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Today's video I am sharing 10 absolutely Useful and practical fashion hacks here On my channel I love sharing very useful And practical fashion hacks because let Me just be honest there's a lot of Really dumb fashion hacks I see out There especially on Tik Tok don't work At all here in this channel I sh you What actually works and what I Personally use as far as fashion hacks Go I'm very picky about them and what I Recommend any products I share in this Video will be linked down below if you Wanted to check them out yourself with That let's go ahead and hop right in I've seen a lot of rage about liquid Fashion tape I personally always Rave About the fashion tape uh I've shared This in my previous fashion hacks video And this one is a liquid version so I Tried it on so many different things This works best if you're actually Applying it to your skin and putting the Fabric right on your skin and it only Works for very delicate and thin flowy Fabrics doesn't work for thick fabric so Personally what I like to use this for Is keeping down my button-up shirt so I'm putting it on my skin here put my Blouse right on top of it kind of Pat it Down so that way it sticks really well Give it about a minute to dry love this Quick little fix because a lot of times I'm taking care of my children I'm

Bending down I'm doing things but I want To wear like an open v-neck blouse but If you bend down you see everything and It only works if you're applying it to Your skin it doesn't work if you're Trying to put two pieces of fabric Together it doesn't stick but that's Where this fashion tape comes in handy I've shared many hacks with this fashion Tape one of my favorite ones that I have Been recently doing is taping down my Collar with them so a lot of times I Love wearing a button-up blouse with a Collar so pictured here uh I love Chic And polish this looks however sometimes I want to open up the collar even more And kind of give it that effortless look So you see pictured here I have it Opened up I feel like it looks very Effortless very chic a lot of times once I go about my day the collar falls back In kind of looks a little bit scrunched Up there not that it looks bad obviously Still wearing it like that is totally Fine in my opinion but sometimes I just Want to open up the collar a little bit More what I did is I took this Double-sided fashion tape I put it right On my shoulders where I want the collar To sit so I stick the tape on there pull My collar open stick it right on top on Both sides and there you go it actually Stays put like that fashion tape like This is perfect if you're trying to put

Fabric on fabric together okay next hack You guys are okay just hear me out you Guys are probably going to think I'm so Weird and be like what the heck are you Talking about but hear me out please I It just works so well so a lot of times When I'm tucking in my tops it looks so Frumpy in my midsection you can kind of See like all the excess Fabric in there And everything again I'm taking care of Two toddlers I bend down I do things Comes out then I have to readjust it and It's just honestly really annoying so What I do to fix this is yes this is so Weird I'm sorry I tuck my shirt into my Underwear I know I know I know that's Weird but it you guys don't knock it Till you try it it freaking works I love It and it's so simple I don't have to Buy anything do anything funky with my Shirt I literally just took it into my Underwear close my pants and there you Go it literally stays like that and it Looks more polished one problem I have With my jeans and I know a lot of girls You know have this issue too is like They fit really well in my legs but I Always get this pesky waist Gap where It's so loose around my waist it's so Obnoxious what I did is I just went About my day just let it be like that Didn't really bother me too much and Then I discovered buttons that you can Add onto jeans so I'm actually wearing

It right now so if I button it here see How you see the two buttons here Pictured here you just grab the button I Think it comes in a pack of 12 uh you Open up so you expose the needle Obviously be careful and then you just Puncture it into the jeans put the cap Back on on the other side where it Covers the needle and there you go you Close your jeans and I'm actually so Surprised how well this actually works Because I thought my jeans would look a Little funny if I was going to add Another button to tighten them actually You hardly notice it I think it looks so Good I want to bring out this bad boy Now you're probably wondering what it is It's called a micro Stitch so I think This is technically supposed to be used For attaching tags onto clothing such as Like price tags and such but I actually Saw some cool hacks people using this to Tighten their skirt to make it a little Bit smaller in the waist closing up Neckline so I tried this with different Fabrics again this only works with Lighter thinner Fabrics if you use Thicker Fabrics the plastic the tag is So thin that it'll just snap open and Defeats the purpose so I have this Floral blouse from suan I've had for Over a year I love it one of my biggest Concerns with it is that it's so loose In the chest area opens up you see my

Bra like really just not a good look and What I've done in the past is used the Fashion tape to put it together which Works but I found this is actually so Much better so here I'm just this tiny Needle through my shirt and then I just Onto the handle and then I let go and Pull it out very slowly and there you go It actually holds and stays put and I Added here another one just to secure it Even more she so shocked how well this Worked this is another little Nifty tool You can use to close up necklines okay So if you're like me you have a lot of Denim jeans but the problem is is that Storing them is a pain in the butt I Usually have them stuffed in my dresser Which gets really messy they get Wrinkled it's hard to find certain pairs But then I didn't want to get hangers Actually take a lot of space I found out Out about using shower curtain hooks They look like this uh super cheap I got Them from Amazon so what I did to hang My jeans I just made sure I closed the Button on my denim jeans I folded them Here and then I attach the hook to the Belt loop of my jeans and that's it then You attach it to your closet your Clothing rock it takes up so much less Space you're hanging your jeans which is I think much better way of storing them Cuz they don't get wrinkled also these Shower hooks are so thin they take

Literally no space you can see here on The clips me hanging all of my jeans Showing you how little space they take And this was I think seven pairs of Jeans they take so little space and this Is great if you have a lot of jeans or You know don't want to put them in your Dresser you pull them out a lot you know I'm personally going to do this with my Most worn pieces just hang them in my Closet they take very little space looks Very organized and also just to show you Here how easy it is to take them out and Then put them back on literally no fuss Minimal effort so this is one of my Favorite hacks that is so cheap to Really organize your jeans next up I Want to share ways to tie your coats so A lot of times our coats can look like This kind of sloppy so in the back here I tried to make this bow honestly like It's okay but it does kind of look Sloppy I wanted to find ways for it to Look more minimal more polished I'm Going to share with you guys three ways To tie your coats two ways in the back One way in the front I titled these the Back tie back bow tie and then the front Bow tie here's a quick tutorial on how To do the back tie if you don't want to Make a bow in the back of your outer Work [Music] Piece

[Music] O [Music] So hopefully those tutorials were easy To watch easy to recreate just going to Take a little bit practice with some of These but then you'll get the hang of it Okay and if you're like me you hate Ironing your clothes but I also hate Steaming my clothes one thing I figured Out like a quick little hack on how to Steam your clothing super fast is a lot Of times people will steam their Clothing like this they're just steaming It on the outside of the shirt but that In my opinion is not the most efficient Way of getting wrinkles out quickly Because you're letting a lot of that Heat Escape is instead of steaming on The outside of the shirt steam it on the Inside because then you're keeping all Of that heat all of that steam inside And it literally steams your shirt in Less than 30 seconds so fast you just Knock one shirt after the other then if You're doing sleeves one of my favorite Hacks on steaming inside of your sleeves Is instead of just going up and down Obviously outside of it stick the the Steamer inside the sleeve don't even Have to move it and all that steam is Just shooting up in the sleeve you guys This literally the wrinkles out of my Sleeves in 10 freaking seconds it is

Just life changing you guys so that was 10 absolutely useful practical fashion Hacks that I wanted to share with you Guys today everything that I shared will Be linked Down Below in the description Box if you want to check it out for Yourself for all the products that I Mentioned I will link my other two Fashion Hawks videos over here or over Here I have to still figure out what Side that is one of these sides or maybe Both that way you can check out some Different and yet useful and amazing Fashion hacks thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you next time bye