so much less and now I Literally can't go back I am like Completely uninterested don't have any Purse on my wish list it's a Splurge at The moment splurging on some things is Definitely worth it but on some things You don't have to and purses is one of The things you don't have to this last And 10th one isn't too much of a regret But I did have like an impulse purchase It's a faux leather blazer I used to Have it was a total impulse purchase I Ended up purchasing it wearing it one Time and then I gave it away to a friend So that was a regret for me cuz that

Blazer was not cheap in that moment I Realized I don't think leather jackets Really reflect my personal style I do Like a leather motor jacket I have one And I do love to whip it out in the fall Time here and there but my style isn't Very edgy so it's not something it's Worth splurging on for me or stocking up On fortunately is a regret even though It was a beautiful Blazer I just only Wore it one time and that's so sad I Feel it's very humbling saying this on The internet can I just say very Humbling please give me Grace I'm Learning just like everybody else I put So much effort time into my purchases And then writing down what I love about The piece what I don't love about the Piece like I'm crazy about it because I Want to share what I learned with you Guys you avoid these mistakes and you Save your money but that concludes Today's video I hope you enjoyed this Very I feel like very humbling video for Myself you guys enjoyed this video Please give it a big thumbs up subscribe If you're new and I'll see you next time Bye