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So in this video I am sharing a 10 Minimal wardrobe pieces that every woman Needs in their closet so I gathered 10 Of my favorite and most worn and pieces I'm most excited to wear for this Summer That are very classic minimal and these Pieces will carry you through many many Summers so these pieces are just really Classic minimal Chic stylish and that Just never go out of style that you can Totally wear for years and years to come Quality of these are fantastic the Designs are beautiful as well and I have Also collaborated with Uniqlo for this Video and if you are unfamiliar with Uniqlo so they sell high quality basic Pieces very minimal and Timeless designs They're also budget friendly they don't Break the bank you can get really Incredible well-fitting high quality Pieces at incredibly fair price points As well anyways I have 10 items to share With you guys today that are very Minimal that every wardrobe needs so Let's go ahead and hop right in we're Going to start with Uniqlo so the first Thing I recommend for the summer time That's very minimal that every woman Needs are basic tanks so my favorite Budget friendly high quality wants to Get again are from Uniqlo but I recently Got some new styles from them so these Actually have built-in bras let me flip It inside out to show you guys how it

Looks like so here's how the inside Looks like this isn't a size small so I Went by their measurement chart and Picked one that fit best for my Measurements so uh size small was that And see the cups are sewn in so the cups Are not removable they're sewn in my 30d Sometimes 32c depending on the bra type This fits me really well and it gives Shockingly good support for my bust size So I got it in three colors so the gray Is so classic the cream off-white color And then black these are all very Classic neutral colors and these tanks Not only uh do they fit really well in The boss and are are actually very Supportive and they don't feel too tight They don't squeeze you too tight or look Awkward or uncomfortable they just look Very polished and sleek and just very Natural like I I love it and then Another fabulous option if built-in bra Cups is not an option for you Um is this scoop neckline tank this is Actually the fourth color that I've Purchased from Uniqlo so I have it in Black and gray and then in a cream color And then I got it in this Pure White These are the most classic very Versatile simple ribbed tanks I'm Wearing them in a extra small uh they Are not see-through even the white the Cream they are absolutely not See-through and they are very stretchy

Very soft so I've had these tanks for About a month now and they are my most Worn tanks right now and they have also Been in the washer and in the dryer many Times they come out looking fantastic Another tank that I recommend from Uniqlo it's a new purchase is this one So it comes in a couple other colors I Went with the black black so this Actually has a built-in bra into it as Well and this also gives good support Fits my cup size and the straps are Adjustable they're really nice dainty Like very stretchy strap and it also has Like a texture to it as well when you Look up close which is uh really Beautiful so love this option as well For something very very minimal with the Dainty straps the second minimal Wardrobe staple that I feel like every Woman needs in their closet so Continuing on with Uniqlo is this basic White T-shirt so I shared other basic T-shirts from them uh months ago this is A recent one that's more cropped and it Has a little bit more of a boxy fit but What I like about it is that it's not Too wide a lot of basic t-shirts can be Too wide but this is done really well to Where it just looks more Classic this is Priced really really fair so I think 14.90 and it comes in many colors Um I'm wearing it in a size extra small The quality is fabulous so this is more

Lightweight compared to their other Basic t-shirts they have that are like a Much thicker cotton material this is a Little bit more lightweight which I Think is absolutely fabulous for those Really hot days in the summer next Wardrobe staple everyone needs is a Minimal cross body bag so I actually Discovered this from Uniqlo so they just Came out with this one and I love the Minimal design to this I think this also Comes in black but I really wanted this Brown color because I think this would Look so pretty with white dresses and I Can match this with my brown slides and I think that would look so pretty Together and then I can also carry this Into The Fall season and this color Would be perfect for fall styling and Inside this bag is just one just deep Pocket with two interior Pockets where You can like fit a phone and stuff the Strap is adjustable I actually don't Even have it at the shortest length you Can make it even shorter than this so This is absolutely so petite friendly if You struggle with bags being too low This is a fabulous option where you can Adjust it to your height all the Uniqlo Pieces along with everything else will Be linked in the description box below Below for you guys and I also put what Size I was wearing in each piece that I Shared and then moving on to the fourth

Item which are slide sandals so these Ones by Steve Madden I got this color in I think today yeah I actually just got This today because if you're a regular Viewer uh you've probably seen the white Version of this that I've had for three Years you guys so I decided that it was A good idea for me to invest into a Couple other colors so I got this brown I also ordered the black I just haven't Gotten that one in yet but this one came In today and it is absolutely stunning So minimal so classic next up are Classic blue jeans so these ones I Wanted to recommend in this video as Like a classic minimal wardrobe staple Because they have no distressing in them The fit is very classic it's not super Skinny it's not wide leg it's just a Nice fitted uh subtle straight leg Jean And the color is also very classic so These are the gold Goldie Riley jeans And I have been recommending my Girlfriend Carolina jeans forever and I Still do recommend and love those those Just have more of like an acid vintage Wash to it which I know it's not for Everybody so um I will link the Girlfriend version in the description Box for you guys but if you do want Something that's more of a classic blue Color I highly recommend these these Have a very similar fit to the Girlfriend Carolina it's just the color

Is a little bit different it's more of a Classic light blue and the denim feels a Little bit thinner it's not as thick and I think these make it great to wear in The summertime if you want to wear jeans And you won't get too hot because They're not like a really thick denim Next minimal wardrobe piece that every Woman needs are a pair of tailored Shorts so these ones are a Splurge to me They're worth it very classic and this Is something that will carry you for Years and years and years because the Style cut design is very classic very Wearable she Chic polished and put Together and the quality is incredible Too so to me it's totally worth the Extra investment something that will Last in my wardrobe for a very long time The theme of this video is sharing Pieces with you guys that you are able To wear for years and years and years Like it's not just like a trend that's Here and then out it's something that You will keep in your wardrobe for a Year so some things are inexpensive some Things are a Splurge but I think Everything is worth it next up is a pair Of classic blue denim shorts with no Distressing uh the Abercrombie ones have Always been my favorite because the Quality just isn't there and it lasts Forever I've mentioned this before very Comparable to my premium designer shorts

That are like 150 dollars but these are Like a third of the cost if you get them On sale so these are completely worth it Um and the fit is also great so these go In and out of stock because they're very Popular right now with it being summer Keep an eye on them if they're not in Your size but I have these in a size 24 In the curve love and I just Specifically love the curve a lot Because it's more fitted at the waist And it gives me more room in the hips And gives me the fits that I like so a Little bit looser around the thighs and Then this knit tank from everlane is Also a great minimal wardrobe staple to Include in the summer time so this one Uh last I checked they are out of stock But I'm still going to link it and then Link a similar version for you guys down Below in case you've been wanting to add This to your summer wardrobe like Instantly like right now this one is Sadly out of stock but once or if it Does come back in stock I highly Recommend it because the quality is Amazing it's so petite friendly really Flattering not see-through it has like An open knit design so I mean you kind Of see a little bit but a nude bra Perfectly fine you can't really see Anything very lightweight and Breezy and Great for Summer Okay this next piece I Know it's not for everybody but it's

Totally just so my style and I just love How it's it's just an instant outfit but A classic utility Romper um I think is a Very nice like minimal classic wardrobe Staple for summer time specifically I Loved this one so much that I have it in Three colors so the black khaki and Olive green we shared it already Multiple times I'm wearing this in a Size extra small petite it's definitely True to size no need to go up or down a Size true size is the perfect fit at Least for me I just love how this is Just a very chic classic instant outfit You put this on some shoes a handbag and You are good to go and looking so Stylish so anyways highly recommend this Next and final piece is a classic black Mini dress or a little black dress LBD Is that what they call it I think so I Love this one from Abercrombie because I Feel like the fit is very feminine yet Classic so it cinches in around the Waistline of the skirt flares out a Little bit the sleeves are really Flattering too they're a little bit Looser it has that v-neckline as well And I love how this really snatches out Your waistline you can add a belt if you Want to like a rattan belt would look so Pretty with this and then style it with Like a straw bag I would also just look So stunning and so classic for summer And this material is really nice it

Feels like soft linen to me linen is Usually rough but this has like a linen Look to it but it feels soft which is Incredible it's so comfortable and very Feminine and girly and stylish all right You guys so that is it for this video That was 10 minimal Chic wardrobe Staples that every woman needs in their Closet and these items have just been my Favorites lately very classic Timeless Designs and pieces that are very good Quality and they will also last for many Many Summers also big thank you to Uniqlo for sponsoring this video all Their pieces will be linked in the Description box below along with sizing Details if you wanted to try them out And then um everything else is also Linked down below if you guys are new Please Subscribe for more videos and I Will see you in my next one bye