10 GAME-CHANGING Products EVERY Woman Needs! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
*1. EBY:*
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2. Feminine Wipes:
3. Poo-Pourri Variety Set:
Poo-Pourri Original Citrus:
Poo-Pourri Tropical Hibiscus:
Poo-Pourri Sea Salt, Bergamot & Eucalyptus:
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4. Brass Off Mask:
Brass Off Spray:
5. Huge Round Brush:
6. Anti-Static Hair Brush:
7. Philips Norelco One-Blade:
8. High-Frequency Face Tool:
9. Shoe Stretch Spray:
10. Microstitch Gun:

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Here are 10 gamechanging products that Every woman needs legitimately so I'm so Excited to share some of these items With you everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and I'll Also pin everything in the comment Section so let's get started with the First item which I am most excited about Because it's the only bra as in the only Bra you'll ever need so this is by the Brand eie which I first discovered when They sent me some of their seamless bras And under wear to try and if you know me At all I love anything seamless but with Seamless bras especially sometimes There's not as much support sometimes You know there's not as much size Options but this brand is so different And some of the technology they use Especially in their bras and underwear Actually I've never seen before so I Have teamed up with them for this video So if you want to use the promo code They gave me it is Shea Whitney fs15 so I'll put that here on the screen and you Can enter that it check out for 15% off Sitewide and free shipping and then be Sure to check out some of their bundle Options because you can even save more Money with the bundle plus the promo Code but I want to start off sharing the Only bra because I feel like that's what They're most known for so if you look at The inside of the only bra there is no

Underwire it's actually a wireless Underwire they call it softwire Technology which is really interesting It's not silicone either so it's not Going to be uncomfortable you can't even Feel that it's there but you can notice This kind of like 3D velvety line that Gives you a lot of lift support and Shape that's the key so I love that Again super super comfortable but then They also have what's called 3D support Wings along the bands and hopefully you Can see in the footage here that it's Kind of there it basically it's like Embedded into the the bands to really Again give you support but then move and Mold to your body body as you're walking Around or sitting down this one does Have the adjustable clasps in the back It has adjustable thin straps and then It does cut down really low in the front So you're not going to be seeing it with Different shirts you're wearing it is so Incredibly seamless all of their bras And underwears are 100% seamless no lines whatsoever even With really thin thin leggings so today I am wearing the light blue only bra and I specifically wore this shirt because It's super thin and even when I pull it Very very tight you literally see no Lines whatsoever now there support Bralette is another fan favorite huge Bestseller and I keep reaching for this

One a little bit more and I'm not even Sure why again it's super comfortable But the back is actually a really Stretchy mesh so I can just slip it on And I don't have to clasp the back but What's interesting is again it gives you Up to a 1 in lift lots of support since It's called called the support bralette There's no slipping with this or any of Their underwear because again there's This velvety lining that is so soft but The velvety material just makes it stay In place everything just so you know Comes in tons of colors size ranges from Extra small to 4X they also have actual Mesh underwear and bras if that is your Thing again very thin breathable it Feels like a second skin and honestly It's a little sexy it's like pretty darn Sexy actually so check out the bras the Underwears the bundles again I'll have Them linked down below my code is Shay Whitney fs15 for 15% off sitewide and Free shipping next we have these body And feminine wipes they're called Sweet Spot Labs which is such a clever name They work all over your body so you can Basically freshen up whenever you feel Like you need it and I'll be totally Honest with you guys I do not take a Shower every single day so sometimes I Will bust one of these out I'll use it Down there I'll maybe use it under my Arms and I'm refreshed it smells amazing

Really healthy ingredients but the scent That I have is vanilla Blossom so I keep Them in my bathroom and then I also keep Them in my purse I think they're great For travel they're also great if you go To the gym I think a lot of women don't Even know these exist but I've fallen in Love with them but speaking of clever Names and clever marketing we have to Talk about poo Perri again because I Stand corrected the great poopery Debacle of 2024 that is literally what We're calling it in my household because Last month I recommended how poopery was Amazing and you guys all called me out Saying I am literally using it wrong I Promoted it wrong I legitimately have Been using this wrong for years I swear Back in the day when I worked at an Office someone brought it to the office And was like oh yeah you just sprayed This in the air before you go that's What was in my head and it literally Says before you go so that's what I Would do I would Sprint and I thought it Worked really well oh man you put this In the toilet bowl which it says plain As day on the bottle I just didn't think That I just I don't know I was wrong When you actually spray it in the toilet First it creates an oil film it smells Great but it creates a film on the top And then when you go to the bathroom it Traps the smell in the water and then it

Really works so this is absolutely a Game-changing product for men and women Really anyone in the world so just put Them in different places in your Bathroom And it's amazing next I want to share Two blue hair products that have been Just so amazing and gamechanging for my Hair because I do have some subtle Highlights and low lights throughout my Hair and if you are a brunette and you Try to go a little bit lighter maybe Blonde or even caramel or a lighter Brown it has a tendency to want to go Brassy or orange and so to combat this You can get blue shampoos or blue blue Hair mask this is a blue leave-in Conditioner these two are my favorites And you can see here in the shower I Mean this is unbelievably pigmented but It combats and neutralizes any Brassiness in your hair and it works Wonders so my favorite is definitely the Mask um and you put it in your hair After you shampoo you leave it there to Process for at least 5 minutes you can Even go up to like 10 minutes while You're shaving or doing whatever and I'm Telling you it has made my hair look so Much better it just again neutralizes The ugly tones so definitely blue is a Little bit more geared towards brunettes And then purple is a little more geared Towards blondes but honestly I think

This would work for blondes but yeah Definitely consider this if you have Different shades in your hair now if you Have any type of curtain bangs in your Hair where you want it to kind of like Swoop back and kind of have some Lift you need a mega mega mega big round Brush okay most people have the normal Size ones and those can work but I have Found that this works 10 times better It's so much easier hopefully you can See here in the footage it it's just so Much easier for this to glide through Your hair um the one that I have is Ceramic and ion tormine and so this base Of It kind of does warm up and I just Use my hair dryer to kind of lift and Slightly curl and it just lifts my hair And it swoops it back it's just so much Easier and not enough people talk about The big ones like the big round brushes Now one more hair brush that's different And interesting I wanted to share and I Only discovered this because I was Looking for something that would help With static in your hair which sometimes I really struggle with especially if I'm About to film and it's just like my hair Is a staticky mess one instant way That's very unhealthy is to use a dryer Sheet and it will get rid of the static But the problem is dryer sheets are full Of chemicals I'll smell it on my hair For the rest of the whole day so I was

Looking for something different and I Found this negative ion brush where you Put batteries in it and there's two Settings the first is a negative ion Setting which you turn it on and you Hear a slight little hissing but it Creates negative ions and as you brush Through your hair it gets rid of the Static and another benefit is negative Ion technology just makes your hair Smoother and silkier so love that but Then the second setting is Actually a vibrating setting and so a Lot of people will use that and really Vibrate and massage their scalp which Can help their hair follicles it can Help with hair growth so there is a lot Of benefits to this as well but mainly I Use it to get rid of static and it's Just fabulous now this bad boy also has To do with hair but unwanted hair and I Did talk about this very briefly in an Amazon Beauty favorites video but I feel Like I didn't really give it enough umph And like this is a game-changing product Because it really really is this is the Phillips Norelco one blade and it's Fully marketed to only men which is Really annoying they really need to just Also Market this to women because you Can use it all over your body and it Gets super close you go in all Directions and you use it on dry hair so You can use it down there you can use it

On your underarms you can use it on your Legs you can go in all the directions You get no razor burn but you get a Baby's bottom smooth shave I'm telling You guys This phenomenal and I just want to Insert a quick video here I think I even Put this in the previous video but I Just feel like this video shows you how Well and how smooth this will make Whatever area you're using it on like I Don't know so anyway definitely Recommend this and you can use it you Know with water and and rinse it and Whatnot but it's it's so interesting Okay I'm going to be so brief with this There's so much I want to say but this Is the new Derma facial wand I I I mean This is so intriguing definitely a Gamechanging facial tool and I'm not Really that impressed with facial tools Anymore but this is such a good price This is what it comes with it's a wand You plug it in and then there's Different glass vials that you have to Be very careful with but it sends an Electric electric charge or pulse or Current and it kind of zaps your face it Does not hurt but it just it's Interesting feeling there's different Wands for different purposes I love the Mushroom tool to kind of go over my face I love the I don't even know what They're called honestly but there's one

That's more of like a spot corrector That you can kind of Zap blemishes or Dark spots or sun spots or acne and the Whole purpose of this is it amplifies Cell turnover it supercharges the cells To kind of heal faster and just turn Over faster which promotes better Looking skin again it gets rid of Blemishes faster um there's also a comb Which is really cool you can comb your Hair and I've read so many forums where People are saying they use us this for a Few weeks to a few months and it really Sped up hair growth because it is Stimulating the hair follicles so I Wanted to kind of just briefly put this In the video because I do think this is A gamechanging beauty product and maybe In the future I'll do a more dedicated Overview about this now this is a shoe Stretch spray that I feel like everyone Should just have in their home this Would be great for women especially Because we love shoes but also men even Kids there are so many times where I Legitimately think a shoe fits and I buy It I keep it I wear it and then I'm like Oh my gosh these are just a little bit Too tight so in comes the spray you Spray it on the outside and inside and Then you get a thicker pair of socks and You put your feet in the shoes and wear The shoes around for like a half an hour Or so and it literally stretches out the

Shoe to fit you perfectly if you need to Do it a second time around it works even Further and you really just use this Until you get the perfect fit but but Men love this women I mean you could Even even kids like you could extend the Life of a shoe even further but again I Feel like this is such a perfect product For women since we do we we are shoe Lovers um and it's such a good price and I just keep it here in my closet and Then we have this micro Stitch gun which I think every woman should totally have In their closet because you can use it For so many so many situations and I Wanted to specifically put it in this Video because so many of you actually Told me that if you have this you should Actually micro Stitch the removable pads In your seamless bras because sometimes They can move and get twisted in the Washing machine and it's really annoying To put back and you said that you can Actually just put a little tiny micro Stitch in the removal pad and it keeps Them in place which is so genius so I Wanted to share that with everybody Watching this but the main reason people Love this so much is if maybe their Shirt is too low cut you can just create A little Stitch there it's just this Little piece of plastic no one can even See it and it keeps the the the shirt in Place you can even quickly hem pants you

Can maybe roll up the sleeves on a shirt And then put a little tiny Stitch there And then remove it later it doesn't do Any damage it's just great to have on Hand for again so many situations don't Forget about eie if you're interested in Ordering anything from them be sure to Use my promo code sha Whitney fs15 for 15% off sitewide and free shipping and I'll also have everything else I talked About in this video linked down below And also pinned in the comment section But please subscribe if you are new and I'll see you in my next one bye