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10 fashion items that will remain in my Style Forever at least I hope recently I Did a video sharing fashion regrets on My channel I had so much fun doing that Video it's very humbling it's definitely Normal for our style to evolve and Change as we get older but for this Video I wanted to share 10 fashion items That I believe will stay in my style for Forever and just items that I've seen Stay in my style for the past 5 years so I thought it' be so fun to share with You guys this list what has been worth It for me what I keep repeat wearing and Just having in my style for forever just Like my core foundational pieces that Really reflect my personal style so as Always everything that I share will be Listed down below and let's go ahead and Hop right in first up is trench coats Definitely is the item that helped me Discover my style so much because Through that I realized I loved very Minimal classic pieces and French Inspired pieces at the same time and I've noticed that I definitely changed My style preference as far as trench Coats goes throughout the years tried Shorter lengths longer lengths mid Lengths different Fabrics crop versions Again long versions mid lengths I love All of them I definitely go through Phases of like you know all I want to Wear is just my really long length or

All I want to wear is my crop length I Think is fine you know we definitely go Through Seasons where we just want to Wear one specific style over and over Again and then we kind of just put it Away for a little bit reintroduce it Later which I think is fine regardless Of you know the little differences Between styles and colors trench coats Has stayed in my wardrobe for 5 years And I don't see it leaving and therefore That's why I included in this video is Definitely something that's dear to my Heart that's really helped me discover My style and I've shared it since day One on this YouTube channel new tone Flats and pumps I have been obsessing Over for the past 5 years as well again Along with the trench coat the pumps Two-tone color specifically remained in My style for so long I just keep you Know adding more to my collection and Different color combinations different Heel height flat sling back I'm Definitely the most into the sling back Version I love exposing a little bit More heel I feel like it makes it look a Little bit more youthful but I do love a Good ballet flat I do love a pump as Well and thing is is that this item is Actually trendy it's a classic item but It's somehow trending right now so which Means there are a lot of options for Sale right now so if you are interested

In this there's tons of options to Choose from I'll link my favorite Options down below I have quite a bit in My collection but I wear every single One of them I love them I feel so pretty In them I think it goes great with so Many different wardrobe pieces so many Different styles mixing and matching Different styles together dresses so Like what I'm wearing today here so this Has definitely stayed in my style I gosh I'll tell you for like a decade plus I Want to feel my absolute best throwing On a black dress does the trick whatever Style it is flowy mini midy fitted Looser whatever style it is I feel Absolutely fabulous in it I don't know I Just think it looks great with my darker CHS darker eyes darker hair also is very Minimal and Chic also it looks a little Bit more sexy and it just never goes out Of style it looks good on everybody Styles do change throughout the years And preferences also change uh just Specific core pieces just always stay For me and black dresses is one of them Mini dresses as well ever since I was Like 13 14 years old I've always loved The fit and flare A-line dresses you Know there's obviously more outdated Styles that I wore you know over a Decade ago uh but then there's more Upto-date styles that I love now I've Always loved just mini dresses mid thigh

Have like a A-line silhouette to it so Cinching at the waistline flares out at The skirt and you'll notice that if you Are keeping track of like what's staying In your wardrobe what's leaving some Things like the fit of things you'll Notice always stays in your wardrobe and One fit of an item I've always noticed Is an aine fit and mini Styles as well If you know me you know I love a good Striped shirt sweater tanks short sleeve Long sleeves I've even introduced Jackets recently in the spring in Stripes I am a Stripes girl honestly Through and through and forever the Vertical stripes I honestly love the Horizontal stripes way way way way way More and yes if you're petite you can Totally Rock the horizontal stripes I do I love it again it's very French very Chic very Timeless black denim jeans is The next one now you know the style of The jeans has always changed throughout The years but I always go back to the Same thing black denim jeans my absolute Favorite I feel fabulous in it not Feeling great during the day I don't Know what to wear I just slip on a pair Of black jeans put on a cute top and I'm Good to go you know I used to love like The skinny jeans more in the past now I'm definitely more into the slim Straight leg fit and then I've recently Started introducing more of the wider

Leg fit and like linen materials maybe In a jumpsuit as well that wide leg fit But as far as like black denim jeans I Have always had this in my wardrobe I Feel like it's a classic it's a go-to Neckline top so I definitely go through Phases where I love certain necklines More like I used to be all about the Square neckline I still love it but Lately I have been loving scoop neckline I don't know what it is lately I've been Loving it I'm open to all necklines V Necklines Square neckline scoop Necklines just open necklines in general Has stayed in my style forever because I Have a fuller bust and just having open Neckline really helps balance out larger Breasts and not make them look so Overwhelming so that's one of the Reasons why I love them also just that Little bit of skin exposure is very Petite flattery my preferences on the Type of open neckline does change Throughout the years again certain Seasons I love more than the other I Always go back to open necklines white Cotton shirts now this one I recently Again invested into a saon version and I'm just like wow I freaking love this Uh wearing it closed wearing it open Especially the oversized fit wearing it Open is so pretty and this is probably One of the more recent items my wardrobe But I do think this is something that

Will remain in my style forever because It's very crisp sleek and Polished very Wearable elevates an outfit especially Just going for classic colors and fits Or even going for an oversized fit and Wearing it open right now being pregnant That's just how I usually wear it satin And silk dresses I really think will Remain in my style forever I has that Very elegant yet sexy vibe to it and It's very petite friendly at the same Time cu the fabric isn't so bulky and Overwhelming again the styles of it like Maybe different necklines or the fit of The body my preferences probably will Change throughout the years but just This Fabric in general is just one of The most elegant Fabrics whether you Want to invest into real silk 100% silk Or go for satin kind of a lookalike Still has that shine that elegant Vibe And drape to it but not least one thing That will 100% remain in my style Forever are neutral colors I will always Incorporate color here and there but Neutral colors will be the foundational Pieces for the rest of my life they are Timeless they are classic they are Elegant they pair perfectly with each Other and you can also combine them with Fun colors as well at the same time wish I prioritize this more years ago but Neutrals are seriously my favorite I Feel fabulous in them absolute favorite

Color black I love white I love Different shades of beige and cream I Also love muted colors like dark navy Blue green anyways as far as neutral Colors go those will always remain in my Style have been some of the best Investments I've ever made into my Wardrobe into my style not only that They're just so easy to mix and match With literally everything so those were 10 fashion items that will remain in my Style forever I will link a video over Here of my fashion regrets if you Haven't seen that video it's a really Good one um thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you over in this Video bye