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So in this video I sharing 10 ways you Could be ruining your outfits now Nobody's perfect I'm by no means perfect At all this channel is just like an Outlet about style and fashion that I've Learned from myself through trial and Error and a lot of these things I get Inspiration from myself share that with You guys some things in pictures I see Online that I think could look better I Love sharing that with you guys because I know how helpful it can be to just Polish up our outfits just look and feel Much more put together but the first one Is braided belts now maybe it's just me I'm not a fan of braids on clothing Belts not so much shoes either there are Some outfits where it can work but I Think majority of the time when you're Belting an outfit it looks so much Better with a minimal Sleek polish belt This style will never go out of style It's classic it's Timeless it's a Wardrobe piece that'll stay in your Wardrobe for forever just go with the Really minimal Sleek polish design Doesn't have to be lurgy or bougie brand Or anything like that I mean just look For really minimal design with a good Neutral color next belt are pattern Belts so they have a print pattern to Them I think a lot of time I see a Leopard print personally I am not a fan Of that uh really hard to style do think

It looks cheap at the same time as well And that just goes back to the Alternative go for Sleek minimal polish Solid color whatever you choose that Reflects your style and I also don't Like belts that have a really big Branded logo like Gucci is known for That mean it's just like bam right there I mean we all know it's a designer brand It's expensive but just because it's Expensive it doesn't mean it'll make Your outfit look expensive this next one I am so guilty of this whole video was Inspired by this third point that I Noticed on myself but a lot of times I'll have a very Sleek polish outfit on But then it looks completely ruined when I'm wearing my fitness watch now I have A Fitbit that I love wearing to track my Steps my exercise each day and these Types of watches I love tracking the Data every single day but when I'm Putting like a really polished outfit Together especially if I'm not wearing Anything with sleeves especially as We're getting into spring and summer it Just completely ruins the outfit because Of the watch so I have been trying to Remind myself to take off the watch I Don't need to have it on every single Day now gold jewelry has been very very Trendy for the past few years I mean I've put my share into recommending a Bunch of pieces with you guys that I

Wear every single day in love but one Thing I have noticed that's become very Very popular is overly stacking your Jewelry now I do love stacking jewelry I'm wearing a couple rings couple Bracelets one necklace one pair of Earrings um kind of like a chunkier hoop But I'll come across pictures like this And I just think this is too much it Makes the jewelry not look expensive at This point anymore it actually cheapens It one thing I try to remind myself when I'm getting ready is less is more so if I feel like my outfit looks like a Little too much I usually try to take Off a jewelry piece I don't need a belt In an outfit or maybe I need to swap out My wardrobe piece for something a little Bit more polished and simple if I'm Combining lots of like dressier pieces Together not only does this apply to Jewelry but it can apply to clothing as Well I was browsing through the internet And then I came across this Photo um socks with heels absolutely Ruin your outfit but not only this has Anybody ever tried walking with heels While wearing socks you literally cannot Walk straight if you're wearing a heel It's likely the weather is suitable for It but then if you add a sock to it your Feet get hot and sweaty and I truly Think a lot of photos like these is just For pictures and then they whip off the

Socks and go about their day like I Truly don't understand this next one is Something I've learned several years ago That I like to kind of bring up once in A while on my channel wearing bras that Are too small can ruin your outfit I Just always highlight in any of my bra Videos in any of my Fuller busted videos Is wearing well fitting bra now that's Definitely a struggle finding especially If you have a large chest size a lot of Times if you have a fuller bus at least In my case is wear a bra that's Essentially too small actually I read a Statistic online that a certain Percentage of women bra that's too small For them so one thing I always try to Remind myself the band is supposed to be At the first attachment then as the band Stretches out then you start going Making the clasp Tighter and Tighter now If you are petite or you have a fuller Bust small frame small back like I do I Can almost never find a 28 band a 30 Band is even really hard to find so a Lot of times I have to get a 32 30 and Wear a tightest adjustment but then that Usually means I have to go up a cup size So you know how in bras there's like Your sister size you have your size and Then your sister size lot of times I Have to wear my sister size because I Can't find the right band so just keep That in mind if you wear a bra that's

Too tight you'll start getting triple Boobs quadruple boobs it squeezes in the Back if you're wearing a well fitting Top you can see all of that so so we Just talked about overly stacking your Jewelry and I think the same thing Applies to over layering your outfit so A lot of times I'll come across outfit And SPO like this I think this is too Much not practical in my opinion I'll Get way too hot and sweaty to be honest It's just too much to deal with and it Feels so busy take off a layer looks so Much better if we're concerned about Warmth then a lot of times I'll opt for Thicker pieces a thicker top a thicker Jacket and there's just so much Beauty And just keeping things simple polished Refined just like I mentioned with the Jewelry same goes for your wardrobe Pieces next thing I noticed that can Ruin outfits is if you you have a longer Dress a lot of times dresses will come With a slip underneath especially if It's a lighter color what I don't like Is where you have the slip underneath And then a sheer layer further than the Slip underneath so you can visibly see Where the slit is usually around your Knees and then the rest of the dress you Can see from knees down it's like this Light sheer fabric I think it makes it Look really cheap really think if you're Going to have that slip underneath with

A sheer fabric over it the slip has to Go all the way to the end of the dress For it to look a lot more polished the Crazy thing is I see this on expensive Dresses on inexpensive dresses it Doesn't even matter about oh I have to Spend more money to avoid this problem It's just how designer makes it long Pointy shoes like this where the toe Just really extends out to be honest I Feel like it's really hard to pull off These shoes for so many different uh for Me for example I'm short I could never Pull these off because I'm short I have An average foot size which for petite I Guess a size six if I wear a really Pointy shoe like this my feet are going To look massive because I'm short what If you're tall naturally taller women Have a larger foot size to obviously Accommodate their height you add a long Pointy shoe that's going to make their Feet also look ginormous my opinion most Of the time it just doesn't work so I Think it's just so much better going for A shoe it's just not as pointy a friend And I were actually talking about this This recently puffy shoes so where the Straps are puffed out very large I think These honestly ruin an outfit so like The puffy braided heels I think that's a Big one there's even Styles coming out Like this where it has minimal straps But they're puffy in my experience these

Shoes are not comfortable they're also Squeaky and Loud which isn't fun not Even really sacrificing Comfort because There are so many comfortable shoes with Those thinner leather or full leather Straps and again the puppy shoes in General I would just avoid and go for The minimal Styles which you can find so Many at reasonable price points that Look very highend and you're not Sacrificing comfort and quality at the Same time all right so that was 10 ways You could be ruining your outfit Hopefully you guys still love me by the End of this video love sharing these Things because I learned them from my Own mistakes I learned them from just Photos I see online they're just Suggestions some pointers I've noticed But I hope you guys did enjoy this video Don't forget to subscribe if you're new And I'll see you next time bye