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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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I am back with another life-changing Hacks video These Are So Random they're So different from one another but They're really good they're things You're actually going to use they're Going to make your life easier and Better this first one so good Life-changing you're gonna use it all The time so if you lose your phone which Is a daily occurrence for me I'm always Misplacing my phone and most often it's It's on silent which honestly makes it Worse because then if if somebody calls It I can't hear it it's a whole thing But no this is what you do you actually Just walk around your house and you Simply say Hey Siri where are you I'm here Obviously this only really works for People with iPhones but that's a lot of You out there and see my phone is Completely on silent and you just say Hey Siri where are you I'm over here It's genius the next life hack involves Hair removal yes hair removal because It's a much better more cost effective Easier less painful way to remove hair Unwanted hair and it's Kenzie so I've Worked with Kenzie for years now I love Kenzie I've had such amazing results With this IPL intense pulsed light Device so this actually does quite a lot

It's not just hair removal some people Use it for age spots acne that kind of Thing but I would say most people are Interested in this device to treat Unwanted hair I do have a discount code With them it's sw20 for 20 off so I'll Have them linked down below but I'm just Going to show you exactly what you get How to use it it's so easy truly and you Can use it anywhere on your body let's Just start with this this just I like to Mention this because this is the quick Start guide it just explains how to use Everything but it also shows the Different skin tones and then what level Would work best on your skin tone now Here is the device And then the power cord which is really Long which I really appreciate so you Just plug it in and then you're gonna See this green flashing light that's the On and off button you just press it It turns on and then you use that same Button to adjust the levels so I go full Blast level five and you're just going To put it over the area you want to Treat press the button and you will see It Flash and so you'll just go over the Area I like to do my underarms I like to Do my bikini line is my favorite and you Do this once a week There's also what's Called glide mode which is when you hold This button down and you just Glide it Over your skin and the light continually

Flashes and I think that's a great mode For larger areas like your legs now You'll start to see results after two or Three weeks your hair is going to start To come in slower and thinner and then You'll see full results after 12 weeks Now some of the main questions I get About this this is not a laser as I Mentioned it's an IPL device which is Intense pulse light so it just flashes The light down to your hair follicle so You need to have darker hair you need to Have some pigment in your hair follicle For this to work but it doesn't not hurt That's the beauty of it it truly just Feels like a little little rubber band Flick like a very light one like it Truly does not hurt and I use level five Now just keep in mind as I mentioned Most people do use this for hair removal But because of the various wavelengths It does treat other skin conditions like Acne age spots it helps with skin Rejuvenation so if you do want to use it On different parts of your body for Other purposes or even on your face you Can do that too so I do think this is a Really good life hack because it Actually works it doesn't hurt it's way More cost effective if you get a laser Package at some Salon it really does Hurt but it's also very very expensive So this is much more affordable and you Can do it at the convenience of your own

Home and you get long-term results so Once you do see results you do have to Use this every few months just to Maintain it so again I will have Kenzie Linked down below or you can go to Kenzie.com that's K-e-n-z-z-i.com and be sure to use my Code sw20 for 20 off next we're moving Into the closet area I have a few Space-saving hacks for you and this one Involves hanging long things in areas That just aren't for long things so Um here's just an example like this is a Long dress and when I try to hang it up In the spot in my closet it just it Doesn't work and and so many of us have Areas like this so what you actually do Is get a second hanger and then put it Towards the bottom and then lift up and Then suddenly it you know cuts the the Pants or the dress or whatever you're Hanging in half and then you can easily Hang it up in that smaller space now in My last life hacks video I shared a Blanket folding hack where if you fold It a certain way it creates a little Pouch where you can store your remotes And you guys loved it and so I have Another folding hack that I think you'll Really like Um it's great for just clothes in General pants shorts towels so here's Just an example with jeans you just lay The jeans straight out on the floor fold

In the crotch area just to make it Straight and then you bring up the Bottom then the top and then you Literally tuck it in itself and it just Creates a really strong fold and it's Perfect for stacking your jeans it's Perfect for having them be upright in a Drawer Um you can also do this with shorts and Again you literally just like fold it Into one another and you tuck it in Um you can do it with towels you just Fold in the towel very very straight Forward and then tuck it in itself and It just creates a very tight fold Perfect for stacking storing or Displaying now this hack is more for the Lazy ones out there better for me this Is for hanging your jeans and I did Mention this in a recent closet Organization video but you guys need to Try these hooks out for hanging jeans They are so inexpensive I can link them Down below you just get them on Amazon But you simply put the belt loops like Two of the back belt belt loops from Your jeans uh on this hook and then you Hang it up and then your your jeans hang There almost like you're in a designer Boutique like it truly is so easy to Maintain and looks so nice the next hack Involves removing makeup from your Clothes so now I can't be the only one I Mean I obviously wear makeup and I try

My hardest to not get makeup on my Clothes but it still happens and so I Always keep makeup remover solution in My closet and what's funny is I never Actually use this kind of stuff to Remove my actual makeup I only use it in My closet so I get a cotton pad or a Cotton swab or whatever and I just dab This onto the stain and it works Instantly it's so much better than an Actual stain remover like this stuff is Designed to get off makeup and so use it On your clothes it works really well Another hack in preventing makeup from Even getting on your clothes in the First place is to actually spray Hairspray a along the collar and I only Do this for clothes that have like a Higher collar or a higher neckline and I Just take hairspray I'll spray it it's Completely clear it just puts a layer on Your clothes and it prevents any makeup From transferring okay this next one You're gonna think I'm a wacko you're Gonna be skeptical I was too Um but hear me out so this hack is Putting some chlorophyll drops into Water and drinking it every day and it Helps to significantly reduce the the Body odor like you don't smell again I Was so skeptical I decided to give it a Try because I kept seeing all these People in Tick Tock talk about it and I Already had some in my refrigerator so I

Can link exactly what I have it's Actually in the peppermint flavor so it Doesn't even taste bad basically Chlorophyll is extracted from green Plants it's like super super green and It's really healthy for you like it's Even regardless of this hack like it is Something healthy for you to drink I Even just Googled different things that It helps with it helps with inflammation It helps to neutralize toxins which I Think is what cuts the down the body Odor thing it helps to increase red Blood cells like it's just a healthy Thing to do so I started trying it and No joke I legitimately think it cuts Down on your body odor I use a lot of Natural deodorant heck there's so many Days I'm here by myself in my house and I don't even put any deodorant on and I One thousand percent notice a an Improvement in that area I'm not gonna Say that you are like never gonna smell Like anything but I it's like to the Point where if I forget deodorant it's Not that big of a deal this is another Weird one but I don't care I like it it Has to do with bananas so here I am in My bathroom peeling the banana upside Down which this was the first time I've Ever done that this is so weird to me People are like this is the real way to Peel a banana this is the way the Monkeys do it I don't like it just peel

The banana like normal but what you're Gonna do is keep the peel like actually Use the banana peel On your face you rub it on your face as A skin care treatment and I really Really like it because if you think About it bananas are so high in Nutrients and vitamins they're very high In vitamin C they're very Anti-inflammatory so if you rub the Banana peel on your skin it feels really Nice and I legitimately like I'll wait Usually like 10 or 15 minutes and wash It off and I feel like my skin looks Brighter it looks better I feel like it Makes my skin just feel nice I don't Know this is just something to try Um and I think you might like it here is Another food hack but this is this is Not for beauty purposes this is like Just an actual like kitchen hack make Your life easier I'm calling it The Egg Hack it's shocking I can't believe this Works so what you actually do if you Want to boil eggs or like get a you know Make a hard-boiled egg you know how Sometimes when you peel the Peel the egg it's like really hard like It's those shells everywhere it doesn't Peel well this is a way to get it to be Super easy you actually just take the Butt of the egg like you like the bottom Half and you tap it with your spoon and I'm gonna like I used my microphone so

You could literally hear this you just Tap tap tap And you hear that snap it like it's like A snap so I'll do it again Take the spoon and tap And then you hear a a snap like it's Like so cool so anyway that's like the Membrane inside the egg releasing and so Then you can just proceed with boiling The egg you know for hard-boiled eggs And then when you go to peel the egg it Just like literally slides right off it Just it's just like a fun thing to do But it actually makes your life easier Yeah so we have this hack so this is I Guess just like a tool That is it really hack not I guess you Need to buy this but I've just been Thoroughly enjoying it um basically it's Like a peanut butter knife really it's Just like in this weird shape that Allows you to get out everything in a Jar so I love it for peanut butter Mayonnaise anything that you just you're Like wasting the stuff this just truly Gets it all out and the clip that I Filmed I feel like it looks bad because I was trying to like have the camera Over my shoulder and me to like do this And I couldn't really see but I assure You this gets out every last drop so Those are my life-changing hacks Anything that I mentioned I will have Linked Down Below in the description box

And also pinned in the comment section Including Kenzie Please Subscribe if you Are new and I will see you very soon in My next one bye