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Today I'm sharing 10 life-changing hair Secrets you need to try okay these are Really interesting some of them I don't Think you've ever even heard of before I Have a lot of hair and I'm constantly Trying to find new things to make it Look better I'm just going to go in the Order in which you would actually do Your hair so I am going to start with Vegamore just because it's very Foundational I think that it's played in Extreme pivotal role in the health and Appearance of my hair and there are some Of their products that I use and I've Incorporated tricks using their products So I kind of want to demonstrate that as Well so my first hair secret is not a Hair Secret at all because I have shared It so much but it's their grow hair Serum life changing I have inserted These photos that are very old many Times but here we go again these are the Only photos that I have of what my Hairline used to look like it was Horrible this is my hairline now Um as you can see it is like completely Dark now completely grown in in fact I Even took a quick video when I was Curling my hair for this video you can See my hair kind of pulled back and it's Just my hairline is dark and that is Because of this hair serum I use it Every single day it's not going to make Your hair greasy or oily you can

Definitely use it in the morning if you Want and you're just going to put it and Distribute it through your problem areas Mine's more on the hairline might also Kind of put it towards the top of my Head wherever you feel like your hair is Shedding or you're losing too much hair You do have to be consistent and that's Just what I always say you must use this Every single day either morning or night I just do it at night and I'll also Quickly address this is the regular Formula and this is the advanced I Always get questions about which one I Like or which one I prefer I actually Started out using the advanced then I Switched to the regular then I switched Back to the van I kind of just flip-flop I really like them both this is a little Bit less expensive because this one Which is the advance does have hemp or CBD that's infused to it so I do think This works a little faster but it is a Little bit more expensive I do really Like it but if you just want to get Their regular formula that works just as Well it just takes I would say just a Little bit longer you're going to start To see results about month two into Month three now I am going to continue On with a couple more products one that Just launched but just so you know as we Go along I will have them linked down Below along with my code Shea that will

Get you 20 off site-wide so you can look At the before and afters read the Reviews use my code for 20 off and then If you subscribe I rarely ever recommend Subscriptions and you definitely don't Have to do this but they did just Improve their subscriptions so you can Actually save an additional 20 like up To 26 off if you subscribe and so that Happens every single month and you can Pause you can change it you can cancel It at any time it's super simple this is Just something that I personally use Every day and so it makes sense that I Do have it delivered every month well Actually for me I do every three months Because I do get the three pack of this Because I can save even more money with A three pack so just keep that in mind If you're definitely dedicated into Trying this maybe go that route to save Even more money now my next hair secret Involves their hydrate line as in Hydrate with the number eight and the Reason they named it that is because They started with a shampoo and Conditioner and this instantly delivers Eight times the amount of hydration to Your hair than what's normal I mean this Works instantly like the first time you Use it you're going to notice an extreme Difference in the moisturization the Hydration of your hair if you have dull Coarse frizzy hair like this really

Helps with frizziness up to 72 hours of Frizz control like that is another game Changing thing about this shampoo and Conditioner so you will love this the First time you use it then they also Have the hair mask Um this is like another level they came Out with this next and this is actually 15 times the amount of hydration to your Hair and I have a hack with this so I'm Going to come back to this later but the Newly launched product that I'm sure a Lot of you haven't ever tried is the Leave-in conditioner which I've been Loving I've been using this for the last Couple of months before before it was Actually launched and it still provides Like you know all the hydration to your Hair it's like really good to spray in Your hair after you get out of the Shower but it also is a heat protectant Or a thermal protectant up to 450 Degrees so I also I'm really motivated To actually use it because it does make My hair look really good but it's also Protecting my hair when I style it now My third hair secret or hack does Involve this leave-in conditioner which You don't have to use this one you can Use whatever one you have or whatever One you prefer but this is such a good Hack for anybody that does go swimming Or to the ocean your hair is like a Sponge okay so if you spray leave-in

Conditioner onto your hair before you Get in the pool or the ocean it's not Going to absorb the chlorine and the Chemicals and the salt water that is Typically pretty drying and damaging to Your hair so if it's filled with this Leave-in conditioner it protects your Hair and then when you get out of the Water you can actually brush your hair Really easily it feels really soft it Doesn't feel sticky and and dry hair Secret and number four is what I like to Call the Saran Wrap hack I think it's Actually called Deep oiling but I did Not make this up I saw this in a Magazine like a hair magazine when I was Getting my hair done like a year ago and I thought this was so interesting but I Totally forgot about it until I saw Someone on Tick Tock doing it and so I've been doing it for the last three to Four months and I only do this maybe Once every couple weeks maybe even once A month because it works so well now What I do is I take like a hair uh water Bottle and I'll just spray my hair to Make it damp and this wasn't in the Magazine but it's just what I do I take My hair grow serum and I do put it on my Scalp just to make it work better Um and then you're gonna take a deep Conditioning hair mask now as I Mentioned vegamore does have their Hydrate one I think this is such a good

Mask you'll take a scoop of this or Whatever you have and put it all over Your hair just distribute it all over Your hair tie it back and then you're Gonna take plastic wrap or Saran Wrap And you're gonna wrap your head and your Scalp all with this and then you'll just Maybe put a towel over top of it and Leave it like that for at least two Hours and the theory behind this is the The heat from your head will kind of get Trapped under the Saran Wrap and so it Really makes the products go super deep Into the hair follicles and the hair Shaft and it just makes the products Work so much better and so again I leave It there for at least two hours and then I'll wash my hair and I'm telling you Your hair will be so silky and shiny and Hydrated it's just such a good trick my Next hair secret involves blow drying Your hair and it pretty much goes Against what everyone always says which Is try to avoid blow drying your hair And let it air dry when you can because That's healthier for your hair and I Just completely disagree with this I Think that as long as you have some form Of heat protectant on your hair It's totally fine in fact it's better For you to blow dry your hair because it Actually Smooths out your hair shaft so That your hair looks better looks Shinier it looks healthier and when you

Blow dry your hair it kind of evaporates Some of the extra hair oils so that you Don't need to wash your hair as often And I have tested this Theory over and Over and over again where I've let my Hair air dry versus blow drying and Every single time I can go so much Longer without washing my hair if I Simply blow dry it first my next couple Secrets involve styling your hair and Making it last longer which if you have Hair that doesn't hold a curl well or Doesn't hold what style you want I Really suggest putting in a mousse when Your hair is damp before you blow dry That really really helps and it it's Actually way better in my opinion than Hairspray because it's still movable but It gives something for the styling tools To grip onto and actually last now if Your hair has has trouble holding a curl And you want to take it to the next Level I strongly suggest you getting a Few clips and trying out this method Which I I'm sure I didn't make it up but I've been doing it for years and I think I've shared it a couple times but Basically you want to curl your hair and Then flip it to one side and take a hair Clip and keep it in that curled Formation and you're going to do this All over one half of your head and so as You're curling the hot curls are cooling Slowly and that really infuses that

Style into the hair and once you're all Done you'll see this doesn't look super Pretty it doesn't need to look pretty it Just needs to cool in the curl formation Then you can remove the curls and you Can tell that your hair is way more Curly than normal and you're not going To leave it like this you're going to do The other side of your hair as well do The exact same thing go piece by piece Section by section and again it doesn't Need to look good you'll take out the Clips and then I like to actually take a Wide tooth comb and kind of brush out my Hair and I I really think that your hair Will last so much longer if you try this Technique my next hair hack involves Dryer sheets which I'm usually not a fan Of I don't use this on my laundry I Think there's some chemicals on here That aren't so good so I don't use this Trick very often on my hair but I say That I save it for the the big occasions Like if you have a hot date and you want To look darn good you can bust out a Dryer sheet so I just brushed my hair Um to kind of brush out the curl make it Kind of like it doesn't look terrible But you're gonna see I'm gonna use this On one side of my hair And you're gonna see how much of an Instant difference this makes okay it Literally makes your hair have no Flyaways it makes the curls more defined

It makes your hair really shiny so Just by doing that instant look at that Complete difference like complete it Looks so much better it really does next I'm going to show you a hair twisting Trick or secret that is kind of similar To a braid but it's just very different And you don't see this around very often Every time I do it people ask me Questions people compliment me on it Normally when you twist your hair it Simply unravels when you let go well This actually makes it stay so what You're going to do is put your hair to One side and then just split your hair Into two sections take each piece and Twist it away from your face okay so do That with both pieces and at first Especially if you have long longer hair You kind of just have to get it going Okay and then you're going to switch And then again away from your face Twist away from your face for both Pieces And then you're gonna switch And it's creating that really pretty Rope braid or rope twist I guess you Could say so again away from your face Away from your face and then twist and Do that the whole way down so then you Just tie it off with a hair tie Preferably a clear one this is all I Could find but look at this really Pretty twist rope braid it's very

Different it's super easy and it stays In place now this hairstyle or trick is Something I like to do when my hair is Starting to get greasy or oily and it's Almost time to wash my hair I'll bust This out and kind of extend the time of Me needing to wash my hair but if you Want to take it a step further and do Something that works probably even Better it involves dry shampoo so this Is my next hair secret using dry shampoo Differently than how you probably Already use it so I recommend actually Using it before you go to bed okay so Spray this in your hair before you go to Bed this is vegamore's dry shampoo you Can use whatever dry shampoo you prefer This is a little bit more pricey than Normal just because it is a dry shampoo But it's also infusing those same same Hair serum ingredients into your scalp Making your hair you know grow and and Be thicker and better and all of that But again you can use whatever dry Shampoo you want do it before bed it's Going to give you that like powder white Layer over your hair and you don't even Need to brush your hair just simply go To bed let it work through the night It's going to work all night to absorb The oil in your hair and you're going to Wake up brush your hair and it's going To look like you literally just washed Your hair this trick I always use and

I'm telling you I can go like a full Seven days without needing to wash my Hair everything that I mentioned in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section including vegamore and My code Shea for an additional 20 off Please subscribe if you're new and I'll See you very soon in my next one bye