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Hi guys welcome back to my channel so Today I'm sharing 10 ways to improve Your summer style I wanted to share 10 Specific items Pieces Just elevate your Style make it look very minimal Timeless Very chic and I wanted to share a few of My absolute favorite wardrobe Recommendations so as always I'll have Everything linked down below if you Wanted to check anything out let's start With the first item which is a black Dress so I have two options I wanted to Share so first one is this one here I Would say this is probably my favorite One because I love how you can wear it On your shoulders or if I flip it down I Have to move my mic here I can wear it Off shoulder which is so pretty this Dress I did get from ever cromie and I'm Wearing in a size small petite I would Say if fits true to size has a gorgeous Slit on the side so it gives like a Sexiness Vibe and I love the open slit Here because the skirt is very Voluminous so it's really nice how There's that opening there just to kind Of break open the fabric a little bit And give it a little bit more sexiness To it which is so cool and again I love How you wear on your shoulder off your Shoulder it's also smoked in the back as Well so if you have a fuller bust it's Fuller bust friendly anyways I would say This one is my favorite but the next

Dress that I think will instantly Improve your summer style is a knit midi Dress uh this one I got from Amazon I Shared it in my spring Essentials video I love it and especially since it comes In one size I'm surprised how well this Fits and how beautiful it looks if you Look at the reviews women posting you Know some pictures of themselves in it With all different body shapes and sizes And height as well uh and it looks Gorgeous on everyone and I'm again Pregnant so I feel like it looks amazing With the bump uh it's very stretchy it Has a open slit in the back so it's Easier to walk in so two totally Different styles of dresses but I think Including like a midi maxi dress in the Summertime is very chic and classic at The same time next up is a oversized Straw bag now I can't believe I'm Recommending an oversized bag especially Being petite I always go for small bags But oh my God I have to say being a mom Two little kiddos and a third one on the Way having an oversized Chic bag like This is actually so freaking practical Like let me tell you I have been wearing This out all the time and I just bought It too and I freaking love the style of It it gives like a natural organic look To it and it looks so pretty paired with This dress so you know my kids and I and My husband we always go to the park

Instead of bringing a regular backpack I Can fit everything in here snacks drinks Change of clothes as well it's a really Big size and I I'm good to go for the Day and if I need to carry like a Smaller purse I'll just put a smaller Purse inside this bag put this one back In the truck if I don't need to and then Just use the smaller bag if we're going Like on a walk or something so this bag Is actually so much more practical than I thought I mean it does look really big Compared to me but for a beach day a Lake day a park day this is just so Practical and really easy and it looks So Chic and really easy to carry and Wear as well let's talk about shoes so The two sandals that I think will Instantly improve your summer style Chic Pair of slides here I have these in Three colors I've been recommending them For years I'm sorry if I keep repeating Myself but they are just so easy to Slide on and go and look so gorgeous for The day and they're very minimal and Timeless and as well as strappy sandals I purchased these last year they're Still in stock they're by Steve Madden Very comfortable and I love the minimal Dainty straps to it so like two totally Different styles with the sandals ones Like a slide on and go this one's more Of a strappy style and I specifically Love wearing the strappy Style with

Longer length dresses skirts and I love Wearing them with like trousers pants so If we're talking about sandals these two Are my absolute favorite that I really Think will make your outfits look so Chic and stunning for the summertime Next next up is a Chic pair of Sunglasses so I recently started getting Sunglasses from Quin I mean this is my Only pair but I did a haul recently from Quin and I decided to try on their Glasses I love these way more than I Thought I would I'm petite most of you Guys know that so I have a smaller face But I love the oversized sunglasses look But I struggle with that because if I Purchase an oversized sunglasses style They're usually way too massive for my Face I mean I have some that are really Good but these I was really surprised How well they look my husband even Really liked them and normally that's Not the case with oversized sunglasses Usually he thinks they look way too Massive on my face but he actually Really liked how these look and I just Think they they don't come out too much From my face so it doesn't make it look Like they're just way too big on me so They have that oversized look without Being super duper oversized and Quin has A very large selection of sunglasses the Quality of them is fabulous so if you're Looking for a very chic pair of minimal

Sunglasses check out quint's site this Is the pair that I have which I'll link Down below next up let's talk about Colors for summertime spring summer I Would say my favorite colors to Incorporate this year is dark navy blue And Olive greeny beige which is a Neutral color that I include like every Season I also been loving lilac this Beautiful dress that I got from aritzia Is in this beautiful lilac color I am Obsessed with this color but those are My favorite colors but if you're looking For something more neutral for bring in Summer that'll make your outfits just Look so Chic and improve your style try The dark navy blue color if you haven't Already and as well as olive green those Colors are still easy to transition into All of the different seasons of the year Because technically I would say they're Probably more like neutral colors They're muted really easy to mix and Match with other neutral colors next up Is flowy wideleg pants I think this is a Fun wardrobe piece to include for spring And summer there's so many options Nowadays to choose from if I wasn't Pregnant these are the Styles I would be Looking for just high-waisted stretchy At the waistband straight or wide leg Fit personally I would opt for neutral Colors because those are really easy to Style with what I currently have

Oversized Cotton shirts is the next Recommendation for me uh to improve your Summer style and this is actually one of The pieces that has improved my style as A whole in general not just for the Summertime cuz this piece you can Transition from season to season I love This oversized style because you can Wear open tank underneath uh you can Wear tons of different bottoms with this And looks so shic so I've actually been Really enjoying wearing this piece Especially being pregnant right now Because love wearing light layers during Pregnancy and with a tank underneath It's super comfortable I could wear them With leggings if I wanted to style from Suon is my favorite it fits perfectly Oversized I roll up the sleeve so I can Expose a little bit more skin wear it Open it's very thick and structured and Just Blaze beautifully so this will Instantly improve your summer style next Up is just the material Linen in general Will instantly improve your summer style This is actually a recent Edition for me Since last summer cuz I realized how Lux This material looks especially for Spring and summer it just so fresh again Natural organic I say that one those two Words a lot really easy breezy and so Easy to dress up dress down love cotton Like a a thicker more structured cotton Like this dress and then the Lin is also

Great that will instantly improve your Side because of the texture and look it Gives Point uh in improving your summer Style is A-line fit shorts uh they're Tiny bit longer in length they're not Like your little booty shorts uh but They're not too long so they're great For petites and they kind of again flare Out around your hips and thighs give That A-line look like a lot of A-line Dresses do but they're shorts which Makes them more wearable and practical For the day and I loved wearing this Last summer had like more Satin silky Fabrics cotton linen denim shorts as Well you can find in that A-line fit and Definitely more of a classy fit when it Comes to shorts I typically opt for Non-distressed versions I try to make Sure they're a little bit longer in Length but not too long so that way I Can still expose a lot more leg for me Being petite but it's still a little bit More again classy jumpsuits are my Freaking favorite lately as of spring And summer this year oh my goodness can I just say how well they instantly Improve your summer style your spring to Summer style it's just a throw on and go Outfit and you look so stylish for the Day I loved it so much I got these two From Quint I have the black and then the Navy this is actually in 100% linen so Light so comfortable they're a perfect

Straight WID leg fit that's very flowy But doesn't look so frumpy and over size The straps are adjustable I love the Square neckline I love that the straps Are thicker as well so you can wear Regular bra with it and it's also Fuller Bust friendly at the same time petite Friendly inseam as well types of pieces Are so nice to have in your wardrobe Because if you're struggling styling for The summertime pieces like this are so Fun cuz it's all one piece you throw it On grab a pair of some nice Chic slides Or the strappy sandles a straw bag like That and you have such a gorgeous outfit For the day so those are 10 ways to Instant improve your summer style for 2024 as always I'll will have everything Linked down below if you guys wanted to Check anything out for yourself don't Forget to subscribe if you're new and I'll see you next time bye