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So I'm definitely extra fancy today Right now because I'm sharing 10 Absolutely stunning and beautiful Holiday outfit ideas and I'm so excited I do this video every single year for You guys I love giving some inspiration For the holiday season there's lots of Parties and festivities and for me Dressing up during this time of the year Is the most fun cuz I get to whoop out All of my really dressy pieces before I Get started with sharing all the outfit Ideas I wanted to share the new jewelry Pieces that I got in from Anna Louisa so First they make perfect gift ideas for This season so either gifts for yourself Or gifts for others they are fairly Priced starting at $39 all the way to More higher-end pieces I've been Recommending them for years and this Time I specifically picked more chunky Gold pieces I've been won really into That and two I think they look great Styling with all the holiday outfit Ideas that I'm going to share today Because they're minimal very classic and Timeless but they still really make a Statement and really dress up the outfit So first I wanted to share the note ring That I got so this chunky gold ring it's So stunning it's so beautiful and by the Way I know I share lots of gold or all Of the jewelry pieces that I share from Anal Louisa are gold pieces but they do

Silver so if you prefer that they do Have options for silver jewelry but this Ring is very comfortable and fits really Well looks so stylish and minimal and Makes a statement this necklace is Called the pebble necklace it really Looks like a pebble it is probably the Star of the show here it is so gorgeous And it looks beautiful with every single Outfit that I will share with you guys Today and that's a big reason why I love Anna Louisa jewelry because I can wear Them with literally any outfit so the Cost per wear is so low I also stacked The pebble with the Joe gold necklace Here so I love layering necklaces so This is normally how I love to wear Necklaces and then these earrings also Like a chunky gold these are called the Abby earrings and they are so beautiful And you would think they're a little too Heavy but they're actually really light On your ears and really really Comfortable to wear all day initially Thought maybe this would be a little bit Too many of like chunky pieces all at Once but I actually think it works Perfectly together because I have like This beautiful Pebble necklace and on my Chest and then on my fingers just one Chunky ring and then one chunky earring Here and I think all of it together Looks really beautiful and they also Have tons of sales going on right now

For the month of November so now is Definitely a great time to stock up on Some pieces for yourself and pieces for Others and I'll have the links to them Down below okay let's go ahead and start With this first outf okay you guys this Is probably the most gorgeous silk slip Dress I've ever put on tried in my Entire life specifically why I love it It has this beautiful seam under the bus Line so it's really flattering and then One thing I noticed is the way they Stitched and cut the silhouette they Definitely made the waistline a little Bit more Slimmer and then they left more Room in the hips thighs and the behind So that way like looking here it looks Like I have this hourglass silhouette And it's just so freaking beautiful I Love the Cal neckline the strap s are Adjustable as well this is from Quin This is their 100% I believe washable Silk dress I got it in this beautiful Forest green color and this would be I Think you guess it probably perfect for Christmas this will be my Christmas Dress this year I love it it's Comfortable it's feminine it has slits On the sides I paired it with these Gorgeous bow like sparkly heels that I Think pair perfectly with it next up is This outfit here so I have been really Into the color brown like chocolate Brown I think you guys have probably

Seen that a lot in the fall time on my Channel here and this dress so it's like A satin dress It's Not Silk but I got it From Amazon I think it was around $40 so It's a really great budget friendly Option for like a slip silk inspired Type of dress it's has splits on the Side the neckline of it is different I Know I have a sweater layered over it But it's just a basic v-neckline so it's Really casual on its own but I paired it With this knit over it in like a oatmeal Color I think it paired really nicely With it and and then I thought the nude Heels strappy heels that I have paired Really well together and I'm sticking to Just kind of like this brown nude kind Of color palette going on here and I Really like how this looks and uh this Slip dress is great if you're looking For something that's less expensive Something that's great for the holidays Actually in this video you guys will see Me actually styling like the silk satin In many many pieces and I think it just Really gives like a holiday esque um This is when I wear the pieces the most Is during this time of year it's just Very feminine very dressy so you'll see That a lot in this video so I'm really Hoping you guys don't get sick of it um I personally really love it okay this Next outfit is definitely like more on The sexy side I don't think I would wear

This for like a holiday party with Family but my birthday is in December It's literally right next to Christmas So this is what I plan to wear on my Birthday date with my husband um so I Have this gorgeous mini like Silk satin Dress has this beautiful Cal neckline It's thicker on one side for the strap And then it's like a Camy on the other Side Um it has this beautiful like A-line fit And flare silhouette so it cinches in Around the waistline flares out at the Skirt and then I paired it with these Gorgeous heels I just knew when I picked Up these heels it would go perfect with This dress so girly so feminine so sexy And actually I didn't mentioned the Heels are from Amazon so fairly priced Really Elevate outfits and they come in Different like colors and combinations And such so different options to choose From but I went with just the Classic Black and then the Silver Bow the beads And whatnot so I think Al together it Looks really beautiful now this is Something you can easily get cold and so I would wear this indoors and then while I'm out I would have like a coat over Myself um but the second way I wanted to Share wearing this mini dress it's Actually quite bundled up so it is with A knit over it um this wool coat and Then peeled knee high boots with sheer

Tight uh love this combination I feel Like this is just one of my signature Looks that I wear very often uh during This time of the year and this is Something that will just keep you warmer And it's also really fun because you Have a lot of layering pieces going on So it's really stylish really put Together really dressy especially with The heeled knee high boots one thing I Wanted to mention when you're rearing a Lot of the same things especially Dresses wear knit over it especially During fall and winter time that's the Easiest way to get more wear from your Dresses and create many different Outfits next up is this outfit I love These wool shorts I've been sharing them A ton on my Instagram on my YouTube Shorts on Tik Tok I've already shared Them here I believe a few times I think They look so gorgeous so comfortable They're lined on the inside and I paired It with this silk chocolate colored Blouse like this halter neck it is just So pretty for Thanksgiving this is going To be one of my Thanksgiving outfits we Have several parties we go to for Thanksgiving and this is going to be one Of my outfits I love how it looks then Paired with this tweed jacket um it's The same color as the shorts so it looks So perfect together and then layering in In like a silk top mixing in wool and

Silk together and then the knee high Boots and tights I think all of it looks So beautiful so interesting but still Really classy and elegant and really fun And stylish the next way I wanted to Style this beautiful chocolate blouse is Maybe you're somebody that doesn't like To wear skirts or dresses uh maybe pants Trousers are more of your thing I think This blouse looks absolutely stunning With a pair of black trousers and then These really dressy heels from Amazon That I shared in the previous outfit um This is great for somebody that just you Know wants to wear pants maybe you're Not wanting to wear a dress this year or A skirt or shorts um this is something May that might be for you so if you're Looking for a dressy outfit with pants Again try wearing silk tops or satin Tops with the bottoms it really dresses Up the outfit gives it more of a holiday Esque Vibe look to it and I love this Chocolate color it's so stunning it's so Comfortable so lightweight so beautiful Okay next up I found this gorgeous gold Cami it's kind of kind of a Splurge or I Say it is a Splurge this is a great Statement Camy and again it's in that Silk satin material that's the theme of This video I guess maybe I should have Changed the title I really hope you guys Aren't sick of it I personally love it I Think they look so fabulous but this

Gold one just really caught my eye and I Was like oh my goodness this is perfect For the holidays and I think it looks Gorgeous paired with these pants these Trousers and again I paired them Actually with my black strappy heels Because the silver ones that I have from Amazon they're fabulous but I they they Clashed a little bit with all the gold I Had going on since it was silver so I Decided to just go really simple and Just wear the strappy black heels and I Think they look absolutely fabulous Together anyways if gold and like the Style of a top is your thing I really Think you'll love it it's very petite Friendly the straps are adjustable and This is a really great statement another Way to style this gold Cami is with this Gorgeous uh mini skirt so it's textured It's high-waisted I have to say this Runs big on the waistline so I Personally for me I I have to wear a Belt with it otherwise it literally Falls off of me but I love how it fit Around my hips and butt and leaves more Room and it's not like too tight but it Was just a little too big for my waist So adding a belt helps for me so if you Can I would go down a size love the gold Buttons paired it with the belt so that Way it sits at my natural waistline Really well and then paired with this Gold Cami a nice wool coat KN high

Bootes and then this is another great Outfit idea for the holidays something That's really warm really girly really Feminine and I love how this came Together this gold top is just really Stunning mix a really good statement so If you pair it with like maybe some more Basic classic pieces and with black I Think it looks really beautiful together And then this next outfit with this Beautiful mini skirt is with this Gorgeous gorgeous Mandarin blouse that I Just shared recently in one of my videos I think the two look so beautiful and so Classy together and then I actually Found a different belt to wear with a Skirt this belt is actually from one of My black wool coats that I shared Recently and I actually decided to add It to this skirt and I was surprised I Actually really like how it looks the Leather With the Tweed I think looks really Pretty together and then the gold Buttons on the skirt just elevated the Knee high boots with the tights so this Is a really girly outfit and I love it I Love the all black monochrome you guys Know that's just my favorite color to Style to wear I literally feel happiest When I'm wearing black what it is but um Or this porest green color or chocolate I would say this was just like one of my Favorites to style and that's literally

What you see in this whole video so um I Just love how it came together I love How it looks the skirt is so fun to Style and I'll definitely be wearing it More often with this leather belt cuz I Think it actually goes really well Together and then last but not least is This gorgeous dress uh this one is from Lily silk I shared this recently I love This dress it is along with this silk Dress from Quin these are probably the Two and the Amazon slip dress they're Probably the most comfortable dresses I've ever owned ever put on my body and You know sweater dresses is just such a Staple for you know the colder months Fall and winter time and this one is Perfect the long sleev is very petite Friendly it's actually meant to be off Shoulder but for me it works better to Wear it on my shoulders the sleeve Length fits really well that way love The scoop neckline and then dressing it Up with the gold jewelry the belt and Then the heels really elevated cuz it's A really simple piece but it is pleaded At the skirt so it just moves and flows Beautifully but you know it's all black Definitely need to dress it up with all The accessories and then wear some Statement shoes and I think it would Look beautiful all together guys so that Was 10 beautiful outfits for the holiday Season I really hope you guys enjoyed

This video I put so much love and so Much work into it trying to share a Variety of different pieces and pieces That I personally love that I personally Wear hopefully you guys got some really Good inspiration from it and if you did Happen to be interested in anything I'll Link it all down below along with sizing Details thank you so much to Anna Louisa For sponsoring this video um I will have Again links to them down below they have Tons of sales going on so if you're Christmas shopping right now highly Recommend Anna Louisa they make fabulous Gift ideas and they have pieces from all Different price points so again Everything's linked down below I love You guys so much and I'll see you in my Next one bye