10 Outfits OUT OF STYLE…and HOW TO FIX!! Everything that I recommend is linked here…
1. Cargo Mini Skirt:
Faux Leather Wrap Skirt:

2. Long Black Denim Skirt:
Long Denim Skirt (Medium-Wash):
Long Denim Skirt (Dark-Wash):

3. Oversized Denim Shirt Jacket (Light-Wash):
Oversized Denim Shirt:
Free People Patch Denim Jacket:
Oversized Denim Jacket (Medium-Wash):

4. Oversized Black Blazer:
Oversized Nude Blazer:
Oversized Pink Blazer:

5. Tan Tailored Pants:
Cream Tailored Pants:

6. Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Top:
Sleeveless Sweater Top:

7. Black Cropped Blazer:
Tan Cropped Vest:
Green Oversized Vest:
Black Collared Vest:

8. Los Angeles Crewneck:
Nashville Graphic T-Shirt:
Amazon Essential Basic T-Shirts:
Amazon Essentials Basic T-Shirts Black/White:
White Oversized Tee:
Black Short Sleeve Bodysuit:
Half-Zip Collared Sweatshirt:
Pink Collared Sweatshirt:

9. Faded Sweatshirt:
Stonewash Crewneck that I have:

10. Jumper Dress:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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10 outfits or items that are out of Style outdated are you still wearing Them do you still have them let's find Out now disclaimer disclaimer this is All just for fun this is all just my Opinion many of you many of you are Going to agree with me and also disagree With me but that's what makes it Interesting so let's start with the First one okay number one suede mini Skirts yes suede mini skirts and you Know how this was inspired kind of funny Um the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I Love this sale I cover it every year but Even in one of my videos I did say that There are certain items that are just Repeated year after year after year and The suede mini skirt is one of those Items I feel like six years ago this was Great loved it I think it's very dated Now I I would say that if you love a Mini skirt there's some more like a Better options right now cargo mini Skirts I think that was inspired by the Fact that cargo pants are so popular Right now so you can get cargo mini Skirts that's just like a fresher like Up-to-date mini skirt also so faux Leather skirts but in like a certain way I love the the tight like ruched effect That you can get and just so you know Throughout this entire video I'm gonna Share what's out of style and then ways To fix it or better options to wear and

All of the good options will be linked Down below now another mini skirt that's Out of style and this could be Controversial it's the denim mini skirt Yes like the short jean skirt Um we're just not seeing them nearly as Much as we used to it's not terrible but I think a better option for this year Would actually be the long denim skirt Which I know some of you are cringing Right now because I hear I agree there's There's a right way to wear these and a Wrong way so here this bad so bad it's Like a boring shirt long denim skirt Ugly Flats like yeah if you wear it like This this looks bad but if you get one That has a nice slit up the side or in The center not only does this actually Allow you to walk better in the long Skirt because denim really isn't very Stretchy but the slit gives it some Little sexy Flair and if you wear maybe Boots with it or heels with it you'll Get some slight elevation and this is Just a style that is making a huge Comeback for this year let's stay in the Denim category for a minute so the next Outfit or item that you wear with these Outfits that's super out of style and I Feel like a lot of you are going to Agree with me on this it's the tight or Fitted denim jackets You guys probably have this in your Closet I mean I think I do yeah I see

One right over there on the other side Of my closet like I feel this will come Back around but right now Um I definitely think if you're still Wearing like a Levi denim jacket maybe Dark wash light wash it doesn't really Matter but it's it's it's short it's Fitted it's tight Um I just think it's kind of making your Whole look a little bit dated uh the the Better option would really be just the Oversized denim jacket Um so there's again a lot of options With this it doesn't matter if it's Light wash dark wash it could be even a Black denim jacket it could have some Distressing on it it could have patches Like there's a free people one that's Just like amazing with some cool little Um patches on it I think as long as it Is slightly oversized it'll look more Like a 2023 outfit now small fitted Blazers are literally the exact same Thing so if you are still wearing these Types of blazers that are shorter They're fitted they're tighter Unfortunately I do think it's making Your entire outfit a little out of style And I know I already said the disclaimer At the beginning but then as the video Goes on I start to get guilty and I just Want to say if you love something you Wear it who cares what I think who cares What anyone else thinks I still love

Making these videos I know you guys love Watching them I think a lot of you like To disagree with me which is also Totally fine but I I wanted to make a Point about the Blazers because I love a Good Blazer a lot of people think that If you if you if you were wearing an In-style Blazer it needs to be massive It needs to be oversized you need to be Swimming in it and I just disagree with That I think that style is it's it's in But I don't think everyone has to wear It like that I think if you just wear One that is slightly bigger or slightly Oversized it still can fit you normally But it's just the overall style is a Little bit bigger I mean you're seeing Examples here on the screen I think that Is just so much better for 2023 Um and they can be in so many different Colors I love bright colors I love Neutral colors I just love a good Blazer Now even though you can wear Blazers With jeans or dress hands or skirts or Really anything at all that's the beauty Of them it did get me thinking about Dress pants and so the next Style I want To talk about are paper bag pants which Paper bag pants it's like it's this Weird style that's really everywhere on Amazon like to this day you see them Everywhere I even have a few pair I used To love them Um but it's like this really emphasized

Bow like a lot of material kind of like Comes up around your waist I actually Don't think it's very flattering on a Lot of body types and I and I did used To like them but it is hard to style and And I just think that they've just There's way overdone and I don't think They're really in style anymore Um and so a much better option in my Opinion would just be classic tailored Pants I do think the wider leg tailored Pants are more in compared to skinny or Really tight dress pants Um but overall I think this is easier to Style it's much more flattering you can Wear it in so many ways and it's just a Much better option next we have sweater Vests but with a blouse underneath and What's interesting about trends when a Trend blows up overnight or comes in With a Vengeance it leaves with a Vengeance too and the sweater vest is a Perfect example of that I mean overnight Everyone was wearing the white blouse With a sweater vest over top and I I Think now it's just it's it's so Outdated in my opinion but I do think And what's interesting is I do think That wearing a sweater vest or really Even just like a sleeveless sweater with Nothing underneath that can look okay And I actually did just buy one it looks Very preppy I kind of wear it to go play Golf here's some other examples that you

Can get and you can and you see and I Feel like this looks normal this looks Fine but once you add a blouse Underneath not so good speaking of vests I have more things I want to say about Vests faux fur vests and also quilted Vests out of style bad let me show you Examples I mean faux fur I feel like I Don't know honestly this kind of regains Some popularity in recent years because All of the designer Brands and fashion Brands were like I'm never making Anything with real fur so let's just use Faux fur and so it kind of like got Popular again I still bad it don't I Don't think you should wear it again This is I think you kind of agree with Me on that one but then there's also the Quilted vests and like they're again Fitted they just they make you look old I'm so sorry and it's fine it's age Gracefully it's fine to get older I Think this is gonna make like put some Years on you though Um so if you want to look younger more Up to date try the uh puffer vest and And you don't have to love this it could Just be something that you just don't Love and I don't love it I don't really Love this either I feel like they're a Nice little fashion statement I I feel Like I want them to keep me warmer but It just it make it doesn't work uh but Still the the puffer vests are really in

Um they can be longer they can be Cropped Um both are both are a good option and So if you're a vest fan go for this Instead now let's get back to the basics Guys let's talk about t-shirts and Sweatshirts the ones that I think look Very out of style are the Branded logo T-shirts and sweatshirts now I know Graphic tees and sweatshirts can look Okay I'm going to show some good Examples but anything with like Calvin Klein Tommy Hilfiger like just brands on The chest I feel are just not good Anymore Um and so let me show you some better Options if you need something on the Shirt or sweatshirt there's the city Ones like Los Angeles Nashville like the Graphic tees that look kind of vintage Like that can be okay but honestly I Would say just go back to just the Basics of just nothing like blankness I Think that looks so good there's these Amazon essential basic tees it's like a Two pack and you can get them in so many Different colors I love those in the Scoop neck I think that looks the best Compared to like a v-neck but it's Obviously your choice I think an Oversized tee is really great even just Like a nice white oversized tee there's Also the body suits that are very tight And slimming I feel like you can add

That under anything it's just great to Have those oh and then the collar the Collared uh sweatshirts I oh my gosh I Always talk about these so we can't Forget those that is also a much better Option now another shirt style that I Think looks so bad maybe it's just me But anything that is super distressed Cut out holy I don't like it on shirts And sweatshirts I think it looks so bad Um and and it's so interesting to me That I think this and I do I really do Think that this is not in style but Again let me know in the comments what You think It's interesting though that if you add Holes to a pair of jeans or even just Like a cut off pair of denim shorts this Looks fine there's frays everywhere like Super distressed um this looks fine to Me but once you add holes to shirts I Don't know I don't like it at all so I Think if you are loving the distressed Vibe I would go for something that is Either Stone washed or faded something That maybe looks slightly vintage uh the Here I think are some really good Options I actually have a sweatshirt From Amazon that is what they call Stone Washed it looks a little bit faded it's Great quality and every time I get so Many compliments on it like if I'm Wearing it Instagram people are like Send me the link to that

Um so I know people love the distressed Look but I think if it's done in a more Classy way or maybe subtle way that is Better now let's talk dresses there is a Certain style of dress that whenever I See it I think it looks very blah it Looks very boring it's not flattering It's definitely not in style and it's The T-shirt dress so I love a good T-shirt I just don't love it in a dress And so I understand why people might Want this or wear this because it is Very easy you literally just like throw It on throw in a pair of slides like Simple outfit I get it however I wanted To suggest a better option it's actually This I don't even know what you call it It's a dress but it has shorts Underneath it's kind of like a jumper Dress and I'm pretty sure free people Has brought it alive and you can get it Uh like a better option on Amazon which I will link those because I feel like You don't need to pay an insane amount For this but it's such a nice in-style Dress and it's so easy you throw it on And you can work out in it you can run Errands in it you can hang out in it you Don't ever have to worry about you know Revealing anything because you're Literally just wearing shorts but it's So cute with it just being a dress and It's so much more flattering check out This video next where I share 23 Amazon

Items that I love and use every single Day these these are must-haves I can't Live without so I'll see you on over There